10 Day two in Boston…

On the morning show again today with WEEI. The other day I talked about Wrigley and Fenway being unique places. I’m not sure if there’s a more unique sports fan than a Red Sox fan. I’ve lived in the Northeast for a long time and I’ve seen the traditional Sox fan up close. I know that the state of the Sox fan has changed since the World Series win on 2004, but this fan is still among the most intense in sports.

On a side note about doing radio in Boston the past few days. I’ve never heard more despair from the fans of a first-place team. It’s facinating.

Tell me your experiences. Who do you think is the most intense fan in sports…Eagles fans, SEC football fans, Earnhardt fans…make your case.


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  1. soccer hooligans. they throw darts and batteries. i was watching a turkish basketball game on tv once and the fans were spiking what i presume were coins and batteries down on the bench of the opposing team (the fans were seated like ten feet directly above the bench). they even had a glass partition like in hockey and the fans were hoisting eachother up to engage in the coin and battery spiking. they brought out the riot police and stopped the game.

    Brian in antwerp

  2. Dan
    I am a Red Sox fan, but not your typical Red Sox fan. I don’t put the “fan” in fanatic like most Red Sox fans. But who else has a nation named after them? Red Sox Nation, and when they wanted the Dally Lama (Gammons) to be the president of it, that shows some intense fanaticisum (if thats a word?)
    Like the blog and especially the video blogs they are a riot, Lou steals the show everytime.

    Brent ~ Gilford, NH

  3. Steelers fans, and here’s why:


    If that isn’t extreme, what is?

    Love your video posts. You are a cinematic genius!

  4. This most intense fan…umm, well out of the three that you mentioned I am a fan of both the SEC and Dale Earnhardt Jr. I would have to say that SEC football fans are the more intense because every year we look up (and I say we because I live in Tennessee) and see at least 5-6 teams in the top 25 usually 3 or 4 in the top 15. The problem I see is what every fan of the SEC sees and that is, one PAC-10 team and the “Big 2” schools (Ohio State and Michigan) in the top 5 every year when they play NOBODY! I would love to see USC have the schedule that Tennessee, Florida, LSU, or Auburn have every year. And I am not saying they wouldn’t win games, BUT I am saying they would not go undefeated or even close to that matter. USC is a talented football team with a talented coach but if they got beat up week in and week out like the SEC teams do and deal with the SPEED of the SEC, they wouldnt be where they are. I believe that is why SEC fans are more intense. Imagine, Neyland Stadium with Florida visiting and 107,000 screaming fans and both teams know that whichever team loses is not going to the National Championship game b/c a USC or Ohio State will go b/c they play in a weak conference and play High School schedules…does it get more intense??

    I will be leaving today to go to Bristol to see the intense Earnhardt Jr. fans since he is on the “bubble” of the chase.

  5. Dan,

    I think it is a tie for most intense fan.

    College Sports (Football perhaps) and Soccer/Football fan.

    A co-worker had to travel to Instanbul years ago to do a quick job on the scoreboard where Fenerbache(sp?) played.
    The fans were there at the crack of dawn for the night game and “tail-gated” all day. They stayed until the game started and flowed into the stadium where it was said to be a sight to behold. They did not stop singing and chanting all night.

    NCAA Football is quite similar, of course, but with a little more pomp and pagentry. The fans rise early from all over, if not the night before, and head toward a single spot in the state and have a big party.

    Having never been to a soccer game I will have to go with NCAA fan.

  6. O.K. Red Sox Nation is good, but who do you think of when you hear ‘America’s Team?’

  7. Dan. Thanks for giving the Jazz some love by wearing the Go Jazz t-shirt in your latest video

  8. Dan,

    Some of the best sports fans are Cleveland fans. Look at the history of Cleveland sports. It is one failure after another…the Browns overall, any of the Indians World Series appearances, the Cavs last two seasons fit in with the pattern.

    Yet, year after year they line up filled with hope, only to get knocked down again. From an outsider’s perspective, it is amusing. The unique thing is that Clevelanders understand the humor. They just want to win.

