23 Getting close…

    Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the site. I hope you’ve enjoyed the videos and the blog. Thanks for giving your input on the blog too.

I’ve received a bunch of emails asking when the next incarnation of the radio show will begin. Soon…very soon. I will have details on the site next week.

Talk to you soon.



55 Responses

  1. what happened to any new videos though dan?

  2. can’t wait….my work week hasn’t been the same without you (or k.o.)


  3. Soon I can go off the anti-depressants!! It will be great getting back to my abnormal self listening to DP.

  4. You da man, DP! I can’t wait!

  5. Glad to hear it, Dan. The site has gone a way toward filling the void, but having you back on the air will bring us all the way back.

    I hope you’ll have a west-coast friendly time slot and that it will be available over the Internet. Looking forward to the details.

    Erik in San Francisco

  6. hello dan im a truck driver and i listen to alot of espn news and i heard that u left espn and also heard you were going to be on the radio and i enjoy listening to you and it would be helpful if you told me the radio station u were goin to be on i have xm radio and serus radio so get back to me and thank you for your time

    Danny Farnham

  7. Awesome news, Dan! Afternoon sports radio hasn’t quite been the same…

    I look forward to hearing you gush about Tom Brady instead of Peyton Manning for a change…


  8. WOO HOO !!!!!!

  9. I can’t wait DP! The guests, interviews & hilarious moments are missed.

  10. Please, please be on a station that my local radio station picks up! Or even internet is the next best thing. You are so entertaining, whether you’re talking about sports or things that happen in your life. I can’t wait to see where you will be!

  11. Exciting times! Counting the days til we get to spend the afternoon with you again.

  12. Woot! Great news Dan! Can’t wait!


  13. any chance of getting Rob Dibble for the new show for the “Rob Dibble quote of the week.”

  14. Perfect timing. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself, Dan. Very few guys in your business have the guts you have shown to do this. Even fewer guys have the credibility. The thing that impresses me most is you’re not satisfied. You want to get better. The wind always blows harder at the top of the mountain. Somehow I know you’ll handle it just fine. I get the feeling you won’t flame out like Katie Couric. By the way, you live in a cool house. Are you staying put in New England?

    Good luck. Hopefully KO can join you to kick things off.

  15. Dan –

    Ditto to all the other comments above. I can’t wait to get you back on in my office. I have enjoyed all of the stuff you have put together. I can’t wait to see what the new show brings. I don’t know if you can comment – but I hope Showkiller makes the transition with you.

    Tommy in Iowa City

  16. Your not bringing Phil the show killer with you, are you????

    Can’t wait, there sure isn’t anything to listen to during the day since you left ESPN.

  17. Dan we love your show from Mesa, AZ. all the way to my cousins in Mexico City. It hasn’t been the same bud the local guys here are killing us with their lack of knowledge and sense. Can’t wait for the next chapter to your show.

    OMAR. Mesa, Arizona.

  18. It’s about time, you’ve vacationed and worried your family long enough. You need to consider having Dibbs and/or Reggie Miller on with you often and of course KO. Also, are you bringing the showkiller along with you? What is he doing?

  19. Hey Dan, Can’t wait for you to get back on the air 10.1 hopefully you get can get olberman out the hospital since he’s sick again (sigh) .haha..take care


  20. About time. And DP, don’t forget to podcast your new show.

  21. please podcast the entire show, not just highlights. i don’t want to miss a second. thanks

    Brian in Antwerp

  22. Here’s to hoping it’s picked up on Sirius Radio. It would be kind of neat if you could steal Phil the ShowKiller – offer him another $.50/hr or something. I’m not sure how well he operated the studio, but you guys had pretty good chemistry – a type of “odd couple” type thing that sells Mike&Mike.

    Where will your broadcast out of? Will you still live near metropolitan Bristol? Ever thought of doing a “tour” of the production? I bet it would sell.

  23. Dan, GOOD LUCK.

    You have talent, that’s hard to come by these days!

    I hope you keep an active web presences, this has been fun (and innovative)!

  24. Dan, That is Awesome!! Today it’s official that Mike Tirico (SP) and Stephen A. Smith fill your vacated slot..I knew it would take 2 people to do what you did LOL. I heard that Tirico was going to have Costas on for his first guest….I think it would have been a fitting tribute to have you on as his first guest but they didn’t ask me 🙂

    Keep up the good work my friend!!!

  25. I just heard that DP will be joing the local (San Diego) Fox Affiliate. Man, was that great news.

  26. Just googled to see where you’ve been, luckily I found this site! Afternoon just isn’t the same since you left, but I’m looking forward to the new show. Your web site is AWESOME, very slick.


  27. “Lou” what a dog! If you ever want to take him on a road trip let me know and I will help you.

  28. 6’3″ 245!!

  29. Dan I can’t wait for the new show. You are so big in Fresno that the affliate of the network you used to work for will air your new program instead and put the program that the network is airing on it’s sister station.

    Dan you are on now!!!!! You are full of class to call the new show and wish Mike well. That’s why I respect you so much.
    I’m looking forward to Oct. 1

    Michael in Fresno

  30. Can’t wait. Stay classy Dan Patrick.

  31. Why when I read something Dan Patrick writes that my mind reads it in DP’s Barry Bonds voice?

  32. Dan,

    Looking forward to the new show. I hope KO is joining you again. Maybe you can get him for the whole show.

    The summer has not been the same with you not on the radio.

    Also, I just wanted to add that it was very classy of you to call in to the Mike Tirico show today. He was a great choice for their new radio guy and you are both first class all of the way.

    Best of luck.

