28 Junior Seau just called and said…”Man, that’s a short retirement!”

    So here it is. I’m proud to let you know that ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ will return Monday morning October 1st. We’ll be live from 9a-Noon ET…6a-9a PT on a station near you. We’ll have more info at danpatrick.com leading up to the launch about station specifics.

And yes, you will be able to listen to the show online…right here.

Thanks to all of you that checked out the site and the blog over the past two months. I can’t wait to get back on the air. Talk to you Monday.

be well,



107 Responses

  1. Hip,hip,hooray! The new show is the most anxiously awaited event this year. Break a leg!

  2. Excellent! Junior was right.

    Please tell me that the new show will be available via the internet!

  3. Thank you!!, I will be looking and hoping we will get it in Portland, OR Live, otherwise I will get the computer warmed up in the AM

  4. It has to be on the net. We need to hear Dan in Canada, too.

  5. We can’t wait to have you back, Dan. It’ll be a joy!

  6. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    Ok I’ll stop 🙂

  7. Podcast through Itunes? Please?

    David Mack

  8. Great news Dan! I hope you were able to re-charge your batteries. I know you’ve been busy with your website. Please don’t leave us again for another 2 months. I hope your show will be available on the internet and that we will be able to download previous shows.

    One of you many Fans.

    All the Best, Joe

  9. Dan,

    Thank you for the welcome news. Here on the west coast it looks like I’m not alone in the wish that your show will also be available for download.

    By the way, who’s going to clean your pool now that you’re going back to work?



    cant wait , ol friend

  11. Great news, Dan. From one 50-year-old to another, welcome back, you youngster you.

  12. Oh yeah, best news of the day! Welcome back. Looking forward to less productive mornings. Please say it will be live online as well – and there definitely needs to be a podcast!

  13. Dan … 3 Cheers

    Without your website the Heinz would have been
    severe. Finally, the air waves will dance with your dulcet tones and the world will be a better place.


  14. 5′ 10″, 160 . Welcome back! You were greatly missed! Hope to hear you in Phoenix. If not, I’ll find a station on the web that carries you. Podcasts, even to Itunes, would definitely be great! Videos on this site were classic! Keep ’em comin’!

  15. I too have been looking forward to the rebirth of the DAN PATRICK SHOW. However, the hours of the show are a bit too early being that I live on the West Coast, 6am – 9am. I will see what I can do. I guess you can say there was an east coast bias when the hours of the show was decided. Good luck on your new journey.

  16. Good Decision, now I need a number to call so I can actually get on your show. I never could get thru on ESPN.

  17. To THE MAN that does it best,better than ALL the rest! I hope you are bringing the true star of the show with you. What’s Dan with no Phil. Someone has to to be a Show Killer.Look forward to hearing you on the radio(am fm or xm) soon!

    JW in Cedar Rapids 5’12” A stealth 260

  18. Great news Dan!

  19. Should have signed on with SIRIUS. I’m sick and tired of Howard Stern being the flagship, or Oprah, or Baba Wawaa, or any of the other sick “brands” that have jockeyed for the big dollar.

    You are the sports talk show brand. When are you going to get recognized for being it?

  20. Nice. It’s about time. Welcome back!

  21. It’s about time Dan! Great news and can’t wait to hear the new show, you were missed….

  22. Hope you’re live on the radio here in Lexington, KY. If so, there will finally be a show worth listening to in the mornings since Mr. Tony left ESPN Radio. If not, you’d better have a podcast.

  23. You’re the best Dan. It will be nice to hear intelligent sports talk again. I’ll be listening early.

  24. About damn time, there Daniel (if I could sound like David Feherty for a moment.)

    Hope to hear you on the air in Chicago. Mike’s been fun to listen to, but you’re the man!

  25. Proud to say welcome back.. not so proud…. 5’11” 205… anyways.. been a long time since 8/17… looking forward to hearing you and your guests on mond… just one word in parting… PODCASTS!!!!… please!!

