1 Welcome to the new website….

As you may have heard on the radio today, this is where you can find me for the next few weeks after the radio show ends Friday and for well past that. I hope you enjoy the site. There will be blogs, videos and other content updated daily. Also, if you want to find out the future of the radio show, this is where you will get the updates first.For all the viewers and listeners, all you’ve come to expect in the past…you will have all that and more in the future. Stay tuned.


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  1. Dan,
    Welcome to the internet. What is your take on the recent developments in the Michael Vick case?

  2. Dan-
    Great to have you back. Where are you going now? We miss you on the radio. We want to hear your voice on everything that’s going on. I’m with John in the posted comment.

    Michael Vic, how sad is that?

    Mary Beth

  3. Hey, loved your tie video. Especially the part about tying up Rich Eisen. BTW we have a really good method for removing bloodstains from ties if you need one.

  4. Dan-
    Looks great! Fantastic video! Very cool… and we look forward to more. All the best to you and yours.

  5. Hey Dan,

    Keeping with the posts on Mike Vick – do you think there is any chance that he is not going take a plea agreement? Seems to me that no matter how you look at it, his best option is to take the minimal time, get out, and back on the field.

  6. dan

    gonna miss you in the afternoons made my work day tolerable til 4pm

    replacement isn’t going to do it

    from your college town


  7. Dan,

    Glad to hear you again on the radio. I will miss hearing you daily. The last five years I have logged in thousands of miles on the road for work and listening to you has made the time in the car seem great. I loved you and Dibbs! Would love to hear you guys hook up again.

  8. Dan,
    New site looks great and the video was very funny despite the liberal Streisand music. Missed hearing your radio show but look forward to hearing you in the future with more great interviews. Keep us posted.

  9. Would really enjoy you and KO linking up again. You guys make a dynamite team and are informative, entertaining, and funny. Is this one of your options?

  10. Dan sorry to hear your leaving the show, it kept me going all afternoon at my job…want to know where your going? I am following! keep us posted!

  11. DP – anxiously awaiting the new show. Can we expect “The Big Show” to come along as well? Keep up the great work.

  12. So this is why you were absent the last three weeks?Putting your website together, WTF Mate!?! I had visions of you in plaid shorts hoisted to your armpits trampling golf geezers on some course in your quasi-pre-retirement.

    If I have to be here in the afternoon then so should you! So get back to work!!!

    G’day and good luck.

    p.s. Thats a fancy logo (DP), that probably took you a week right there to finish that, amazing.

  13. Dan,

    You make my workdays go by that much faster with your trademark dry humor and incredible interview skills. I wish you all the best with your new endeavors and look forward to listening to you again soon, wherever that my be. Keep up the tremendous, tremendous work.

  14. Dan,
    It’s not going to be the same in the afternoons anymore. When I turned the radio on today and heard your voice, it was like an old friend was talking to me that I hadn’t heard from in years. We’re really going to miss you man. ESPN is losing their franchise sportscaster. Hope I get a chance to listen to you in the future wherever you go.

  15. DP !
    Why did ESPN just take you off the air with no explaination ?
    Most of us didn’t think you would be back for these final shows, But we’re glad you are !! Hope you’re back soon ( cause with you gone I now actually have to work those 3 hours a day).

  16. Hi Dan,
    I am sorry that you are leaving me, but we all must move on. I have only been listening for about a year. It took me a little longer than others to outgrow Rome. I will miss you filling my afternoons at work. I love the show. Hope to hear you and KO back together soon.

  17. Dan-
    Thanks for all the great shows, look forward to hearing you back on the air real soon.

    Davenport, IA

  18. Dan-
    Tom, Chicago
    6’2, 170

    I’ve been reading about your next step and all the speculation that surrounds it. Great job being classy and quiet as to what that step will be, it really raises listener interest. I have read that you might do something in with the Content Factory and I have not found where I could apply for a job with the Content Factory, I was hoping you could help me.
    Good Luck,

  19. afternoons just won’t be the same without you…hoping you will surface somewhere else real soon…enjoyed the interviews and the comedy..take care Dan..you’re one of the best..:)

  20. 5’9, 160

    Look forward to hearing you soon. Hopefully you will be available in my area and your alma mater city. Would like to hear you and Dibbs get back to it, KO not so much. You are the best on radio.

    Josh Smith
    Dayton, Ohio

  21. Listening to you and Rick Reilly now after explaining to my niece why I am laughing so hard after watching the tie intro. I never pled a client guilty on the afternoon docket to get back to the car to hear you, but I was never disappointed if the case ended between 1 and 4. You and KO were the best hour of the day. Your loyal listeners wish you the best of luck and hope you find as much joy in your next job as the joy you provided all of your listeners, and the joy in your voice right now while talking with Reilly. Be well and be happy.

  22. I’ve been a long time fan and always enjoyed your talent and energy.

    I will miss your show on ESPN but hope to hear you soon on another venue.


