14 NFL season kickoff…

Man, I thought I had until Sunday to make my Super Bowl pick. It’s hard to get used to the Thursday start, even though it’s been a few years now. Ok, today’s assignment…as I mull over my picks…is to convince me. Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? Don’t just tell me you like them, give me your reasons.

I’ll have mine soon, hopefully before kickoff…



22 Responses

  1. Daniel Patrick you old sailor you!!!

    The Packers are the JUST KIDDING…KEEP READING. I love my team, but they ain’t got enough weapons on offense to send Favre out like Elway…just hope he doesn’t go out like Rice 3 years from now.

    San DI-A-GO (German for a whale’s vagina) is the pick. Simply put, they are the most talented team and have it on both sides of the ball. Rivers isn’t Manning, but he’s better than a Neil O’Donnel/Trent Dilfer game manager type of QB. They have the best security blankets in the NFL for him (L.T. and Gates) and one of them is the best RB in the game. They win it all. Book it.

  2. Whoever you pick-we’ll have it in writing so you can’t change your mind two months from now. San Diego will win. Rivers was a great college QB who is just about to hit his stride as a pro QB. LT is the best. That just goes without saying.

  3. It’s time to get a divorce from the Colts, Dan-O, it’s the Pats year (again) this year. I’m not naive enough to think that simply the addition of Randy Moss is going to write our tickets to Arizona, but Stallworth, Welker, Adalius Thomas, and Maroney coming into his own will back up Brady to help carry him to his fourth title.

    I know the Pats are the popular pick, but they’re my team, so I gotta run with it!

  4. Colts; how can anyone pick anybody else? The core is back and the monkey’s left town.

  5. Hey Dan. My Superbowl pick is Denver/New Orleans, with Denver winning. They have all the components:
    1. Steady QB, Cutler will manage the game, and not give it away.
    2. Great running game, with Henry they have a legit #1 like back when they repeated.
    3. Great Defense, Bly and Bailey are the best corners in the game. The linebackers are great too.
    4. Lets not forget Javon Walker with another year of health, along with rookie Brandon marshall on the other side.

    Oh and before I go, are you still playing fantasy football? If so, who did you get? Later Robby Gal

  6. Wow. Robby, I love your style, but even as an avid Bronco fan (despite the fact I forgot Tatum Bell is no longer with us in the last round of comments) I can’t quite stretch my fantasy life that far. Too many injuries, too many boys wet behind the years.

    I have to like San Diego. They’re just plain solid. Despite having THE player in the league, there’s no showboating, just a workmanlike drive to get the job done. When a team has that attitude and the talent to back it up (and, dear football gods, the defense… oh, that Charger defense), they’re good candidates.

    Not only that, the Broncos are their only real competition in the division and I just don’t think the Broncos are up to it this year. I hope to be proven wrong, but…

    Besides, the Chargers may be a little hungry. It’s been awhile since they went to a Super Bowl.

  7. As much of a Bears fan as I am, I like New Orleans. They have great offensive weapons in Brees, McCallister, Bush, and Colston and the defense is decent. They have a great combination of youth and veteran leadership as well.

    I’ll still be rooting for the Bears, but Grossman is too iffy and will ultimately cost them a critical game.

  8. This is the year of the Seahawks. Hasselback and Alexander are getting older by the second. It’s now or never. Mike Holmgren has the players and the system in place to make a title run and their Super Bowl experience from a couple of years ago will put them over the top.

  9. Seems like all the picks are going to New England, San Diego, and Indy. We need some love for someone else. As much as I wish I could put my money on our beloved Bengals, but reality is we don’t have the defense to do it.

    I have to take the Bolts, Chargers that is. Best player in the game in LT. Gates is a monster. Rivers can lead a team. And I haven’t even mentioned a certain performance enhanced defensive player.

    I just hope they wear the powder blues in the Super Bowl.

  10. My heart says the Eagles, but I think the Colts are gonna win it again. I know I should say New England, but I really do hate them!

  11. Dan,
    Pick Tampa Bay this year as your team to win it all. In addition, if your ever in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area let me know we’ll play golf.

  12. I think the Superbowl is going to an AFC team again. The thing is, I can’t decide on which team. I’m leaning toward the Colts to repeat tho. The combination of Manning and Dungy…need I say more.

    The only team IMO that can stop the Colts are the Patriots (yes them again). It all comes down to Randy Moss. If he shows up, they win it all. If he doesn’t, Pats will miss the playoffs.

  13. Ok, don’t laugh, but I’m thinking the Cowboys have a very good shot. If you look at the NFC there are only a few good teams, Bears, Saints, Eagles, Seahawks, and to make it too the Super Bowl you only have to beat NFC teams. The AFC is going to duke it out and the way everyone is talking the AFC championchip will have a Super Bowl feel, so will the Super Bowl be a letdown for the AFC champ? The Cowboys have a very good chance of reaching the Super Bowl if you consider their schedule, and once you make it to the Super Bowl you only have to win one more game šŸ˜‰

  14. pats will take it home this year. LT is not going to be as dominant this year and even when he was dominant, he couldn’t get past NE. colts won’t beat the pats this year, they didn’t win last year, it was handed to them (still have to give credit for the colts coming all the way back) but if we had a decent receiver, we wouldn’t have lost last year.

  15. You know we all change our minds from week to week when it comes to the NFL. Since the colts won last night, they are my pick to repeat until next weeks games. I will then re-think everything and pick a different favorite team based on the performances of the week. That is how a true football analyst operates.

  16. After watching last night’s game, I’d say Indy is the team to beat. Their defense looked sensational against the #1 NFC passing attack from last season and everyone knows what the offense is capable of.

  17. How about the AZ Cardinals! Why not…

  18. No love for the Ravens?

    They’ll make a good push. They have more or less everything they had last year minus AD (who left for New England). He was a huge help playing many positions, but Baltimore has always had a great defensive system. When one piece leaves, you put in another.

    They went 13-3 last year… what is stopping them from this year?

    Baltimore Ravens

  19. Despite last night I am still going with the Pats and Saints in the Superbowl this year. Pats will win it though cementing themselves as a dynasty. Though I am also predicting my Niners will make the playoffs this year but lose to the Saints in the NFC Championship.

    And Dan I miss you. Can’t wait till you are back on the air again.

    Michael in Fresno

  20. Dan you Dad Gum Slacker, time to for you get off of the pollen and get back to work. The sports world needs you.

    That said, the Superbowl will be the Colts and my DALLAS COWBOYS.


  21. Seeing as how we don’t have a NFL team in LA (except for USC!) I will stay a West Coast homer and pick LT and the Chargers.

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