21 #5 in Philly.

    I watched the Eagles last night, mostly because I wanted to see how Donovan McNabb looked coming back from knee injury. His arm looked great, but when he ran, he just didn’t look like the old Donovan. I can’t critique him for that, he’s still healing. But it got me to thinking, how is it going to turn out for McNabb in Philadelphia?

They booed him on draft day, loved him for a long time as he got the to the playoffs every year and even made it to the Super Bowl. Now the Eagles draft a QB high in the draft…the team struggled last night and the booing came back. I just wonder if he will finish his career there. Will he return to play in his hometown of Chicago someday? This guy has kept this team relevant for almost a decade without a ton of help on offense. Can you name all those star receivers he’s thrown to?

So what do you think? Will McNabb get the Eagles a ring, will he end up somewhere else…or what?



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  1. Dan,

    I think the stage is set for Donovan to go back to his hometown of Chicago. All the signs are there, the Eagles are struggling with McNabb and they drafted the guy they hope will be his successor this year. Chicago is ready to hang Rex Grossman already, so I think that after the year the trade winds will be blowin with McNabb blowin all the way to the windy city.

  2. Chuck Barkley and Jaws, know what the deal is in Philly. And any intelligent sports fan knows what’s up in Philly. Intelligence though, escapes Philly sports fans. They have a warped sense of the “what have you done for me lately” syndrome, in that they only show you love for what you did that was positive for that day. I take that back. As soon as the game ends and you did well, you get the love. A few hours later, everything is fair game. I can name possibly one sports figure who got the love and was never booed, and that was the Doctor. Hell, they dumped on Mike Schmidt and Santa.. So like Barkley, they will run McNabb out of town. In fact if you remember last night, Chuck said, “I stayed 2 years too long”. Jaws concurred and knew when his time was done as well. Guess What Donny. You’re done. And Dan, you’re right, he didn’t look right. I noticed it when he was flushed out of the pocket and was making a b-line for the 1st down sticks. The legs just wern’t listening to the brain. Thanks for the memories Donovan. But in defense, McNabb has zero help. Once you get past Westbrook, there is nothing there. No one to bail him out. But Philly fans won’t recognize that. They are blinded by years of sports misery.

  3. Dan,

    Yeah, I don’t see him playing out his career for the Eagles. Things just look a little ominous from where I sit. When you take into account the eagle fans, all the injuries, and the fact that the talent level at the wide-out position, not to mention his age; it just looks like Philly wil be thru with him, if not this year, then the next. Now as a Bears’ fan, I have no problem w/ him for a couple of years in Chi-town. And, yes I am about ready for sexy-rexy to leave. (sue me or put me in w/ all the other disgruntled Bears fans)


  4. It is rare in today’s sports to be drafted by a team and stay with that team for a whole career. In a “what have you done for me lately league”, general managers are always seeking any player that is slightly better than what they have.
    Even the elite players that define franchises don’t always get drafted by that team. Elway and Favre were both drafted by teams not named the Broncos or Packers.

    It is possible that McNabb will stay in Philly. Peyton Manning is in Indy and they had tough years to start. Give McNabb time, he has earned some loyalty(but that doesnt even exist for Philly fans). However, I don’t see the Bears interested in McNabb. The Bears like having their biggest star..on defense.

    -Dayne, Dublin Ga

  5. I would love to see Donovan in a Bears uniform next year. By then, his knee will be totally healed.

    He’s a bit injury prone, but you can keep Griese and Orton or Grossman on as backups

  6. I am a huge McNabb fan, but it’s time for him to move on somewhere else. I promise you the second he hits the market, Chicago will sign him instantly. Tommie Harris said it in the offseason, and every member of the defense is sick and tired of trying to win the entire game every Sunday with no offense at all.

    With this being Grossman’s last year, and with his inability to learn anything, get ready for the brand new McNabb #5 Bears Jerseys hitting stores soon!

  7. Dan,

    McNabb won’t get a ring in philly. they don’t give him enough weapons to win.

  8. Who knows Dan, but did you hear about his comments on Real Sports on HBO? Yet again he brings in racial issues as to why he is criticized more than other QBs. More than Rex Grossman and Peyton Manning that have been criticized? I don’t think so.

    How can anyone stick by this guy and cheer for him when he has such a warped mind?

    What do you think Dan?

  9. Charles Barkley said it best,”if he loses, he needs to get the hell out” McNabb will either opt out or be traded at years end. His prime has passed, especially with this injury. Philly fans will not stand for a struggling QB that can not win. McNabb can not do it and you think that it is bad now. How will he do when Westbrook is out with an injury.

  10. Dan,
    McNabb probably needs to sit for another month because obviously he’s not 100%. I think that not re-signing Garcia was a mistake. As for us Philly fans, we do have some boo birds but you can’t let their mob mentality speak for all the fans. We are passionate about our sports teams. I am still a big fan of Donovan Mcnabb’s and I hope he sticks around awhile longer. If we had more talent in the wide receiver department, we could get to the super bowl again.

  11. Why do we always give Donovan the hall pass since he has never had a “star receiver”? When talking about Tom Brady everyone credits him for leading his team to 3 super bowls without a “star receiver”. I think that great QB’s take what is given to them and make magic happen, like tom brady. This is why Donovan is not a great QB, just a good QB.

  12. dear celeberitypwn, the only way you could not agree with mcnabb is if you yourself have the type of racist mentality that he is referring to, mcnabb is right 100%, and i get tired of all you white people always complaining about black people bringing race up, guess what, america is as racist now as it was 30 years ago, we just go about it in a more tactful way, so take your blinders off and listen to what he is really saying, and by the way, he didn’t bring up the issue of race, he was asked about it, just another example of people with racist trains of thought distorting the truth, and for the record i’m white myself

  13. i agree these illegals need to be sent to HELL
    it’s like they got this legal right to rape our kids

  14. donovan has to stay in philly. they just had a bad year and if McNabb stays they will be solid in 08-09. He is the franchise and even though the fans hop on his a.s.s. WE LOVE HIM AND WE WANT HIM TO STAY!!!!!!!!

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