9 I told you I like Fenway…

Just a quick update. Thursday and Friday mornings I’m sitting in on the Boston sports radio statio WEEI. Check it out online if you can….

If I make it through unscathed, I’ll give you the blow by blow later.



30 Responses

  1. Dan–

    Loving the blog. Really am. One issue though.

    I end my e-mails and postings on the Web with the handle “Dan.” It’s confusing for me when I read your blog because then I wind up wondering “Wait, when did I write this?”

    I guess the hyphen you add before your name makes yours a bit distinct. Is this a Coke and Pepsi situation?


  2. Excellent! It’ll be great to hear you on the radio again…

  3. Cool….look atcha….less than a week after saying bye bye…you miss the mic. Go get em Dan :o)

  4. Why is there no volume on your website? I CAN NOT hear you! My wife thinks your website is scarey & spooky.

  5. The production and presentation of the video clips are great. Where did you hire that dog? He/she stole the scene.

  6. i played on a team that was relegated. not fun.

    brian in the ‘twerp

  7. My Cairn is Henry, hard to say how he is taking the Vick thing, not hurting his sleeping for sure.

  8. If you get bored in Boston, come on down and join us for a high school football broadcast tomorrow night in Harrisonburg. Seriously, thanks for the video stuff, it’s classic as Tony K would say.

  9. What time are you on in Boston? Is this going to be a regular gig until your new show? Thanks for the picture with the kids when you were out in Scottsdale for Spring Training…

    Miss your everyday show.

    Matt in Phoenix

  10. Dan,

    Loved today’s video. I think it’s my favorite so far. It was definitely classic DP show. It was missing a commentary from Phil though – especially around the “yaaaaaaaaaaaaay”

  11. Dan,

    What time are you on? You only say mornings and I missed you today.

  12. Rick…he is on from 6am – 10am

  13. Dan,

    As a west coast listener, I’ll still be in bed during the show. Actually, I’m impressed that you’ll get up that early to go to work.

    Thanks for the blog entries and the videos. Have you had a chance to break out the games with your family?

    Best regards,

    Erik Smith

  14. ARRGHH! I missed it. But “Yaaaaaayyy” we get to listen to Dan sooner than later. Going through withdrawal.

    I’ll try to catch it tomorrow morning. The “other” shows haven’t been keeping my attention lately….hmmmm.

  15. hey dan, 5’9 230, your website is awesome and its good to hear that you have a show coming soon, and the vidoes are awesome, keep kicking ass dan patrick. oh yeah, and how about the joke of a game by the Rangers and Orioles?

  16. DAN DAn dan,
    Best of luck on your new…

    I can’t help but thinking of the movie “Airplane”…

    “I picked a bad week to give up sniffing glue…”

    So many stories that need your touch…Come back now, ya hear???

  17. Meter Sucks

  18. Dan,

    The radio waves in Idaho are not the same without you. Just wanted to give you a quick sports insight so that you will be up to date when you return. The Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl this year.


  19. Dan, I love the website-but miss you on the radio-really big void not hearing you. Anyway of hearing a Phil the show killer “Dinggggggg”

  20. […] I told you I like Fenway… Just a quick update. Thursday and Friday mornings I’m sitting in on the Boston sports radio statio WEEI. Check it […] […]

  21. Hey Dan,

    Good to hear you’re back on the radio waves. Radio just isn’t the same with out you my friend. And anytime you want to make a trek up to Vancouver *cough* 3rd best city in the world *cough* we’d be very pleased.

  22. What ever happen to Keith “the most honest news person” Olbermann? Is he done with saving the democracy? Will he be on WEEI with you?

  23. It’s funny to hear the hometown sounds of EEI, which so reminds me of drinking with a crew of buddies at the Red Hat or over at the Cask and Flagon before a game, and then the dulcet tones of Dan Patrick come on over my streaming audio.

    Good memories and new ones being made.

    Nicely done.


  24. Im a lifelong Red Sox fan (40 years so far) Ive been to Fenway many times. Two weeks ago my son and I went to two games at Camden Yards and to tell you the truth if you could build something like that in Boston you could tear Fenway down tomorrow. Camden was awesome, comfortable seats, air conditioning, sofas, plasma tv’s, wait service, cherry woodwork all for $40 per ticket. Also $10 to park about a quarter mile from the stadium. Quick access to rte 95. We made it from the park to our car to the car rental return to our gate at the airport in 90 minutes. The inner harbor was beautiful also, even though we never made it to ESPNZone due to 2 hr wait.

  25. Hi Dan, I miss you in here in Tucson, I miss you when I travel for work in Denver and everywhere else. Land yourself a gig that will make you easy to find no matter where people are.
    As for Red Sox fans, being born and raised in New England I had no idea how rabid the Red Sox and Yankees fans are about there teams.
    Here in AZ the fans dont seem to latch onto the home teams. Even the D’backs who have already one a world series dont seem to provoke a lot of emotion. I will say this though….”when the sox came to phoenix it was record crowds with Red Sox fans and Yankee haters a like, boy did I feel like I was in New England”.
    Please hurry and find another gig, football season is right around the corner.

  26. MISS YOU!!!! Hurry back.

  27. Dan,

    When are you going to announce when and where you are coming back?

  28. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  29. Sign: umsun Hello!!! rcuwwymhyw and 7996ssgfhphzye and 8636Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you again and for your opinions on the world of work.

  30. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! ybavu and 9346bktdapzdut and 7868 : I love your blog. 🙂 I just came across your blog.

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