    Hank Mays
    St Petersburg, FL

  23. 5’6″ 170
    Grad ST V-M


    All the best! I start my day with H@)!@#$ and end my afternoon listening to you. I cant wait to hear you again in the future.

  24. Dan let me just say.. that I will miss listening to you on ESPN radio.. This is the end of a wonderful era… I am a 25 year old guy from the Bronx, NY and as you know this has been a tough week for a lot of New Yorkers with the passing of Scooter a voice that I and many grew up listening and watching via Yankee games, but this Friday will be truely be a sad day for an entire sports nation. You and K.O were teachers, mentors, and in a weird way fathers to a lot of us who grew up in this the ESPN era. Your witt, your intelligence it made me come back everyday at 2:00 p.m and every night at 11:00 p.m.. Thank you Dan for the great memories…. I only wish my son or daughter (whenever I have them) get the opportunity to watch and listen to you just like I did and will continue to wherever you go..

    Mr. Patrick you’ll be missed but never, ever forgotten…

    Dan thank you for being you…

  25. Dan, Losing u on the tube is like losing a member of the family in sports. I am the inventor of the single standard football goalpost in1967. When I first heard you on ESPN, I knew then sports had a miracle in you. When in recent months you were gone, I was extremely worried that somethng had happened to you. I will follow your web page now that yu have posted it, it. I can only wish you utmost success in your endeavors.

    Joel Rottman, August 15, 2007 2:51 P.M.

  26. DP

    Glad you mentioned this sight today – good to know how we can follow you wherever you end up. When your kids get tired of talking sports – call me, I am always ready.

    Best of luck and thanks

    Kenny G

  27. Dan,

    Thanks for creating a place where the fans can stay connected and follow you as you start the Next Thing.

    It’s good to hear your voice again.

    Best regards,

    Erik Smith
    5′ 11″, 210

  28. Dan, your frankness in admitting you could have remained in the ESPN “cocoon”, your courage in stepping out to try a new venture, and your vulnerability in admitting you don’t have all the answers to your future, are so rare these days. For these and so many reasons, you’re one-of-a-kind. Your voice will be missed in my mid-afternoons, but as long as you’re taking Rick Reilly and Keith Olbermann with you, I’ll joyfully come along for the ride.

  29. DP,

    You taking Showkiller with you on your next venture? I just can’t imagine your new show without him involved somehow? Loved you and Dibbs together too! Hope to hear you on the radio again in the futrure! All the best!!


    195 lbs.

  30. DP

    6’3″ — 237

    I turned on the radio this afternoon and heard you and Phil. Man is it good to hear you once again. You have made me think, yell at the radio and made me laugh so hard I had to pull my truck off of the road to regain my composure. My afternoons will be brighter the next 3 days. Thank you for all you have done, and may God bless you in your future endeavors.

    PS: It’s official, Phil was successful…….

  31. Mr. Patrick, we miss you brother. For the first time I hate a man from Cleveland. Drew you little you know what.

  32. Great to hear you today and am looking to your future broadcasts in whatever medium you choose.

  33. 6’5″ 250


    Please take Phil the Showkiller with you. He doesn’t have much talent and will probably turn to drugs if you don’t keep him employed. For Phil’s family, please offer him a job.

    Sean – Yakima

  34. Dan, 6’1 – 200, nice Prius!!!!

    To be more serious, you’ve entertained me since high school, (about 6 years) and I want to thank you. You’ve been my favorite radio host on ESPN and I’m quite sad that you are leaving. I just hope you will come back and host something but best of wishes regardless.

    Today, I heard your voice out of my headphones when I came back from my lunch break and I was like “yayyyyyyy!!!” (you know the one)


  35. DP,

    Thanks for all the great memories throughout the years. The only thing I ask during the last 3 days of your show is that you can get your old buddy Dibbs on for an interview, since you two started this whole thing together. Another thing would be to get a few Mickey Rivers apparences, because those were always funny. Thanks again for everything, and best to luck to you down the road.

    John J.
    5’10” 250

  36. dan where you go I go thanks jimmy

  37. DP,
    When you made the announcement, I didn’t know what I’d do! How can I go on? I’ve been a loyal listener from the beginning of your show, even wrapping copper wire on the roof of my laboratory to improve my poor AM radio reception- before XM radio that is.
    I felt the same when Dibbs left, but somehow I survived.
    Whatever you end up doing, I’ll be a fan and listener/viewer. Keep us updated, 10am-1pm hasn’t been the same, and won’t be, until you’re back on the air.
    Sambam 6’0″ 260 ( and beefy)

  38. I was/am SO excited to hear you on the radio right now! It caught me offguard. I’ve always listened to you in the afternoon at work, and it was what made my afternoon more enjoyable. When you left and there were people taking your place, I’ll admit…it sucked!! I’d find myself changing the channel and wondering if you’d ever come back! You & Phil are AWESOME, and listening to you and Keith just cracked me up!! I loved your takes and your uniqueness, and I also loved Mondays when Reggie Miller would come on (Daniel Theodor Patrick!). So today, I was sitting at work and heard you introduce what’s going to be on the show & I got so excited!! I live in Portland, so at 12:30, they will broadcast the Mariners pregame show. NOOOOO!!!!! I will continue to follow your success and I wish you luck in everything Dan!! You’re my favorite!!

