24 Man, what a great time of year…

    We are so spoiled every fall. We have NFL, college football just getting rolling. Can you remember a September in baseball where so many teams still have a chance to make the postseason? Even NBA and college hoop fans, those seasons are just around the corner.

And living here, in the Northeast. It’s a beautiful time. No air conditioning anymore…no heat needed yet. It’s all open windows, cold drinks….sports all weekend. If you’ve never been up here to New England, this is the time to come. I know the college football up here isn’t exactly the SEC (even though Rutgers is pretty good now). Who cares. Go check out an Army game, a perfect setting on the Hudson river with the leaves changing color. Go check out an Ivy League game. Yale is near me and their games are great, very old school. Lots of tailgating.

I’m sure you have things like this where you live that I should know about. So tell me, what’s the place to go on a fall weekend to see some sports? I don’t care if it’s a high school game in the middle of nowhere or Saturday night at LSU. Tell me yours…



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  1. I’m up in the Northeast, too, Central New Hampshire/Vermont. Our only even moderately viable college football team is Dartmouth, and they barely qualify (though Jay Fiedler is still quite the household name up here).

    Dartmouth games are always a blast, though, in the relatively small stadium with a very “down home” feel. You’re right, Dan, this time of year up in New England really is fantastic. It almost makes the -20 degree winters worthwhile. Almost.

  2. The weather has been unseasonably cooler here in Houston. But to watch some great high school football is Barnett Stadium. It is nothing better here in texas than to hear the clacking of helmets and shoulder pads, the thrill of a 95 yard kickoff return that brings the crowd to its feet, or 4th and goal with 2 seconds left on the clock. Being out of high school since 1983, the sights and sounds on high school football here in H-Town makes you want to try to fit in the jersey one more time. Go Jack Yates High….

  3. I live in Chicago, but I tend to make it down to Indiana University a couple times during the fall months to go tailgating at the home football games. The weather has been great both here and down there making it perfect for tailgates. It’s a fun time, even though not many people go into the game. The walk through that the players do before the game is always great to see. Went to my first Bears game this past weekend and the atmosphere was electric. Looking forward to the first of October Dan. Hope you’re enjoying the time off. It was nice to hear you on Tirico’s show last night. Take care.

  4. As a University of Kansas grad, I have to find other college teams to watch (football was just prep for BB at KU). Anyway, having moved to Mississippi, I have fallen in love with the SEC and specifically watching football in Oxford. No, I’m not an Ole Miss convert, but who can’t resist the charm, the colors, the tranquility of the infamous GROVE at Oxford. Wow!!! If you want to see a college football game, come to Oxford and witness the tailgate of all tailgates. Simply amazing!!

    Dan, we miss you on the radio, love the website, are you coming back to a TV or radio station soon? Meanwhile, work on that golf swing and enjoy!

  5. Hey Dan,

    Here in Columbus there is one place in the Fall that every one here in Columbus, Central Ohio and perhaps the state and some surrounding areas want to be…. The Horseshoe or as it is officially named “Ohio Stadium”.

    Before the game tailgate and spirits. A Stop at the Varsity Club and Holiday Inn on the Lane. Gather at “Skull Session” where we sing with “TBDBITL” and listen to the coach in old St. John Arena.

    Follow “The Best Damn Band In The Land” out of St. John and over to The Stadium.

    Even with a new layer outside and added seats The Shoe is still the same. The Band still does their, fan’s on their feet, ramp entrance. The drum major still runs up the field bending backward until the plume of his hat touches green.
    “Carmen Ohio” is still sung and the chimes still ring…led by Coach Tressel at the end of the game. “Script Ohio” still runs and the I is still dotted.

    And so far thank goodness…the Victory Bell has been ringing loud and clear lately…especially on that final game in November.

    Go Bucks!
    Beat Michigan!

  6. As a University of Kentucky grad, one of the great fall activities is to spend the day at Keeneland Race Track taking in the horse racing. After the last race you head over to Commonwealth Stadium for some SEC football, and this year it looks like Kentucky has a good team and might win a few games

    Go Cats!

  7. Connecticut College soccer game overlooking long island sound.

    Perfect on a sunny fall weekend.

