2 Good to be back on…

Fun to have Billy Crystal on today to talk about one of the icon’s of his youth, Yankee legend Phil Rizzuto. For me in Ohio it was announcers Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall. For New Yorkers, they had Phil. Also great to hear Billy to tell me about the first time he did his imitation of Phil and how he still considers Roger Maris as the single-season home run king.The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, also checked in to compare his taking hockey to LA to what David Beckham is doing now. He’s one of the class acts in sports.Also had Reggie Miller on today, one of my all-time favorite guests, to let us know that he’s working out to see if he can get his 42-year old body back in the NBA, maybe with the Celtics. Then to have him call back when Kevin Garnett shows up at this house and put KG on the line…great stuff.SI’s Rick Reilly popped on, another one of my faves. What you have to love about Riles is that he is unfiltered…good or bad. The NBA Commish, David Stern, came on at what is a very tough time for the league. He’s a stand up guy.It was great to be back on the radio, refreshing to be back on. It really empowered me to look forward to the next version of the radio show that is on the way. We want to do it even bigger and better. There’s a lot more coming this week…Thursday we have Ray Lewis, Michael Wilbon, John Elway, Peter Gammons, Jerry West and Chi McBride. Then on Friday we wrap it up with Bob Costas, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice together, Ken Griffey Jr., Mark Jackson and the legendary broadcaster….the one and only…Ron Burgandy.Enjoy.-Dan


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  1. Great to have a place where I can come and get my fill of DP, it has been a long, well I think you said today 6 weeks without the show, I am sure my co workers are glad that they dont here me laughing at my desk all the time but it was great to hear that you will be on the next few days. Look forward to you work.


  2. It was great to have you back on the radio today. I enjoy listening to you each day at work. It makes the workday a little more enjoyable. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Dan,

    I just heard for the first time today that you were going off the radio. Guess I am a little behind the times. It’s that darn newstalk radio that got in the way. Hate it when that happens. Anyway, I hope that this is a move by your choice, and I wish you nothing but the best in your new endeavor. In my small little town of Farmersville, Texas, it’s nice to have some daily humor other than watching Dallas drivers drive like they’re from Boston (I swear Boston has the worst drivers in the country). I have greatly appreciated all that you have brought to the broadcasting world over the years. I’m not trying to sound like your dying or anything, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for bringing myself, and millions of others, quality (yes, I said “quality”) entertainment over the years. I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

    Farmersville, Texas
    Licensed Home Inspector

  4. Great show, funny and…and…about TIME! Ever since your announced leaving it seems you have been skipping your slot. I think all your fans were waiting impatiently to hear your voice again and it was too long of a break. I hope your next 2 shows are as good and I can’t wait to see the new show.

  5. Dan,

    If I am not mistaken you drove a yellow Camaro or Firebird and had a lot of hair way back when. Ahh, the memories.

  6. Dan,

    Great to have you back on the air today. My job is very boring, and your show has made a few hours of my workday go by a little faster. Thank you for making me laugh so many times. Can’t wait for the new show!

  7. Great to have you back on! The only reason I subscribed to ESPN Insider was so I would never miss one of your shows. Please let us know as soon as you can where we can catch / sign up for your new one.

    And bring that other guy along. What’s his name? Ken? Karl? Just kidding. I never get tired of your banter with Keith (whose show I also TIVO every night).

    You could also invade Keith’s show every once in a while for a sports segment. Save us and Keith from having so many segments devoted to Britney Spears, lol!

    I second your enjoyment of the Churchill museum. I saw it in mid-July and it’s a must see.

    Again, Welcome Back!

    Alex in Portland, OR

  8. Dan,
    It was so refreshing to hear you back on your own show today. The last month has been painful listening to a revolving door of guest hosts (the most painful being Stephen A. Smith)! Phil “The Show Killer” sounded like a kid on Christmas morning today. He hasn’t sounded this happy since before your temporary hiatus (come to think of it, no other host has even included him in the show…which is a shame).
    Glad to hear you are still going to be doing radio. My only hopes are that your show will be on XM Radio (please tell me it is) and you keep Show Killer as your producer.
    Have fun on your last two ESPN Radio shows and good luck on your future show! Can’t wait to hear it!

