17 Week one overreaction…

As much as the first Sunday of the NFL season is a great day, the day after…to me…is pretty entertaining too.

-“Randy Moss is the comeback player of the year!”

-“Why did teams pass on Adrian Peterson?”

-“The ‘new’ Terrell Owens didn’t dance after his TD catch.”

– “My (Chiefs/Browns/Falcons) are going 0-16”

-“My (Colts/Pats/Steelers) are going undefeated!”

-“Rex Grossman…again.”

-“John Kitna’s making good on his 10-win prediction.”

Each year it’s the same thing. Each year the first few weeks of the season someone starts hot or cold and everyone either jumps on or off the bandwagon.  The media bites on this every year too. Watch the football shows the next few weekends and how the experts declare that “this team is a lock for the playoffs” or “this team is in a must-win situation in week 3.”

The NFL makes us wait so long for the start of the season, there’s so much build-up, fans explode with emotion after week one. A guy I know is a big Bears fan and he’s done, in his mind, after week one. Just months after his team makes it to the Super Bowl, he’s miserable after 60 minutes of football.

So again, I want to hear from you. If you BELIEVE your team is in great shape or in bad shape already, tell me why. And if you a skeptical of a team’s big week one, I want to hear that too.



32 Responses

  1. On the way back from upstate NY, got to listen to first half of the Browns game…glad I was not watching. Not really all that glad I watched the second half.

    I am glad I am not in Romeo’s shoes. Where would you begin?

    I vote the Browns will go 0-16, but I would not call that an overreaction. And I know I am not alone in Cleveland.

    Well Romeo, at least you are not Lloyd Carr.

  2. Daniel Theodore,

    I watched the entire game on Directv…in HD…of my Washington Redskins. Jason Campbell is the second coming of Doug Williams. He will lead us to the Super Bowl this year. Randel El is Art Monk all over again. Ladell Betts is ummmm John Riggins reincarnate. And lastly, Joe Gibbs is , well, he’s….Joe Gibbs.

    Hail to the Redskins!

  3. While I loved the Steelers’ win yesterday, the Browns lost the game a bit more than we won the game. I’m thrilled that Mike Tomlin gets to taste victory on his first head coaching outing. The game itself wasn’t one that convinces me the 2005 SB Champ Steelers are back. Ben looked good but Brain St. Pierre might have looked good too. It’s too early and we played a terrible team that outdid itself in sucking more than usual. I feel bad for Romeo Crenell, which is a form of blasphemy in these parts-NO MERCY FOR THE BROWNS- but it’s hard to maintain any bloodlust after the drubbing we gave them..

  4. Well, I’m a Pats fan, I feel like we’re a good chance for the Playoffs/Super Bowl every year, this year is no different.

    But, in spite of the onslaught of Boston media proclaiming Randy Moss as the second coming, I’m still staying reserved about him. Believe me, I HOPE he ends up being “all that” but I’m not willing to bet the bank on him, that’s for sure.

    I’m much happier with the performance of Welker, Maroney, the O-Line, and a great defense even without Harrison and Seymour.

    If Moss can even have 3-4 games like this one, and let the others take all of the other screentime, we’re in for a terrific season. Maroney in the backfield, Brady at QB, Stallworth, Welker, Washington, Moss at wideout… Warren, Green, and Wilfork as our front 3… and everyone is forgetting about Adalius “The Beast” Thomas, who was BY FAR our best signing of the off season (yes, including Randy Moss).

    Bring on San Diego next week! We’re ready for all comers!

  5. Bears.

    I know you’re thinking Grossman…..again. BUT, the guy really didn’t play bad. That interception was clearly Berrian running a shady route. It looked like the old Randy Moss taking a play off. Ron Turner’s playing calling was disgraceful at best. Ok………..that Chargers defense is pretty damn stingy also, but this is NOT on Rex.

    Dan, if you watched the bears defense hold LT to 25 yards rushing yesterday then you KNOW that this defense is MEAN! I did shed a tear watching Mike Brown’s interview. He is my favorite player and I feel terrible for the guy. I’m not a mean, heartless fan. I can overlook the selfishness that wants me to be more upset about him not being in the lineup. The Bears will prevail and we WILL go back to the Super Bowl. Kyle Orton could lead this team to 12 wins.