  8. How about this as a duo. I’m a Madison, WI native who is beginning work on my MBA at the University of Wisconsin. I used to think that Camp Randall was the best place to watch college football, but as much as the pagentary, the colors and the mystique of Madison is great – it’s now my #2 place to watch a game.
    I am an alumnus of the University of Alabama, and not a Saturday goes by when I don’t wish I was back in Bryant-Denny Stadium watching football in the greatest place I have seen a game. People talk about atmosphere in the SEC, and the only way I can describe it is to tell people once in their lives they have to go to an SEC game in SEC country.
    I took my new bride to the Wisconsin/Citadel game last week, and as much fun for her as it was – I think it was just as enjoyable watching the Tide last week.

    Just thoughts – but these are both great places to watch a game!

  9. I’m a transplant to Northwest Arkansas from the west coast, and, I almost hate to admit it, watching Darren McFadden and the Hogs is pretty amazing. If you’ve never watched an SEC game in an SEC stadium you don’t know what you’re missing!

  10. This blog actually depressed me…it made me realize that there is a huge void in my life. I have NEVER been to a college football game. Never. Can I call myself a sports fan if I have not experienced that?

  11. Game Day – Boulder, CO




  12. Standing in the hockey ticket line for 2 days waiting for section B, row 13, seats 13 and 14. LETS GO RED!!!

  13. PredJoe, I think you could still call yourself a sports fan, but you’d have to make a much stronger argument.

    Get thee to a college game! Homecoming season is an excellent opportunity — even little no-name college teams get wired for homecoming games.

    I’m in Denver, and nothing really beats Mile High, but I’m still friends with a lot of my buddies from high school and we went to see our alma mater play a couple of years ago and it was outstanding. High school students are too young and mostly too sober not to get completely caught up in the spirit of the thing.

  14. well i am here in antwerp and since my team went bankrupt a week before practice started i will be scouting out a few teams this week around belgium. great fun. i will be checking out the SC-LSU and PSU-UM games tomorrow at a sports bar in brussels so all is well.

    Brian in Antwerp

  15. North Carolina State vs. East Carolina University

    Greenville, NC

    4:30pm game time, tailgate starts @ 10:30am.

    1,000’s of grills cooking evrything from Barbeque to Bratwurst to Burgers to Ribs

    Lots and Lots of Parking all around the stadium

    Southern Girls that are very easy on the eyes wandering around

    And enough Beer to float a pirate’s ship.

    Come on down, as my guest.

    Great weather, temp should be around 70.

  16. Damnit,

    Now I’m really homesick.

    Excuse me, it’s really dusty in here…

  17. As a Yankee transplant in NC I’ve got the pre-season Sabres on the radio, and a countdown to a Patriots drubbing of the Bills on Sunday…and some jack-ass driving is muffler-challenged pick-up past my house every 5 minutes.

  18. Clemson, SC: On the river, in the mountains, big college football. Unbeatable combination.

  19. To be honest with you anywhere college or Pro football is being played is an exciting and memorable event. Mario and Marin, did a Buffalo’s/Bronco’s weekend and absolutely loved it. But nothing beats gameday in the Frozen Tundra. Cars are parking 4 blocks away from the stadium at 8:30-9AM to get early seats at the pregame bars, the smell of thousands of grills with Bratwurst and Burgers, and the feeling you get walking through the tunnel to your seats and seeing one of the most storied stadiums in all of football is enough to keep any football fan warm.

    God I love Football season!!


  20. What up Dan …
    Nothing beats a nice crisp, fall saturday in downtown iowa city, iowa. With the Hawkeyes playing at Legendary Kinnick Stadium you cant go wrong. A great view walking down Melrose Ave with all the tailgates and you must give a try to “Chucks BigAss Turkey Legs” (if you walk down Melrose, you’ll hear him yelling) then heading over to the stadium and enjoying a good ole Big Ten battle to top the day off. And ofcorse dont forget about all the coeds walking around (combine the coeds and some ice cold beverages, and your sure to have a great time.

  21. Dan,
    I an old guy and I felt it necessary to tell you I’m not happy about your leaving ESPN. Then on top of it they put Stephen A Smith on five days a week. Quite Frankly this does not make me happy. I sincerely hope your new show will compete with, at the very least, the Stephen A. time slot. Good Luck and Best Regarards. In answer to your question Tail Gating with old fraternity brothers in the Autzen parking lot before any Duck game.

  22. My company stuck me here in Columbus, OH..and they have the Buckeyes. I know it’s a fall ritual, but there’s something they don’t know…

    Go to my alma mater, Indiana University, in Brown County, Indiana. IU hasn’t been a football giant, but the setting is spectacular when the leaves are changing. Unbelievable.