    P.s. I thought it was hilarious when you were filming with your ‘co-star’ Adam Sandler and how you’d report everything that happened, on your show. I saw the movie the DAY it came out just to see your character…then I forgot about it and had to go see it the other day. I finally noticed & was like ‘hey, there’s Dan Patrick!!!’ I love how you’re always a mustached cop!! We will ALL miss you Dan.

  39. 5’11 -180

    It was a real pleasure to hear you on the radion this afternoon. I was shocked but not shagrined.

    As Larry just said about KG “He brings it every day.” Dan so do you and so have you done. Good luck, and keep bringing it.


  40. Dan,

    Great to hear you on the radio today. Like everyone else, I have enjoyed listening to you and your exciting interviews you have had in the past. I will be tuned in until your final day. Thanks for making my daily work in the office enjoyable. Best of luck in what ever you decide to do

    Andre Smith

  41. Welcome to WordPress, Dan.

    As one of the first WordPress bloggers (today’s actually my two year anniversary – http://www.mike.wordpress.com), I feel like you’re moving in upstairs from me or something.

    I’ve been a huge fan of the show for years, so I look forward to keeping tabs on your new endeavors. As it happens, I recently quit my job as well. Granted, I was a children’s book editor as opposed to a nationally recognized radio and television personality, but still, I’ve never been bumped from Letterman.

    Anyway, as of Monday the 20th, I’ll be unemployed as well. We should probably work together on a project. Or just go golfing.

    Mike Fertig

  42. 36 @ 6’3″ -180 ….ding

    Must be the fellow Ohio boy thing…but will miss your show.
    Need you back on the radio soon because I’m already sick of listening to Jim Rome repeating himself for 3 hours.

    You – K.O. & Phil make a great trio in the afternoon – ( or at least a fun foursome for beer & golf)

    Dirk / Knoxville TN

  43. Dear Dan,
    Being a long-time SC fan, the initial anticipation of your first radio show was dwarfed only by the disappointment I felt that first week. I kept listening (talk radio junkie) and at some indiscernible point found myself being entertained,informed and generally enjoying your radio show. I won’t speculate regarding performance enhancers (yours or mine) but the show I thought woudn’t last has become one of my favorites.

    Look forward to seeing and hearing you the sooner the better. and throw phil a bone will ya?

    5’11 9/10″

  44. Miss you on the air….been listening to you and your junior sidekick, KO, for years…hope to find you again…you make radio and sports better…..

  45. 6’3″ 250lbs

    good luck dan in the future. i’m loving this retrospective show/week. how many in the sports media can command a call back from reggie with kg in tow! take that bob costas!!
    and i can’t wait to catch you on your new endeavors.

  46. 5′ 9″ 178 LTFT
    Good to hear you on today. The subject wasnt important,because you always make it entertaining and insightful. I Hope your next indever is a success. As long as you part from keith oberstutterman things will go great for you.
    regards from a fellow perfect hair man

  47. I missed you when you talked sports, but in the past year you started turning too much towards politics and social issues. This was evident by having Obermann on the show. Sports in NOT serious, its a game. You tried to give it too much meaning in the sceme of things. I believe you made the right choice in leaving. I tune it for levity and sports talk. If I want serious political and social topics, I’ll tune in Rush or Hannity. You used to be a relief from that crap, but recently you have become them. I do wish you good luck in your future endevours and hope you find what your yearning for.

  48. Is Dan Leaving ESPN by choice? or Is he Retireing? or maybe just moving on.

  49. wherever you dan i’ll be there next to the radio listening to your wit
    and humor.and great storytelling and great guest.just wherever you
    land take keith with you.i love k.o. you’re both the best to ever hit
    the airwaves.see you in september dan.love yah fatty..

  50. Hey Dan!!

    Still pissed you never did a live show from Edmonton or the Stanley Cup finals…but thanks for talking hockey, talking to Gretzky and for all the laughs you caused.

    God Bless and good luck! P.S. Put out your rap album!!!

    Nick/Edmonton, Alberta

  51. DAn

    Nice to hear your voice again. It has been very frustrating the last several weeks to not have you to yell at. The people auditioning are horrible. I miss the days of screaming at my radio “you blankety blank, you don’t know what you’re talking about”. And Olberman…well let’s just say I’m not one of the 0.8 that watches his drivel.
    I’ll be looking forward to where you land next. I’m saving my voice till then.

  52. Dan!

    Whew! Thought we were NEVER going to hear you again.

    Great to hear from you today.

    Like a baseball announcer you come into our homes for a little each day and we come to count on it and get used to having you around.

