3 The NBA’s problems vs. The NFL’s problems…

The NFL has survived years of off-field incidents. It’s hasn’t hurt the product, the ratings. Will this Michael Vick situation be the big one? The one that really puts a dent in the NFL’s armor? Then you have the NBA and the situation with referee Tim Donaghy, obviously one of the most serious incidents the league has ever faced.I just talked to PTI’s Michael Wilbon on the radio show and he said that the Donaghy situation is worse for the league, while the Vick situation is more about Vick himself and his future. Tell me what you think, wide open…which incident will have a more lasting effect…?-Dan


28 Responses

  1. Michael Wilbon is correct. The Tim Donaghy situation is worse. A referee affects all players on the floor and the integrity of the NBA. Michael Vick’s actions only hurt himself and the Falcons.

    However, a year from now, more people will remember the Michael Vick incident. Tim Donaghy will be “the NBA referee that went to prison.”

  2. Maybe the lasting effect doesn’t have to be a bad one, but rather a good one. If Vick really gets the book thrown at him, it could be a wake up call to all other NFL players. A kind of wayward tale of realizing how much the spotlight is on them as a player and that what they do is not in a vacum. That along with the new character policy set up by the NFL could in the long run have a bigger impact on the type of NFL player (professional and personal) that we will see in the future.

  3. No doubt in my mind the NBA is in a tougher spot from a league perspective. Wilbon was right on, Vick’s situation is bad for HIM, Donaghy’s situation is bad for him AND for the league, considering the rampant conspiracy theories that already exist surrounding it.

    If you ask me, this time next year, Vick may even not be a front page story, he’ll quickly be forgotten, as long as the trial and related storylines aren’t still going on.

  4. I like DeadSpin better. Not as much “name-dropping”

    *laugh at your pleasure….

    But seriously folks,

    Both of these sports will be fine based on the fact that the level of athleticism and possiblity of accomplishment, far exceeds any negative aspects, the players, press or otherwise can deem on to each respective sport. The game will live on. The incidents will be remembered, but thats all they’ll be remembered as, incidents, not part of the game.

  5. I think the more lasting effect will be on NBA officiating. And in this case I think lasting is a positive…over the years the officiating and some of the rulings of David Stern’s office have been dubious. It is time for a top down re-examination of NBA referees and their procedures in calling games. A foul is always a foul..not just because the player is a rookie, or there is 30 seconds left in the game or someone has it in for Kobe or Duncan…the only thing consistent in the NBA is the inconsistent calls and officiating. Hopefully Stern and the league can clean this up or bring in someone or some process that will.

  6. I don’t feel the Vick issue will dent the product of the NFL. Vick is a thug period. The NBA has a large problem if this speads…..Hopefully it does not.

  7. I think that the Vick issue is a part of the still growing problem in the NFL. They do seem to have been John Gotti like but at one time the NBA was as well. Roger Goddell has started to dicipline but they need to take it further in order to maintain their position as the number one sport.

    The NBA made the mistake of not addressing the “thuggery” influence and their public perception changed. This Donaghy situation will hurt them and only intenisfy the scrutiny on the ineptness of the officals. They still haven’t recovered from losing some of the top ref’s in the ticket exchange scandal. It seems like it will only get worse

  8. Vick is just a football player and football players come and go in the NFL. The NFL is more about the teams than it is the league. Sure Vick was one of its stars but if he never plays another down, the NFL will go on and not miss a beat. However, the NBA has been playing second fiddle to the NFL for years so an attack on its image and the image of its officiating is going to affect it alot more than the Vick and even PacMan Jones cases in the NFL.

    Plus, many fans and owners have been questioning the integrity of officals for a long time. The Donaghy case gives them actual proof, which they will use as ammo for years to come.

  9. The product in both leagues has been in decline for years – 4-step/no-dribble baskets and TV-timeout football – and it’s merely a race to see which league can mock its fans the longest. The two scandals are actually very different, but sometimes distinctions are rendered meaningless by a simple truth: garbage is garbage. NBA, NFL, RIP.

  10. The NBA is in far worse shape. This scandal, though will not destroy the league, will hurt the reputation and perception of the NBA and the opportunity for possible future fans.
    Vick’s situation is far more polarizing. But the league is stronger nationally, and even stronger regionally. Fans will brush Vick to the side once the legal chapter of this is over.

    What is the countdown clock? What are you counting down to??

    You will be missed on the Mother Ship!

    Take care.

  11. It has obviously been the popular answer on here, but I would tend to agree that the NBA is more likely to see a longer lasting effect as a result of their scandal. Just based on ratings and fan base alone, the NBA scandal is likely to alienate those fans that they have that were just barely hanging on. The NFL rules in the States, and an off field issue with a player is nothing new for them. Had the scandals been swapped, then you maybe looking at serious issues for the NFL.

  12. Hey Dan. The website looks great and it’s great to have a place to catch up with what your doing. By the way, it Showkiller the cameraman? Just asking because either the camera is set up on the floor or this person is really short. Take care and look forward to the updates. Oh and is Dibble going to come on your last day?

  13. what’s going to last longer? let me tell you what is going to last the longest, pal: the pain in my heart once you leave the airwaves. i know you’re talking about a new radio program in the near future, but still…

    man, this is just like the time nina kamatani dumped me in my malibu. sure, i knew there would be a future out there for me. but that didn’t mean the pain wasn’t real. damn you, dan patrick! how can you leave us? i just became an insider, man! and now this?!! you bastard.

    but i suppose it’s my fault for waiting so long to get a subscription. i don’t know. you know, some mornings when i get up and am walking around the house in my bathrobe (okay, i don’t own a bathrobe, it’s just sport some ratty boxers, whatever), i realize that i should hate you. and yet i can’t.

    i suppose it’s like when michael jordan refused to give any media interviews and it seemed like he may have had a grudge against even you, dan. and yet, there he was, walking through his locker room ignoring every broadcaster with a microphone, until of course, he came to you sitting there with your mic in your lap.

    his remark? “daaaaaaaaan patrick.”

    your retort? “‘sup, mike.”

    you’re too tough to quit, buddy. hope to be hearing from you soon.

