5 Done…for now.

I hope you enjoyed the past few days of radio with the great guests you’ve come to expect. Keep checking in here as I will update the blog every day at least. You can also hear and see much more content on the site that will also be updated daily.

What’s next, you will find out here first.



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  1. What a way to end it! A great show, with an even better ending. Thanks for the memories, Dan.

    September can’t get here soon enough.

    Casey in Lexington, KY

  2. Video: talking to the dog with the helium-influenced “Munchkin voice”: another classic.

    You’re killing me, Daniel. Better than YouTube.

    Thanks. Great filmmaking.

  3. 6’3″…210


    I really enjoyed listening to the show today. I must say, it was surreal hearing you say “good buy…..for now” at the end of the show. I have spent many years listening to you in my truck, at work and occasionally at home (“sick day”). I am going to miss tuning in to you on 103.3 FM at noon each day.

    Get back on the air soon…

    -Mike P.

  4. Thanks Dan for all the great memories and a terrific final show (and as a Montrealer, to hear the Arcade Fire lead you out brought a huge smile to my face).

  5. Dan. . . We did not hear your final show here in L.A. because of the Angels doubleheader, crap! Can you put the final show on your website? I am too cheap to pay ESPN to be an Insider.

    I hope we L.A. fans get to hear it. Ken Griffey is one of my favorites. Thanks.

  6. Dan, incredible run, and I was very sad to hear you say that final goodbye today. I had my little brother listen to the show although he is only 13 and has no interest in sports whatsoever. I had him listen because I wanted him to hear what I have raved about since I was his age. I have listened to your show since I was 15, and I have to say that I felt very lonely this afternoon with your parting words. I hope the future endeavors will be even better than your years at ESPN. If they are, we are all in for a treat.

  7. Dan,

    Your show has become a staple in the afternoon during the afternoon work week for a lot of us. No matter who they have filled in, its still not close to being the same. Your show has provided enjoyment and temporary release from the daily stress of our jobs. Thank you and wish you nothing but the best in your next challenge. Look forward to seeing you on TV or hearing you on the radio…..again.


  8. Dan
    You have been my Boy for years now. All my formative years, you were there. My first Kiss was while you were on SC. In my first Car, The DP show was on the radio. Thanks for the memories and Good luck to you.

  9. Dan,
    I just wanted to thank you for all the great memories I have from you both on radio and from ESPN. Today, for me, was an emotional day. Call me a baby but I have been listening to you since you started your show on the radio and I will truely miss it. Thank you for the things I have learned from you not just as a sports fan, but how to handle people as well. I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear you again VERY SOON.

    Thanks for the Memories

  10. Hi Dan,

    Good Luck and God’s Speed….!!!

    Thanks for offering quality product on TV and the radio for all of these years. Since my 12th birthday, you’ve been my man of choice for my sports news and thought!!!

    Hope you land somewhere I can make it another 18 years on your bandwagon…..I hope to celebrate my 48th by listening to you!!!


  11. Dan,
    I have been a fan for years and was a little choked up at the end of the show. I will miss your wit, insight and humour to brighten my day from 12-3 CST.

    I wish you the best and look forward your next endeavor! …Maybe a little “Dancing with the Stars?”. Kenny Maine looked pretty good in that sparkly shirt on “Dance Center”, with that hair, you can pull anything off!

    God bless and God speed.


  12. Dan,

    In the words of Don King, I was “humblified with emotionalism” listening to your last show. Thank you for making the time on the tractor run smoothly these past few years.

  13. Outtakes was always the first thing I read in The Magazine…Gonna miss that voice on my ride home….

  14. Dan You’re the best interviewer i’ve been gotten to listen to and ESPN radio just isn’t the same with out ya. Not to be a tear jerker but my late father and I used to listen to you often. Great memories….

    Oh and since you’ve got some time on your hands my Fantasy football league could use an extra guy if you’re interested. You can bring Phil and Keith too. We don’t have any 21 year old blonds for Keith though.. Sorry….. Best wish’s and a promising and always exciting career to come. Regards..

  15. 5’10” 230

    I’ll miss the palaver. Good thing J.Rome and S.Smith have plenty to make up for it.

  16. Dan, thank you. I don’t know what else to say.

    I know you didn’t tear up at the end of your show, but I did. Your memories are also our memories and that’s what links all of us. Hopefully there won’t be “no mas”.

    Michael in Fresno.

  17. Dan,
    I too will miss the show. It is nice to have heard a fan of the game as well as great gues and great interviews. I am not sure who else will get the opinions from Mark Jackson, Marshall Faulk and Reggie Miller like you did. Well Reggie Miller would talk to anyone I assume.


    Ps I will also miss Phil the showkiller and his joy that the third world thinks the Buffalo Bills are 4 time super bowl champs.

  18. Dan,

    Will miss you on XM. Don’t make a skeptical of your time away from the mic.

    Bentonville, AR

  19. Got to imagine something bigger in store for you. You and Oberman are absolutely enthralling radio…Your guests (and your interaction with them) are the best in the business Please make that happen again somehow someway…How long before Fox pays you unbelievable $jack$ to create this magic all over again? Best Wishes!

  20. Daniel,

    What a great way to end your show today. I dont know what I am going to do now for Sports Radio? Very empty mornings are here starting Monday. Good luck, and I am praying I here your voice in the near future! I laughed at all the old memories and clips you brought up at the end of the show. I think I can remember all the things I was doing at the time when I heard them again! Great laughs, Great memories! You will be greatly missed!

  21. DP, you were my routine..something I could count on..I can’t wait to see where you are landing….

  22. 5′ 9″ 162 lbs. soppin’ wet

    Danny, when I hit the powerball this weekend I plan on creating a position for you so that I can hear you, the Chuckster, Reggie, and Mark Jackson interact on a daily basis, so don’t sign any contracts until then!!! Oh yeah, and if I must I’ll put Showkiller on the payroll as well.

    Thanks for the laughs and the comic relief that you provided during the work day, I’ll miss you much!

  23. Thanks for the memories Dan….get a job!

  24. i am not gonna make a skeptical of this reply, i just want to praise god all the way to the bank, limit the palaver, and celebrate christmas with lou holtz. is willie mays gonna be your co-host in september? or maybe darren daulten?

    brian in antwerp

  25. great show. not only today but over the years. now i am left figuring out with what to do for the 3 hours i listened to your show. always loved the way the guests seemed to be having a good time during your interview.



    p.s. only thing missing from last 3 days was olbermann. probably was saving the democracy though.

