31 Wednesday…

Great guest on today’s show, umpire Tim McClelland who made the call at home in Monday night’s Padres-Rockies game. Umpires rarely do interviews…he will be on at 7:20am pacific…10:20am eastern.

Now to Isiah Thomas. Simple question, now that he and the Knicks have been found guilty in civil court….how can the NBA office NOT react/punnish off this? Should the NBA take action or, since this was not a criminal case, should they lay out?


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  1. Enough of these blogs already. If you, Dan, are going to post on your website, at least address the hundreds of requests for information regarding what other stations across the nation that will soon be carrying you. You also need to answer the podcast questions Dan.
    It’s hard to believe that you would leave a national show on ESPN to become a morning guy in LA exclusively. So let your fans in on the plan before we lose interest.

  2. Dan, it is so good hear your voice back on the air. I would literally schedule meetings and appointments around your show and your guests. I looked forward to hearing Reggie Miller, Michael Irving, Rick Riley on your show. You had the best guests and topics by far. Good luck on your new show and look forward to hearing the best sports talk radio out there.

  3. Great Show Dan. We carry your show in Tallahassee. Its different from hearing you on ESPN Radio but you still have that knack for great info and stories.

  4. I left a great gig to run my own newspaper. As a committed fan, not only do I realize the tasks of a “start-up” I also know that you and your collegues are doing everything you can to get the stations lined up and podcasts squared away. It’s great to hear you when I can on-line. Looking forward to the additional amenities I know will be forthcoming. I’m a real fan. Heck I even follow the Kansas City Royals.

  5. Am I missing something here or is there a reason behind why there has yet to be a listing of stations that will carry the new show??? This has all the markings of a bad bad career move……..something just doesnt pass the smell test here.

  6. Again great guests. Glad your show is back on.

  7. […] Wednesday… Great guest on today’s show, umpire Tim McClelland who made the call at home in Monday night’s […] […]

  8. Dan,
    Great to hear you back on the “air”. I hope you can expand it to more broadcast markets, but go after the satellite providers and make sure you have the continued presence on the Internet and podcasts. You wanted something different, how about we come up with a mp3 player that only plays the Dan Patrick show called the iDan :-).

    About that call at the Rockies game. I was there and maybe Holiday still hasn’t touched home plate (he will when he gets back from Philly with a 2-0 lead in the NLDS), but it should of never been in that inning because Atkins got robbed of a home run when that ball hit a wheel chair on the other side of the yellow padded line and bounced back. You would think with six umpires at the game they could get the call right. The two left and right field umpires were standing about 10 feet from each other and should of been spread out more. Did the extra umpires just get a boon-doggle to Colorado to see the fall colors.

  9. simple question framed a certain way, no? the second time you asked it… it was asked properly.

    i don’t understand the need for all these additional penalties. in basketball, with Goddell, etc. let these guys pay their fines, serve their time… then their debts should be paid. i don’t like adding more time. that goes for everyone from Pacman Jones to Michael Vick to Isiah Thomas.

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