30 Week one…

I hope you’re enjoying the show so far. If you’ve missed any interviews…Tony Gwynn, Phil Jackson, Pete Carroll…go to the “Best Of” area of the site to check them out.

And when the shows over, feel free to blog whenever you want. On Wednesday’s show….Artie Lange from the Howard Stern Show. Should be interesting.


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  1. Dan, will you be posting the shows in an archive, like you did with espn?

    Please & Best Wishes,

  2. It did sound like Phil Jackson made a few remarks that were’t particularly friendly. At first I thought I heard him wrong, but I listened to the interview again last night and there were definitely some hostile mutterings.What did you do to hurt Phil’s feelings, Dan?

  3. […] Mark Mercer wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptTony Gwynn, Phil Jackson, Pete Carroll…go to the “Best Of” area of the site to check them out. And when the shows over, feel free to blog whenever you want. On Wednesday’s show….Artie Lange from the Howard Stern Show. … […]

  4. Love the best of, but I have been traveling and was unable to catch the first two shows. Will you make archived shows available?


  5. Hey Dan, could the show be posted as an archive later? That would help a lot.

  6. Yup, same question. Is there going to be a podcast section of the show similar to how it was on ESPN.

  7. Dan Patrick,



  8. Everything sounds great when i catch it online. Podcast, Podcast, Podcast

  9. Podcast please! I promise I’ll listen to the commercials.

  10. 6’0″ 190lbs……..

    You can get the show at AM570RADIO.com


  11. It’s 1:35 PDT, and I’m listening to the Tony Gwynn interview right now at.


    The link is on the right.

    And yes, Holliday didn’t touch the plate. If Michael Barrett didn’t pause to look at the ump and instead rushed with urgency to tag Holliday, I think the call goes SD’s way.

    To me, it’s that pause by the catcher that makes the ump call safe. Initially he made no call, keeping the play alive. Then he makes no call when he sees the ball not in the catcher’s glove. It’s the catcher’s doubt (rather than his certainty) that seems to create the basis for the ump’s safe call.

    And Holliday still hasn’t scored. If I’m the Phillies catcher during Holliday’s first at-bat. I take a ball and tag him when he comes up, just for fun.

    COL-PHI should be a high scoring series. I’m a longtime Phils fan, so here’s hoping that Hamels can get them off to a good start.

    Good to have you back, Dan.


  12. Welcome back! The show’s been entertaining, with great guests as always. KLAC has done a good job with archiving both the show and the interviews. While I’ll miss Roggin & Simers Squared, I’d accept the trade anytime. BTW, nice interviews with T.G., P.C. et el…

  13. Wow Dan, I didn’t realize how much I mis your show until I heard you back on this week. Great to have you back.
    Frank, you miss Roggin & Simers, you gotta be kidding!

  14. thanks for the tip Erik!!!
    looking forward to hearing the first show, Dan.

  15. Dan when will you list all stations that are carrying the show.

  16. I second that! List all the stations we can pick you up on!


  17. Hey! Enjoyed the first show. Unfortunately I had to work and missed Tuesday’s show. KLAC supposedly has the podcast to all 3 hours but if you listen, the links are actually to the PMS show (and if you click on the PMS shows links they are for the PMS show). If there is anyway to get Tuesday’s show on the podcast for KLAC please let me know. It would be great to hear you talk with Reggie again! He may be the only person besides your mom (when she was mad at you) to call you Daniel. 🙂 Keep up the great work and if you listen to critics, use the criticism to make you better!

  18. Rob’s correct. Tuesdays podcast isn’t working. DP, please get the KLAC tech guys to fix it. And also, can you ask them to increase to volume a bit. Thanks.

  19. I can’t wait to hear Artie Lange.

    I also saw you, Daniel, on the re-broadcast of the Bababooey Roast on Stern OnDemand. (I had no idea you were present until you were singled out.) You were lucky to be at the best roast to date that they’ve had.

    Thanks for reading and have a good day. Keep up the great work.

  20. Dan, Love the show and the time slot. Finally a alternative to Colin.

  21. Amen, Brent!

    Dan, so happy that you’re back!

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