  26. Dan,

    The end of the show today choked me up also. I’ve been listening to you for years. Your wit and humor during the show and hard line questioning during interviews were second to none. You’ll be missed. If/When you come back to radio, hop on XM or SSR. Many of us will be listening.

    – Andrew from Columbus, OH

  27. Dan, I will miss you. I absolutely loved the interview with Ron Burgundy. I was falling out of my seat.

    Whenever I see the NCLSU Muddogs play football, I will remember your announcement of Bobby Boucher’s 15 sacks.

  28. Dan

    Today’s show was fantastic, just like every other one you’ve done the last several years. Thank you for the great interviews and the numerous laughs. Your insight is one of a kind and so was your show. Your knew gig cannot come soon enough!

    Albuquerque, NM

  29. 5’9″, 175

    Your show gave me a superlative break in the day through my four years of college. I wasn’t able to listen much since becoming a “professional”, but I tuned in to hear the ‘final’ show. Sports radio and ESPN will not be the same with out you. I wish you success in your future endeavors.

    Stay classy!!


  30. Dan,

    Thanks for your professionalism and thoughtful presentation of the issues and events over the years.

    All the best in your future endeavor.

  31. 5’9 200

    The Elway interview was hilarious, especially when he talked about Jack Youngblood and not wanting to be there anymore.

    Always love your interviews and I look forward to many more.

    Thanks from one Dan to another!


  32. Dan, you always made the workday more enjoyable and I looked forward to the 12-3 part of my day each afternoon. Your interviews were second to none and your wit/humor brought many laughs. Good luck and I look forward to following you wherever you land next.

  33. For a guy who loves his hair so much you do wear quite a few hats.

  34. Dan, I’ve been listening to your show for a couple of years now…….wish I had tuned in earlier. I’m a sports fan(Washington state teams…Sonics, Mariners, Seahawks) and your show has brightened my day in so many ways. I’m a grandma and while driving around with little ones in my car, I’m laughing at and pondering the stuff on your show……great guests(LOVE Reggie Miller) and great humor, as well as your great comments on the “bad stuff” in sports, as well as the good and the great!
    I wish you all the best in your future. I hope you turn up in another place where I can listen……Nancy

  35. Dan, You Rock!! You can not be duplicated! It was a sad day at ESPN. I now you will be succesful in whatever you decide to do (or what you’ve decided to do 🙂 and I can’t wait to hear you again!

    By the way, this website is awesome!!

  36. Let’s see if you can keep the great video intros fresh on this site — like daily.

  37. Dan –

    Great run. My mother who is 61 asked me about 2 years ago if I ever listened to you (she has XM). I told her Yes, (on 1460 thefan in Columbus). She raved about you and how she enjoyed your show. That says a lot since she is not into sports at all. She goes to Ohio/Michigan parties, just for the party, not the game!

    I hope that you are on radio and we have access to your show here in Columbus in the future. Go Bucs!

  38. Dan,

    I snuck out of work early to hear the last hour – what do you expect with all those Ron Burgundy teases?

    Chin up, stay strong and good-hair wishes for the future.


    P.S. Grow a mustache. Seriously.

  39. Yeah, reprise that porn mustache from The Longest Yard

  40. 6’0″ 185#
    I still talk about your impersonations of the general and kieth jackson on Qfm 96 in the early 90’s. Funny, funny stuff. Will surely miss you 1460, too bad David Stern’s verbal pistol whipping of you shocked you into retirement…
    Thanks, go bucks!!!

  41. Congrats Dan! I am looking forward to your next step. The ESPN years were great though! Take Care!

  42. Dan the Man,

    You leaving is another reason to turn off ESPN. I will be checking in regularly to see where you land.

    Loved your last shows. I just wish Olbermann was included.

    Stay true.

  43. Dan, Can you believe that Mike Tirico said while filling in for YOUR show, the person that catches Bonds homerun ball shouldn’t try & profit from it. HAHAH I think he’s getting paid way too much & smoking too much.

    Love you Dan, Can’t wait to listen agian.

  44. Listening to your show today was bittersweet as I have been a loyal listener since 2000. I shall miss your wit on my daytime listening agenda. Take Care Dan.

  45. no more palaver?
    hope to hear you on the radio soon.

  46. Dan –

    Great last show to finish off your ESPN/ABC career. Thank you for all the laughs that you have provided me with over the years during your SportsCenter and ESPN Radio days. You truly are the greatest sports personality out there.

    I look forward to hearing your voice on the airwaves once again when the new gig is officially announced.

    Take care, sir, and all the best!

  47. Today was the first time I had ever heard the Tonya Harding interview. I’m glad that Phil was able to get that one out. It killed me! I’ll miss the show.

  48. 6’0″ – 220*

    Great show Dan. ESPN is going to miss you more than they know. Can’t wait until you are blowing up the airwaves again… hopefully sooner rather than later. The new website is great! Keep the videos coming.-

    Joe in Louisville, Ky.

  49. Aloha Dan,
    It has been great listening to you on radio.
    I agree with Mark Jackson you were the “Magic Johnson”
    of ESPN.
    Thank you for being the ultimate broadcast Pro, by the way, in my opinion your better then Bob Costas.
    We have sports talk on Maui 550AM maybe you could apply?
    Best wishes, Bo

  50. […] Done…for now. I hope you enjoyed the past few days of radio with the great guests you’ve come to expect. Keep checking in here […] […]

  51. 5’10 180
    Great ending, I really enjoyed hearing you blow up the airwaves the last three days, can’t wait until sept. for the new show. Thank you for all the years ,Bob Knight was right on when he said you did it with class, just remember you are world champion of the world!

  52. A collection of video clips of impresonations would be great. I just love Dan doing Lou Holtz.

  53. Dan thanks for your time, for making the long drives short, I am your greatest MEXICAN fan ever, heard you on XM and on espnradio.com, I hope we have the oportunity to listen to you again in a short short time!!!

    Wishing the best!!


  54. Dan-
    Thanks for all the great shows, and an excellent farewell for now tour. What is ever going to fill my noon-3 drive time now?

