7 Oh, I meant to say “Guilty”….

This is what Michael Vick and his lawyers had to say on July 26th:

“I take these charges very seriously and look forward to clearing my good name,” Vick’s prepared statment read. “I respectfully ask all of you to hold your judgment until all of the facts are shown.”

“This is going to be a hard-fought trial,” said Billy Martin, one of five lawyers retained by Vick. “We are conducting our own investigation. We will look into these allegations and we look forward to the opportunity to being able to walk inside this courtroom saying to the world that Michael Vick is innocent.”

I guess a bit has changed over the past few weeks as Vick took a plea today. This was supposed to be the Summer of bashing Barry Bonds…instead its Vick and Tim Donaghy. Bonds is cruising along.

So what next for Vick as a football player? I know he’s going to jail for some period of time. When that’s done, would you want him on your team…do you want to give him the chance to get back in the league?

Bring it…



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  1. Hell no..I dont want him on my team…We chreat the dogs we love like humans and he wants to kill them after they fight. I think Vick needs more then just 18 months. He needs to go to jail for a long time.

    Jason-Columbus ohio

  2. I hope we never see Michael Vick back on a football field at all. Anyone who has the chance to play, pro sports needs to remember, millions are not that lucky. One might hope that the pro does more good, then harm. I know we have a lot more media then we did 20 or 30 years ago and they the old Yankee’s use to carry on. But not like todays athlete. It use to be drinking, and picking up a female and playing cards. Wow, those days are long gone.

    Hope all is good with you and your family, Dan!

  3. Looks like Vick will get at least a year in prison. The earliest he can come back is for the next football season. Odds are he will get more than a year and will miss this season and next. Will he be able to stay in shape. He won’t be getting the diets and NFL-type workouts that a professional athlete, especially an athlete of Vick’s caliber, will require. That is going to hold him back even more from his ability to return. If he is able to come back, he surely won’t be the Vick we’re used to seeing.

    With that said, is there an owner willing to take Vick? Is there an owner willing to explain to his team’s fans why they should forgive Vick? After what he did to Arthur Blank, he won’t be back in a Falcon’s jersey. With the amount of sponsorship money coming into these teams, will a team be willing to take the risk of losing part of that money to get Vick?

    Let’s just say that Vick can come back and be the same caliber player as he has been for Atlanta. Vick is the type of quarterback that needs to have the offense built around him. That’s just his style of play. There aren’t a lot of NFL teams with that type of offense. That further narrows the amount of teams that will take a chance on Vick.

    In the end, there will be a team that will bring Vick into camp (if the NFL will reinstate him). Either due to his lack of ability at that time or pressure from advertisers, I really don’t see Vick making past training camp.

    In my opinion (not that it matters), Vick should not play in the NFL again. Playing in the NFL is a great priviledge and the athletes, like it or not, are role models. The NFL and the Falcons will survive without Vick.

    Here’s the sad thing, and I wonder what Mr. Patrick thinks of this, but if this was a 2nd string Guard involved we wouldn’t even be talking about this anymore and nobody would have a problem if he never played in the NFL again. The other sad thing is that I haven’t heard any of Vick’s teammates, let alone other NFL players, speaking out against Vick. Many are saying that while they don’t agree with what Vick did, they are going to support him. Cut your ties with this trash!

  4. Dan,

    First things first, love the new website and can’t wait to hear you on radio again. Now on to business, these actions that Michael Vick and his boys engaged in are absolutely disgusting. I hope that this guy never plays another down in the NFL because he has had every opportunity to be a great success, the face of the biggest sports league in the country and he screwed up big time, hell he shouldn’t even be able to play in Canada after what he has done, but as we all know if you have talent someone will always take a shot and that is probably what will happen in this case.

  5. Will he ever be back in the NFL after he spends some quality time in the pokey? Without a doubt. As long as the Raiders are in the NFL, there will be room…..