  23. Starkville, Mississippi. Although, we haven’t had alot to cheer about in the last 4 or 5 years, the atmostphere in Starkvegas is worth the trip. The ringing of the cow bells as you walk into Wade-Davis, and the smell of smoked chicken and ribs in the air, and of course, the BEAUTIFUL southern belles. Enough to make a grown man cry.

  24. I live now in the Southeast where college football is industrial-sized. Yeah, you can argue there’s nothing like a maniacal crowd at an SEC stadium, all drunk on something, fed to the gills with tailgate barbecued meat of choice or gator, lotsa pretty girls…but I went to a Div III school in the northeast and there’s really nothing like watching the kid next to you in physical chem lab returning punts, your freshman hall RA catch a TD pass. You know everyone on the team and you may even know some of the kids from Hopkins or McDaniel or Colby or Thiel…everyone stands to sing the outdated turnofthelastcentury alma mater…sometimes it’s sunny and crisp, sometimes it’s misty and spitting cold rain…and while you may lament a loss, there’s no endless sports radio chatter post game. Nope, it’s back to the library to study for mid terms. Sports in perspective.

  25. I’m in Pasadena, California . . . originally from Western Pennsylvania and, yes, I miss the September and October weather.

    I ref soccer . . . and today was cooler in the LA area than Pittsburgh.

    I also went to a football game at Azusa Pacific Univ where my son’s a freshman . . . it was two weeks ago and the nighttime temp was an unseasonably hot 85!

  26. Dan,

    Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night…….There is nothing better. We would love to have you down for a game to let you tailgate with us all day, and then go enjoy a game in the greatest atmosphere on earth. And I haven’t even mentioned the Golden Girls yet………..

  27. The start of Fall is just about my favorite time of year. The leaves are just begining to change color and here in Virginia we watch to see when the ‘peak foliage’ will be so that we can drive through the mountains in the Western part of the state and simply look at them.

    I love the smell of the leaves too, that sort of rotten sweet, wet smell that lets you know it’s time to put on a sweatshirt and get to some sporting event or another.

    When I was in my teens, I played almost every sport I could just to be outside in the fall. The short list is, Field Hockey, Track, Volleyball, Cheer (for Football and Wrestling), and finally I was a sports trainer (think ankle taping) for those sports girls weren’t yet allowed to play like Soccer and Ice Hockey.

    My dad introduced me to NCAA Basketball when I was about 12 and I have followed the seasons for 20ish (okay 30ish) years. I have a Final Four party every year and that is really the party to say goodbye to the sports year.

    It’s great to be alive on a damp cool morning run, knowing a warm cup of coffee and a shower is waiting for you at home. Yup, just my favorite time of year.

  28. Dan, I LOVE going to watch Colgate play in the fall. The tailgating section is actually on grass, so you can take the kids, throw the football around, maybe even get a game of touch football going. The prices for a game is reasonable as well. I can take my family of 6 for under 50 bucks, parking included. When it’s time to leave, i’m not stuck in a traffic jam. The football isn’t too bad either, with 2 All Americans playing for the Gate. In late fall, you might be able to do a two-fer, catching a football game AND a hockey game. not a bad day to kill a saturday.

  29. hey dan,
    I’m writing you just as im grilling up some home-grown chilies. Here in Albuquerque New Mexico, yes indeed we are a state, all the sports are just getting under way. We have all the high school sports starting up, from volleyball to football you can catch pretty much any sport any night of the week. The lobos look farily decent this year, plus we’ve have some acctual tail-gaiting going on! The international balloon festia is just around the corrner wich allways promises beautifull mornings, so basically all is good here!

  30. lafayette, LA. i am not a fan… but it is pretty magical at LSU. how can 90,000 screaming crazies not be. it’s pretty magical at the Dome for the Saints… but it’s more so at Tiger Stadium. (i say that with “i am not a fan” being a HUGE understatement)

    we take our football seriously down here… so for a more innocent experience pretty much any high school game would do. besides FLA & TX, LA is where it’s at…

  31. Football last weekend:

    Thursday afternoon: Middle School Football (7th, 8th grade) watching my nephew light it up as a star nose tackle.

    Friday night: High School Football – every time I go to a game I think I need to do this more often, then I forget what it’s like.

    Saturday afternoon: My own son playing 9-10 year old football.

    Sunday (all day): The whole family (12-15 people) over football and good eats.

    It was paradise.

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