33 Thursday….

Today on the show…Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated and the great Reggie Miller.

My question today, when does Notre Dame become the underdog in public perception? I know a lot of you are enjoying ND’s struggles. It’s like rooting against the Yankees or against Duke basketball. When, if ever, do we root for ND to win…to become a power again?



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  1. As an AOH Irish-catholic and my Dad a UND Grad, I’m prejudiced. I want to be competitive quickly. I have a wager that we will win the national championship before 2010 ends. That six-pack is looking gone already though!

    I still enjoy rooting against the Yankees!

    What’s the difference between Yankee stadium and a porcupine?

    The porcupine has 50,000 pricks on the outside


    PS I abhor all dynasties except my teams- Patriots, Celtics and UConn basketball

  2. I’m from the Midwest, originally from Indy, in fact. Although they were in state, I don’t root for ND. I mean look at them? They get their own NETWORK!! How many teams scrape every year just to get a few scholarships?

    I will never see Notre Dame as an underdog. They are the rich kid that gets every known advantage and opportunity. I do feel sorry for them this year because expectations are SO high and they are tanking SO badly. But, hey…heavy is the head that wears the crown, eh?? (*devious laughter*)

  3. Dan,
    Is your show on XM Radio yet? I just activated my unit this morning.


  4. Traditionally I’ve admired the Irish’s schedule. That’s earned my respect. They also seem to graduate some smart guys.

    But I don’t think I’ll ever root for Notre Dame as an underdog. An underdog usually has to come from a humble place, and I can’t think of a time when I’ve heard “humble” and “Notre Dame” in the same sentence.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed your celebrity sightings in Burbank!

    Thanks for another great radio show.

  6. Great to have the regulars back. Both Riles and The Reg are Freaking NUTS !!!

  7. I just can’t see Notre Dame as an underdog. If Notre Dame wasn’t pushed in my face by the collective media, maybe I might even root for them. The Red Sox and the Yankees also fit into that category.

    The question I have is this, why are the Yankees still looked at as the “evil empire” ? During the baseball season, I heard on one of the shows from your previous employer that the Red Sox have only one starter that came from their farm system. They buy more players than the Yankees do and spend almost the same. How come the Red Sox don’t get taken to task?

    GO BREWERS IN ’08!

  8. It’s okay to root for Notre Dame to be a powerhouse again when they start to realize that there is nothing special about them anymore, they grow up and join a conference, and they lose the NBC television contract. Unitl that happens, it is never okay to root for ND.

  9. Great show! Enjoyed Reilly and Reggie.

    Root for ND. No way. They are still living on the greatness of the past. Its the 21st Century. Get in a conference and compete! Then you will earn the right for us to respect and cheer for you.

  10. Dan,
    You bio on the radio site said you will be working part time in L.A. and part time on the East Coast. Did you get a divorce? Cause that would explain your career move and why nobody’s at your house in your video’s on your web site. Hey at least you got the dog……

  11. Hey Dan. 6’2″ 190 (ding). I can’t say anything that someone else hasn’t said. They’re the darlings of college football. It’s hard to cheer for someone as an underdog when they’ve been the “golden boys” for so long. By the way. Tirico’s good, Smith’s o.k. But boy do we miss D.P!

  12. Same thing is happening to Tiger Woods as it once did with Jack. He has been at the top so long that we are starting to root against him. The only difference is that Tiger is still the best…not true with Notre Dame.

  13. Little Help? Anyone found the show on the radio dial in Denver?

    p.s. Your National League Champions, the Colorado Rockies !! Kinda of just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Damn !!!!

  14. Well, Notre Dame is just plain bad:)

  15. Dan:

    OK, I can listen to your show here. Where, how?

    What stations carry your show besides the one in LA?

    Would you mind sharing what really happened at ESPN?

    Any chance KO will team up with you again?

    And so on…

    Please respond to some of this stuff. Lots of us want to know.

  16. Notre Dame? Love to hate ’em or hate to love ’em? What about Red’s Celtics during the 1960’s and so little sports media ripping them or hyping them? I like Notre Dame when they are the underdog, even during the Lou Holtz years (I’m only in my 30’s so I don’t remember beforehand). NBC gives them Notre Dame Saturday and they become hated! What did the rest of the country think of the Celtics during their dominant years? Does the rest of the country want them to succeed now because it has been so long since they’ve had the title and now they have KG or are they looking for some new blood like Phoenix to take it this year? Jordan came to Chicago and there was such hype but he couldn’t do it alone. Pippen comes in and helps levitate the team to new heights. After 3 titles and then 3 more a few years later, they are hated by most people outside of Chicago. We love to build ’em up just to root for the underdog to take them down. Ty should not have lost his job and should have been given another year. For what it’s worth, I hope Charlie is given the chance to prove himself. (Remember Stanford was proclaimed dead and then Bill Walsh brought ’em back.)

  17. When they can no longer get into the BCS with lesser accomplishments than the rest of college football.

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