    So, the best professional sports fans are Cleveland fans. They are second only to the Lynah Faithful. Go Browns and LETS GO RED!

  9. Intensity is a hard thing to define. Lots of people are enthusiastic about their chosen team, but that doesn’t make them “intense fans.”

    There have to be three elements: the fan base has to have some major, non-sports related struggle to deal with, like rotten weather, or a lousy economy. Second, the team has to have a profound capacity for bringing disappointment into the lives of its fans, and those fans have to embrace that disappointment, love that disappointment. Finally, there needs to be a Hated Rival.

    Yankee fans, rabid though some may be, will never be intense. Red Sox fans are. So are Buffalo Bills fans. Toronto Maple Leafs fans used to be pretty intense. I’m not so sure anymore. Texas A&M fans, forever playing Wile E. Coyote to UT’s Roadrunner are fairly intense. Wymoing fans are intense in their hatred for all things BYU, but it’s probably too small a group to count.

    My vote for the most intense fans in the world goes to the supporters of the Manchester City Football Club, in the English Premier League. Imagine the combined heartbreak of Red Sox Nation, Bills Country, and Brooklyn in 1957, and double it, and you have some idea of what it’s like to be a Man City supporter. Couple that to the generally bleak weather and rugged Mancunian economy, and the looming shadow of the hated (and hateful) Manchester United club, and you have the perfect conditions for breeding fan intensity.

  10. NY Todd,


    The Tribe has won one more World Championship than the Cubs (1920, 1948).

    The Inidians have actually been to the World Series 3 more times since those two victories (1954, 1995, 1997)

    Your faith has been rewarded more so than a Cubs Fan my friend…

    No World Series Victory since 1908. No World Series appearance since 1945.

    It is the Cub Fan, from the opinion of one, who has been more faithful through all these toils, traps, snares and long years…dotted with great memories and thrilling moments, but like Moses…no entry to the Promised Land.

  11. Dan. Great videos. I look forward to them every day. Can you please at least give a hint of where you will be. Sirius?, XM?, other? I need time to switch my satellite provider, if necessary. Here in East Texas, we don’t get all those nationwide bigshot radio shows. Here’s hoping you will be a nationwide bigshot SATELLITE radio show.

  12. I can’t believe you can talk about Wrigley and Fenway in one sentence, then rhapsodise Sox fans and ignore Cubs fans in the next.

    Sure, just a brief oversight.

    Though I think Notre Dame football fans eclipse both Sox and Cubs fans. I’m not one of them, mind you, but I’ve studied them over the years and I think the call to tradition, the inability to look to today rather than the glory days, and the odd mixture of religion and sport make them particularly rabid. And blind.

  13. Aaron B., there’s a great documentary on the Cubs:


    Todd K., thanks for asking about where Dan is to broadcast from, as I was wondering the same thing.

    I’m still waiting for a video, though, of Dan dancing with Guenther.

  14. This isn’t even close. As intense college football fans can get, they do not even sniff the fake ankle injury of a soccer hooligan. PEOPLE DIE AT THESE EVENTS. They destroy press boxes. They have gang warfare in the streets. For every rabid Ohio State fan who paints their chest, I’ll show you a soccer hooligan who paints theirs in blood. When’s the last time hundreds and hundreds of people were arrested at a USC game?

  15. Dan,

    For more despair, look no further than the fans of the Chicago Bears. So shell-shocked from so many mediocre to bad years, we have difficulty accepting a 13-3 season, easy capture of the North, not too difficult climb to the top of the NFC, and good fight in the Superbowl.

    We cannot simply accept the fact that we now have a formidable team with consistently great results. We have little faith in the good/bad QB, concerns about the unproven wunderkind RB, and a new Def. Coordinator that we will reserve judgment on until the first few bad plays.

    The reality? I don’t see anyone pushing past the Bears in the NFC, yet I’m on pins and needles.

    ~Chris B.

  16. Can’t wait till you get to LA and start your new radio gig on KLAC.

    A place with different fans, different lands and different points of view than the east coast. No long sports historys out west but working on it.

    You’ll have huge success here in LaLa land with your show. When they had an opinion poll on KLAC on how to make the station better, I said, “Get Dan Patrick on your station.”