  6. Michael is going to lose all of the 2007 season, sentencing supposedly on Nov. 26th. So kiss this season goodbye. Everyone is saying going to prison for at least 1 year: kiss 2008 good bye. Could he be out in time for the 2009 season? yes, but what will Commissioner Goodell do? Suspend him another season, so then it’s 2010 and Michael is now 30 years old. Not that old for a quarterback, but for a predominantly running qb, he may not have that 4.3 speed anymore. Rest assured, some owner and gm will take a chance on him, for pete’s sakes, Jeff George was getting calls last year (Oakland Raiders I believe) and Ryan Leaf has been called back a couple of times. He’ll be back in the league again, but will he ever be a star again, with millions in endorsements…. NO.

  7. Vick will be in a uniform six months aftre he is home from the big house. This is sports in America. Everyone is given a 10th chance, so do beleive Vick will be in a uniform as soon as he gets out. there will be some team that is struggling to fill the seats in the stands that will take a chance on him. If he then happends to be the dazzling and electrifying player he can be on occasion running the ball from the QB position, his prison sentence will be a distant past in our memories.
    I feel Vick is stupid though, i am strictly talking on a legal stand point here. he should have known what they had on him and so should have his lawyers. I feel he should have copped the plea once teh first guy snitched, now he has no out, he was pushed to te corner of the wall. The judge will have no choice but to give him at least the avg sentence becasue of the public out cry. If he had sopped the plea when he was forst indicted, he probably will have gotten like 3 month sin jail and 5 years parole, a ton of community service with a fine. But now, he will be lucky if he gets anything less thank 15 months.

  8. To better answer your question Dan, if Jon Gruden is still coaching the Bucs, you know he’ll try to sign him…. Jon never met another team’s qb he didn’t like… just his own…. as for me, I believe in second chances for individuals, but only if he has truly shown remorse for what he has done. Not if he is only pleading guilty to minimize his sentence and get back to football. Any person needs to show they have remorse, and has significantly changed his/her life as a result.

  9. What’s next for him as a football player? Hopefully nothing.

    I don’t even think whatever prison time he gets will be enough.

  10. I’m a Patriots fan…I’ll keep our current QB, thanks very much. 😉

    In all seriousness, I always thought Vick was a bit overrated. He was always touted as being some huge talent, but it just never all came together. Perhaps his mind was elsewhere during gametime, who knows?

    Regardless, I hope he stays away from my favorite sport for a long time…

  11. Why do people continually get disillusioned by what athletes do? And why do many try to defend their hero or team mate, even when their wrongdoing is clearly exposed? And why do people feel remorse only after the evidence against them is irrefutable?
    Love your team. And love the game. But be careful how much love you give to an athlete. Or you might become disillusioned. Or dillusional.
    (Dan: how many years now has it been since we last heard from you?)

  12. Quite simply Dan, no, I wouldn’t want Vick on my team nor would I like to see him given another opportunity to play in the NFL. Not only did he finance a brutal dog fighting operation and attend these clandestine displays of brutality with his thug entourage, but he directly, personally murdered dogs that wouldn’t or couldn’t fight to his and his associates satisfaction.

    This is a man that is a self-professed “animal lover”. This is a man that lied to the organization that had coddled him and rewarded him with a huge contract for what was mediocre performance and results at best. This is a man that lied to the face of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell when asked about his involvement in dog fighting.

    Michael Vick has shown himself to be a man with questionable – if not entirely absent – ethics and morals. I feel no sympathy for him whatsoever and I hope he serves the maximum five years AND never plays a down of professional football again.

    I guess you can take the thug out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the thug.

  13. Ron Wolf said he believed in 2nd chances in America. If he had a say, Vick would get one.

    I wouldn’t want him on my team. In my opinion, only an owner with nothing to lose would take a chance on him, and that would be as a backup.

    Whether he holds a clipboard again in the NFL is up to him. It’s not just that he’s guilty of his crimes, but he’s guilty of lying to the public about his behavior.