  9. It made my day when I heard your voice today. I actually screamed out loud…..Dan is back! I will enjoy the next two days of ESPN radio. But can’t wait to follow you in your next venture.

  10. great show next 2 days ill be there

  11. Thank god you are back on the DP show! Even if it’s only for three more days. It has been killing me to have to listen to everyone else who has been filling your spot, excluding two hosts. Please let us know when you will be back on radio. Like Jared I hope it will be on XM. I work 2nd shift and it takes 45 min’s for me to get to work and when you are in, especially when Keith is there as well, your show is my afternoon ride.
    Whatever show you do, please include Kieth. His show, Countdown is my TV fix while the DP show is my radio fix. Also if we can’t get your next radio show on XM then please allow it to be podcast. Thanks for the ride! Hopefully will be there for the next one!

  12. Dan you have become a fixture for me, and it isn’t because I love sports. I like sports. I will say that you are the best interviewer, as you apparently know, but what you really are is an unbelievable promoter; of the next story, the next interview, the next segment.

    Out here in Oregon Dan, you tranport the story to me, or me to the story, (Tanya Harding not withstanding) not sure which but it works. Very happy your not retiring from radio.

    Two Corvettes? that’s wierd… and maybe not to bright. You need a Porsche, a Harley…

    Love you man,

  13. It was good to have you back on. Some of us went through withdrawal with no DP, no Big Show. I’m looking forward to following your new adventures in media. The blog is a great idea.

  14. Dan, great to hear you again. For the last show you really should bring back Dibbs

  15. I was so excited to hear you over my lunch. It’s been painful listening to your subs the last few weeks. I was disappointed that you didn’t ask Reggie about what he thought returning would do to his legacy in Indy. I’m a huge Pacer fan and would be devastated to see Reggie pull a Karl Malone. Reggie stay retired.

  16. Welcome back playa! Best of luck on the big move, the streets can’t wait for the new show! Now I’m sure you know how you want to go out this week, but I can’t help but offer my vision.

    Whatever your last words are on the final show, I would love to have them cut off by that classic Shaq, “Dan Patrick, shut the hell up,” quote and let it just echo, and then boom, you’re over, sportsflash. My idea, yeah, but it’s my gift to you Dan. Just to show my appreciation for providing a high quality show.

    Keep us posted,

    Ry S

  17. I am a nurse & work in a hospital. I am so disappointed that I can’t hear your show today or tomorrow since I am working. But I am thrilled I am off Friday & will cry when the show is done. I have listened almost since the beginning when my husband told me aout this great radio show with Dan Patrick! Good luck & hope we can get your new show in Dayton!

    Mary Vandalia, Ohio

  18. Dan,

    The 11am-2pm slot in Denver was always must listen radio for me. Whoever takes your spot will have big shoes to fill and unfortunately for ESPN they will have lost me to your new show! If you go to XM I will finally have to break down and pay the money for the service. Your sense of humor and your perspective on sports are what keep me tuned in every day. The KG and Reggie bit today is a prime example of why you have such a loyal fan base—listeners and athletes. Best of luck on the new show..can’t wait to hear from the #1 quarterback of all time tomorrow!


  19. Oh Dan, I’ve missed you.

    Can you convince some of your billionaire friends to create a new cable sports network? Please? Kilbourne needs a job.

  20. Dan,

    I was glad to hear you back on the airwaves today, but I realize that also means your time on ESPN radio is drawing to a close. I’ve enjoyed the middle part of every weekday for a number of years thanks to you.

    I wish you the best of luck on all of your future projects.

    By the way…please take showkiller with you. He’s getting married and we all know he could use the money!