  26. I agree with the Sirius comment, or at least satellite radio. Though I’ve only been listening to the show since just after Dibble left, I though Dan could be the sports version of Howard Stern. Especially on satellite.

  27. 5’3, 135, GONG!
    As Reggie Miller would say, “YOUR THE BEST DANIEL!”
    Your show is the only radio show I listen to from start to finish.

  28. GREAT!! Looking forward to it!! Although from watching the videos of your house you could just stay home and be the handyman?

    NAH! That place looks like it takes way too much work to keep up. Good thing your getting back to work!!

  29. Yay! I hope you’ll have a list of affiliates or information about online options up soon so we can plan our days properly.


  31. Welcome back Dan Patrickson.

    Any openings for a co-host?

  32. Will we be able to listen on the net?
    9am -12pm? Why don’t you go back to your old time slot? I need a good radio show from 1-4pm to finish my day off. What ESPN has filled your slot with is CRAP! Tirico is ok but Steven A, is putrid. All he does is yell to try and get a point across.
    Dan Please come back to your old time slot 1-4pm.

  33. great news. look forward to finding a charlotte, nc station that plans on partaking.

  34. If anyone would make me wake up early it’d be you DP. It’s gonna be hard to catch all of your show here on the Left Coast, but I’ll do my best. Can’t wait to hear you again.

    Michael in Fresno

  35. Dan,
    Welcome back, looking forward to your new show. Hope you’re on in central KY. Best of luck!

  36. looking forward to listening to you again.

    Good Luck.


  37. Dan,

    The planets are aligning and all will soon be right again in the world.

    Now if only those Cubs could win a game.

    Go get em tiger,

  38. welcome back dan, we missed you…though i was listening to a harry potter marathon since your espn show ended…i finished that yesterday

  39. Thanks for the Lou video montage. He’s adorable!

  40. YEEESSSSS !!!!! I love it Dan….. I just hope I can listen online to make my workday a hell of a lot better.

  41. THANK GOD!!! I’ve been waiting like everyone else to hear when you’d be back. Finally, an intelligent sports show with the added bonus of your humor. Good Luck !!

  42. Dan,

    Glad you’re back!!! I missed hearing you and on the air during my work day. I’m happy for you and your family that you are in a position to make such a change in your career path. I know a man of your talent can’t help but to succeed. I hope I am able to listen via the internet or the airways.

    Best of luck!!!

  43. PS. 6′-0″, too damn fat…..DING!!!

  44. Welcome back, Mr. Patrick!
    5′ 7″…..170…….FAAAAT….
    Looking forward to hearing you again. I’d love the live show, we’ll just see what the local sports talkers here in Brew Town will do.
    Take Care….Welcome back to the work force!!

  45. Ron…

  46. Dan
    Glad to have you back, hope that you can find your way to Sirius if not the net will have to do. Would be neat if you brought Phil with you but guess thats asking for too much!
    Tom Las Vegas

  47. One word…podcast.

  48. Ok,

    Um. We’re excited.

    It’s less that 4 days from now.

    We still need to know where to tune in, there Daniel.

    Oh, and 5’8″….180.


  49. Awesome!!!!Now, we just need the AZ Cards to go to the Super Bowl!!

  50. Hey,
    Great to hear your are coming back!

  51. There’s only one sports talk station in my area (SW FL), and you’ve already left it, so I guess I’ll cross my fingers that you pop up somewhere unexpected…I’ve enjoyed the video shorts though. You should keep them up, schedule permitting…

  52. Here’s a link for Dan’s show on Monday. Hope it helps!


  53. Yer the best daniel!! Cant wait for the new show, best of luck!

  54. Great news! Will you be on in Nashville TN? When will we be able to see what stations you will be on? What about XM Radio??? Is KO going to be a part of your show???? Inquiring minds want to know… Update your blog, Big Daddy!!