    To rehabilitate his public image, he’s going to have to accept that the country needs to see him give them the mother of all mea culpas. He’s going to have to say publicly (not through a statement) that he was wrong and probably commit to donating future earnings to PETA or something.

    Short of that, he’s going to have to wait until the next remake of The Longest Yard before he’ll get on the football field again.

  14. I simply don’t know how someone can do what he and his “friends” did to these dogs. Dogs have been bred for years and years to rely on humans. Was the next step for Mike… to kill humans?? I really hope his time served will straighten him out and serves as a lesson that no matter how big a star you are….NO NOE is above law…..and simple common sense. He thoroughly disgusts me and is amongst the lowest common denominator in human filth.

  15. No I do not want him on my team but I’m sure the Raiders will give him a try. If for some reason then if that doesn’t work he could always go to the CFL or even the arena league. I also believe that he needs more than 12 to 18 months in prison. I think that the five year sentence they are talking about would send a nice message to him. Then we will see if he really gets the magnitude of what he did.

  16. I don’t own a team, so I couldn’t really tell you whether or not I want him on my team. I am however a paying fan, and I’ll tell you that my hard-earned money won’t ever go to any organization connected to Mike Vick.

    Vick is very athletic, but he’s not a very good quarterback. After serving his time, he’s not going to be in any shape to start playing for anyone. You can’t take an athlete who is used to a set workout routine, with all of the nutritional supplements and all the rest of the off-the-field stuff that makes a premier athlete, set him on the shelf for 18 months and then expect him to perform at a professional level.

    While Vick may get work-out time while locked up, prison systems typically feed their inmates quite poorly, in order to keep their energy level down.

    You spoke with Jamal Lewis last week (a great interview by the way). he could probably tell you about the conditioning he had to go through after serving time to get back into playing condition — and it probably explains why he averaged 200 fewer yards last season.

    With all of the talent being produced not only in the league but coming up through the college ranks, it is difficult for me to think of Vick as being that attractive even to Arena or CFL owners. I honestly can’t see any signing involving him as anything but a way to drive controversy — which would work wonderfully if he was, say, a disgraced former Major League player making a “comeback” with a minor league team; the Brockton Rox come to mind.

    But, until tail-gaters start lining up outside Dolphin Stadium for “Free Prostate Exam” Night, I’m fairly certain that Vick’s day under center are done.



  17. No Way do I want him to get back in the league. They should wait and see what sentence he gets and then kick him out. I think the league needs to be consistent and considering how offensive these crimes are and the fact he is pleading guilty means he should be suspended indefinitely.

    Love the site Dan and the videos. Thanks for keeping us informed and giving us our “DP Fix” until you get back on the airwaves. By the way, you are done with ESPN now soooooooo what exactly are you going to be doing and where 🙂

  18. But it’s “only a cultural difference” Dan…
    Yeah, just as the practice of female genital mutilation is a “cultural difference” to be respected. Ah, no. When sadism – the seeking of pleasure in another’s pain – is the primary goal of any endeavor, the higher angels of our nature die.

  19. I’d be interested to hear what Mr. Horn and Mr. Sanders have to say about this now. As for if I’d want him on my team…No way! I couldn’t cheer or pull for someone like that. Granted, I’d like to see him get his life in order and he’ll inevitably be back in the league with someone. However, he’ll never be as relevant of a player as he once was. He’ll be starting over, and based on the decision making skills he’s displayed on and off the field, that will be a tall order.

  20. I wouldn’t mind me a little Ron Mexico.

  21. Dan–

    Best of luck to you, can’t wait to tune in to your next radio gig. Olbermann involved down the road? Hopefully…

    Michael Vick, Spanish for a horse’s rear. I know, lame stretch to work in a Ron Burgundy reference…

    Oh, I think the great interview that Ken mentioned a few posts back was Ray Lewis (not his brother from another mother, Jamal). I agree it was quite the interview… I think he scared God into me…

  22. This is a very complicated story. In the end it comes down to senseless cruelty without utility. Nobody wants to know how that nice steak gets on the plate or how the bacon gets there for breakfast but at least it serves a purpose. This is cruelty simply for the enjoyment of watching survival of the fittest run to its very core. The elimination of the weak with a complete lack of compassion.