  14. Fantastic interview with Ray Lewis. I loved what he said when you asked what he would say to Michael Vick. There just isn’t much more you can do for the man that will be productive.

    Michael Vick has hurt himself but the sport will be a bit more tarnished because of it. He was one of the most recognizable faces in the NFL, a league that seemingly shuns individuality and faces. As much as that fact sucks, that will be what keeps the NFL from being hurt by this episode. Had this happened in the NBA where they promote individuals it would hurt a whole lot more.

    Gonna miss hearing you. God bless you in your endeavors.

  15. the nba is helped because people will be checking the lines and watching closely to see if anything fishy is going on.

  16. I think the Vick ordeal will have a longer lasting effect. The NFL was basically hitching their wagon to Vick a couple years ago…he was fast becoming the face of the NFL. Sure, Manning, Brady, LT, and others have stepped up, but none were as athletically dynamic as Vick. The Donaghy scandal…honestly, as a fan I just do not think it is that big of a deal. I find it hard to believe that he had that big of an impact on games. Some, maybe, but talent wins out. I just think that having an actual player in hot water is more relevant than a ref, executive, etc, running into hot water.

    I will miss your radio show big time. Take Cowherd with you though, the difference is though that I want to hear from you again.

  17. Michael Wilbon is completely correct. The Donaghy situation really calls into question the validity of the league. Why wasn’t the NBA tracking this sort of thing? Vick: what a loser. But it isn’t a league issue.

  18. The only way that either one of these issues is going to effect these leagues is if the media keeps beating us to death with them after the dust clears.

    The NFL is the greatest league there is in this country. Vick’s problems are small in the grand scheme of things. The NBA’s ratings have been declining for years. This referee scandal doesn’t really surprise me, nor does it make me dislike the NBA any more. I began to grow tired of the league long before this happened. Every year it reminds me more and more of professional wrestling.

    Dan, I know that tomorrow is your last day on ESPN. I will miss you very much. You and Keith were always my favorites. Him coming back and doing an hour on your show every day has been priceless.

    Thanks for the memories and good luck with your next chapter.

  19. […] 3 The NBA’s problems vs. The NFL’s problems… The NFL has survived years of off-field incidents. It’s hasn’t hurt the product, the ratings. Will this […] […]

  20. Love the classical Stairway.

    I’m gonna miss you, dude. Hope you do some podcasts or something…

  21. Definitely think that the Vick situation will last longer, by the time he comes back people will have harbored anger that will be released upon whatever team he plays for at that time on opening day.

  22. Wilbon hit it right on the money. Michael Vick’s situation is deplorable, but his dogfighting and gambling on those dog fights does not impact the league specifically. The only person that will be effected long term is Vick. The league as a whole hasn’t been bothered with it. Teams are focused on preseason and finalizing rosters. The Falcons are already moving on.
    Donaghy’s crime directly concerned and impacted NBA games. Whether or not he was able to influence an actual outcome of a game, his behavior directly involved the game of basketball. Nobody is going to watch an NFL game this season and be seriously concered if a player is dogfighting, but you can bet people will be wondering if an NBA ref has money on a game every time they see a questionable call. The long term fallout award goes to Donaghy and the NBA.

  23. The NBA stands to be hurt more in the long run simply because credibility is harder to fix than public image. The ref scandal in the NBA will just make people wonder aloud if what they’re seeing is a legit competition or if it’s fixed.

    The NFL’s reputation won’t be hurt at all by Vick. If anything, they stand to gain from it as they continue to weed out the problem children in the league. I haven’t heard anyone say that the NFL supports dog-fighting from a fan standpoint. Once Vick is proven to be guilty or innocent, the NFL will just rid themselves of him and move on.

  24. Gotta say its the Tim Donaghy is more serious. As you have pointed out numerous times, the NBA’s reputation has never been as good as the NFL, despite all of the issues going on. Second, as others have said, the NFL issue is about Vick, and the question does not really come up: who else may be involved? With the NBA issue, we don’t know as even Commissioner Stern said, that Donaghy is the only one. He hopes so, but not sure.

  25. No question the Donaghy situation is more damaging. It *should* affect the NBA. That isn’t about a guy doing something in the comfort of his own home (yeah, I’m begin tongue-in-cheek) like Michael Vick’s… indiscretions. It’s about money and integrity and the trust of the fans. It’s about the league not being diligent enough to catch it before the postseason. It’s about confirming the anger and the fear and the disgust of fans for season after season of dinked calls.

    Michael Vick is just about Michael Vick, which may be about all Michael Vick has ever been about. That situation is just about a reprehensible, felonious activity that had nothing to do with the NFL but the fact that it was an NFL star who perpetrated it. Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring doesn’t call into question the Vegas line or the virtue of the officiating of the entire league. The NFL had no responsibility to babysit Michael Vick’s rental properties.


  26. Michaels Vicks actions were very heinous in a personal since, but unless this ends up to getting where he started gambling on the fights which led to gambling on games, which then led to him throwing games, the integrity of the NFL product is not harmed, just some of the pieces are now tainted. With the Donaghy situation, it is possible that he affected the outcome in an unfair way which tainted the actual game being played. In a league that has questionable officiating to begin with, and referees who want to be stars, this is a very dangerous seed to plant in the mind of fans who are already very leary of the calls that officials make.

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