    I for one enjoy have enjoyed your current / soon to be former show (as well SC) and look forward to your future projects.

    From a fellow Ohioan… Here’s to you and your family Dan! All my best in your next (ad)venture!

    Go Cubs Go!

  53. Dan, it’s great to have you with us!!! Your cameo on Chuck & Larry was awesome, nice stache.


  54. Welcome. Look forward to the read.

  55. Welcome to WordPress Dan. Looking foward to reading your blog.

  56. 6’1″ and beefy.

    Dan, is it just a coincidence that Ichiro signed a contract extension with the Mariners after you announced you were leaving ESPN? Was there something that Ichiro did not like about the way you reported the Mariners?

    That is just my little conspiracy theory.

    Keith in Salem, Oregon

  57. 5’11” 168lbs

    Great chat with reggie and kevin today, I wanna hear your best stuff for ron on friday!

    Go Big Red

  58. 6′ 255 (I know, BEEFY!)
    Great to hear you again today, Dan. Really missed ya. Been an avid listener since day one. Your wit and interviews make an afternoon fly by. Best of luck with whatever you do next (hopefully something I’ll be able to listen to or see). Guess you’ll have to give Phil a new nickname, turns out he didn’t kill the show (no matter how hard he tried). I’ll look forward to hearing your take on the sports news of the day again in the near future.

  59. Great to here you on the radio today. I hope if and when you do your next radio show you could reunite with Rob Dibble. Not that the last few year were bad or anything but you and Dibs were great together.

  60. Dan,
    We need you. Hell, I need you. I’m a mess without you. I miss you so damn much. I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent; I miss your musk. When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together.

  61. Dan

    I Love the shw. Cant wait to your voice again on the radio. I miss ya. Because of you..I from Ohio like you, and now I am going to the same college. Cant wait to here from you. Please keep us Updated on the Web-site.

    Talk to you later
    6’4 265.


  62. Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope it includes both Keith and XM (hint, hint). We have truly enjoyed listening to you over the past years on ESPN radio and look forward to listening to you in the years to come. On many a day my wife would text me ” are you listening to Dan”. A clue that someone of interest(Keith,Charles, Rick O, David Stern, Reggie) was on.

    Good Luck!!

  63. Dan,
    Like you said on your video, I feel that you do mirror me. I’m just not as funny, don’t have as good hair and probably can’t drink as much beer as you. I can golf better than you, though. Looking forward to more dp.


  64. 5’9 175 DING !!!!

    What up Daniel, it seems like only a couple of hours ago I was sending you a sappy goodbye letter….and well here we are now already moved on and past it, BOY do I feel like a little girl who lost her BFF whatever though, moving on. Nice Diggs, I like the whole all white backround thing like your seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, do you hear angles aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh(angels singing)aaaahhhhh. The Aloicious and KG bit was great, must hear. I can’t wait for what the future holds in this next year of the NFL, and MLB postseason, it wouldn’t be right if you weren’t around for, if you ask me, the best part of the sports year. Well Glad your still around, I’ll quit with the Gayities already. LATERZ.
    Orlando A. Saenz

  65. Dan, SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to hear you on the radio again!!! Great show today! Cannot wait for your new show to start.

  66. Dan
    So,glad to hear your voice again. Tuned in at noon hoping that you would make an appearance before the 17th. Out here in the “heartland” we are just hoping that your new venture is accessible via local radio or internet. I too would enjoy an interview with Dibbs. Also, Phil “the Show Killer”,has become an intregal part of the show. Hoping him the best of luck,too!
    It’s been difficult trying to fill the 12-3pm time slot the past month,because you replacements have not able to fill the bill.
    Schwaz 6’1 220

  67. Dan,

    Someone in here mentioned you being a “flagship” sportscaster for ESPN. They couldn’t be more correct. You are a franchise player and you will be missed and ESPN loses points in my eyes as well. However the loyal listeners will still follow you and we hope you land somewhere that we can still hear you. You have always been a class act and I look forward to finding out wherever it is that you land. I really didn’t care much for national sports talkradio with what is available in Chicago, until I latched onto your show. I look forward to your next adventure. Good luck

  68. Dan,

    You will have millions of followers wherever you go. Thanks for the entertainment and memories. Tell “Show Killer” that the world needs ditchdiggers.

    Todd Hague
    Columbia, MO

  69. So glad to hear you today… I have become a fan, When I travel to Mexico I made sure I listen to you on the web. Hopefully you will find peace in whatever comes your way. Gracias y En Fuego

  70. i’ve eaten lunch in my car almost every weekday for 4 years so i could listen to you (and lately keith). what the hell am i supposed to do now, listen to stephen a smith? quite frankly, that’s the worst idea ever.

    will you please ask phil to hang up on charles barkley in the next couple of days, just for old time’s sake?


    nashville, tn
    6’4″ a svelte 205

  71. Mr Patrick,

    No replacement needed; nobody can fill your shoes.
    Hope you get to talk to Dibs this week and Keith. Both were your partners til the end.