  23. Dan-

    At approximately 8 am local time, Lou will need to be let out, or he will leave an unpleasant surprise on the kitchen floor.


  24. Dan

    love your show,please keep an open mind about this.
    we have been wrong before i know he has pleaded,but i don’t think he had another choice.

  25. I’ve said this before….so at the risk of repeating here goes:

    You lead a certain lifestyle. You dream of riches. You dream of all the things you’re going to do.

    Then suddenly all your dreams come true. You can now do all the crazy, freaky, wild things you and your buddies talked about in your “poor” days. It’s gonna be great.

    But now you’re a corporate icon, and the sad cost of finally getting all you’ve ever dreamed of, is having to cut ties with the people with whom you dreamed of sharing it, because they’re a bunch of idiots.

    Mike, you KNOW you KNEW better.

    I’m sure Mike stupidly thought he’d have some (gruesome) “fun” with some guys that have no future, no past, and absolutely nothing else to do but ride his coattails. What was it? 8 dogs? That’s about…what….$15 million a dog??

    Hope this is a lesson that resounds through every pro athlete in the country. Like Jay-Z said fellas, “rub the dirt OFF ya’ shoulder”. Another guy with some idiot, no-future-havin’, broke friends, and the pressure to make THEM happy.

  26. I darned near burned my season tickets when Jerry Jones signed TO to our beloved franchise here in Dallas. If Michael Vick ever returns to the NFL, I may have to seriously, and very painfully consider turning my back on the sport. As silly as that may sound, Vick returning to the NFL would rank right up there with the day I learned there was no Santa Claus. How many times must we be punched in the gut before we just simply walk away?

  27. I know I wouldn’t have him on my team. If I was managing a team I would want some one’s with Vic’s skill and player abilities but even with Statiums as they are today I don’t think his baggage could fit in the arena. So my answer would be no. But I can be sure there will some organization stupid enough to take him on the team. Did I hear Raiders?

  28. no, because he is an idiot. and because he is a terrible quarterback. i blame you and sportscenter for all this.

    brian in antwerp

  29. No I don’t want to see Vick back in the NFL. But the truth of the matter is, he will be back. Given the position he plays in, there’s bound to be a team/owner who’s willing to give him a second chance.

  30. I do not want to see him back in the NFL – but he will be because he has talent and that trumps all else. Who would have thought that Marcus Vick would be the one available to play this year instead of Michael. I guess when Marcus was going through his problems he could have found someone better than his big brother to go to for advice.

  31. Michael Vick is only taking the charges seriously because he’s been caught. Otherwise, he’d still be doing it.

    If treats an animal so cruelly, one can only imagine how he may one day treat a human being.

    I do not think Vick can serve as a role model, either as a sports figure or as a person.

    Aside: regarding the videos on this blog, they are brilliant.

  32. Dan

    5’8″, 190 lbs.

    First off, sorry to see you go, and I am also keeping an eye on the countdown to your return. It’s funny, but your radio show kept me and my brother in touch, as we’d always be calling each other, “You listening to Patrick today? Did you hear David Stern and DP go at it?” or “Hey Tim, you still listen when KO comes on?” Now, our daily conversations are “Man, does Mike Murphy suck or what? I hope DP is back in the same time slot!”

    As far as Vick is concerned, I’m extremely disappointed in Vick. He is still a gifted athlete,a gift that will now go to waste as he does his time. Given that Goodell will also punish Michael after his jail time is over, I can’t see Vick playing in the NFL for at least 3 seasons. The fact that he did the flip/flop, all the while claiming his innocence until, “You know what? My bad, I’m guilty” reversal; I can’t say that he’s worth the time it will take to keep up with this story. It’s a shame, as he is one of the biggest profile athletes to get into trouble, and all that potential goes wasted.