  33. Hi Dan,
    I just wanted to echo the response a few before mine. You showed a lot of class and integrity calling in to wish the best for Mike Tirico in your time slot. I believe Mike will have the best opportunity and ability to cover the same ground as the great DP. Again, I wish you all the best in your new gig. I look forward to hearing you on the airwaves somewhere , some time. I’ll look forward to October, and be sure to let us know where you are, as I am sure you will.

    Per Donovan, I wonder if the media expects more from Mike because he is not white? I wonder if the media will expect more from Steven A.?

    As for Bonds, I vote for blast it into oblivion. It’s just a ball hit by someone who wasn’t satisfied with being the best all around player in baseball. He ALEDGEDLY juiced up to grab the attention away from others, and yet scorns the attention. Blast the ball and the ego that goes with it to never never land. I’m sure Mork from Ork will throw it back

  34. hi dan…..great news about the new show…hope los angeles has your show…any hints

  35. I am so happy that you are comming back. Will Phil be with you to kill another show? I hope so… I’m just happy you will be back and I will be listening. 5 Foot 9 / 220. And you better not call me fat…

  36. Great news, Dan! Can’t wait to listen to you again very soon!! Heard you on Tirico show today…I wanna listen to YOU!!

  37. Hey Danny,

    I heard on Mike Tirico this afternoon, and it was great to hear you again! I thought you a were a real class act today by reflecting the attention back to Mike’s show, and not drawing the love back to you. I think thats why so many of us listen to you. Because of your eloquence, class, and candidness. I can’t wait to hear your show again.

    PS. You look like a pissed off Eddie Munster in the pics above your blog. HAHA.

  38. Hi Dan,

    I echo the words from above, you calling in was great. Your show is coming to my home town of Syracuse, NY from 9am-12. You’re the best and your show is so entertaining. Looking forward to hearing you back on the radio October 1st. Mike was a good fit to fill you’re time spot and to do the 1st show from here was a even better.

  39. Hi Dan,

    I echo the words above, calling in and hearing you again was great. I was glad you were able to do those shows at the end as well. Your show will be aired from 9am-12pm starting October 1st. I’m looking forward to hearing you again. Mike will be a good fit to fill your old time spot and to do his 1st show from the CUSE was even better. looking forward to you being back on the air soon.


  40. Nice. Looking forward to the new show.

    So…for those of us who were here in the blog since day one, are we officially DP staff members? If so, I’m expecting that we’ll be having a staff meeting prior to the first show, so please keep us posted on the details, thanks….

  41. Ok…does this mean no more videos? I have fallen in love with Lou, the dog. I could tell he was really bummed about the whole Mike Vick thing.

    I can’t WAIT to log in and see what new video you have posted, they are hilarious. (I think my favorite was you with the performance-enhancing Flinstones vitamins.)

    I’ll be waiting for the next incarnation…in the meantime…

    Peace and Blessings,

  42. Dan, wish you all the best. Can’t wait to here you on “the radio near you” i hope i can here your broadcust on sirius. As i said before i can’t belive i get paid to listen to you, trust me am speaking for alot of truck drivers who can’t get to a computer.

    One of the things i miss about your show beside the great gustes, is you always tell us whats coming on the show, and what time the gustes are going to joing you upfront. That is your trade marck good job Dan.

  43. Dan:
    Here’s hoping the Portland, OR station you were on quickly replaces Jim Rome’s boring, juvenile show with yours upon your return. Look forward to spending lunch hours with you again soon! Eager to see what your reinvention brings out.

  44. Hey Dan
    Here s hoping we get you in Houston.

  45. Please tell me your new show will be picked up in the New Orleans area or, failing that, on Sirius Satellite Radio. Geaux Tigers!!

  46. Dan
    The three hours you were on everyday have been severly missed. Like everyone else I can’t wait for your return.
    “Good luck-we’re all counting on you.” Dr.Rumack

  47. Dan Please we need you in NEW YORK CITY… please please… get back on the RADIO SOON…. I’m DYING HERE….

    oh yeah 5’10 280…. PHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!! We need u back on the radio ASAP. U give some of the best interviews, from a serious/comedic standpoint. I know ur tired of eachother, but u and K.O. make a pretty good damn team. Hopefully u guys will team up in the future. Both of u are a inspiration to, not only me but millions around the world who listen to talk radio, and would like to start their own radio shows. Hold it down, good luck. 6’0 265…44 waist “DING”. P.S. Show luv 4 the Falcons. Itz rough right now but we gon make it.

  49. Any Chance Phil will come along for the ride to your next home? Nobody interacts with you like the “Show Killer”!

  50. Can’t wait to have you back on the air. I drive around all day and would listen to your show everyday. You always had the best guest and handled everything with a touch of class and sense of humor. The tommy morrison interview was crazy, some of the best radio ever. Well good luck with the new show, hope I can hear it in atlanta.

  51. looking forward to your new gig Dan, i understand from other bloggers you ll be here in Syracuse 9-12.. thats cool… can’t wait.. just please… please be sure to podcast… wish i could listen live but will have to go with podcasts instead.. thanks

  52. Great news! I can’t wait to hear your voice over the airwaves again!

  53. We look forward for your return. Hope you cover the Pacific Northwest, and Live this time.

  54. Please tell me your new show will be on Itunes or XM.

  55. i’m like that other guy above… for some reason i just decided to see what dp is up to. for some reason ain’t really feeling ESPN daytime radio anymore. good to see he’s back in the saddle. i hope to be terrorizing him soon…

    (btw, i love the part of the video where you walking up the stairs presumably in your house… and you sit at your own desk with the mic. that’s good stuff. it’s like you broke away from the man… but you can’t stop doing what you do… FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME!!!)

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