    From one Phi Sig to another, Damn Proud of your work, can’t wait to see whats next

  55. Dear Danimal,

    Faced the same crossroads you did in my life/career in the past two years. Time’s right to take your best shot. Your career and your spirit were atrophying at ESPN… well, that was me too in a different life, not so long ago. No time like the present to take your best shot. Like our old friend Morgan Freeman said in Shawshank Redemption, “Time to start living or time to start dying.”

    Safe travels in your next career. And, please bring KO along too. The two of you on the radio/TV together is, simply, magic…



    PS Don’t let your daughters see Superbad until they’re 25!

  56. Dan, I’ve followed you from AM to XM to podcast and never been disappointed. Thanks for all you’ve done and can’t wait for the next move.

  57. Dan,

    I don’t know what to say. I am so sad you are gone. I listened to you for years and loved you on TV and in commercials. 1-4pm will never be quite right again. I will miss you and I will miss telling my wife about all the funny things you say each day. Good luck buddy. I will miss hearing you.


  58. You ass hole. Now I don’t have anything to listen to on the radio at work here in Las Vegas! Kornheiser left, now you’re gone. That leaves me with the Boulder Highway used car salesman Çow Turd. I can’t take him for more than 30 seconds. Where do I get my sports? Huh!? Thanks quitter!

  59. Dan,
    I have enjoyed your shows. They have always made my day easier to do. You have always had entertaining & inforative guess. I wish all the best in what ever you do. I will kepp looking at your webb page to see where you land next. Good luck & hope to hear you soon.

    Jim from Pa.

  60. Dan,

    Great job! You made the final three days fun, relevant, and nostalgic at the same time. That was a great interview with Hall of Famers Joe and Jerry and Bob Knight was a stand up guy (the S.O.B.) You acquitted yourself well at a tough time. We’re looking forward to your next gig. Thanks for the memories.

    Stay classy,

    John from NC

  61. Being in Canada I haven’t been able to listen to any of the shows – are they going to be posted online here on your blog as MP3’s?

  62. What really happened between you and Keith?? Nonsense he was on assignment. All the “big show” posts were taken off ESPN. You’ll be back… They all come back!

  63. 6’4″ / 255
    That was a great run. I was a big fan of the radio show. It always seemed more natural and honest than TV. Great interviews. In any case, you’ll be missed. Can’t wait to hear where you’re going to pop up……………………….
    Just a minute, Paul wants to talk to you………..

  64. Dan,

    I have been listening to The Big Show for the last 5 years, every morning, everyday. Sometimes I would miss my bus for work because you would be enthralled in a great interview and I just could not pull myself away from the radio. You introduced me to sports radio, an I must say, your the master at it. The past 18 years of your work at ESPN are full of classic interviews, Tough/honest discussions, dry humor, and sheer brilliance. I have recently made a career change myself so you have inspired me. Thank you for the memories! I can’t wait to see where you will pop up next!

  65. Hey, Dan.

    Very surprised Keith didn’t even bother to get on via phone for the finale … hope there’s no falling-out. Keith DOES have a habit of doing wacky things… which is why he’s bounced around. But he, and you especially, Keith, are great on the air, and a great team.

    I fantasized that you’d be doing gigs together on Countdown… and Countdown would become the “Big Show Countdown” with Dan and Keith…

    But Keith’s glaring absence today leads me to believe it won’t happen.

    Dan, I’ll follow you anywhere. Good luck.

  66. Oops… “and especially YOU, DAN … (no, the mistake wasn’t Freudian)

  67. Dan,

    Congrats on going out on your own accord. I look forward to see what you have in store for the future. I always enjoyed your interviews and I appreciated you always pushing the envelope. Thanks for the memories… I hope you enjoy this time with your family…


  69. Dan

    Great ending today. I have be listening since the Atlanta days. Those were great mornings then. You giving updates on the John Boy and Billy show from your bed. With all the great Braves then: Smoltz, Blauser, Glavine.

  70. 5’11 198
    Dan, i tried so many times to call in, but it never happen. Enjoy your time at Hooter’s once school starts with your 15 year old. We will miss you and hopefully one day you will be back on the airwaves to give us the best interviews in the business…Oh yeah, tell Reggie Miller to please stop singing, that really hurt my ears

  71. hi dan,
    its a sad day for all of us dp show fans. did phil the showkiller cry? you are going to his wedding arent you. i live in alabama, but i grew up listening to wlw with marty and joe also. hey man the big red machine was the thing. im honored to know that you and i pulled for the reds and probably listened to some of the same broadcasts. cool aint it. i always enjoyed your show because you dont pull punches and tell it like it is. loved the stern interview during the playoffs. what a classic i dont think it was PLAVER. anyway dan the pleasure was all mine thanks for all the great shows and i be checking in to see what you are up to. oh by the way 6′ 1′—226.
    ill be listening and watching for your next gig.
    keep it real joe in bama

  72. best of luck to a class act

  73. Dan,

    Wolfman Jack defined rock and roll radio, you defined sports talk radio. In the six weeks you were off the air after your announcement, many tried but none succeeded. I like Amy Lawrence, Eric Casillias, and a few of the others, but they just aren’t Wolfman Jack! And forget about Steven A. Smith, I’m not ready for hip-hop sports radio.

    I have been a big fan of ESPN, partly because of you. Berman is great, along with a few others, but to me, you will always be Mr. ESPN.

    Take care wherever you go, if I can watch or listen, know that I will!

    A loyal fan for many, many years!

  74. Dan,

    As a student in college in Lexington, KY in the early 90’s, my favorite thing every night was to watch you and Keith on SportsCenter. I got XM in 2004, and your afternoon show on ESPNRadio was all I listened to on my drive home. I’ve literally grown up with ESPN and getting my sports information from you, and I’ll miss hearing your show on the air. Can’t wait to see what you do next, I’ll certainly be tuning in. I hope Keith’s abscence from the Big Show these past few days isn’t a sign of something bad – you guys work very well together – kind of like a minor league Marty and Joe (Reds fan will get the reference).

    Take Care, and god bless.

    Larry from Columbus, OH

  75. Hi, Dan.

    5’8, 140…ding!

    Glad you ended your show like you said, “on my own terms.” My biggest memory will be what you said during the 2005 World Series and how you managed to predict what would be happening while ESPN 1000 was airing its final broadcasts of the eventual champion Chicago White Sox.

    For me, that will be one of my greatest memories from your radio days. That, along with partnering again with Keith for “The Big Show”, priceless memories right there.