    And s a Chicago Bears fan, given the QB situation here in Chicago? No, even I wouldn’t want Vick on the Bears.

  33. I think right now Mike Vick has leprosy in the eyes of NFL organizations. He’s going to be put in a colony and completely avoided for a couple years. I think some teams will wait for a cure, but there’s no cure for leprosy and no cure for a grown man with no respect for life…animal or otherwise.

  34. Dan,

    I love the new Web Site, but I miss hearing you in the afternoon. I would love to see you and KO hookup again as part of your new radio gig!

    As for Mike Vick, I would love to think that we’ve seen the last of him, but talent begets second chances and for all the negative stuff you want to say about him, Vick possesses incredible football skills! Someone will try to capture lightning in a bottle again at a bargain-basement price. I don’t want it to be my team, but then my team is the Bengals. Can you imagine what the media would do to us if we signed Mike Vick?!!

    MJ in Cincy

  35. Wow did Tagliabue leave Roger a messed up league to clean up.

  36. I would not take Vick back, using Iron Mike as a template. Vick is a tremendous athlete capable of dominating the way that Mike Tyson used to dominate in the ring. But watching how Tyson deteriorated in skills and athletic ability after his time as a guest of the state of Indiana, I would be leary of the same type of deterioration from Vick as he will not have access to his normal type of training regimen. Given the assorted issues he has been involved – the airport, Ron Mexico, missing his plane to DC, and now this dogfighting incident. I know it is not fair to associate his brother with him, but look at the decisions that Marcus made. I dont think that he has the responsibility or common sense that I would want on my football team, and I dont think his athletic ability after at least two years away from the game will be enough to compensate for that. All that being said, I am sure he will get a chance in Oakland.

  37. He is a horrible example of a human being. First he flips a bird to the fans because he has a short fuse and can’t handle hecklers and now he kills pooches?!

    I would boycott any team and their sponsors should he be signed in the future – which I highly doubt. And I would proudly picket outside the gates of any stadium in the world should he be signed on in the future.

    He deserves the same fate as the dogs he mistreated and killed in my opinion. He is the definition of a thug that will never be able to be rehabilitated in the system.

    He’ll need to move to some deserted island and live off the land because his money will be gone, his career will be over and he’ll get not support or respect from anyone here in the USA by the remarks I’ve read on this blog and many others.

    Go away Michael Vick for a very, very, very long time.

  38. I think Vick’s noted high-maintenance as a player (i.e. — an entire offense must be built around him. He’s a niche player) coupled with his infamy will make it well nigh impossible for anyone but Al Davis to justify him.

    Of course, we can count on numerous scandals and issue in the year Vick is up the river, so the GP may mostly forget about him once the wounds aren’t so fresh. And they aren’t salting them every day.

  39. Hey Dan,
    6’2″/225 (ding*)

    No, Vick is going to have as hard a time as OJ will to find work I think. OJ was blackballed from everything and he was found innocent. I look at my dog and there is no way I could even hit her let alone do the things Vick did. It was horrendous to hear the acts they did and I’m hoping that the judge pushes the 3 year sentence for him. Hopefully he can be some big man’s little puppy for a few years…

    Can’t wait to get you back on, hopefully XM will be able to pick up whereever you end up my friend.

  40. Vick back in the NFL after jail? Sure, why not? Jamal Lewis, Joey Porter, Shawne Merriman, Julius Peppers, and Randy Moss are all back in the NFL, and no one seems upset about that. Is it because PETA is better than MADD when it comes to putting pressure on NFL team sponsors? Why do we feel that harming animals is worse than beating up other people, or players driving while intoxicated and potentially putting our lives in harm’s way out on the roads?