  72. Dan!

    My afternoons have been awfully bleak these past weeks; it’s so good to have you back for a few days. I’m really looking forward to hearing the new show and wish you great success!

    Now if I could only get a refund on my Insider account since I won’t be using it after Friday…

  73. Hi Dan. I hope you pop up on the radio somewhere. I really enjoyed your show, and like other’s have said, it made the workday a little more tolerable. I do have one question for you. Did you decide to leave ESPN on your own terms or did you have a contract problem, what’s the deal? You’ve been with them a long time and maybe it does just get old. I left a workplace after 22 years of service about ten years ago. That turned out to be a good deal for me. Best of luck to you in whatever or wherever you end up.

  74. Dan,

    We miss you, I am glad to hear you voice. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do in the future. Thanks for presenting the trophy to my San Antonio Spurs… I hope you can present another one this coming year.

  75. don’t you ever leave me again. english beer: OVERRATED! (warm and flat) come to belgium and we’ll drink some real beer.

  76. Dan,

    All the best to you my friend. I am very excited to hear of your future ventures. As with other posters, I looked forward to your show each day with the Big Show. I sincerely look forward to your next stop on life’s path. All the best my friend.

    Brent Hales

  77. It was so awesome to hear your voice on the radio today. I can’t wait until your new show is up and running. Sports has been boring without the humor and excellent interviews you always have. All it has been lately is everyone just screaming about Vick with nothing really to say. It is making me think about getting a refund on my Insider account.

    I also hope you can bring Olbermann into some of whatever you wind up doing. The two of you together always get me laughing and your sports insights always go way below the surface. You make an excellent pair.

    Anyway, however it is you show back up, I can’t wait.

  78. 5′ 11″ 180

    Count me in. You’re the Best!


  79. 6’2 – 235
    Never blogged before…see what you do to people!!! Turned off the radio after Rome when you were no longer on. Caught you today as I was channel surfing…how great to hear your voice again. Looking forward to hearing about your next gig. All the best to you. Thanks for all the years of intelligent entertainment.
    Erny P. – Arroyo Grande, CA

  80. 6’2′ 275

    You had me from the three point calls on SC and as with Mr. Tony I think ESPN radio will never be the same but that is another story. As a fellow wing consumer at your favorite local when the cable is off, I do look forward to your next stop. Continue to enjoy life, your family but most of all keep bringing it.
    Thanks for the great calls.

  81. WOW—-what a treat to turn on my local radio station today and hear your voice. Can drop my Prozac prescription!

    Retiring nurse here who listened to you every day when not working. Loved you and K.O. and Dibbs and Phil. We never seem to appreciate things until they are gone.

    ESPN can audition for that time slot for the next 10 years and never come up with a line-up that compares to your show.

    Thanks for the pleasure of listening to the greatest radio sports show ever!!!

    ps—please save the best for Friday, I have to work tomorrow.

  82. Daniel, great to hear you today, wow, it has been along couple of weeks. your subs though adequate, where AAA ball at best.

    Only 2 yrs ago with my new XM account, did i finally have the pleasure to indulge in your 3 hr talk show. The best content, guests, and just solid sports BS.

    Being a Detroit man, with some recent success in college and professional sports, your monday or day-after commentary replaced all local news papers as my no.1 source for post game analysis. Though, i did not agree with all of your post game and conference comments, you at least had an angle and conviction.

    You are a leader in entertainment, I look forward to your next venture. Bring Keith and Riles (and i am sure countless others will follow . ie. Selig and Stearn (sp)).

    All the best and enjoy the family!


  83. Kendel-South Dakota-6’3″ 350…I’m a big fan.

    Dan, thank you for not being all about the big markets (Yanks and Sox) all the time (except during the Big Show with the Jack A.) That being said, I hope you will be on Sirius Radio somewhere. Because some of us don’t live in areas covered by hundreds of traditional radio stations. But we still have a right to hear you do the best show in sports radio. You can check, I think it’s in the Constitution somewhere.

    Best of Luck,
    Kendel N.

  84. 5-9, 180


    I was afraid you wouldn’t be back after missing the last two days of what was being billed as your final week.
    I’m really hoping to hear about your contract status at ESPN, and if you’re leaving before your contract actually expired, since you rip college coaches that do that.

  85. You made work far too enjoyable and we’ll miss the humor until you give more details on where you are going. Please take Phil with you, because you two are a great combination. Thanks until the new show.

  86. Mr. Patrick,
    Hey i got into Sports Radio listening to you during the work hours. You do great work.

  87. DP,
    You and KO were a big reason why I got into sports broadcasting and why I am still in this crazy business. The Big Show was as good as it got in sports. Hearing you and KO team up on radio was fantastic. You will be missed. Good luck to you.

