13 Fantasy Football part one…

So here’s my team that I just drafted. Feel free to nit-pick, critique and maybe compliment (for moral support). I waited a bit on quarterback, I took some flyers on other positions. Here goes:

QB-Matt Schaub/John Kitna

RB-Joseph Addai/Tatum Bell/Marshawn Lynch/Michael Turner

WR-Terrell Owens (I just wanted to keep our relationship going)/Chris Chambers/Torry Holt/Jerricho Cotchery

TE-Chris Cooley/Greg Olsen

 D/ST-San Diego Chargers

Kicker-Adam Vinatieri

I feel good about Addai, he should improve on last season. I feel good about Schaub and Kitna too, maybe not all-pros but they will put it up there a ton. So have fun with my squad. Tell me about yours.

Part two will be my favorite fantasy football draft moments…



41 Responses

  1. Dan,

    The team looks good for the most part. Hopefully you don’t pay big negative points for INT’S cause with guys that air it out like these two tend to do, the picks come often.

    I ended up with Holt and Chambers as well in my league and worried about their production a bit.

    I think Addai will be your stud this year, best of luck on the season.

  2. Hey Dan!

    I like your Addai pick, but I’m just not sure how he’ll hold up without Dominic Rhodes. He’ll surely have more of a workload this season. I do think think that Greg Olsen will be a nice sleeper pick for you.



  3. Dan;

    I love the NFL, but for me, fantasy football is intolerable. However, that video is classic DP comedic. I love it !

    Keep up the good work.


  4. I am not sold on Schaub or Addai, but who am I to critique you I have not had my draft yet and I may end up picking Vick (depending on the number of Coronas I drink)

  5. Dan,

    Good team. Although I think you’re a bit light in RB depth. If Lynch turns out to be the stud everyone thinks he’ll be…you’re in much better shape. Solid corps of WR’s. Very good TE’s, and a top-10 defense and kicker.

    I’d be interested to know how many teams in your league and the scoring system.

    Good luck!


  6. Chris Cooley Baby!!

    Brian in Antwerp Out

  7. I question Matt Schaub… too early to tell. Kitna could have a big year with those 2 stud wrs, and Marty calling the plays.. you know they re not gonna lead the league in running the ball, not his style. Your wr’s look good, defense is fine. but w/o a stud qb, I don’t know if you have enough depth to win your league. How many teams in the league? Just finished my draft tonight, Brees and Romo for qb, LJ, Travis Henry for my rbs, Boldin, Whosyourmama and RWilliams for wr (would have loved to pick up CJ of the lions) VDavis for te…. glad to see you re still working on your relationship w to.. maybe he ll invite you over for thanksgiving or at least to work out in his driveway?

  8. Not bad…I’m not wild about those QB picks… Shaub is still somewhat of an unknown commodity for a full season as the number 1, and I’ve never been a Kitna fan. Some of those other picks are pretty good, though. I’ve got TO as one of my wideouts, too, with Brady and Trent Green at QB.

    Managed to score LT at Running Back, too… pretty happy with my team!


  9. Hey Dan,

    I just got back from my Fantasy Football Draft…I won it last year…but is going to be tough to win back to back we have
    a keepers league and I picked 10th and 11th . I like your
    Qb-Jon (john)Kitna..just kidding Dan..he will put big numbers with Williams,Calvin Johnson and Mike Furrey and I
    also like San Diego’s “D”. and your RB Joseph Addai
    Good Luck Dan!!! Your My Favorite Sportsanchor and Broadcaster.
    Ron in Oregon
    6’1″ (188lbs.)

  10. I’m really high on Tatum Bell this year…I picked him up for SUPER cheap in my auction draft last Thursday and have already gotten some trade offers for him…

  11. Hey Dan,

    I like the team. People who draft sometimes forget that just because you win doesnt meant you win with them in fantasy football, with some exceptions, ex. Peyton Manning. I took Chris Cooley and got booed…hopefully they will boo me again when I win my fantasy football league.