    I hope I’m right you coming here, if not, well EXCUSE MMMEEEEE and this e-mail.

    A devoted fan,

    lancaster ray

  17. NOT A FAN of EXPN’s attempts at replacing your show. I suspect industrial output may have shown an uptick recently between 1-4pm EST. Pretty sad when data entry is preferable to sports radio…..

  18. A hard core Candian hockey fan. It doesn’t really matter what game or team they are watching. It could be a junior game and these guys will get into it.

  19. Chris B.,

    I’m sorry to drag this on, but despair?

    The Bears won a Super Bowl in 1985. I can still sing The Super Bowl Shuffle so it has not been that long.

    Despair is a 99 year precipece and you’re looking over the edge at 100.

  20. Hi Dan. The videos are refreshing. Good luck with your next gig . I hope it is available to me here in PA. Being from PA, the PennState fans are just that. Fanatical, loyal, and overwhelming in numbers nationwide. This coming from a Notre Dame backer. Eagles fans are brutal, not even happy when they knock the snot from someone. Go figure

  21. Hey Dan what’s wrong with the Roger’s Center in Toronto! Just Kidding! I follow you alot and really enjoy the online

  22. […] Day two in Boston… On the morning show again today with WEEI. The other day I talked about Wrigley and Fenway being unique places. […] […]

  23. Dan,

    I’m a Big Steelers fan and you see them everywhere at road
    games…I bleed Black and Gold. Most Intense Fans…close
    second would be Red Sox Nation.

    Ron in Oregon
    6’1″ 188lbs. (Ding!)

  24. Dan, you are the man been listening for at least 5 years. Its gotta be America’s Team baby. By the way you gotta come to Reno, big things happening here.lol bring dibble back

  25. parents of little league baseball players by far the most intense!! Just call their kid out when they think they are safe and tell me different!

  26. Fenway’s a beautiful park.. a great place to take in a game. No question. If it just weren’t for all the whiney Red Sox Fans in the place.. Bob Lobell, eat your heart out– you guys are the fairest-weather fans of all. I don’t care what you say– or what kind of hoopla has been drummed up since the win in 2004. So called Red Sox Nation is certainly not recognized by the United Nations of Sport. Those same ‘die-hards’ were cursing Mike Greenwell and Ellis Burks (to say nothing of Jack Clahk) not so many years ago… They may say there ‘were there during the thin years’… I seriously doubt it. And if they were there, they were boo-ing.

    Boston Globe headline a few weeks ago: “Is the Sky Falling?” This was when the Sox were 11.5 games up on the Yanks.

    That aside, in answer to your question– Notre Dame fans are the most intense. Hands down. That’s why people love to hate us. Critics call us obnoxious. They tell us we hold our standards and expectations too high. What do these people think being a fan is? Notre Dame isn’t just about rooting for some laundry. The trappings– the gold helmets, the beautiful campus, the amazing tradition– those are all nice. But ND is a place that stands for something– it’s a place that tries, explicitly, to be different than all other college athletic programs. It’s an ideal– not one that’s always achieved. But where better than college sports to hold onto at least an ideal or two?
    Cynics disagree.. and that’s their prerogative… but what does that say about the places they cheer for? Go Buckeyes! We’re just as bad as everyone else! Go Wolverines! Our academic standards are no more questionable than most places! Fight on! We’re not any worse than the majority of borderline programs! Hurray!

  27. First of all it was great listening to you the past two days, I’m sure that you will find a job somewhere. Maybe you could do the Sports Flash when JM Perrell goes to ESPN News! Great video’s too, love the Flintstones vitamins, awesome bicepts too (maybe they are steriods!).

  28. 5’9″ 180

    I would have to go with any hardcore college football fan. For sure the SEC area takes the cake. With that said; Being from Boise, ID the Boise State Broncos are beginning to build quite the hardcore fan base starting five or six years ago under Coach Nutt. But I still love watching college games in those big SEC or Big Ten stadiums.