    Jeff Duncan
    Blackfoot, Idaho

  88. Dan

    It was so great to hear you back on the radio again. The only problem was that I only get to hear you for two hours. The third hour here in Ft Myers, 770 does not carry the third hour. And ESPN radio no longer has you on the pod center, so how does a person hear what was said in the third hour?

    Also please let me know what show you will be doing on radio and I hope my town and station carries it.

    Ron Elisha


  90. […] Welcome to the new website…. As you may have heard on the radio today, this is where you can find me for the next few weeks after the radio show […] […]

  91. DP

    Great to hear your voice again busting through the airways. I always enjoy the “Q” factor that you bring to radio. I could be your humor, your insight, or the fact that I enjoy your anictodes relating to your fatherhood. What I really enjoy about your show is that you are able to let us see the real people involved in sports. So often we get into the “Kobe” type of situation where we think we know someone until some poor bellhop ends up with bite marks. You are able to bring a glimpse into who these people really are if even for just a couple of minutes. Thank you Dan.

    Alben in Albuquerque

  92. Dan, it was GREAT to hear your voice again! I was totally surprised!!!! I thought you had been expunged… LOL (court humor) Not that your replacements are bad, but they are not you and they don’t have your interview skills and sense of humor! I hope you get another radio gig soon because you’re the best!!! No one has your clout either. At least we have the next 2 days. 🙂


  93. Dan,
    Great to have you back on the air for a couple more days.Just one question….What about showkiller… best of luck hope to be hearing you soon… Thanks for the laughts

  94. Dan,

    Good hearing you again today i listen to espn all day at work and i really enjoy you and your guests, they are the very well informed. and you are very refreshing to hear again although i havent figured out what your are up to in the near future but i would bet your hosting something maybe paid radio? Cant wait to hear you in the future and hope your on in the morn or early afternoon when you deside to come back Thanks again for getting rid of the big O… Aron

  95. 6ft 230# (no comments, ya little bastard Showkiller).

    Great to hear you and Phil once again this afternoon Dan. Here in Pittsburgh we only have you till 3:00pm eastern, but it was usually a great two hours when I had the chance to tune in. Can’t wait to hear whats next, but whatever it is, all the best to you and Showkiller too……you might wanna think about taking him with ya, like it or not, you two are good radio.

  96. Dan,

    It was really good to hear you back on the radio today. Please let us know as soon as possible where you are going. I look forward to listening in the future. Goodluck!


  97. 5’8″ 187- thick

  98. Dan, I’m glad to see you back, but your website leaves alot to be desired.

    Ditch the flash and the snazzy layout, and go with something simple. Also the blog shouldn’t pop out into a separate window, it’s just annoying.

  99. Dan,
    I’m really going to miss you on ESPN and not sure what I’m going to do on Monday between 10 and 1 Pacific in my worktruck. I might just pull over and weep for a bit listening to whoever they try to get to fill your massive shoes (My vote would go to Van Pelt as he is amazingly interesting to listen to when he fills in and the only one I really listen to when you were on vacation).

    What happens with Phil? Will you get visitation rights? Will there be some sort of joint custody? I would hate for him to have to go to some foster home for wayward producers. My hope is that wherever you go, they will pay Phil enough to follow you there. You guys wouldn’t be the same without each other.

    Take care my friend. You have entertained well and should be in some kind of hall of fame.

  100. DP,

    Hands down you were the MVP of ESPN for many years. I guess the suits finally pissed you off…bastards. What did they do to you? Hell, there’s not too many people I’d take a bullet for, but you’re one of em.

    Good luck with your next gig. Just tell us where we can find ya. And wherever you go…keep talking to Reggie and Reilly. Good stuff.

  101. Dan,
    You made my 45 minute commute from work to home each afternoon a whole lot faster, funnier, and more entertaining than anyone else on radio could. You will truly be missed, but I assure you, you have a listener wherever your next venture may be. Best of luck!

    P.S. 6’1;180 (ding)

  102. At the end of your website’s What’s Next link where you do the montage of clips, the tagline/tease is coming in September. What exactly is coming in September? Or, are you being coy (or Koy) for a reason?

    I respect your decision to leave the nest that surrounds you. It’s good to realize that each of us is in charge of the outcome of our lives, and for keeping it real and interesting. Some people abdicate that responsibility to their job, their family or someone else of influence. It’s not a reckless, thrill seeking, bungee jump into the abyss (although, maybe it is). I’m sure that no matter what lies ahead for you professionally, it will be successful. People will come, Ray. They most definitely will come!

  103. DP, you made my days in hell… err, i mean cubicle life much more enjoyable. Looking forward to the next radio show where ever it may be….

    best wishes.

  104. Dan, the opening video brings back vivid memories of UD Ghetto housing. Thanks for that. Sadly, (really!) those houses are disappearing. Am a long-time fan….listened on VUD. Congratulations on all your success. Am sure you’ll keep it going into the future.
    Go Flyers!!

  105. Dan, take Phil with you! Great to hear you are moving on! Keep up the good work. You give ex-sports radio jocks like myself hope.