    Can’t wait to hear you again in Chicago. Good luck with everything! Hope this new chapter in your life turns out to be the way you want things to be.

  76. Way to end the show DP. I’ve only been listening for three years, but I was hooked for those three years. The thing I’m going to miss the most is hearing myself in your promo.

    Rene from Dallas 5’10”, 295 lbs. And I am a big fan.

    Good luck with everything. Hope to hear or see you soon.

  77. Today’s final show was the exact reason why The Dan Patrick Show was (and some day once again will be) the best three hours in radio. From the perfect, though-provoking opening monologue that always made me rush back from lunch just to make sure I was back in my office by 1:03. All the way down to ending a Friday show with Arcade Fire coming into the final segment — and all of the interviews and banter with Phil in-between. While I always enjoyed your interview style no matter who the guest, the segments where it was just you and Phil bantering (and Dibbs and KO) have always been some of the best. And, it was only fitting that the Showkiller hung up on somebody on the final show – and of course, didn’t answer the phone.

    The trips down memory lane made me laugh and remember some of the greatest moments — and remember many of the others that there just wasn’t enough time to fit in.

    Good job on keeping your promise to get through the show without tears — you’re a better man than me. I was fine until the final three minutes, but didn’t quite make it. It was the perfect ending for your show, one we could only come to expect from the man who has brought us the best three hours on radio. Hurry back — and bring us the show once again we’ve all come to love. The next month or so won’t be the same without you in my afternoons – I will be more productive, though.

  78. Thank you, Dan.

    I looked forward to the days away from teaching so I could tune in to days listening to you with “Ron” Dibble, Olbermann, Phil, and always, your take on the sports world. I look forward to your days and success ahead.

    Great videos on the webpage. Classic Patrick.

  79. Dan-O!!! You were great on Sportscenter, but the radio really allowed you to express yourself and views so much better. The fun you had with Keith on TV back in the day seemed to be taken to a new level on the air, as he could also express himself so much more freely than the Sportscenter format would or could allow. I speak for many when your style allows us to call you friend, when you don’t even know us as individuals. You asked the questions that we would want to ask if we were in your shoes, and got the answers for us. And even though there were many a serious topic covered, you kept it light. Sports are supposed to be fun! Thanks for keeping it that way. You will be missed, my friend! Good luck, you deserve it!

  80. My lunch break has been more fulfilling because of how you did your job.
    Your reputation attracted the guests, your sarcasm made me laugh and your self deprecation made me think I knew you.
    Best of luck Dan. Sincerely.

    p.s. Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” now takes it’s place with Green Day’s Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) as the best show ending songs.

  81. p.s.s. all my friends that have a man crush on k.o. are overlooking the obvious choice. Stay classy Daniel.

  82. Thanks, Mr. Patrick. I’m going to miss your show. My days will never be the same. I wish you good luck.

  83. Excellent final show. It was a pleasure to be one of your regular listeners. I have to say that I’ve been growing tired of ESPN, and in a way I’m very happy that you are moving on. I look forward to listening to your next show without having to go to ESPN, yet again.

    For the record:
    1) Marketing research: Male, 31, caucasian, college educated.
    2) Don’t underestimate your street cred. It’s been numerous times that I’ve heard, “Dan Patrick? He is stupid…” Stupid meaning funny. Your comic gangsta is well respected.

    Loyal listener until my career elevates.

    Best of luck,


  84. Dearest Dan,

    Thank you for a great ride.

    Please keep us updated on the new gig and when we’ll be able to hear it here on the West Coast (and everywhere else). Hopefully you’ll have KO along as well (I wish he could have joined you for your farewell, and I’m sure you do as well).

    Take care,

  85. dan,

    when you announced for the first time that you were leaving espn on aug 17th, you were promptly taken off the air until the final 3 days, could you address that for us?….also, could you address why keith wasn’t on or mentioned much considering your relationship with him over the years

  86. Three days, three fantastic shows. Can’t wait to find out what the Content Factory has planned for you.

  87. DP,

    You’ll truely be missed. Wise ya the best of luck! Thanks for all the great moments with KO, Reggie, Sir Charles, Will Ferrell, David Stern and all the other great guests over the years. The network will truely have a tough time filling your spot on the air.

    Thanks again!

  88. Dan,I don’t know how long I have been listening to you,but it’s been a long time.You have a lot of friends in the sportsworld and it was great letting us get to know them and to be a part of your world.I’m glad I had the day off from work so I could listen to your last show-“for now”.It was a very said day for me and for all of your listeners.Thanks for the memories-there are a lot of them-we need you back soon Dan and you haven’t been gone a day yet.Best of luck!!!!

  89. I am glad you are gone, nobody in New York ever listened to your show. It was just typical left wing liberal social crap. Blah Blah Blah….

  90. Dan,
    Great show for years! Hurry back!

  91. Dan, Thanks for the memories! I’ve listened to you for the last 2 years. I listen to Colin and you everyday and you guys are the best and keep me entertained to say the least. When either one of you 2 aren’t on it really ruins my day. You didn’t just break down games you gave each interview that personal touch and your sense of humor made it even better. I know your goal for your last show was not to cry, but as you signed off today thanking everyone, I have to admit I had a tear or 2 in my eyes. Good luck in your future endeavors and you will be sorely missed. Best of Luck!!!!

  92. Dan,

    You are the best brother..I’ll follow you whereb ever you go….

  93. Mr. Pugh,
    excellent show, not just today but for all of the years. had the same feeling today that i did when tony ended his show, it is sad to think i will not hear you after i eat my lunch anymore. you always made that last part of the workday go by much faster. i truly appreciate it. seeing as our local radio has gone down the crapper back here in the cincy/dayton area, why dont you come home and conquer this market, cuz yeah i am sure that would be a challenge.
    nonetheless i hope i can find you somewhere on the dial again soon
    best wishes and best of luck to you

  94. It’s been a heck of a ride – and I am sincerely heartbroken to see it end. You’ve gotten me through many a day over the past few years, and it hurt me every single time you took a day off.

    Heck, I actually sit through the commercials when you are on the air just to make sure I don’t (didn’t…?) miss a moment.

    Say it ain’t so Dan. I need you and Keith in my everyday life (on assignment…what news story could be bigger than the farewell bash?!).

    I’ll join in the huge crowd of well wishers and say “Good Luck”, but I feel as if you don’t need it. You’ll make it work no matter what “it” is. And I hope to be able to join you for at least some of that ride.