  29. Packer fans. Season tickets sold out since 1960. Waiting list to become a season ticket hold is over 30 years long. We even sold out Lambeau in the 70’s and 80’s…do you know how bad the Pack was in the 70’s and 80’s?

    Packer nation is truly a nation. There are Packer Bars across the country. Packer fans are everywhere.

    Not to mention, WE own the team. How cool is that?

    Can’t wait to hear you on the radio again Dan…the work day has become even more of a bore since you left the airwaves. Peace out broseph.

  30. Dan,

    Big fan. Check back every day for video Updates. I really look forward to you returning to the airwaves. That is pretty much it. Please steal The Show Killer and bring him with you. He really does add a lot to your show 🙂

    You stay classie San Diego!


  31. NY Todd is right. Cleveland sports fans are the most intense because it doesn’t matter how many times Lucy steals the football (baseball, basketball) from Charlie Brown, we’re there every time. Cubbies fans can whine all they want about how they have had a worse time of it than Indians fans, but as a sports city Cleveland has suffered the most because it’s been almost 60 years since we have won ANY title of ANY kind, be it baseball, football or basketball (and no, coming close doesn’t count, it only makes it worse). Not only that, but when we lose the big ones, we somehow manage to lose them in really humiliating ways. We are deathly afraid to admit that we might ever have a winning team in anything, but so crazily grateful when we do…only to see them crash down in defeat again. The Cavs are only the latest example, and you would know that from seeing it happen before your eyes. I’d still like to see a Cleveland sports team win something in my lifetime, but so far we’re running on hope and fumes. To be a fan around here, you’ve gotta be tough, and intense!

  32. Well, Dan, I miss you too! I’m a hardcore E-A-G-L-E-S fan! I really believe with all my heart that this the year we win the Superbowl. I’m soo excited! I know tonight’s game is only pre season, but I’m interested to see how well Donavan plays tonight.

    Can’t wait for you to hit the air waves again! I hope I can hear you all the way in Columbia, SC!

  33. Dan,

    For sheer numbers, you have to go with soccer. While it may be a laughable diversion in this country, the fact remains that for the rest of the world it is perhaps the one common cultural touchstone.

    How serious does the rest of the world take soccer? In 1969 El Salvador and the Honduras fought a six-day shooting war over it.

    You yourself admitted to paying upwards of 3,000 dollars American to attend the “beautiful game” in England a few weeks back. How many American fans can say they’ve dropped that sort of money on a regular season match-up between any teams, in any sport?

    On our own fair shores, it is difficult to say which fans are the most fanatical. My brethren in the Red Sox Nation travel well, the Packers have their inimitable public ownership, RVs drudge across state-lines for college games — to ask which group are the most ravenous fans is to open Pandora’s Box: you will no have no end of oneupmanship, in both outlandish loyalty claims and professions of undying love.

    And yes, I have been drinking.



  34. Dan you spoke of Wrigley Field – did you know there once was a Wrigley Field in Los Angeles?


  35. 2 stories, and I’ll let the readers decide. The first story invloves the Steelers and the Browns, that in and of itself should set the stage for what occurred but this story is further enhanced by the fact the game followed the announcement that Art Modell was moving the team.

    As we flowed into the stadium, the ushers were handing out little leaflets that said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “refrain from any physical violence or destruction of public property”. That was a clear indication of what they were expecting or what was to follow. As we walked in, banners hung everywhere that denounced Modell’s actions. For the most part, I cannot repeat any of them, but lets just say they wanted Modell to perform certain physical acts upon hinself…
    My group( some of whom were from out of town as in “Alabama” out of town) wanted to experience what it was like to sit in the “Dawg Pound”. As a Steeler fan, I was accutely aware of the Pound. Luckily I was not wearing my “colors”. However, I cannot say the same for another unfortunate fellow who, not long after we had sat down, decided to saunter down and get a look-see of the endzone. No problem right? Well, he was wearing a Steelers jersey. So as he stands about 5 feet in front of us, some inebriated Browns fans oblige the others in the section by lighting the back of his jersey on fire. At first it was somewhat funny because the jersey was quite flame retardant; Or perhaps it was the light-ter? Be that as it may, finally the jersey was lit. Unbeknownst to the wearer or his friend, the flames start to lick there way higher, it’s at this point that my friends and I have to let him know. Naturally, as fate would have it, some Brown’s fans help him douse the flames, by pouring beers on him. So the story ends right? No… After that, he still decides to linger with his baclkess jersey, and it’s at this point that in rapid succession, 1)f ood is thrown at him 2) beers are tossed at him 3) punches follow and 4) an all out melee ensues where Browns fans procede to kick the sh!@ out of him. I had never seen anything like it. Luckily Cleveland officers, being accustomed to such behavior, decended on the scene fairly quickly, arrested no one and spirited the guy away, admonishing him the whole time for being an idiot.