  12. Here’s Mine:

    QB: Peyton Manning/Matt Leinhart
    RB: Clinton Portis
    RB: Adrian Peterson (Minn)
    WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: Marvin Harrison
    WR: Donald Driver
    TE: Vernon Davis
    D/ST: Baltimore
    K: Rackers

    RB: Chris Henry
    RB: Julian Jones
    RB: Correll Buckhalter
    RB: Selvin Young

    I committed the unforgivable mistake of freaking out during the first round. I thought Joseph Addai was going to fall to me with the 8th pick, but then the guy with the 7th pick grabbed him. I decided to take Peyton.

    I now have a collection of running backs (with the exception of Clinton) who are waiting for the starters to get injured so they can have their chance.

    It’s not a team a feel good about. . .maybe I can get lucky and find the RB who comes out of nowhere to break into the top 5. . .

    David Mack

  13. Hi Dan,
    Overall, I like your draft. I would question the picks at qb, but they could also have great years. If Kitna stays healthy, he should be throwing all kinds of bombs. Schaub has a chance to excel, and he may just do that.

    My picks;
    T. Brady D. Mcnabb
    C. Benson, R Bush, M. Lynch, A. Peterson, L. Jordan
    T. I ‘m glad he’s out of philly Owens, Ca. Johnson, M. Colston, R. Moss, R. Meachum
    A.Gates, G. Olsen
    N. Kaeding
    CHI- dst.

    Good luck to all, between this and the office pools, the season will be here and gone before we know it. None the less, 17 funfilled agonizing weeks. boo yah

  14. Peyton Manning
    Deuce McAllister
    Thomas Jones
    Marvin Harrison
    T.J. Whose Your Mama
    Alge Crumpler
    Shayne Graham
    David Gerrard
    LaMont Jordan
    Jerious Norwood (I have him on waivers trying to get Anthony Gonzalez)
    Darrell Jackson
    Jerry Porter
    Greg Olson
    Jason Elam

    I had the third pick and went with Peyton instead of L.J. I just don’t think K.C. will have the line this year and Larry’s production will suffer.

  15. You team looks decent, don’t know if it’s a winner though. I have doubts about mine as well, here’s how my draft turned out:

    QB – Tom Brady
    RBs – Joseph Addai, Cadillac Williams
    WRs – Javon Walker, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes
    TE – Antonio Gates
    K – Nate Kaeding
    DST – Chargers

    QB – Matt Schaub
    RB – DeAngelo Williams
    WR – Plaxico Burress
    TE – Heath Miller
    K – Joe Nedney

    Best of luck Dan!

    (6’0″ – 190)

  16. Not a bad team Dan. Strong wr’s and K, solid TE and Def. Very young at RB and QB (exception being Kitna) which should make it a fun team to watch.

    I am what some would call a Fantasy Geek. I have 7 teams. I am hoping my luck carries over from last year, 6 teams – 2 super bowl wins.

    My favorite team this year:
    Starters: (TE=WR) *keeper from last year
    QB McNabb*
    RB Steven Jackson*, Portis*
    WR Fitzgerald*, Roy Williams*, Vincent Jackson
    K Josh Brown
    Def New England
    Extra – Hasselbeck (We get to start an extra player which can be any position)
    Reserves – Lewis, Droughns, T. Gonzalez, B. Marshall, Tarvaris Jackson, Anthony Gonzalez

    Dan, love the blogs and videos. It’s great you are still keeping in touch with your fans.


  17. Fantasy Football, some get it, others don’t.

    I had my Fantasy Football draft Saturday night. I left a BBQ, where my wife’s best friend was introducing us to her out-of-town boyfriend, several hours early. I had to explain why I was leaving and what Fantasy football was

  18. Not doing backflips over your QB situation.


    Carl Edwards

  19. team looks decent, QB spot needs a little help, but whatever, my QB is Rivers. other than that our squads are similar. same defense, kicker, TE, and Addai.

    I have Vincent Jackson as my third WR, and I was a little hesitant to take the SD defense because now I have thay plus Jackson and Rivers, not to mention Steve Smith……they all have the same bye week. but you know what, SD kicks ass.


  20. Dan,
    I am changing the event that I would like to travel with you too. I had picked the final four, but now it is to help you with your fantasy football draft :-)!!

    I log on every day to see the next video, I miss the show, and can not wait to log in everyday. I sure hope your on Sirius Radio – the set recording of the Dan Patrick show is not the same as it was when Dan Patrick was on the air.