    Take care Dan, and thanks.

  95. Dan…
    Thank you. I know my speakers will never be the same. Stay sassy and best of luck!

  96. Dan:

    Meet me at the strip club.



  97. Dan-

    You have made my drive around town everyday enjoyable for years. I grew up watching you everyday on SportsCenter in the 90’s and ESPN won’t be the same for me without you being a part of it.

    Good luck in your next endeavor.


    Las Vegas

  98. Did I miss “And I love Wang” and “I have huge breasteses?” Seriously, fantastic final show. Can’t wait to hear or see you wherever you end up next.


    Byron Center MI

  99. Dan-the-man.

    5-10, 2 bills

    Great show. You know us westcoasters get you during our lunch hour….and you were a fixture on my radio.

    Hey…I’m glad you played some of those old clips. My fav: “Hi I’m Janice. 5-3, 200. …. I’m a HUGE Giants fan.” Cracks me up everytime.

    We’ll see you on your next gig.

    Speed kills, strength punishes, size matters.


    Huntington Beach, CA

  100. blessings to you and your future.

  101. 5′ 11″ 3/4, 200

    when i first moved out of my home over a year ago, i had no cable, no games, no nothing. just a clock radio to get me by. you have helped me time and time again break my boredom as i listened to you during the afternoons[noon-3 pst on KPUG 1170]. wherever you go next, good luck with getting your next emmy. weather it be a daytime one, or the elusive sports emmy that bob costas seems to steal from under your nose.

  102. Dp,

    thanks for 10 great years on ESPN radio and saving me from the likes of The Herd or the local morons we have in Vegas.

    One question, why no Dibs for the final show?

  103. How can anybody be so full of himself. ESPN made you. Not the other way around. Just like the phoney boloney athletes you interviewed,you got greedy. And that home scene! No wonder white guys are considered DORKS! You are the poster BOY! Good riddance!!!!!

  104. If you have any video of Guenther, please post it!

  105. hey Dan:

    5’7″ 160 lbs (ding)

    For the past 4 years I have listened to your show everyday without fail, and I have to say a void is going to be missed in radio.

    You provided me with laughter, and insight into this everday crazy sportsworld, and you did it with class..

    I hope Sirius picks you up, I cant wait to tune you on again…Oh. by the way… is “Showkiller” coming with you?

  106. You will be missed I can’t make myself listen to the other guys yet…hurry back. Reggie Miller needs someone to talk to so don’t take to long.

  107. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to the end of the show, I am still in shock that you are leaving.

  108. Dan,

    I guess all good things, check that, great things must come to an end. YOU may have made it through your final ESPN radio broadcast tearless, but what about the rest of us everyday schmucks out here? Will miss you greatly, and can never thank you enough for all the greatness that was the Dan Patrick show on ESPN radio. Happy trails to you.

  109. Intelligent, but not condescending….

    High brow, but can laugh at yourself…

    Aware, but not trying to be “hip”. This is why those that ARE “hip” always liked you the best. You’re not a phony.

    Always the smartest guy in the room…and the “room” is the whole dang radio nation. That made you the HOTTEST guy in the room. You MADE me a sports radio junkie. Now my drug of choice is gone. Come back soon. I’m already having withdrawal!!

    Peace and Blessings,

  110. Great show…I’ll miss it. I wasn’t able to listen to your last show yesterday, and ESPN must be a little bitter b/c they took everything from your show off their site. Is there any way to post the audio on your website?

  111. Dan,
    Just read all 109 comments. I got angry reading Mike in Secaucus NJ’s comment. Anyway, my favorite part of your show was hearing you laugh and the silent pauses. Genius, really. Liked your “What’s next” interview comments.” My thoughts exactly. Listened to you for all the reasons in those 109 comments but most of all because I could relate to you, being a family man and all. Thanks for the entertainment.

  112. Liked your story when you were a kid and snuck into the warm ups before the basketball games and shout around with your heros.

    That Dan is why I tuned into your radio show.

    (Could give a rats ass about vick and bonds)

    Best of luck to you.

    PS – Arcade Fire at Red Rock in mid September!
    PS – New Doors CD (3) Live from Boston, 1970!

    Mario – Boulder, CO

  113. Dan,
    Thanks for all the great times and memories from your work on espn. You are the man when it comes to interviews and great topics. I can’t wait to follow you in your new life’s challenges ahead. Best of luck.

  114. Hey Dan;

    Bet you didn’t know that Arcade Fire does a cover version of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”!


  115. REALLY enjoyed the show over the years and the last three days. As an ISU grad (yes, there are some of us around!) great to hear Larry Bird. Ray Lewis was great – and he’s right about the stupid rules protecting the QB. I’m looking forward to hearing you somewhere, sometime. No one (except maybe Bob Costas) gives an insight to stories like you. Congrats on being an example not to “playing it safe” and moving on to the next level.

    Savannah GA

  116. Echoing all the “thank yous”, I have to say you’ve made the last several, very difficult years for me bearable. Great final show. Be back soon. Best wishes for continued success. & BTW, great web site; love the vidoes!

    Simi Valley

  117. These videos are great! Been on board from day one….but I will tell you this…you made the right move. You just did…the day ESPN went to “original programming” it started to lose me.

    Salisbury…”What is that drug guy’s name again Dan?”

    Dan…”that would be Dick Pound…”

    probably won’t get you here on the rock…but I am pretty sure I will be able to podcast?

    Much Aloha

  118. Dan

    Been listening to you for the past 3 years at work and it has been easy listening. Have enjoyed your humor (same as mine) and wit (ditto).Good Luck in what ever you do.

    Dave from New York

  119. Dan,

    I can’t believe you’re leaving… you have no idea what you’ve meant in my life. So much of what you did on a daily basis made life better for me and so many others. Favorite Dan Patrick memories?

    The way you argue with Michael Wilbon is classic… oh, wait.

    Uh, the way you say “as cool as the other side of the pillow” is so smooth, no, that’s not right either…

    Ummm, when you pick the football winners while wearing that Swami hat thing, uh… no… hmmm,

    Oh! I love it when you go ballistic about “diaper dandies” and “PTP’ers”, yes!… uh, no.

    Hmmm, which one are you again?
    Oh, no matter – I’m sure I like you and good luck whoever you are with whatever you do next.


    En Fuego!

