32 Wednesday…

Good show today. Hope you heard it. Umpire Tim McClelland came on to talk about his call at home Monday night in the Padres-Rockies game. Check it on in the “Best Of” area.

Artie Lange from the Howard Stern show also came on and…he was Artie. Check out his interview and what he said about killing Howard if he could trade places with Derek Jeter.

 Talk to you Thursday…



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  1. If you want people to hear you, Dan, you gotta do a podcast. . .

    David Mack

  2. Dan,

    Not too sure about the “best of” section you are so fond of referring to…nothing new there other than the Phil Jackson interview.

    Podcast, podcast, podcast.

  3. Here’s the link for getting to Dan’s podcast on KLAC…


  4. Where are you pointing people to, Dan? I want to hear your show (or at least the referenced “best of” section), but I have NO idea what you’re talking about.

    Please provide a link.

  5. Dan, having trouble getting the sound on the KLAC stream, might recommend a place on your website for maybe frequently asked questions about issues/problems in receiving your show and sound.

    Also, maybe a place on your site for what stations are carrying it.


  6. Hmmm. The Best of section on your site only has: Phil Jackson from your new show. All others (I think) are from your ESPN Radio days.

  7. Artie Lange, as usual, was great – perhaps you could consider using him more for sports commentary? Like once a week? Besides being a great comic, Artie is very knowledgeable about sports, and extremely likable.

    I also think you should be sitting in the Stern Sirius Studio, being grilled by the King Of All Media. Having Howard point you out at Gary’s roast is hardly an interview.


  8. The link works fine for me Dan.

    I just push on the ON THE AIR button and SNAP I travel from Columbus to LA.

    Next stop (fill in sponsor here)

  9. Good show today. Enjoyed hearing from Tim McCellan. I like being able to listen via the web, but have to log out sometimes to get work done.

  10. ONLY DP can get Tim McClelland the day after the biggest calls in baseball this year !!! The site works great for me and the KLAC has recorded inteviews of the ones I miss ( and you don’t have to PAY to be an “Insider”)
    RIGHT ON DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. […] cityrag wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptCheck it on in the “Best Of” area. Artie Lange from the Howard Stern show also came on and…he was Artie. Check out his interview and what he said about killing Howard if he could trade places with Derek Jeter. Talk to you Thursday… … […]

  12. Dan,

    Thanks for getting Tim on the show. That play was just as game-changing as the Bartman or the Jeffrey Maier plays. But it didn’t happen in NY or Chicago… imagine the outcry if it had.


    Thanks for the link. Dan’s show is divided into 3 separate MP3s for download at:


    — Erik

  13. Dan,

    Once the Cubs finally win their World Series (maybe this year is the year), people will finally realize that the San Francisco Giants have *never* won a championship in San Francisco.

    Not that my Phillies’ one championship during my lifetime is anything to crow about…


  14. Dude! Tommy! Where were you yesterday when I was jonesing for Dan?
    Thanks for the info, I was going through withdrawls. Love the show Dan, missed you!
    It’s nice to know I can hit pause when I need to head off to a meeting!


  15. Great interview with Artie…..glad you are back….cant wait till you get on in the NY area so I can hear you live.

  16. Thanks for having the Oct. 2 podcast fixed! Keep up the great work!

  17. …and for those who are wondering where the interviews are for the “Best Of”. They are on danpatrick.com and click on interviews. If you clicked on there and they did not appear, they may not have been on the website yet, but they are on there currently.

  18. Thanks for putting the interviews on the website.

  19. Thanks to the person who posted the link to the podcast. Now I can finally listen!

  20. ditto for the dude who posted the link…

    baseball needs some replay… it seems like every year something like this happens.

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