  21. Dan,
    Your conversations with Reggie Miller today were the best minutes of XM/ESPN radio ever. Many thanks for taking sports talk to a new level. Many of your interviews are like a personal conversation that you allow us to listen in on. Well, except for the talk with the commish. I can’t wait to hear what your next project will be. What ever it is you will raise the bar. Going to make a spot for Keith O?

  22. Can’t wait to hear the new show, we’re all looking forward to it.

  23. DP,

    It was great to hear you again today. I sure hope you get your next show up on the satellite so those of us out in the sticks can hear it.

    Taking your girls to the soccer match in England sounded like quite an experience. They’ll have that great memory for the rest of their lives, well worth the cost. I’m sure it was fun to go to a big sporting event without dealing with all the dirty laundry and controversies like over here. Of course, they do have hooligans.


  24. Welcome back Dan. It is so great to hear your voice once again. Good luck in the future and hopefully your new show will be heard in LA sonn (and at a decent time).

    Take care, and keep on truckin’


  25. Hey Dan, come back to the UD Ghetto for one night and party! All the new kids would love you if you showed up randomly..

  26. Dan,
    Have been awaiting your return – welcome back – even if for one final short stint. Relatively short-time listener. Because of your excellent interview style and quick wit, I became a fan – left listening to that Rome guy in his jungle. Anyway – thanks for the London travel tips. Nice to hear you with some favorites – Rick & Reggie – always fun. Keep feeling it!

  27. Ugh. Billy Crystal has ruined every baseball documentary for the last 25 years nattering on with less insight than your average fan sporting a foam finger. If Crystal tells that story one more time about how he thought Ruth & Gehrig were actually buried under the centerfield monuments at Yankee Stadium, I’m going to lose it.

  28. Dan

    You were in the United Kingdom and you never stopped by to say hello !!

    I’m disappointed Daniel

  29. Dan,

    Glad you are back. Looking foward to the new show, I hope on XM. Here is a good idea for the last show: play your old opening song when the show first started. It sure was a catchy tune, I find myself singing it every now and then. Could be a little nostalgic??

    Listen to you later

  30. Your video posts on this site are pure genius.

  31. P.S. In Pittsburgh we had Myron Cope.

  32. Dan 1 to 4 PM just hasn’t been the same without you. I actually had to work. It was great to get back to slacking yesterday.

    The videos are brilliant!

  33. Dan,

    As a Cubs fan here in Columbus Harry Caray was always it for me. Even went to his funeral. Boy do I miss old Harry.

    Marty and Joe and now Thom… Always enjoyed listening to those guys. They are from that same mold. Marty is the “tell it like he sees it” guy many fans, including myself, enjoy. We are ususally thinking what Marty says….and then some. He is a smart guy and a great announcer..and like Harry has a lot of FUN!

    Joe was kind of like Ron Santo is now. The Old Lefthander would really get into that game.

    While listening to a game on radio, watching on TV or in person it has never bothered me when the announcer tells a story…annecdote.. or spells a name backward. No hurries.

    Just sit and relax and enjoy that respite from day to day stuff. The game and the way guys like Harry did it, Marty, Joe & Thom do it…is the right speed…at least for me.

    Oh well….i am going to get banned if i keep going on…

    great site and glad we at least have to more days to hear you.

    from Ohio
    Go Cubs Go!

  34. PS… i know why you didn’t go much further into that bathroom….

    Solid Gold Toilet

    You can’t fool us with the every man video.

  35. 5’7” 190, Ding. watch it ROGAINE!!!!!

    Dan, I’m no freaking genius, but i thought your energy level and commitment to the show was never the same after dibbles departure. hope to see u guys reunite along with showkiller in the future. by the way is Dibbs still in MADAGASCAR…..

    PS: showkiller, holdout for the big bucks!!!!!!