    The NFL has been investigating the possibility of Vick GAMBLING on those dog fights. Ahh! Can’t have someone with a gambling problem playing in the NFL, better banish him for good. Take all the drugs you want, or beat anyone up you want, we’ll forgive you for that.

    Don’t get me wrong, these charges are serious, and if Vick pleads guilty, he should pay the price. My point is, I have been reading these entries, and if you’re quick to say that you wouldn’t take Vick back, then if you’re a fan of the teams that Jamal Lewis, Joey Porter, Shawne Merriman, Julius Peppers, and Randy Moss all play for, then you’re a hypocrite if you’re ok with them being allowed to come back to the League, while taking such a hard line with Vick.

  41. If the NFL is serious about cleaning up its image to the public at large, they would not allow anyone convicted of a felony to play or be involved in the league. That would take care of Vick. While I know we are a nation that likes to give second chances, I don’t think Vick will be man enough to truly own up to his actions, serve his sentence and return to the public with actions that speak of his contrition. My belief is he will come out of jail 1 or 2 years from now and feel that he has paid his debt to society and want everyone else to move on. However, my belief is that he will not have fundamentally changed his ways or thoughts behind the behavior that got him into trouble.

    I find his actions deplorable. His behavior and actions speak to the very nature of the person. He was willing to torture, maim and kill animals for his own personal pleasure. Vick’s actions are overshadowing the two other contentious issues in professional sports (Donaghy and Bonds), because so much of the American population connects so closely with their dogs (and cats too for that matter). I’m just sick at the thought of what he did to have a good time.

    Bry – Cedar Rapids

  42. If there is gambling involved here and if Mr. Vick was running the gambling operation, he is finished.

    Pro sports must always have a zero tolerance towards illegal gambling.

    (Sorry Mr. Rose, you were a manager – betting on baseball, your out and good riddance.)

    The dog fighting is despicable too.

    Wasn’t this NBA ref making over 200K a year? Not enough huh?

    Just imagine if the public looses confidence in the integrity of the game? Can’t happen here? Look no further then the Tour de France.

  43. Will you later say that Vick was found NOT GUILTY? Thats what you said the other day when you interviewed Ray Lewis. You said that he was found NOT GUILTY even though he pleaded guilty to obstruction. The interesting thing is that Ray Lewis is the only one ever to actually be convicted in connection to the murders of Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting.

  44. I don’t think a team should sign him up as soon as he gets out of jail. Give him time to sort his life out, and if he proves that he’s a changed man, then I might take a chance. If you already have an established QB though, it’s not a chance you should take.

  45. The only thing that will determine if Vick can come back is time and a good publicist. Enough time for people to vaguely remember what Vick did without being reminded by a news article. Enough time to find the meanest, baddest publicist on the planet who will crush the critics and hush the naysayers and remind people that once you’ve paid your debt to society you should be able to come back.

    Commentator job? One can’t really trust his opinion. Role model for kids? He would SEEM too dangerous. Spokesperson? A product is often considered as good as the image associated with it. An author? Probably. Everybody wants to wants to know the back story behind the spin.

    I wonder if Vick knows any good publicists.

  46. […] Oh, I meat to say “guilty” . . . […]

  47. Dan actually I would take Vick on a team as most owners would. I think we fool ourselves into thinking that owners of sports corporations/franchises don’t know details about who they are investing millions in. The bottom line is, if this person gets into trouble can we distance ourselves from them as an organization and move on. As professional sports continues to be more about entertaining owners are in situations similar to record companies when signing talent. One knows there is a certain risk in a business deal-thus the reason for behavior clauses in some contracts.

    The difference between he and the small minority of ‘character issue’ players currently in the league is his dirty laundry is public. How many teams currently employ substance abusers, wife beaters, adultery committers, and a host of other offenses? John Elway is remembered as the comeback king of the 4th quarter and a hall of famer, however it’s a matter of record that he is an alcoholic, wife batterer and drove under the influence. “Broadway” Joe Namath was a womanizing alcoholic but history remembers him as one of the best QBs in the NFL-granted he cemented his legendary status by his play on the field by winning a Superbowl as an underdog (as did Elway) but it doesn’t change the fact that off the field these two had ‘character issues’. Maybe their skill on the field made their missteps more forgivable? Maybe since violence against women in this society is not considered as hot button as dog fighting or there is no tape to show, it doesn’t register with the audience?

