19 Must see TV for all the wrong reasons.

    I’m one who never misses Notre Dame vs. Michigan. It’s usually an early-season game and both teams are usually undefeated going in. Sometimes Michigan comes in favored, sometimes the Irish, but it’s usually a tight game.

This one is just odd. It’s a battle to stay out of the crosshairs of the national media. Lloyd Carr and Charlie Weis have started this season about as bad as they could have ever imagined. You know all about the Appalachian State home loss for the Wolverines. So far, that’s been the story of the college football season. Listen to sports radio. They have LSU coach Les Miles on deck to take over in Ann Arbor if things continue. Times in South Bend are rough too. They lose Brady Quinn and most of his offensive weapons and it’s showing. The Irish are 0-2 and have yet to score a touchdown on offense.

Now these two teams limp into Saturday with one goal…win and get a hall pass for at least a week or so. If Michigan loses it’s third straight at home…the Carr-Miles story will ramp up even more. If Notre Dame goes to 0-3, you will hear more of the Ty Willingham-Weis comparisons. That’s one story that ND doesn’t want to hear all year.

This game has more on the the line than you might think.

Give me your take…on Carr…on Weis and ND.



21 Responses

  1. I’m starting to wonder about the whole Belichick regime. Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel have both sucked eggs on their own. And now who knows how Belichick will respond without blatant camera work.

    As for the game, I haven’t seen Ryan Mallett play yet, and Jimmy Clausen has a jump on him in the experience column.

    Being from Ann Arbor, I’m hoping the Wolverines pull it out, but I’m envisioning a very close game. Could be an instant classic. (Hopefully not for the wrong reasons).

  2. Who Cares? Tenn vs Fla is this weekend. ND has not been anything in years and will not be as long as they keep scheduling the Milty Schools. ND plays 1 tough game this year, USC. Charlie has done nothing there and gets a 10 yr contract. ND has lost 4 games in a row and all by +20. This game is going to be 0-0 and everyone will say it is a “Classic”. Again, Who Cares? ND grow up and join a conf!

  3. Ahhhh,

    What a beautiful sight….

    One of those better of two evil situations here.

    Go Irish!


  4. When Appalachian State beat Michigan, I was ecstatic! Finally, we wouldn’t have to hear about Michigan all season and how tough the Big 10 is. Between USC, Notre Dame, and Michigan which do you think could have a successful season in the SEC or ACC? Maybe their troubles do come down to the coaches, but until they get all that straightened out, I’m following the conferences that take football seriously.

  5. I’m a Syracuse fan…I’m just happy my team is not the only one in the toilet!! Go Notregan!!!

  6. Tomorrow is a day I never thought I would see. Growing up in Big Ten territory with ND as the unaffiliated enemy monster, this is almost unbelievable. Now I live in KY and have just seen Tubby Smith “decide” to leave after a 20 win season. Fact is we live in a society of instant gratification. If our coaches don’t give us the w’s we expect, our coaches will soon be employed elsewhere. That instant gratification has become a greater value than other values such as loyalty, and patience. Good things come to those who wait, unless those who wait are head coaches.

  7. The “win NOW or else” attitude is eventually going to catch up with EVERY major college program. The powers-that-be didn’t have the patience to let Ty Willingham develop a program at ND, and chose to give a 10-year contract to what, to them, “looked” (for whatever reason) like the better choice. The perception was that “Weis was involved with a successful pro team, so obviously that means WE will be successful”, instead of dancing with the one that brung ’em. Too bad. I hope Ty Willingham gives OSU all they can handle this weekend while ND lays an egg. In a sport driven by the abysmal BCS and a bunch of boosters, far too often, the tail is wagging the dog.

  8. We have driven ourselves to the need for instant success, Ty should have been allowed to continue with the ND program. Who is steering the ship? Boosters?, Presidents?, Computer polls? Boosters expect success when the $$’s are given and then demand the right to choice the direction the programs head. Presidents have relied so much on their Boosters money to cover other program costs, that the fear of losing the booster funds makes the AD’s and Presidents sell out.

    Hope Ty shows well with Dawgs and ND and MI is a dud of a game.

  9. Again, who cares? What other game with two 0 & 2 teams gets any headlines at all, much less takes up 3 hours of HDTV time? Their “storied” histories only help make it good television for their own fans.