  36. Dan,

    Great to hear you back on Wednesday!! I like many others have been suffering through your time slot with all the subs ESPN ran out. Your show actually got me listening to sports radio 6 years ago and ESPN radio will not be the same without you. I look forward to listening to the new show. Please bring Phil along for the ride!!


  37. gotta tag up with Kilborn again

  38. Thanks Dan…for everything. It has been really disappointing not having you on the radio for a month and a half. Glad you are getting a chance to say goodbye at ESPN. Can’t wait for your next adventure!

  39. Glad to hear your voice again…keep up the good work, kid, maybe some day you can be as good as your hero Colin Cowherd.

  40. Hey Dan,

    Been a devout follower of the show for the past couple of years or so and prior to that on SportsCenter. I thought the Big Show hour with Keith Olbermann was the best hour of radio I’ve ever heard.

    I think I speak for all your fans when I say it’s really sad to hear that you’re leaving ESPN . However, the ability to hear you over the airwaves and/or to see you on TV will undoubtedly get rid of that disappointment instantenously.

    Good luck in all your future endeavors and I hope to see/hear you soon.

  41. Good to hear you back on the air. Hopefully the Show Killer, KO, Reggie and Riles (Rick Reilly, what a funny book “Hate mail from cheerleaders) and the other cast of characters will follow to your new show. Good luck and look forward to hearing you again getting the working people through the day.

  42. I will miss you. Tears flowing like dissentary (north). I will not fear because DP will be near. Word.

  43. Janice must be young, because I’m originally fm Pittsburgh also and I grew up w/Bob Prince & Nellie King!

  44. Just wanted to say your the best, can’t wait for your new show.

  45. PLEASE, PLEASE say you’re going to XM radio. I just bought my Honda Hybrid and paid the subscribtion for 2 years. If you bring Salisbury back it’s the death of your career.

  46. Dan,

    In the past few days, I have been trying to figure out what and why you are leaving ESPN. I pray that it is not a health issue with you or one of your family members. I must say I have enjoyed you both on radio and on TV even though I cannot believe the US dollar is worth $.40 in England (WHAT A BUNCH OF STIFFS).

    Did bringing back Keith to your show have anything to do with this decision by either you or ESPN? I have to admit, I hated when he left ESPN and felt like he screwed himself for doing so. He is so far pushed back into the media shuffle I never see him and did not hear from him until your radio show. I hope you do not have the same plan.

    Chuck Wilson

  47. Can’t wait for “What’s Next”, but if you want to stay classy, DP, you need to be discriminating in your choice of crew for Star Ship Dan (heavy cruiser class) and cut the love line to the (con)artist formerly-known-as-KO. Here’s a dialog to help you man-up in this area:

    DP: “Keith, you’ve changed, and you can’t come aboard. I’m sorry”

    KO: “Dan, and I mean this in the most professional way, because as you know, it’s something that I’ve deeply felt, and it reminds me of the time when I was explaining to someone the difference between the dative and ablative cases in Latin, in whose debt I am—

    DP: “Keith, STFU. Your preambles are WMD to my listeners and I won’t let you ruin my renaissance….”

    KO: “—so deeply, er, um, juxtaposition, ahhh, vis-à-vis, ya ya ya, concordantly, yeerrrIinventedtheMatrix and—

    DP: “It hurts me to see you this way, but you are to my new show as ice is on the wings of a jumbo jet about to take off…it’s over. But we can still be friends….”

  48. Love the new website….it is simply goregous….the dog, the roses the wicker….pure genius….will get my “dan fix” daily this way!!!

  49. Mr. Patrick,
    What is the name of the music group you played while annoucing “thank you’s” and saying your good-bye’s (for now)? I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember.

    Thanks for the memories Mr. Patrick, you will be missed (for now).

  50. It was great to get to hear from you again. Listening to your show is like going out to a bar with a friend. You have always been very down to earth and just a real person who gives us the news. I really appreciate the way you talk to your audience and not at them.

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