  55. Dan I am pumped! Hopefully you’ll be on here in Albuquerque! Can’t wait to hear all the details! Thank you soooo much!!!!

  56. Hell Yeah! Can’t wait to hear it. 6:00 am! Thank God it will be online. Just kidding, I will listen live. Good luck

  57. please podcast that for us!! get darren daulten, tommy morrison and tany harding the first day please.

    Brian in the ‘Twerp

  58. This was a great way to end the work week. I will actually be looking forward to Monday.

  59. 5’9″ – 160
    Here is the ten million dollar question – What has happened in two months that has driven you back the the broadcast booth? ESPN couldn’t make it rain for you Dan? Good to have you back on the air looking forward to Monday 6AM in Phoenix, your killing me Dan!!

  60. Just one more vote for a podcast from a West Coast fan! The only reason I joined ESPN Insider was so I wouldn’t miss a show.

  61. I’m am glad to hear that you are coming back on the air that is great news. My only hope was that it was in your old time slot. Now I’ll have to Switch between… You, the End of Mike & Mike, and the Beginning of The Herd.

  62. Help!!!
    It’s after 3:00pm East Cost time and we still don’t know what station to listen to on Monday!
    Hopefully you are working weekends 🙂


  63. Is the friday “sendoff” still going to happen or is that tape with Phill.
    Dindindindindindin Dindindindindindin Dindindindindindin Dindindindindindin
    Awoooooooo ooooooooo ooooooo oooooooo ooooooooo….

  64. Great news Danny-boy. Great news indeed. Only wish you were on a bit later so there would be no chance whatsoever that I might (even accidentally) hear the ignorant rants of the program host that currently occupies the late portion of your old time slot on ESPN. I “ax” you, was that the best they could find? How about Phil and a kazoo?

  65. Great news, Dan. Just learned about an hour ago. Podcasts? XM?

  66. Hey Dan,

    Just Wanted to know if I can listen on XM? Looking forward to it!!

  67. Ok…so…you’re tellin’ me what? No more LOU???

    I’ve come to love Lou. As you go about your day, Lou is always there, cool, calm, collected, and he’s always at your side. Don’t take the site down. Have Lou keep in touch with us.

    As far as your co-host, you really, REALLY need to add some flava and give me a call *wink*. I’ll be listenin’ for ya’ Dan. Hopefully this will be one more sports show on XM, but I haven’t heard any promos. So, like Boost Mobile..

    *prrrrt*…”where ya’ at??”

  68. Dan, wish you nothing but the best, but unfortunately you are going against “The Herd,” Sorry, he is better than you, more entertaining. You should have taken the time slot against the Mike Tirico Show, it is awful, he is the worst ever. I miss listening to you in your normal time slot, what was ESPN thinking about hiring a guy who is scared to take a stand on anything. It is awful…the only good thing is I don’t have to hear Olbermann ramble for an hour about Bill O’Reilly, he is a great sportsguy, but as a pundit, he is angry and really out of touch with mainstream America, more of a lecturer than a braodcaster. Hope your new show goes well

  69. Um….. Did you go somewhere?

    Enough of this Palbra!!!

  70. Tom,

    You think “The Herd” is a good show? The guy who thinks its funny when wrestlers die due to drug overdoses? That guy?

    Yikes, talk about Dan Patrick withdrawl, man. I’d *almost* would take Steven A. Smith over “The Herd” but I still enjoy being able to hear after listening to the radio.

    Dan, best of luck. Granted, it seems noone in Chicago has picked you up….yet.

  71. Great to hear you’ll be back on air soon, I will be crankin through on Sirius anxiously awaiting to hear you again.

    DP in the morning, Rome in the afternoon, and no more need for Mike and Mike…..I might just cry…..big manly tears.

  72. I’m so happy you’re back! Good luck, I really hope I can get you here in Milwaukee. I’m hoping KO is going to be with you again, and Reggie too (they were my favorites). I can’t wait until Monday!