    The second episode or story involves, go figure, Cleveland Browns fans again. Ironically it happened about 15 minutes later in the same section. A guy wearing a trenchcoat comes sauntering down and stops right next to where we are sitting. I look to see what he’s up to because he’s obviously going to do something and underneath his coat he pulls, the head of a hog. that’s right a hog, a rather large one at that. It looked like he had stolen it from someone’s tailgate. But nonetheless, I asked him what he was going to do and he said throw it on the field. I’m not sure at this point what was more disturbing, my casual aknowledgment, or his twisted idea of fun. At that very moment a female usher comes rushing down and says,”hey you can’t do that”, he says “ok”, and she leaves, I suppose satisfied with his response and honesty and assurance that he wouldn’t. After she heads back up the aisle, he stands there trying to figure out the best way to launch the hogs head as far as he could. After much deliberation and input from ourselves and everyone else in the section, it is decided that he should turn his back on the field and launch it over his head backwards for maximum liftoff. After a few practices, in order to get the right grip (around the snout and an ear), he turns, and with our sections help and at the count of three, he lets it fly. It lands squarely in the endzone where the Browns are warming up, right at the foot of a Cleveland police officers feet. To my astonishment, he looks down, speaks into his radio which is affixed to the top of his shoulder, arms folded, says or does nothing more and continues to scan the crowd. No shock, no dismay, or disgust from the officer. Just business as usual at a Browns/Steelers game in old Cleveland Stadium. The guy who threw it, along with the rest of us, were kind of hoping for something more. When we didn’t get it, we just sort of shrugged our shoulders and went about our business. It was at that point that I had decided that I had never seen fans such as these anywhere else, nor would I ever again…

  36. Hey Dan. 6’1 165, DING! Since I’m a west coast guy I don’t see some of these great rivalries up close. But I have to say that Red Sox fans seem to be the craziest. They seem to live and die Red Sox. Yankees fans on the other hand seem to be able to let go at the end of the game. Sox fans are so concerned where the Yanks are and what else could possible go wrong with their season, instead of looking at the positives of being in 1st, 6 1/2 games ahead. I think the main reason for their fandom (not sure if that’s a word) is the fact that they had waited so long in between championships and have lost games in such dramatic fashion. I therefore nominate the sox. Can’t wait for the new show.

  37. It has to be Philadelphia Eagles fans. We havent won a championship in football since 1960 and a championship in any sport since 1983. Yet we still pack the stadiums every single game because we are fiercely loyal and passionate. We get a bad rap for booing and violence, but we do not tolerate losing and if you are stupid enough to be a Cowboy or Giant fan and come to an Eagles game, you deserve what you get. Dan, I highly recommend you come to the Eagles-Cowboys game on November 4th (Sunday night). You will witness a scene unlike anywhere in the world of American sports.

  38. Aaron B.

    Lynah Faithful…


  39. Dan,
    You’ve been a broadcaster for how long and don’t know this answer? Did you miss curling at the last Olympics in Torino? I’m know Mr. Costas didn’t miss it, as a matter of fact his highlight package he aired at 2:28am EST probably earned him his ’06 Emmy!

    Afternoon drive just isn’t the same!


  40. Dan, Gisele Bundchen is slated to be on the next “Dancing With The Stars”:


  41. The best fans come from three sports…..

    Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Fans – Rock Chalk Jayhawk, enough said.