  21. Dan,

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this yet but it seems right up your alley: The Onion’s Shattered Expectations League
    They put up the top players in each position and you pick who will tank the worst from week to week with a simple check mark. Hilarious. Plus, you could win money if you pick the biggest losers!

    Good luck in your new venture!

  22. Hmmmm. Interesting. Any Bronco running back is a crapshoot, since he may be sharing his yards with two or three of his teammates.

    TO? Really?

    I like Kitna, though, and Addai. And you couldn’t get better defense or kicker. There’s your friendly fan support.

    Our draft is tomorrow (leaving right on the wire), so I don’t have a lot to add.

    Now I’m going to check out the Onion.

  23. Dan-
    My team. I was 5th in a 10 team league

    QB – Palmer/A. Smith (SF)
    RB – Gore, A. Peterson (Minn), R. Brown (Mia)
    WR- Boldin, Chambers, Porter (Oak)
    TE – Heap
    K – Rackers
    Def – Denver

    Not bad, not ideal – but still ended up with a top RB, as well as a top QB

  24. Longer robe, Dan. The apprehension was building as you approached the newspaper in the driveway, but mercifully the camera pulled back.

    The void on afternoon radio got worse the past couple weeks, and even Tirico with the gift of the Vick story unfolding couldn’t make it work with the sidekicks they saddled him with. It is interesting watching this transition unfold, as it seems expn refuses to acknowledge the loss.

  25. I have Kitna too! I am excited for him and having Reggie Bush on the same team! I think I will win my league. I also got Lamont Jordan thrown to my lap. He is my deep sleeper for the year!

  26. Hey DP,

    I ended up with the 9th pick in a 12 team league.

    QB – Carson Palmer
    RB – Rudi Johnson
    RB – Marion Barber
    WR – M.Harrison
    WR – D. Branch
    WR – T.Glenn
    TE – A.Gates
    K –
    D – Chicago

    We went after the guys ranked number 1 on our lists at the rare spots. Normally it’s all about the RB’s but with todays Timeshares we liked having a Top QB, TE and D. Hopefully it’s right! Good Luck and I love the site…keep up the AWESOME rap.

  27. Dan,

    I think the fantasy draft is almost almost as fun as the week-by-week game itself. In the draft, you get to compete against all of your buddies, trash-talk and groan.

    You get to see if you can pick up a guy you like in a later that everyone else is devaluing.

    I bet a lot of leagues are won on draft day. I don’t know how many teams are in your league, but you’re going to put up some points. I love the pick of the Chargers ‘D’ — 4 games against OAK and KC. That’s enough to make any defender lick his chops.

    Best of luck!


  28. I’m thinking your in at least a 12 team league, which would make your team pretty solid. Note to readers, if your in a league of 3 don’t bother amazing everyone with your team. I’ve got a Peyton, L.T., L.J, T.O., 85, blah blah blah.

    Miss the show Dan.

  29. Hey DP

    Miss your radio show alot, you have a pretty good team, I have Matt Schaub as my second QB, Payton Manning is 1, thank for staying in touch


  30. Schaub will have a great season with Houston. It has been refreshing to see what a difference a competent QB makes with the Texans O-Line.

    When you’re ready, you can come on my public access show.

  31. Dan,

    Hopefully Schaub has a good year in Houston. Houston needs a good football season in 2007 since the Astros aren’t doing well. I’m in three FF leagues and I took a different approach this year. I went after RB’s for my first three picks, then receivers, QB, Defense, and kickers and TE last. I picked up Adrian Peterson and Norwood as well as backup RB’s. How do you guys feel about those players? Thanks.

    Jason – San Antonio, TX

  32. Ho Ho Ho, it’s that time again, when the NFL (oh, excuse me, the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE) serves up its annual shizzit sandwich to the deaf dumb and blind, who root madly for 8-and-8 joker/losers who are “not mathematically eliminated yet”.
    I admire your work Dan, because like Plato in the cave you have thanklessly tried to shed a random ray of light on this monstrous charade, even while working for a network that couldn’t have been too pleased about it.
    You had it right, hombre: it’s a joyless league.

  33. Don’t you think this is the year for TO’s typical breakdown….or was that the “suicide” attempt last year. It’s just all so confusing. Less than 18 hours before some real football begins, but here’s my fantasy team.