    I gotta say…….I miss u, DAN! This last 5-7 weeks has been tough. Enough is a enough. Get back on the radio ASAP.

  6. Ahh, the Saints. What can I say. If I said I was surprised, shocked, even remotley caught of balance I would be lying. With all the hype, I knew. I knew… After 40 years, how can any self proclaimed Louisianian not have known. Am I breaking out a paper bag? No, I have never stooped to that level. I will cheer and root as I always have. The season is young, and maybe just maybe, we were walking into the Indy version of our Monday night last year. I will say this though. Instead of visions of superbowls dancing in our heads, we better be focusing on just winning the division. Can anyone say Carolina?

  7. Dan,

    The Bears even though the problems with their offense fumbling and turning the ball over 3 times will be the best team in the NFC.

    Their defense looked better than last year even though Mike Brown and Dusty Dvoracek not playing the whole game and possibly out for a bit depending on their evaluations today.

    They shut down the MVP of the league last year for the better part of the football game and held them only to 14 points (one of which coming of a special teams lapse causing excellent field position).

    Look for the Bears D to drive them to the NFC Championship and possibly another Super Bowl

  8. _allas will be in trouble again this season if they don’t fix the obvious problem.

  9. ….did you just invite us to do the thing you just said was stupid to do?

  10. my vikins behind Paul Allan are going 3-0 and after that all bets are off as usual. enough with that, when are you coming back Dan? am a truck driver Dan, and i use to say “can you belive they pay me to listen to Dan Patrick everyday?” well they cought up with me….it was a nice run

  11. After watching week 1 I can only hope/pray/still won’t happen…Dolphins make it in on a wild card. Until they get an offensive line, I will still be upset after every game this year. Pats..by far the best performance Sunday, which means Fins have no chance of taking the East crown….heck, what am I talking about, they will never make it back period. Why even talk Wild Card??

  12. Sadly I think the lasting impact of Week One will be the injuries, primarily the tragic spinal trauma suffered by Bills tight end Kevin Everett.

    Giants fans should worry, losing Eli Manning, running back Brandon Jacobs and their best pass rusher in DE Osi Umenyiora.

    But other than that, it’s one week. When did the NFL turn into the Top 25?


  13. Well, I bleed Silver & Black, so here we go. I dont think they are going to be as bad as they were last year, but they may still not be a .500 team. I do think that Coach Kiffen has them pointed in the right direction, it is just up to the players to get going. The talent is there, well, except for QB, I Daunte ought to be in there, but I believe the rest of the team is solid.

    Oh, glad I threw Jordan in my line up and benched Thomas Jones, 15 minutes before the noon kickoffs!

  14. Dan
    My team is the Raiders. UMMMMM enough said


  15. Good would be a strong word, but the Broncos have better potential than I thought before Sunday’s game. Jason Elam’s anomolous double-choke notwithstanding.

  16. DP,
    My team is the Boys, and all I can think of, is cr@p. Same ol. Offense was awesome, but man, the defense was horrible. They looked like they did at the end of last year. Secondary can’t cover a grandma and they got almost got xero pressure on Eli all night. Good enough to keep our hopes up, but bad enough to know if they play like that all year then we have no chance in ….!

  17. As a Packers fan, I take nothing out of the win.

    Offense is horrible, and all we’ve heard since McCarthy took over is he wants a running team. His playcalling has always been anything but.

    Defense: Undecided. Everyone is talking about how great it is, but I need to see more of it before declaring top 5 or 10.

    Special Teams: Vastly overrated. Wasn’t impressed with kickoff or put returns. The turnovers and scoring were a result of boneheaded plays by the Eagles, not great plays by the Packers.

  18. COWBOYS!!!

    Well I am 100% sure Romo is the man.
    I am 100% sure Wade Phillips is not the solution, I thought i was watching the same secondary that i watched last year.
    I am 100% sure Roy Williams is Over rated.
    I am 100% sure we will finish 9-7.