  106. Dan: 6’3 180elbows I know a little thin, but oilfield tough. You have transcended the art of sports “talk”. In my opinion many of the others in the business are clueless as to what the listener desires. You deliver what I believe to be not only the best, but also historical. Please assure me that you are not done with your legacy. Good luck in your future endeavors. God bless you and yours. Russ

  107. Dan;

    6′ 2″ 225 lbs. I’ve enjoyed your work (especially w/Keith) over the past 20 or so years. I just wanted to wish you the best in your new endeavors and that afternoons w/o you on the radio are sure gonna suck!

  108. Dear Dan,
    Hope to catch you on your future venues. I’m an ex-Brooklynite who picked you up on ESPN1250 in Pittsburgh. We currently live in Morgantown, WV, home of the next college football champion, WVU Mountaineers.
    Much success!
    Steve & Jan

  109. Dan,

    I am not sure what I will do with no guest host to listen to in the afternoon.

    Look forward to your next show.




  111. DP – I’ve missed you on my afternoon drives! Forced to listen to FSN because none of the guest hosts meet the standard you set. Great to have you back, if only for these few days, and I look forward to whatever is next…you big TEASE!!

  112. Dan, best of luck to you. There were many, many days I would grab a sandwich for lunch, drive down to the railroad tracks to watch the trains and laugh my head off listening to you and Dibbs and now KO. I will stay tuned in to follow you to your next assignment. Thanks

  113. Dan, best of luck, and Booyah to you. Loved your show.
    Look forward to your new show, and i hope you stay on xm radio.

    Manny – August 16th,2007@ 6:50pm

  114. Dan,
    Excellent website! Got it bookmarked.

  115. Dan – I hope your new show will be available in MPLS. You are the best sports guy on the radio. Please include Keith and the Nasty Man, Dibbs. Baseball is my passion, and even during football season you still managed to include some baseball chat. Ding.

  116. Its great to see your blog, Dan. thanks for all those wonderful years on sportscenter and on the radio. will miss you and Keith together. I even bought that book the Big Show! Good Luck with the future. will be there supporting you whatever you do.



  117. Dan,


    ESPN is losing their greatest resource. That is not a slam, it’s the truth.

    Mazel Tov in all future endeavors.

    What else needs to be said?

    I hope to see/hear you soon.


  118. Dan,
    Sorry to see you go, you got me through the DULL afternoon at work. You mentioned something on the air yesterday about what happens to Phil now, so, what actually does happen with him, does he work for you or for the station, and does he still have a job?
    I hope all goes well for you.


  119. Dan,

    I started watching sport center when i was 8 years ago exactly 17 years ago. Ive seen thousand of episode guided by you. Also, i have been a listener of the radio show basically since its inception. May your dreams come true!!!

    we always eat at 7seas…ill make sure to buy you a cold one next time

    Wishing the Best

    Dan Corra

  120. Dan: Thanks for some great years. You are truly a “Pro’s Pro.




  122. Hey DP…. 6’6″ 230 (Big Vols fan!)

    Congratulations on a successful career at ESPN and kudos to you for walking away while still at the top of your game to explore new opportunities. You were able to fill 3 hours of afternoon radio with intelligent insight, hard hitting interviews, and most importantly a comical perspective on both life and sports. One is for living and the other for entertainment and nobody did a better job of combining the two on radio than you did. Hurry back!

  123. Hey Dan,

    I am sorry that you’ll be off the air, if even for a little while. I am going to miss your insight, humor, and honesty. I was a pleasant break for me during my workday. I enjoyed your show so much that I suffered through the Cowherd experience on occassion just so I wouldn’t miss the beginning of your show. I look forward to your new destination. Hopefully your getting Howard Stern money, at least you’re creative.

  124. Dan always enjoyed your show except from 2-3 when Olberman did his political stint. Thanks for the memories.

  125. I bought surius radio just to hear you, I miss you already and I am looking forward to whatever you have instore for us, I hope Kieth will be involved. I wish you had some way of all your fans in Canada to see some of your video highlights, like your sportscenter commercials. look forward to what is ahead

  126. you, Dibbs and Phil..thats what we all want next

    thanks for riding with me in the truck all these years and good luck in the future


  127. Please make sure that Sirius is in the bundle that you end up signing. You could go on Howard to promote(Gary would see to it). RoN Dibble and KO and even showkiller all make great radio with you stirring the pot.Hope to hear you back real soon.

  128. 6’1″ 175

    Mr. Patrick,

    The bad news is, no more DP show on ESPN radio. You will be immeasurably missed there. The great news is there’s more to come! DON’T EVER RETIRE!!!!! There is NO ONE in the sports reporting/broadcasting/entertainment world who can even shine your shoes. Where you’re going, that’s where it is, and I’m gonna be tuned in. See you soon.

  129. What can I say that the previous 128 haven’t already said.

    I bought Sirius, cause our local station only carried your last hour, and I want to listen to you rather than Rome. Your slot will never be the same.