  73. Great news…….. Can’t wait til Monday!

  74. Excellent news Dan! I think we’ve all been jonesing for our “DP Fix” long enough now! So glad you will be around for the MLB play offs! Go Sox!

    5’9″ 140…..DING! 🙂

  75. 6’0″ 190lbs. We are all going to miss the show killer.

  76. Dan;

    Will there be beer? I mean, if you’re streaming live, will there be a podcast available each day? I’m doubting that my outside of Baltimore location will pick-up the show, and I’m not allowed to utilize any streaming audio/video on the corporate server…..Ah, what the hell, maybe I’ll just buy an I-Phone and put it on my desk……

    You know Letterman really owes you a visit, considering you’ve been on his show multiple times (I think).

    Good luck man. Arbitron can’t rate you, the people love you!

  77. the things some guys will do for the summer off, now get back to work

    good luck with the new gig


  78. Here is to doing it your way. Love what you do because it is the way you want to do it. We all benefit.

  79. “Podcast through Itunes? Please?”

    David Mack

    I would like to second Mr. David Mack’s suggestion! Either way, I’ll try to catch cha’! Glad you are back!

  80. I’d like to 3rd the podcast idea. It’s great to have you back Dan!

  81. Q: What would you get if Steve Carell’s character from The Office was instead given his own Sports Talk Radio show?
    A: “The Herd.” The Napolean Complex poster child given a step-stool and a microphone.
    Give me a break…

  82. I’m sure Reggie will be on one of your earliest shows, though he will be cursing the earlier time slot because he lives on the left coast and — so early on a weekday morning — he will still be hung over (figuratively) from his glamorous Hollywood/Malibu social life.

    Hopefully you can get KO on as well; don’t listen to anyone dissing KO, you share great radio chemistry with Keith and it was always the hour I tried not to miss.

  83. Great news

    Some classic moments from the ESPNRadio days, definitely need to try to get Dibs or KO on for an hour.

    “Know your bullpen catchers” needs to be rejuvenated, or does ESPNRadio own that segment? 🙂

    Will listen to as much as I can, even though “The Herd” is on at roughly the same time.

  84. Break a leg ol friend .

  85. Dan,

    I’ve always been a HUGE fan of yours.
    Orginally from Philly I now reside in Chicago.
    What station will you be on? I can’t stand
    the locals Waddle and Silvy…the Bears suck
    but nobody here seems to realize that. Not that
    my birds are much better…either way it will
    be a real treat to hear you again, everyday!



  86. Arghh! No DP in Portland, Oregon yet. Instead we’re still stuck with the immature Cowherd. And yes, he did work in Portland before he went to ESPN, but he was never ‘big’ except in the mind of some local radio execs. I’ve yet to meet one sports fan in this city who can stand the guy, and if he did get decent ratings it’s only because Portland is a one-horse town when it comes to local sports talk. It’s whoever is on KFXX and that’s it.

    As for ESPN currently, Mike Tirico is good, but he’s no Dan. And what is up with Mike and Mike recently? Sounds like a small market drivetime show with all the sound effects and goofy contests. If you play their podcasts, you have to fast forward at least five minutes to hear them talk about sports.

  87. Dan
    Finally your back. We got you here in the Orlando market. No more fox radio clowns. Looking forward to hearing you again. Go bulls and the Gators blow….

  88. Hey Dan,

    Welcome back and good luck on your new radio show.
    let me know which station your and if its national. listening
    to you makes going through the day easier, plus cowherd is
    a dork, all I hear from him is college football. Oh and make sure you have KO for an hour each day like back in the days on ESPN radio,Ah! memories. Anyway looking foward to listening soon. God speed buddy.

  89. TUE rocks

  90. yippee …. is there a KO sighting in the future? …….

  91. one more thing ….. if you and KO can put aside your petty quabbles for an hour a day, please let it be one of the two hours you are on in phx ….. well yes, i am being a bit picky …. your point? ….. more chaos ….