    In any case the difference is these issues were never broadcast with the magnitude of players like Vick nor considered a reflection of a kind of pathology as indicated by statements that he is a thug or loser. As much as people don’t want to talk about it class and race matter as variables in how issues are presented to the public (thanks Sports Center). Vick will be back at some point because of the U.S golden rule. He/she who has the gold makes the rules. As long as an owner can turn a buck on an athlete there will be a place for people who make mistakes. Sure take some time to rehab the public image become a born again (insert religion) and he will be back. One has to consider also there is a large segment of people who are suspicious of public trials by fire of certain figures while others seemingly get a pass who will support Vick on principle. Isn’t it ironic that many people are more concerned about locking up a guy who throws a ball for a living than the crimes against humanity committed by people in government? New Orleans has not seen this much coverage in the aftermath of Katrina

  48. Best thing pro sports could do is ban him for life; and start cleaning house with the rest of the drug users and criminals that are permitted to continue playing! But, you know what…they won’t!

  49. Hey Dan,

    Taking a different tack on this question, that’s why your interview last week with Ray Lewis made me cringe a bit. Since the obstruction of justice charges levied against him seven years ago (http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/news/19/06/04/lewis_agreement/), I’ve never looked at him in the same way, even though he’s one of the best LBs to ever put on a NFL uniform. And, it’s amazing how people have forgotten about it, especially after the Ravens’ SB 35 win…

    As far as MV is concerned, I always thought he was the protypical CFL QB anyway…



  50. I wouldnt want this guy on my team, but I know once Vick’s value drops low enough some owner will grab him.

    They should put Vick in a fighting ring with a dozen pitbulls and let them rip him apart.


  51. Does this mean we’re finally gonna get rid of that moron wearing a Vick jersey at the sports bar? I sure hope so.

  52. Hey Dan,

    One thing I don’t get.

    Did the Feds think they did not have a solid enough case against Michael Vick? Because it seems to me that after all those other folks involved turned and received deals for their cooperation he was pretty much toast.

    Why offer Vick a deal also? Seems like they had their case.

    Perhaps the gentlemen who turned were of questionable character. Could be just they saved the state some money this way and in the end saved Vick some extra jail time and the NFL and Georgia further embarassment.

    Will Vick play again? I doubt it. He will have his jail time, then suspension, then extra suspension for not telling the truth, then double top secret suspension, then perhaps….

    He will have to pay back all of this contract some how….or will he? Maybe Michael and Ricky Williams can get together on that one.

    Can’t wait for the new show, but like how things are going so far on the web….videos and blog are great!

    Take care DP

    Columbus, Ohio is awaiting your return from exhile

  53. He should be allowed back after he has served his time. I would not want him on my team because he does not bring out the best in the talent around him – I don’t think he is a good quarterback; good runner yes, quarterback, no.

    What really gets me is how this has turned into more than what it is. What it is is a set of people who have plead guilty to a crime and will serve their time. It has turned into a racial issue.

    Dan – my wife and I miss Dibble on your show. Will you be able to bring him back?

  54. Maybe he gets a job at a kennel

  55. I woke up and reached out to you, Dan. Yet….again….

    ….. you were not there. Only this blog on the pillow!!

    *sobbing uncontrollably*

  56. Michael Vick is not out of the woods legally at this time. First, we do not know what sentence the judge will give Vick. Secondly, the more serious charge of racketerring hasn’t been presented, however it might be part of the plea deal, only time will tell. That being said, no way will Goodell allow Vick to be reinstated, or allow any owner to ask about reinstatement. Mike Vick is done in the NFL.