    If we’re going to have to see two defenses that couldn’t stop the JV teams at my local high school, push Hawaii vs UNLV up to 2:30 so at least one of the teams will score…

  10. It’s unfortunate, but there is an unsettling irony between Weis and Willingham’s third season at ND. The only difference is that like its been said time and again, Weis’ job has never been and will never be in jeopardy. There is a chance that Ty Willingham was replaced for reasons we may never know, but the Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson’s of the world will be out in full force over this one, and I hate to say it because I hate the race card more than anything in sports (or life for that matter), but they might actually have a point for once.

  11. Dan –
    Hope you get back on the radio soon, and hopefully on a network that I can get on XM.
    As for ND-Mich……..Even with the new freshman QB for Michigan, I’ll take the Wolverines. I’ve never been sold on Weis. I can’t say I think he’s a bad coach, but nothing has happened at ND under him that made me think, “Wow! Look at what this guy has done!” This ND team is very poor, and Weis should be getting some of the blame. Yet, it seems like many people are blaming Ty Willingham because these players are his recruits. Fair enough, except no one was letting Willingham off the hook in year #3 by saying ‘but these are Bob Davie’s players.’ You can’t have it both ways. Bottom line: Michigan won’t look very impressive, but they’ll get the win. Michigan 24 – ND 10.

    Springfield, OR

  12. O Joy I hope the final score is 3-0 Michigain

    Go Dawgs

  13. I will pull for the home team in this one. I think Ty is a great coach and was given a raw deal at Notre Dame. At 0-3, and with the upcoming schedule, Charlie will have to answer some questions.

    Hook ‘Em,

  14. Michigan-ND is a game I look forward too every year, but this year is quite different. It doesn’t have the enthusiasm that usually surrounds the game; instead a pall of desperation has settled around the match-up.

    With as many problems that Weis faces on the field with unproven talent and the off-field problems Carr is dealing with there’s going to be a cloud over the game. No one is going out of this game unscathed. Even the winner will be chastised for a lack of success earlier in the season and questions for week 4. For the loser, the clamoring for a scapegoat will reach deafening levels.

    I think it’s worse for Carr, being the coach of a public university football team, a former powerhouse. Whenever you have taxpayer dollars supporting a sport or a venue you have an increased accountability. With Weis’ long history with ND, and the fact he signed a big fat contract not that long ago, the pressure will still be there but not as heavy.

    And if the Irish lose, Weis can always blind the post-game cameras with the gleam off his Super Bowl rings.


  15. if weis loses and willingham wins this weekend then i would like to hear the chatter on the airwaves. i really hope that everyone gives everyone a fair shake. i would like to hear these big boosters from ND or michigan get interviewed. they should be scrutinized just like the coaches since, in a lot of cases, they are the ones making the decisions on who should go or who should stay.

    brian in antwerp

  16. I’m from Ohio. A true Buckeye fan. Therefore, as I’m sure you’re well aware, there is no such thing as too many loses for the Wolverines. GO Notre Dame!!!!!

  17. As Michigan takes a 31-0 lead as I write this…..I think they both should be let go. For Lloyd…it’s just time. For Charlie…the shine is off the apple and precedent has already been set.

  18. Way to go, Irish! LOL.

  19. Sigh…. seeing as all Buckeye Fans left me hanging over the weekend … I-O

    And Charlie trying to get a victory reminds me of Charlie Tuna waiting all those many commercials for Starkist to call him up the big time world of delicious fish products.

    What a disaster.

    Go Cubs Go!
    Go Bucks!

  20. Once and for all.. the difference between Weis and Willingham is this: The new recruits coming in.
    Sure, both coaches suffered a talent gap as a result of the hit recruiting took the year the previous coach was fired.
    Weis has only three offensive linemen in the junior class or higher.
    But while Weis is out recruiting the #1 class in the country to come in for Year 4, by all accounts, Willingham was working on his short game on the ND golf course and his assistants were courting HC jobs of their own…
    Weis was caught short this year, but he’s doing the right things, laying the groundwork for long-term success in the years to come.

  21. Notre Dame is plain and simply racist and if you don’t think they would trade anything for Tyrone Willingham’s 2 wins right now you are crazy. People can apologize and spin for ND all they want but the bottom line is that Ty is winning (and his cupboard was A LOT less stocked than Weiss’). Who recruited Brady Quinn to ND? The same guy that now has Locker at UW. Enjoy the next 10 years golden domers, I know I will.

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