29 So what did you see?

Good to be back on air. You can listen online right here.

So today’s assignment, you saw the end of the Padres-Rockies…what did you see with the play at the plate that won the Rockies the game. Tell me what you saw.



21 Responses

  1. I saw a reason for instant replay in MLB.

  2. dan i am upset i can’t access your show from here. will it be available as a podcast or a download? please?

    Brian in Antwerp

  3. I don’t know about the play at the plate – even from this morning’s videos it is hard to say. But the Padres lost it before this. The team had ample opportunity to take this, yet they didn’t.

    I do feel horrible for Trevor Hoffman. He doesn’t even have the benefit of coming back another night and making a save to move on. He and the Padre fans are stuck thinking about this all winter. At least it is unlikley that Padre fans will treat him like Bill Buckner.

  4. Comments….Ahhh Padres blew it. Now about the play… Well… HEY LOOK ITS MICHAEL BARRETT IN THE MIDDLE OF CONTRAVERSEY……again.

  5. Great to have you back on the air. Welcome to LA. I saw a call that was made when the ball came out. If the catcher holds on to the ball, I think the umpire calls him out. But it is baseball. Bring on the playoffs.

  6. I saw an indecisive ump who didn’t know what to call. It was clear to me he never touched the plate. Ump should have made the call as soon as he saw the ball popped out.

  7. daniel,
    wish you stayed on the east coast and took the am slot here with a easter time zone radio station.
    i can only listen from 9-10. i love you man but i got to switch to collin @ 10

    dayton ohio

    UD love

  8. Dan,

    I saw an ump not make an out call that is now 9 out of 10 times called after a delayed call at home plate.

    Not sure what went through the ump’s mind, but in the past as said above EVERY time before I have seen a delayed call at home the runner was OUT for having not touched the plate.

    How those arms went horizontal I do not know.

    One more thing…Holiday is still picking dirt from his teeth…oof.

  9. Oh…one more thing….

    What the heck happened to the bunt?

  10. I think it should be up to the umpires if they want instant replay. I would like to think that on a call that decides a game, every umpire would want to make sure that they got it right. I gotta believe that Tim McClelland is going to be second guessing himself for months now and deep in his heart, he knows that he made a mistake. It is a human error, and he can’t be blamed for getting it wrong once in awhile.

    I know that every once in awhile, I make a mistake at work and I would love to be able to turn back time and have a do-over.

  11. I saw a great game that had an amazing ending. Do I think he touched the plate? No. Do I think there should be instant replay in MLB? No.

  12. Good to hear you again Dan. Hopefully you can archive for podcasting. I really don’t want to see instand replay in baseball. If we had it last night they might still be playing. First we would have watched the non-home run about fifty times. Why were the outfield umpires so shallow down the lines? Was it so they could get their stories straight with the umps at first and third?
    Morning Drive in LA. Wow, I guess you’ve finally hit the big time!

  13. I couldn’t tell watching it live or on the replays, but I think if Barrett holds on to the ball he is OUT!

  14. I saw an old reliever past his prime. He had two chances to put the Padres into the playoffs and blew them both. As for the play at the plate… if Barrett holds on to the ball then we have a discussion. The ump was making delayed calls all night with strikeouts so I am not blaming him that is just his style. The point here is that Trevor is only in this now for the ring. If he can’t help the team when it counts most he should retire.

    San Diego

  15. Dan,

    If you watched the re-play closely (I did, several times), Barrett’s foot clearly blocked access of the runner’s hand to the plate until he had slid past the plate, then he did not come back and touch the plate. He was out… though the Pads, frankly, did not deserve to win the game.

    You posed a good question–but most answers are simply emotions speaking,

  16. I saw an umpire who was ready to get the game over with. He was tired of seeing every September call-up these two teams had batting in a key game in key situations. He probably felt it was the best way to end the game instead of watching pitchers pinch hit for other pitchers later in the game.

  17. I saw a Padres team that did not protest the call when it was made. How many times does a manager come on the field to argue a call during the regular season? But when the most important play of the entire season is obviously called wrong, no protest. Sure the Rockies stormed the field but how many times have you seen fans ushered off the field at a football game when it’s not over. I missed the home run that was called a double earlier in the game. I’m guessing that was a factor or maybe they were just stunned. I just find it hard to believe that Bud Black lets that go. If only it had happened to the Cubs…

  18. Like a previous poster said, I saw a reason for instant replay in MLB.

  19. I was there and obviously, based on my proximity to the play, could not tell what happened live. After viewing the replays I did not see his hand touch the plate but also cannot say with any degree of certainty that it didn’t touch the plate.

    My thought is that if his hand did not touch the plate then it proves that God may be a sports fan. The homer turned double in the seventh inning was the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The ball takes a 90 degree right turn and shoots off like a rocket with the only possible explantation being that it hit a steel post or cement of some sort. Neither of which were in the field of play. No logical mind could possibly come to the conclusion that the cushioned left field wall in Coors field could possibly create that type of bounce. If there is a need for replay it was for the 7th inning homerun, not the 13th inning judgment call.

  20. Wednesday night coverage by TBS showed a new angle from over first base to the home plate slide. The arm definitely didn’t get to the plate. Third base angles cannot tell if the runners hand slid under the spikes far enough to touch home.

    Bring on instant replay!


  21. The only angle I saw of it was from third base. It looks as if the catcher is clearly blocking the plate, however when Holliday’s arm brushes against the catcher, the catchers leg moves. From this point it becomes an issue that is the runner safe if his hand is hovering over the plate by less than an inch. From the home plate umps view point, he sees the runners arm move the catcher, the catcher drops the ball, the runner is safe.

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