  92. And all is right in the world. Welcome back DP.

    Michael in Fresno

  93. Did the show air? Is there an archive? Dan’s done a wonderful job of branding himself, but a brand without distribution…

  94. Dan,
    We got you back here in So Cal and all is good in my world once again. Good luck!

  95. Dan, missed your show. Can you please archive them so I can retrieve them when I miss your program. I have sirius and a laptop, but I am frustrated that I cannot find your show. I drive a truck and was unable to tune in exactly at that time slot today. I’ll try again tomorrow. 😦

  96. Hey Dan…….ahhhhh so far it looks like streaming audio and KLAC in LA………….hardly a great start. With all this anticipation and a tour of every nook and cranny of your Connecticut estate, this is for sure a let down. Jeez, it sounds like the smartest one in this deal was Showkiller staying put with Tirico.

  97. DP, Are you broadcasting Nationally? If so, can you please list the stations your on? Thanks

  98. ESPN’s lineup is pitiful now. Mike & Mike used to be good, but ever since they moved to the new studio, they sound too gimicky.

    Cowherd is full of himself. The only reason why I listen to him is because he is the only person who covers college football.

    Tirico is booooring. Steven A. Smith hates too much.

    I’m going to go stalkin’ and google your name so I can find you.

    Good luck on your new show!

  99. 6’0″ 190lbs…….


    This is kind of like the fire triangle. Take one leg away and it will extinguish. You have the show, you have the audience, now you need the stations.

    Your audience (myself included) needs to know where to point their dial. (A list or a link to a list would be nice)

    El in Chicago

  100. Dan, miss your show man, wish it was in my area. PODCASTS PLEASE!!

  101. Dann-O
    Glad to hear that your back… I can’t wait to hear you again!! I do miss the good ole days… and with YOU comming back, & Ricky Williams asking for re-instatement…. It would seem fitting, that you could help him ( Williams ) and “Mystical Steve” get a job!!! Perhaps, you could use your influence, and RE-OPEN talks with Doritos…. Back in the day, you said Ricky could be their “spokesman” for their product!!! Show some LOVE, to Mystical Steve, Dude!!!

    I also wanted to thank you, for your afternoon timeslot in the past…. but, now, with the morning show… How are you to bug, the leaders of the leagues during their lunch breaks?? I loved it, when you had the baseball comm. and David Stern on the show, as they were having the noon meal!!
    Good luck with new show, I am looking forward to hearing you again!!
    Out, Spiff!!

  102. Glad you have it as a podcast day, I missed about an hour today…. and your first caller of the new show had to be a guy that didn’t turn his radio down ha ha things have not changed for Mr. Dan Patrickson

    1. I’m glad it’s free

    2. I’m amazed at how fast they put the podcast up, ESPN you have to wait like 3 hours after a show is over for them to update the insider page, and here it was 10 minutes after your show ended, the podcast was up

    p.s. to all of you that are to lazy to look it up for yourselves

  103. Enjoying listening to the KLAC Podcast right now. Glad to have you back on-air.


  104. If your around Dayton, OH. Dan is on 1340 AM

  105. 6’2″ 225 and happy to have you back on the air. Love the website and looking forward to making your show the soundtrack for my office in the mornings.

    Take care and good luck with the new show!

  106. 5′ 8″ 160lbs 32″waist (do I still get a pair of those khakis?)

    Go with SIRIUS Dan. As I said before, they paid Stern a mint, no telling what they would shell out to THE sports talk show host. I would like to see what ESPNRadio’s ratings fell down to after you left the noon hour.

    Anyway, GLAD YOU BACK!

  107. SIRIUS would be the perfect fit. Someone Like Dan having the ability to be untethered and speak freely is what SIRIUS is all about. What a powerhouse they would be to have not only the King Of All Media there, but to add to it the King Of All Sports Media. How’s that? Seriously, this is a great opportunity for you and your fans, Dan. Thanks for great radio.

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