    Erik – 100% COWBOYS

  19. Go Colts.

    …but…everybody else loaded up to come at ’em and our (defensive) guys are young. They’d better strap it ON.

    Even though they are the champs, they were under the radar because of all the off-season acquisitions of the OTHER teams.

    After that Monday night performance, NOW I think teams see ’em coming.

    Maybe they should have kept all the new weapons a little more quiet.

    I know I sound like a homer, but my Colts look a lot BETTER than last year.

    I’m trying to stay realistic – I just don’t think the Saints were ready, for some reason. Seemed like they just thought the Colts were going to be more into the celebration than winning the game and it backfired.

    The division always plays us tough, so this next Titans game will say a LOT.

  20. Edit…it was a Thursday night performance…

  21. The Lions are going to the playoff! Finally drafted a WR that can catch!

  22. Is Rex Grossman at fault for the Bears lost? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that the Bears fans/media will blame him for it. Fair or unfair, he’s in a no win situation. If they win, it’s because of the defense. If they loss, it’s because Rex didn’t do this and he didn’t do that. Given what has transpire last season, everyone has made up their mind on this guy.

  23. if living in houston (astros) has taught me anything dan, it’s not to be too optimistic about a big win. sure, its great but to be taken seriously we’d have to win big against a team that matters, aka the titans.
    being a fan of any houston team means preparing your heart to be broken in the end. hears to proving me wrong!!

    go texans!


  24. Mr. Patrick,

    My Chiefs will not go 0-16, they will however go 4-12. Marty Schottenheimer is still available.

    Gary in Springfield, MO

  25. Hey Dan! I hope my beloved Browns can get one or two wins, but I won’t hold my breath. The countdown to Brady Quinn’s era of frustration begins! “Marty Ball” is starting to look pretty good again.

    Chad in Cambirdge, OH

  26. Hey Dan!

    After one game,

    Cowboys offense…….A- (come on, it was 45 pts!)
    Cowboys defense……Non-existent.

    Still holding my breath….

  27. Hi Dan,
    I have learned not to trust what I see in the NFL until about the fifth week of the season. I’m an Eagles fan. I had us at 11-5 and a wild card spot behind the Cowgirls. With the loss to Green Bay, we’re down to 10-6. The game against Green Bay reminded me of the playoff loss to the Saints last year. 59 minutes of hard work and a great effort thrown away with one bad play. Let’s face it, most teams can get it together and make a nice run, win the Super Bowl, and go back to being the nothing that they were the year before. The Eagles will do okay, as will most teams, but in the end, you have to go with the Colts, or my favorite( realistically ) the Patriots. I can’t wait to see the results of the alledged cheating by the Patriots. Egg will stick real food to the hoodie. arrrrrg

  28. Well Dan, I must admit after my Eagles lost, I was ready to throw in the towel. But now that some time has passed, I’m more hopeful. Our defense play very well despite us losing Trotter. Thank God for Westbrook! And even though Mac 5 isn’t 100%, (well, hell, he didn’t even look 85%) I still think we are better off with him than without him. My only question concerns our special (okay, not-so-special – even down-right-below average) teams.

    No need to get totally depressed, cause after all, there’s a lot more football to be played, and thank God were are in the NFC!


  29. Dan, the Browns are not nearly as bad as everyone says they are. They have a young team, filled with talent, they just need to start putting everything together. I honestly don’t care how many games they win this year as long as they are competitive, which they weren’t against the Steelers. I still think they could go 8-8, 6-10 is more likely. Its only one week, but there are teams much worse then the Browns

  30. I like the Bears and boy I am really scared of Cedric Benson being a bust after this week. I also am more impressed with the Bears Defense after the shut down the best football player in the NFL. Bear will be 11-5.

  31. Dan, don’t count out the Vikes just yet. I know they played Atlanta when they are down, but the Vikes defence is stronger than people think. Look at the Bears last year. Strong defence with a so-so QB, ok running game and they went to the Super Bowl. I just think that in a weaker NFC division that they can sneak up on some teams that are over looking them. You are going to do the MLB playoff games aren’t you!?

  32. As a far-away (Europe) Giants fan, I am always looking for new sites with G-Men information.

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