    Drew Brees/J.P. Losman
    Larry Johnson/Willis McGahee(I spelled it right…I think)/Ahman Green/Deshaun Foster
    Plaxico Burress/Chris Chambers/Terry Glenn/Donte Stallworth/Eddie Kennison/Antwaan Randle El
    Vernon Davis/Randy McMichael
    Jason Elam
    Minnesota D/ST

  34. Dan,

    I think Addai is going to be the man in Indy this year… of course after Peyton Manning. I would have taken him with my first round pick but i had the second pick overall and could not pass up on Steven Jackson. Team looks pretty decent though. Good Luck this year.

  35. Dan –

    You should of gone RB in the first three rounds. You will regret having to rely on Lynch and Bell as your guys behind Addai.

  36. Had most of ther running backs taken by the time I got around to em, but ended up w/ a pretty solid team i believe.
    (* = Keepers)

    QB – Carson Palmer*, Jay Cutler
    RB – Brian Westbrook
    RB – Cedric Benson
    RB – Brandon Jacobs
    WR – Steve Smith*
    WR – Chad Johnson*
    WR – Lee Evans
    TE – Todd Heap
    K – Jeff Wilkins

    Overall not bad, but hard to say that Benson will do well, but i figured i’d give him a shot over Ronnie Brown.

  37. Good team Dan. I’m in a league where receptions are king, you can start up to 5 WR, 3 QBs, 3 RB, depending on what you want to do. 10 teams and you draft 4 LB, 1 DL, 1 DB and two defensive flex. Here’s my active roster:

    QB: McNabb
    QB: Smith
    RB: S. Jackson
    RB: Caddy
    WR: TO
    WR: L. Evans
    WR: L. Coles
    WR/TE: J. Horn
    QB/WR/TE/RB: JP Losman
    TE: O. Daniels
    DEFENSE: Donnie Edwards, Jason Taylor, Demeaco Ryans, Julian Peterson, Victor Hobson, Sean Jones, S. Shanle

    Bench: L. Jordan, Joey Harrington, Chester Taylor, Jerious Norwood, Jacoby Jones, Terry Glenn

  38. Dan,

    “Great minds think alike”…hopefully. Alot of the same faces on my team.

    I too think Bell is a bit of a steal..but Duckett scares me. And I see the return of LaMont. A low #1 to high #2 pick last year drops to the 6th to 10th rounds?! There’s the top 5 RB out of nowhere someone was inquiring about.

    Our player matches: Bell, Lynch, Owens, Cotchery, Cooley, and Chargers (mixed among 2 teams I have – Cotcher and Bell in both).

    Take Care..and Go Bears!

  39. Dan,

    “Great minds think alike”…hopefully. Alot of the same faces on my team.

    I too think Bell is a bit of a steal..but Duckett scares me. And I see the return of LaMont. A low #1 to high #2 pick last year drops to the 6th to 10th rounds?! There’s the top 5 RB out of nowhere someone was inquiring about.

    Our player matches: Bell, Lynch, Owens, Cotchery, Cooley, and Chargers (mixed among 2 teams I have – Cotchery and Bell in both).

    Take Care..and Go Bears!

  40. I ended up with Drew Brees, AND Marques Colston. They just slayed me the first week.

    I was happy that the Colts won, but my Fantasy was a huge bust.

    Oh yeah, I’ve got Donte Stallworth too! I mean….how low can you go on week one??

  41. First, my team
    QB Brady, Kitna
    RB Addai, Maroney, Tatum Bell, Marion Barber
    WR Andre Johnson, Fitzgerald, Reggie Brown, Devery Henderson

    TE Shockey, Zack Miller
    Defense Jags, Broncos
    Kicker Josh Brown, Neil Rackers.

    I Like my team, but i’ve liked them before and had them blow up on me. My sleepers of the year are Brandon Jacobs (then he goes and get injured) Kitna (too many weapons for him to suck) and Lamont Jordan (I had him 2 years ago and he was great).

    My buddies and I have come up with a new name for draft day; Draftmas. It’s Christmas time for us old ex jocks, and it’s one of our top five days in the year, along with opening day of the NFL season (forget that thursday game thing. That’s just a tease). hope to hear you on the radiowaves soon. Work isn’t the same without your presence.

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