16 Does it get much better than the first Sunday of the NFL season?

I sure hope you, like me, did your chores early. I hope you made sure your day was clear of tasks and errands. Yeah, I’m talking to you married guys out there. It’s about planning ahead. Any trips the Home Depot should have been done yesterday or EARLY today. I have no sympathy for you if you didn’t think ahead. It’s not easy to clear your decks so you can watch a nice 11-hour block of football. It takes years of seasoning. Years of missing the back half of a doubleheader because you have to go to the inlaws for a Sunday dinner.

Tell me what you had to do to get clear to watch the games. Tell me if you messed up, if you got caught up with a ‘honey-do’ list. And for you single guys, learn from us…our successes and failures in the quest to lie prone on a couch for three straight football games…moving only to get more to eat. I wish you luck. If you need me, I’ll be on the couch.



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  1. We have the kids coming over for dinner tonight. I made the dessert last night and got up early to make the lasagna.

    There’s some cracks in the driveway I planned to fix today and the weather is perfect for it.

    Screw it.

    Ever since I started playing fantasy football, between watching games and checking websites for scores, Sunday has become a full-time.

    Plus, I’m still looking for that sleeper running back. . .

  2. College student here Dan, So nothing but a quick set of homework to get out of the way but I am currently enjoying watching thePats pound the jets 27 to 7 in the 3rd Quarter. Go pats.

    Oh and I’ll head the advice for the married years 😛

  3. Busted my hump all day yesterday doing work around the house, cleaning, grocery shopping, doing it all in preparation for the big day today…but at the end of the day, my wife thanked me for all of my hard work, and calmly said “now all that’s left is to mow the lawn.”


    Wake up at 7am this morning, hoping to get an early start… and it’s pouring rain! YES!!! The football gods were smiling down on me.

    Now as I sit here watching the Patriots dismantle the Jets, I have to agree….it doesn’t get much better than this.

  4. 280 bucks to have every game on demand on my computer? thats money well spent.

    Brian in Antwerp

  5. Hi Dan,
    Not much to do to get ready for football. Leave me alone on Sunday, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll do the honey do chores that a married guy must do on Monday, maybe Tuesday. The wife has girlfriends to visit. I’m one of the lucky ones. You do your thang, and I’ll do mine. I have a fantasy team to manage. Don’t be slackin, or you’ll be sittin. Randy Moss had a great start today, we could revisit Minnesota days all over again. Opening day is tough, soon it will be Christmas, and we’ll wonder where the season went. Isn’t that how it always goes?

  6. I handled my business last night. If you know what I mean????

  7. hey dp-
    so finally divorced and i have the whole day for GAME. ugh no. the Jets are getting waxed and my ex wife calls and asked for a favor. today? where are the gods. not in my life.

  8. Commiserate with me, my friends:

    The cable guy doesn’t come until Monday, and we don;t get any TV channels.

    It’s hard to explain why I have to be in a bar for 11 hours. So I’m at home with the XM radio.

    Weep for me.

  9. Dan, you are absolutely correct, it does take “years of seasoning” to clear an 11 hour block of time to watch football. I’m in college and I work full time. I made sure my homework was done yesterday, and I’m also blessed – my son is 22 years old; and my husband knows not to talk to me when he gets home from church! I love this time of the year!

    Stay classy Dan!

  10. T.O. Gets 3 touches on the ball and two of em are T.D.s, Not bad for just keeping your relationship up eh Dan? Figures the guy I got matched up against this week had Romo and Jason Witten. Needless to say, I got destroyed this week.

  11. Tom Brady was the QB in my fantasy team, and LT was my running back…big points there! LT could have been better, but he did have a throwing TD and a rushing TD, too… no complaints here.

    TO was one of my receivers, too… 2 TD’s!

    Plus the Pats cleaned the Jets’ clock and Randy Moss LIT IT UP. No complaints at all here. What a great inaugural weekend.

  12. I made sure to get hammered the night before watching my LSU Tigers beat the Hokies sensless, that way the old lady would leave me alone because she knew I was hung over.

  13. I got up at 6:00 a.m. to make sure that I was done before the pre-game shows. There was a lot of impressive performances in week one. Moss seemed to be back to his old self and Tom Brady is poised for another run. I’ll reserve full judgement until the Niners finish up tonight.

    I am thankful to be travelling since my Wife is a hugh Browns fan. It looks like another long year for her…

  14. Chores Saturday?PSHAW! Did ’em all Friday so I could do a huge overload of college 1st & pro’s 2nd all on the new HDTV. I’ve never really cared for the pro game until now, I’m hooked bad.

  15. Dear football gods, I’m on the worst deadline in the history of deadlines, particularly since I just realised late last week that the September 14 deadline is seriously compromised by the two-day conference I have to attend on the 13th and 14th and laundry and concert tickets Sunday night and art show Saturday night (obligated – a relative who was giving me one of his paintings) and yet… I watched the Broncos.

    I wouldn’t say I cleared things, but I sure shoe-horned the NFL into my non-existent free time.

  16. Dan,
    It was really easy to get to watch football all weekend.
    All I had to do was get a vasectomy. Now lets see if I can get the doctor to say I needed another week of “taking it easy.”

  17. Had to work…Sunday is an Open House day. Brought the laptop to follow on-line, AND made sure THIS open house had Sirius radio so I could catch my Niners! Home for the late games. A few decent prospects. Pay day could be coming soon! Thus, more Sundays on the couch!

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