    Thanks for the memories,

  130. Dan,

    You hit the airwaves at about the same time I hit the real world. You leaving the airwaves is like losing an old friend. Good luck in your next endeavor.

    Thanks for doing your best,

  131. Dan,

    Enjoyed your show immensely for the past several years. Started listening when you had Dibs with you–103.3 in Texas.

    Always appreciated your great commentary and thoughtful insight.

    All the best in whatever you decide to do.

    Rolly Quick
    Trophy Club, TX

  132. Dan … man I am going to be so much more productive between the hours of 10am-1pm PST … thanks for the great shows … in the weeks leading up to your last three shows I would flip on the radio and think of how much I have enjoyed the content and being a member of your audience … looking forward to the next time you get to star in an Adam Sandler movie … but more importantly I am looking forward to listening to you on the radio and/or watching you on TV.

    Spokane, WA

  133. Dan…

    After doing the math regarding the countdown on your home page it occurred to me that the clock will expire on day that I get married and you hopefully return to the airwaves, September 14th. Looks like we’ll both be starting something new together.

    Best of luck!

  134. Dan Patrick and Kobe Bryant in Chicago. To be united after Kobe’s last opt-out season with The Lakers. I will miss you guys, but I do visit my brother in our hometown of Northbrook, IL. Not too far from The Berto Center. Maybe, Daniel, we can have a 3-point shooting contest there.

    I’m having SIRIUS withdrawals knowing you won’t be “there” starting Monday as I drive around La La Land trying to make a living.

    Come back soon, and bring SIRIUS with you. All the best.

  135. P.S. If you need a good internist, see my brother Dr. Jerry Lewis in Des Plaines, IL. Good plug for the family, ay!

  136. 5′ 14″ 225

    dano gonna miss you, not gonna enjoy my days off as much anymore, well maybe that is a lie. cant wait to see where you pop up, maybe you can be the special correspondent to story #3 on countdown someday. oh well how about posting a picture of da showkiller without the blur out.
    good luck
    brett, portsmouth ohio
    ps love those bill’s khaki’s

  137. I am a 40yr. old man who has never called a radio show in my life, but I wanted to tell you that your segment was the best in radio. I am a sales rep who is usually in the car during your show, and you make it fun and at the same time your willing to ask the hard question. Your voice is synonomous with ESPN and I wish you the best, you will be missed.

  138. Dan, you and the crew in the afternoon were one of the few highlights of a LONG day…I really hope that you can continue a professional, on-air interaction with Keith! Maybe your next radio program can expand on the relationships that you’ve established (Keith, Dibbs, Rick, and the greatest 3pt shooter in NBA history…). Hope you’re on Sirius so you won’t have to bleep KG or Sir Charles! Whatever you decide to do in the future, my hope is that you are happy and healthy. Know that you have made many people think, smile and laugh. Hope to hear you on air soon. From a 43 yr old midwest chick that thinks you’re “pretty fly for a white guy” 😉

  139. Dan,

    Now you can really develop a program, the way you want. There is no doubt it will be a success. Cannot wait to see it.

  140. The “Price is Right” rumor came up and the next thing I know you’re not on the air for what seemed like an eternity. Then, Drew Carey gets the job and shortly thereafter you return to the airwaves only to say goodbye.

    My radio is suddenly less than intriguing.
    First Imus, and now DP. Who’s next? CC?

    Anyway, thanks for the fine insight and entertainment.

    The good news: I won’t be upset when a Royals day game interrupts the national feed…and that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a Royals game from time to time.

    Only 22 days, 19 hours, 55 minutes!

  141. Pretty Interesting.

  142. Thanks for leaving ESPN…now I’m stuck with Stephen A., everyday. Dude needs to chill a bit.

  143. I always enjoyed the interviews with sports biggest names. I hope that the interviews are still a big part of you new show.

  144. Dan as everyone else hope your enjoying your time off and was glad to hear you lowered you handicap on the public lynx. But enough is enough please tell the CEO to send your ass back to work. The afternoons suck now at work. We want to hear you bust reggie abalicious”s ? Chops!!!!! Please dp were all dying out here for some good talk. Gracious!!

  145. Have ESPN Radio a try after your departure, but it just doesn’t do it for me. Not that it’s not informative, but your show was like a old shoe – comfortable. Now the show is like a new pair with “A” big pebble in it. Just not my style. Don’t laugh anymore, well sometimes Rome makes me, but it’s like eating carrots to get the steak.

    Now I am listening to music again, until the local sports station hopefully picks up your show (if they are smart).

  146. oops, should have said “Have tried ESPN Radio”…

    5’11, 220#

  147. Good evening to you. Thanks for the read! My wife have been hunting for this type of article for a long time and We see that your view on the article is relevant. I are going to be sure to suggest this post to my sister. Can you tell me how to follow this site’s new RSS feed? Don’t stop posting!

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