15 NFL picks…


Pats in the EAST.

Ravens in the NORTH.

Colts in the SOUTH.

Chargers in the WEST.


Cowboys in the EAST.

Bears in the NORTH.

Saints in the SOUTH.

Rams in the WEST.

AFC Title game: Chargers beat Colts.

NFC Title game: Cowboys over the Saints.

Super Bowl: Norv Turner comes back to haunt the Cowboys. Chargers win 34-20.


17 Responses

  1. No fair Dan. You already have one game under your belt to gage the competition.

  2. I don’t know how that conclusion can be made about the saint just yet, especially after watching a poor performance like yesterday. Also before we can make conclusions about the chargers let’s watch them play a few games under Norv. I’m not sold on his abilities to coach a team to greatness. I understand about Washington and Oakland, but let’s prove something first, because if coaches don’t matter then why isn’t marty there right now?

  3. Way to go out on a limb, Dan. You pick a 14-2 team from a year ago to win it all. I am surprised you still like the Saints after last night’s beating by Indy. I guess you think that the AFC is that much better? Of course this is the NFL, where teams are crowned kings by the media (that’s you) one week, and are garbage two weeks later. Only time will tell.

  4. Huh. You were way more thorough than I was. Guess that’s why you’re an award-winning sports guy and I’m a petroleum landman.

  5. I was figuring since we had to give an explanation for our picks that you’d give a explanation of yours.

  6. Love the picks. Wouldn’t it be something if the two Super Bowl coaches were the ones nobody wanted…except Jerry Jones, who had a tough time deciding between the two. But after Indy’s play last night, the Chargers will have a tough task. I’ve got Colts vs. ‘Boys, with the Colts repeating. That’s painful for a Cowboys fan to admit…even before the season when I’m supposed to be optomistic. But I guess getting to the Super Bowl is optomistic for the ‘Boys. Ah what the heck: ‘Boys over Colts with Romo mishandling the snap on a FG and running for the winning TD. We can dream, right?

  7. Hi Dan,
    You’re picks are okay, and you can call me crazy, but I don’t have all the confidence in the Saints that most people do. I have them at 8-8, missing the playoffs. I just don’t see the emotion being the driving force it was last year. One game does not a season make, but these boys better get their defense together. Scoring thirty on a consistant basis is probable for them, but it is little good when you give up forty. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Norv Turner being a head coach, great coordinator, but the Diegos will take a set back as opposed to last year. I like the Pats over the Bears in the Super bowl. I’m an Eagles fan, and I expect to take care of the Cowgirls. We know a team will come out of nowhere and be special, I can see the Niners doing that. Who knows for sure? Indy looked better than they did last year, but it was just one game. I love Coach Dungy and I wouldn’t mind seeing the repeat, but we know how tough that is.

  8. Danny,

    I agree with all your picks except the Saints. I think that Carolina takes the south. Defense is too good, and Saints D is not.
    The colts will make the playoffs but, they’ll out early. They’re defense is not good enough to compete. They lost to much this past offseason. Sure they look good last night, but it’s week 1. They are thin at defense, and if Addai gets nicked up, who is going to pick up for him.

    Have a good weekend

  9. How can ANYONE pick the Cowboys to even MAKE the Super Bowl? Their defense is way overrated, Tony Romo has had 4 good games in the NFL and Wade Phillips hasnt won a single playoff game as a head coach. Did we forget which NFC team has been most successful in this decade? That would be the Eagles, who has one of the BEST head coaches in Andy Reid, and the 3rd/4th best QB in the NFL when healthy in Donovan McNabb. Come on, lets get serious here.

  10. Where’s Denver??? Com’on Dan stay off the hippy lettuce! San Diego will not be there!!

  11. Dan,

    First time to this site. I weigh in at 6’3″ 248lbs.

    Gotta go with the Bears in place of the Cowboys. I feel if the Bears squander early…Lovie pulls Rex Grossman…and Brian Griese will help take this team that extra step. Either way…a repeat trip will be tough…but let’s not forget the benefit of possibly winning your division at 10 and 6…which helps pave the way.

    Let’s have a safe season. Go Cubs too!

    Thanks for having me,

  12. Hey Kirk…ding!!!

    The Bears winning the NFC North? With Rex Grossman as their QB?

  13. No Bills??
    No Bengals??
    I don’t even know who you are any more.

  14. What do these people mean by getting a couple of games under your belt, then predicting?
    Where is the fun in that? That is why they call them predictions….and if you don’t like Dan picking a 14-2 team from last year to go to the super bowl because that doesn’t seem risky, too bad! The object is to be right based on what he knows, not bold and brazen! The only boldness comes from not waiting until after week 3 to make his picks…that is why Dan is Dan, and we merely get to listen or read what he says…

  15. Your picks are right on! The only one that might not pan out is the Saints. The Panthers will push them hard, but I like the Saints coaching and quarterback situations better. Interesting. I will definitely be watching and keep a note of your picks.


  16. hey dan, 6-1, 185lbs.

    love the picks! i have banked on your picks for the last 4 years, and lets say, you never let me down. are these picks guranteed to go wrong. love the home videos. cant wait for your new show. I can hear Bob Costas say ” hey loser.”

  17. Dan Love the picks and you seem to be pretty good with your picks accept for the Detroit Lions to win the NFC North last year!! I like Dallas, but Wade Phillips doesn’t do it for me. I am going to go with the camera viewing Patriots and Da Bears.

    P.S Tom Brady wins his first League MVP this year.

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