  120. Coming to a nationally syndicated microphone near you, a man who changed the face of National Sports Talk Radio…

    … for me…

    … ladies & gentlemen, the incomparable Dan Patrick!

    Hurry back, DP.

    (6′ 1″, 170)

  121. Dan,

    Thanks for the past 7 years, you’ve made those afternoon sales call a little easier from 1-4pm. While my sales calls have suffered the last 3 afternoons, how could I miss your last 3 shows. Best wishes to you on your new endeavor.

  122. Dan,

    As 1 of the generation that only knows of ESPN and SportCenter as the Big Show, it has been a blast and a hell-of-a ride to follow your lead (along w/ Keith) thru the world at large (and sports). You will be missed and your return will be much anticipated.

    thanks for it all!!

    josh (6’1″ – 195)

  123. Dan,

    5’11” 240 (Ding)

    You and you ability to ask probing questions and then step back and allow people to get how they feel about a situation really showed the character of alot of your guests. Not just what they said to answer your question, but how they said it. I was lucky enough to listen to the show on XM and then if there were parts that I missed or were really funny I’d be able to listen to it again because the radio station had you on tape delay.

    You will be missed and hopefully when the new venture comes out hopefully it will be picked up for the masses.

    Also, I think you can all thank KO’s comments about ESPN leaving him ON AIR when he was a lame duck for DP getting pulled after he made his announcement of leaving. They gave him 3 final days probably conditionally that KO would not be on during those days. Probably afraid that KO would use this as a chance to say some things that ESPN did not want out there.

    Either that or DP had vacation time coming, oh wait, with how many days DP was out during the year how could he have any days saved up?

    God Bless and God Speed.

  124. Dan

    I hate to say it, but I only started listening to you last year in April, used to live in KC, and at the time I was there, ESPN Radio wasn’t available, anyway, I really enjoyed your show, and loved your interviews, I wanted to reach through the radio and ring David Stern’s neck during that interview in the playoffs, I now wish I had listened from the beginning, you will be missed alot, hope to hear you in interviews on Mike & Mike or The Herd, in the meantime, enjoy your break, enjoy your family and thank you for the last 3 days, you were missed.

  125. Dan-

    Where was the Arcade Fire for the exit of the show? I thought you’d go out rocking! Congrats on your work at ESPN, and I’m looking forward to DP Part Deux.

  126. Hey DP…As a member of the media, I know how taxing it can be at times.

    Enjoy your time away. September will be here before you know it.

    Have fun. You;ve earned it.

    And thanks for sharing your life with us.

  127. Dan-

    you are a pumpkin faced, irish, fat boy…

    see you in a month.

    do some situps in your new spare time.

  128. dp –

    first my drive home with SportsBash goes in the toilet as Eric leaves, now my lunch hour is shot to hell.

    Might as well get rid of my Sirius radio. Maybe you can get a gig with Sirius like Stern did. If he got all those $$$ no telling what they’d give you.

    Take care and thanks for being you. ESPN will never be the same without you.

  129. Dan thanks for the past 18 years. After the passing of Scooter this past week there have been alot of talk about how sportscasters become like family. This is true with you and sports fans of my era with you. We listen during the day and would rush home at night to watch. The voice became a trusted comfort zone for so many sports fans. Thank you for the good times,bad times and so many great memories.May GOD bless you and all you do.

  130. dan, i met you in the park resturaunt in highland falls ny.. one saturday when you were there to see west point play some football.. anyways.. you changed my life that day.. you really are an awsome guy.. i listened to you every day on espn radio. . . good luck to you in whatever you do.. and hey man..stop by and see us again at the park.. 🙂 good luck buddy!!!!!

  131. After several weeks of dp withdrawal (not diet pepsi), thanks for the last 3 days… great shows as always, and a classy way to go out from a classy guy… enjoyed it greatly. To ESPN, no bitterness, I still listen to the other shows when I can, (but don’t play/record selected materials from podcasts like your show) .. my suggestion to ESPN, leave the 1-4 slot open with dead air, its never a good idea to be the guy that follows a legend.. you follow the guy that follows the legend… hope that your new show will be available in podcasts also, I have to work during your normal show hours so don’t get to hear much live… good luck.. look forward to hearing you again soon.. and thanks for being part of my day.

  132. Dan, Phil Jackson, in Scared Hoops, stated that although there was more to life than basketball, there was more to basketball than just basketball. Your show, in my opinion, was about life, using the vehicle of sports. It was intelligent, witty, goofy and had a moral center that reflects someone that understands the good and bad that sports can create. My colleagues, all psychologists as am I, wondered why I had a clock radio in my office that all of a sudden several years ago. It was of course to listen to your show if I had a break in my schedule or between clients. You are the Michael Jordan of sports broadcasters. Best of luck in the future. I am ready to get satellite radio if needed to connect in September. Thank you for helping keep this therapist (relatively) sane!

  133. Sacred Hoops!!! My spelling drove the nuns crazy!

  134. Hey Dan – did you die?

    All the good-byes on air and in the blog certainly suggest that if you didn’t, you are close.

    Just give us your next destination and we’ll follow you there. Hopefully there’ll be no organ playing.

  135. 6’2″ 215

    Dan, thanks for the 18 years of good work; it’s been great listening to you on ESPN and look forward to hearing you again somewhere else. I too left my big corporate job a few months back to put both hands on the steering wheel. Life’s a lot more fun now, much less stress. You won’t regret your decision, just look what it did for KO.

    Here’s to leaving on your terms… VICTORY!

  136. Dan,

    As expected you went out with the same heightened sense of awesomness that you brought t the radio for the past ten years. Thanks for the memories, don’t make a skeptical out of your broadcasting career, and I can’t wait for what’s next. From one Ohio educated boy to another, stay golden ponyboy…stay golden.

  137. Dan,

    Thanks for the memories at ESPN. A loyal fan, I’m eagerly looking forward to your next endeavor. Best of luck to you and your family in the future. I know it’ll be great.

    6’7, 235

  138. 5’11”, 180 (ding!)

    Dan Patrick – you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him!

    We’ll miss you, at least for now (assuming you’ll be back when your 30 days are up). Your show has been a great way to spend the afternoon, and your last 3 days, especially with the clips from the past years (Tonya Harding’s interview and Dibble’s “save the furs” campaign are CLASSIC) were great listening. Good luck on your new adventures, and we look forward to seeing (and hearing) you soon. You’re a real pro, and we’re sure that the next chapter will be even better yet.