  57. Dan,

    First of all, thanks for making the hours of 12 to 3 central bearable for the past years, you will be missed my friend, oh wait 5′ 11″ 200.

    Bury Vick under the jail, and then let him have fun in the CFL.

    I look forward to your return.

  58. feel sorry for vick. hard to break free from environment you grew up in. he was once just a little boy who probably was hurt greatly by many factors adults were involved in and was shaped into the man he now is. sad that the u.s. can create these things. dan, wish you great success in your new endeavors. you provide great entertainment.

  59. Regarding the lawn watering video:

    Is this your suburban reference/tribute to Prince’s silhoutte with his guitar at the Superbowl halftime show?

  60. Mike Vick is one person on a planet of billions.
    Why do the actions of this one person demand so much
    publicity and conversation? Oh, because he’s a famous athlete? He’s wealthy? He’s African American?
    You have got to be kidding me! Why waste all this time and energy on such an insignificant being? He is a criminal.
    He got caught doing horrible things to living creatures. He will go to prison, and pay for his actions. It happens everyday. It happens all the time, all over the world, and we don’t stop to discuss every single one. Why this one?
    Is it because of who he is? He is a criminal. He is not worth all the time and energy. He is a criminal, and it’s time that America treats him like one. Lock him up, and forget about him. Please enough of ramming this man down our throats day in and day out. He is not a fallen hero, he is not a lovable, charismatic, or respectable…he’s a criminal. A cold, uncaring, and cruel man. Stop treating him like he is anything else. Let the judicial system do it’s purpose, let them determine his fate. It’s time to move on.
    Hopefully Mike Vick will find forgivness, and I hope he will come to find some peace in the end. For now, he has to deal with what he has done, but we don’t need to.

  61. And to think that this all started with a routine drug investigation of Vick’s cousin.

    This case has taken on Watergate style proportions when you look at the big picture. Vick’s cousin was implicated in a drug possession charge, which lead to the authorities searching the house and finding the dogfighting setup, and it lead to the downfall of one of the most promising athletes in NFL history.

    Personally, I’d like to think that we’ve seen the last of Michael Vick, but I honestly doubt it. When he’s able to play again, he’ll be in his mid to late thirties, and as the NFL has shown, being 36 or 37 and a quarterback can still get you a job. Look at Jeff Garcia, Trent Green, and even Vinny Testaverde for Pete’s sake! Guy can get the senior discount at Denny’s right now and the Patriots re-signed him to backup Tom Brady.

    And you can forget about him playing in the CFL. After Ricky Williams fled to Toronto last season, the CFL instituted a policy that they wouldn’t be a haven for NFL players who ran afoul of the law. Since Ricky Williams was there for smoking marijuana on a chronic (bad I know, but the only thing I could come up with) basis, something tells me that the Canadians aren’t going to be any more willing to take Vick and all the baggage that he’d be draggin across the border.

    Am I also the only one that thought, when Marcus Vick was getting thrown out of college and the NFL for his stuff, that at least Michael seemed to be more of a mature man?

  62. If Pete Rose can never be in the Hall of Fame just for BETTING, then Michael Vick should never be allowed to play in the NFL again. Betting (for all the reasons you and KO have so eloquently stated elsewhere) is a very not-good thing, but this dogfight stuff is far worse.

  63. No, Vick does not belong back. That’s it, in a nutshell.

    That, and we miss you, Dan! When do we get to find out where we can listen to you again?

  64. What Michael Vick did was reprehensible. He deserves the maximum prison time for his actions. What is just as reprehensible is the NAACP jumping in and creating a racial issue.

    Michael’s comments to the press following his guilty plea was the plaintive crying of someone who finally got his hands caught in a cookie jar. I’m sorry, but I found Jesus. Baloney.

    DP really miss your show. Do not even listen to XM140 any more during the day. When you have experienced excellence, it is hard to settle for “adequacy”

    17+ days huh?

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