    Boston Red Sox Fans – Pack the house for 80 years without a world series winner, beat the Yankees in 2004 down 3-0 come back and sweep the world series

    Green Bay Packer Football – Have you ever been to the frozen tundra when the packers sucked? Or are you on the season ticket waiting list? I am and have been for 29 years…. still have about 10 more to go.

  42. Tyler, Dan didn’t ask for a synopsis about why you feel the SEC gets screwed every year. I swear, I moved to the Deep South from Texas a year ago and you people get on my nerves. I have rooted for several of the SEC teams, but being around you people all the time makes me want to throw up. The USC teams of late would kick your butts all over the field. For instance, that draconian offense that you guys run at Tennessee is laughable. Sure Fulmer’s a good guy, but his coaching skills leave much to be desired.

    Pete, you are right about your comments regarding the Cowboys/Eagles match-up. It will be a spectacle, but Dan asked who the most intense fans in sports are. He didn’t ask who the biggest idiots in sports are. Karma sucks, doesn’t it? You guys deserve anything negative that happens to your team. You brought it on yourselves.

    Emersondirect, once again, those fans are idiots (borderline felons like the Eagles fans) and not a definition for intense. There’s a difference. I’ve seen alot of people say that Red Sox fans are the most intense. I agree that they are some of the most intense fans in sports, but you would never see them doing the classless things that the Browns fans you referred to or the Eagles fans do.

    I hate Duke, but I think that the Cameron crazies rank right up there with anyone. I would also tip my hat to the Bayou Bengal fans of LSU.

  43. 5’10” 250–VERY BEEFY!


    Just joined up yesterday and I’ve enjoyed your new website. I love the videos and have enjoyed reading your blog.

    The SEC has the most intense college fans, but the craziest fans out there are GB Packers fans. You have to be an intense nut job to walk around with a big foam piece of cheese on your head. They’re great to watch and truly love their team.

    Looking forward to all of your future endeavors & good luck!

  44. I caught you , by chance, in WEEI. You make those around you want to be better. Unique perspective. Always enjoy hearing you. Looking forward to your new gig. My Dad had season tickets for 31 years, till he passed in ’91. Fenway will always be the place I feel the closest to my Dad. He would have loved to see them win the Series. First thing I thought of when Foulke flipped to first to win it all… Questions: will I be able to hear you on the ‘net, and what’s up with people who pronounce the work spelled ” a s k ” as ” ax”??? I mean, some of these people actually went to college, and they still speak like this….can you weigh in on this ?

  45. Rodney, we are not classless. We are fans who are desperate for a championship and passionate about our Eagles. Remember when Michael Vick gave your fellow Falcons fans the finger? I dont think he did that for nothing. ALL fans are ruthless! ALL fans say and do stuff that sometimes cross the line because they are 1) drunk and 2) so passionate and upset at their team stinking up the joint. And its ironic that an Atlanta fan is doing the bashing here, considering that your football team NEVER gets a sold-out crowd and your best team the Braves cant draw fans to a PLAYOFF game! NOW tell me which fans are more deserving.

  46. Dan, the young girl in the video: is she the daughter whose birthday party you had cancelled?

    I had always adored hearing stories about your family on the old show, as you are a great raconteur.

  47. Arizona Cardinals’ fans…Do I need to say anything else? Can’t wait for the new show.

    Matt in Phoenix

  48. Intensity?

    You have not seen intensity in fans until you attend a Texas Pee Wee football game. In fact, globally the most intense fans are parents at any youth sporting event.
    Hockey in the north, football in the south, soccer (where ever they play it), basketball and baseball everywhere…
    Profession sports fans can throw squid, batteries, yell and scream, etc… but it takes a youth sports fan to step on the field of play to clothesline a ref, or wait in the parking lot to kick the butt of a coach.

    Jr’s. Mom and Dad are the real fanatics!

  49. I have to say as a society, the northeast has the fans that demand perfection more than any other region of the country. They also stress proactively or maybe preactively (new word). I think that maybe because they have tougher winters and are more bitter about life in general. I don’t know. I do agree you hit one nail on the head when you mention Philly fans, Philly Fans are the true fanatics to a point of moronic. Do you agree?

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