  139. As a long time listener, I have to say that the hours of 11-2 were the best part of my day at work. As a mailman on a walking route, people would often see me laughing, probably thinking I’m nuts. It was because “you are the best – Daniel Theodore Patrick”. Your class is unequaled. Kris in Salt Lake

  140. “By the beard of Zeus!!” Please tell me that this site will be able to archive the interview of Ron Burgundy from your final show. Classic Burgundy, fantastic. I actually heard a wolverine purr during the interview.

    Dan, wonderful show and you’ll be missed on my office radio. Will definitely be visiting this site often to keep tabs on you.

  141. Thanks for everything, Dan, you’re the best! Looking forward to the new show. Hope you will play the best of Lou Holtz songs on the website, never laughed harder in my life and want my 3 boys to hear it! FIGHT ON!!! (Oops, wrong website)

  142. Dan,

    You will be missed! I look forward to listening to you if you land on the radio in some other place via the web. Will your ESPN archives be available? They are already off the site which stinks!!! I was hoping they would hold me over until I found your new show rather then listening to all the palaver that is currently on the radio. Best Wishes and Best of Luck.

  143. Dan,
    Great show. I feel like I didn’t get enough of it since I’ve only been listening for 3 years. Last show was great loved the Jim Mcmahon bit. Is your new show going to be based on sports or will you have more freedom? I know you said that you don’t want to be the reason people turn off the radio, but unfortunately, after listening to espn radio without you for the last 5 weeks, I’ll probably turn it off. GREAT SHOW AND GOOD LUCK. Maybe you’ll end up in Chicago with me!

  144. Dan,

    Great show on Friday. As a matter of fact, great show every day. You certainly brought a ‘true’ element to radio. Please continue that in your next venture. I know that I won’t miss you…..because I’m sure you will be back very soon in an exciting format. People want to see & hear you. And for your information, you are correct. You were never the reason I turned off the TV/radio.

    Dan from PA.

  145. Dan thanks for all the laughs, You took me from ESPN when you were at CNN with Hickman and Charles and once you started at ESPN I had to follow I cannot imagine you wit and humor being replaced, please comeback soon.

    Troy from MI.

  146. Hey Dan, I left 2 other comments, hopefully you read them, but anyway did you hear that NBATV is cutting all of their staff and giving the operating rights to another media company. Do you know anything about that? Could ESPN or TNT or Content Factory be taking over NBATV? I decided to ask you because you’re reliable and a good friend of David Stern.

  147. Hey Dan,

    I just wanted you to know that my brother and I started listening to you about 5 years ago. We farm in Minnesota and I wanted to thank you for helping us pass the time in the afternoons. I hope that wherever you end up we can once again listen to you show. You are the bast


  148. Dan,
    Stinking Angel game in Boston wrecked my listening to your final show 😦 Maybe you can get a copy of it here on your blog site for us to listen to???
    You have sure been a big part on my middays, driving from account to account. I hope your next gig is as easy and accessible as your ESPN show was. You are the best on radio Dan!
    Can’t wait for Sept…..

  149. I’ll miss you AND your hair. Loved your show for years, but it just wasn’t the same after Dibbs left. By the way…you and Reggie Miller have great chemistry! Maybe you should try out for the Celtics too. Honestly, tell Reginald if he really wants a RING he should go west,,,maybe Texas or Az.??? Just a thought. Never forget…”you’re the best, Daniel” Looking forward to you next chapter.

  150. Dan,

    Now that I’ve figured out this whole blogging thing and how to respond, I just wanted to echo the thoughts of so many others on here – THANKS! You not only had the best, most interesting guests, but you took us into their lives like no one else could. It was like listening to two best friends, or even brothers, carry on a conversation, and we got to listen in. And even though you laughed and joked with them, and talked about things in their personal lives, you also asked them the tough questions that we as listeners wanted you to ask. Thanks again, and hope to hear/see you soon.

  151. Dan,

    I have to say I’m going to miss you in the afternoons on ESPN radio. The things I liked most about your show is your style on how you approached sporting news. Several other sporting show hosts center their shows around themselfs or what the know. Your show was never about you but about getting the sporting news to the listener. Getting answers to questions the listner and view want. I’m a traveling sales rep which can be a grinding job. I found listening to your show a nice break to the day and I hope to find you (Soon) on another station or satilie radio.

    Don’t change…..find some other stage to work your magic.

    Outside of lining up a new gig….I hope your getting some quality time in with the family.


    David T from CT

  152. Hi Dan,

    6’2″ 227 (ding) ….thanks Showkiller…

    I can’t believe that I won’t be seeing you on Sportscenter anymore. As a 25 year old man, I have literally ‘grown up’ with you Dan. You and Boomer are the first people I remember from Sportscenter and ESPN. I started listening to your radio show as soon as XM Radio came out due to my location in Iowa. I really think you should get back together with Dibbs, Sean, and the Showkiller and basically destroy all the competition… Seriously though… I wish you well in all your adventures. I love this site. It’s hilarious and if you are on the radio again, hopefully the broadcast will be available online so you can still get me through my workday. Can’t wait to see what you are going to do next. Good luck with everything.

    Alexis from Des Moines, IA

  153. Dan,
    It’s almost as if a family member has died…As a salesperson always on the road, I would try to schedule my appointments around the commercial breaks so that I wouldn’t miss any of your show. Living in Dayton for the past 8 years, I felt a certain pride knowing that a “local boy” was representing the “937”…Good luck with your future endevours and can’t wait to see and hear you again!

    BTW: The countdown clock is kind of “24ish” don’t you think?

  154. Well here it is the day I have been dreading. Monday 8/20/2007 12:00PM

  155. Dammit Dan!

    Now what do I do every afternoon? You know the buttheads are going to expect me to work now? Thanks alot! Seriously I can understand the change for changes sake. I did that 5 years ago.

    You were can’t miss Radio for me! Unless there was a guest host and then all bets were off!

    I think one of your future career options should be to train all of these knuckleheads on the radio on how to interview someone!

    Can’t wait on the…”For Now” part! Hurry back!

  156. I think its bunk that ESPN didn’t do anything more for you Dan.
    Can’t wait for what you’re going to do next. Be sure to bring in Mark Jackson, Reggie, Rick Rilley, and your regular guests. Your interactions are freaking hilarious.

  157. 6-1, 210

    Danno – Sad-day hearing the “good-bye”. Your show has been home. You’ve got big stones for venturing into the unknown, away from certain security and the warm-blanket. Looking forward to whatever you’ll do next. Costas is a dry piece of toast next to you brutha.

  158. 5’11” 236 (Ding!) “beefy”

    Dan – I looked forward to your radio show every afternoon. You were awesome on sports center, but I really enjoyed the radio show the most; it showed your true personality and quick wit which I enjoyed a lot.

    You will be missed.

    Atlantic City, NJ

  159. 6 Feet, 160lbs (DING)


    It’s not going to be the same without you! My career invloves being in front of a computer 8 hours a day M-F and I have had your show to look forward to everyday for the past 5 years and it wont be the same without you. Thank you for your professionalism, humor, and passion for providing your listeners with something fun and informative everyday.

    Hopefully you will find something that makes you as happy as your show has made us.

    Good luck!

  160. Dear Dan,
    5’11” 187lbs.
    Your time on ESPN radio has been truly enjoyable and Friday’s show almost brought a tear to my eye. I have listened at work since you started your radio career and your show got me through the day. You give the best interview of any sports journalist out there. I’ll be checking the website daily and can’t wait until that clock on the main page says zero.


    P.S. Thanks for the Whisper Rock plug on your What’s Next video.

  161. Dan
    Loved the show over the years. It sounds crazy but it gave my brother and I something to connect over as we listened on Sat radio across the land.
    Look forward to the next venture.


  162. Dan- I’ve enjoyed the show for the last 6 years and it has become a big part of getting me through my job in the afternoon. You always would ask the tough questions and I enjoyed your sense of humor. I’ll never forget when Dibble dated a girl with green teeth, Phil’s car stories, and when your wife cut off your cable. Good luck Dan and I hope you’re back on the radio soon with the Showkilla.

  163. Dan,

    I never used to like National Sports Talk radio show before I heard your show. You brought a different angle to the “national” leads. Almost presenting it in a way that was personal almost like you were chatting with some of the locals down at the sports bar. Your show was required listening for me. I loved the stories, ripping on show killer and Dibble, always getting Mickey Rivers take, and the great interviews. When I moved out of a market that could get your live feed, I became an ‘insider’ so I could podcast. The show was that great. Can’t wait to see what you do next, Dan. You are as a great man once said, ‘world champion of the world.’

  164. Dan,
    I just saw on this website (www.700thezone) that you are going to be part of their lineup in the AM. Is that true?

  165. Gonna miss the show canr wait to get you back on. I work over nights and would listen to your show all night.

  166. Dan,

    Thank you for great radio for the past who knows how long? I remember when you were on the local morning show here in Milwaukee until ESPN told you you couldn’t do it anymore because they were launching ESPN radio. I wrote you a letter after the 1992 season and you actually called me at work. I have been a loyal listener of your radio show since you started.

    Thanks for the memories and I hope some station in Milwaukee picks up your new show.

  167. Dan,

    Thanks for your dedication. It has been such a pleasure to listen to you.

    As you know, the Angels games are broadcasted on ESPN Radio 710 in Southern California. And of all the days for the Angels to have a double header/morning game, it happened on Friday, and I missed out on the live feed. But I have an insider account and went online early Saturday morning and EVERYTHING of yours was gone from ESPNradio.com!

    Is there anyway I can get the last show? Hoping you could help me out.

    Best of luck, Dan, whatever you choose to do.


  168. Thisss isss Dannnn
    Love your radio show, book and ESPN. Good luck.

  169. dan ur the best i miss ur show
    im in so cal ur show was on during my lunch
    now lunch just sucks look forward to seeing and/or hearing u soon

  170. 6′ 0″ 180

    Thanks Dan for a great 10 yrears. I’ve been listening for the entire time and your show will be missed. There is no-one at ESPN that can fill the 12-3 slot and keep my interest like you did (well maybe Kusilias but that’s it!). Look forward to hearing you again, wherever that is. Hopefully it will be on XM. Best of luck and Godspeed.

  171. 6’1″ 165lbs
    Hey Dan, Thank’s for the memories. I own a Dairy Queen, and the employees knew they were not allowed to change the station until after your show. I wish you and your family happiness in your next career move..

  172. Dan Patrick workin’ out of Chicago. A year later….Kobe Bryant workin’ out of Chicago. Maybe Reggie Miller will come out of retirement a second time to join Da Bulls after possibly winning a title in Boston.

    My old hometown of Northbrook is a good area to buy a home. Good school district. Tough police department. Northbrook Court Mall for the wife. Couple of golf courses. Skating rinks. Good sports town. Ferris Bueller went to the high school there. Berto Center right next door in Deerfield. My brother the doctor is an internist in Des Plaines (Dr. Gerald Lewis). You’ll love it.

    Good luck with the new show, Dan. Hope you’ll be on SIRIUS radio as well. Not a better sports radio host than Dan Patrick.

  173. I’m a delivery driver and I listen to sports talk radio all day in my car and… yeah, these guys they’ve got filling in for you, DP..they’re just NOT cutting it. Life is going to MISERABLE when Cowherd retires.

  174. Dan,

    5′ 8″ 205

    I think that your last show was really great and I am looking forward to hearing/seeing your new work. Some of the best parts of the show that your recapped were with you and dibs. keep up the great vids.


    Bowling Green

  175. Dan:

    I feel lost and confused since that fateful day.

    Then I realized that Halloween is only a few weeks a way.

    In tribute to you I will go out dressed as a “Ham Sandwich” and will record the night for posterity.

    You are missed.

    T Alan — pdx

  176. 6’1 215 lbs (DING) I dont think some people realize what they mean to other people. But flipping on your radio show sure gave me a break from my work day. Good luck to you Danno. Rick

  177. From a road warrior that’s in his car all day long 5 days a week, thanks for the entertainment. I don’t understand why most radio guys feel they need to be 100% sports. You obviously get that that formula is overkill.

    Hope you end up either over-the-air or on XM (so no Sirius, please).

    And here hoping that Show-Killer lands on his feet.

  178. OK guys, post season is over, it’s time to remember your wife or girlfriend. Maybe you better make up for ignoring her for most of January. How about a Valentines gift from 1-800-Flowers.com (http://www.1800flowers.com)

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