34 Friday…

Coming up today…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson…actor Chi McBride…and Rich Eisen of the NFL network.

 A couple questions for you today:

-Do you have a problem with Lebron James wearing a Yankees hat to the Indians-Yanks playoff game last night?

-If you’re a Cubs or Phillies fan…how’s your morale right now?

 -I’m looking for an alias while on the road…give me your thoughts. Check out the Village Voice story on this topic.



31 Responses

  1. I’ll answer the first one. I don’t have a problem with Lebron wearing the Yankees hat. I know everyone’s calling him selfish but here’s the way I see it. I’m a lifelong Cowboy fan. And if I was a baller and got signed by the Washington Wizards, I could not go to to a Cowboys/Redskins game and cheer for the Redskins. I’d cheer for Dallas and wear my vintage Aikman ring of honor jersey! Selfish or not, I’m a Dallas fan and always will be. Let the guy sport his team’s digs. Cleveland fans, of all people, should respect his loyalty.

  2. 1) Lebron needs to at least fake his civic pride. Be a Yankees fan, but at least wear a Indians cap.

    2) First of all, Go Rockies! I finished my last year of college in Denver just as the Rockies got underway. I’ve always been a fan of the Rockies. I also am a big Cubs fan. I hope they can pull it together. The Cubs fought hard through the second half of the season to overtake the Brewers and stay ahead.

    I don’t feel so bad for the Phillies. Its probably more to the point that the Mets utter failure is a bigger factor in the Phillies being in the playoffs.

    3) Chuck W. Agon

  3. Raymond (Ray) Dio

  4. 1. Don’t have a problem with the hat, but from a PR standpoint, bad move. He needs to know how to market himself locally for the long term, and that ain’t how you do it.

    3. Pat Dantrick

  5. 2. Big Cub fan…feeling a bit down. Lilly came up small last night. I can’t believe we’re down 2-0 to the Diamondbacks. They don’t have anyone that really scares you in their line-up but, to their credit, they are getting the job done. I don’t fault Lou for taking out Zambrano. I was a roll of the dice and he lost. Marmol has been money all year in that situation. I hate to use cliches, but they have to just concentrate on winning the next game. That’s it. Win Saturday. Soriano, Lee and Ramirez need to step it up too!!

  6. Did LeBron declare his Yankee fandom before this season started? If he did, this shouldn’t be hard for him. He should say, “I’m a lifelong Yankees fan, but I’m so proud for our Indians. I’m going to support my childhood team, but I really can’t lose in this series.”

    Chuck, you have it wrong about the Phillies. They won the division because the Mets collapsed. They tied San Diego for the wild card, just like the Rockies did. The Rockies actually benefitted from playing the resting Diamondbacks for the last 2 games of the season.

    It’s the Padres who blew it against the Brewers. They can’t help that Matt Holliday still hasn’t touched home plate, but they couldn’t get out of Milwaukee with the win they needed either.

    My Phillies’ fan morale: I cratered on Wednesday because I believed only a Hamels win would bring the series back to Philadelphia. That said, they have nothing to lose now–and that probably makes them as dangerous as the Rockies have been this last month.

    Lastly, let me credit Clint Hurdle for playing to win yesterday and castigate Charlie Manuel for playing not to lose. For those who want specifics, I’ll put it in a separate post.


  7. Dan,


    Can’t say I thought the Cubs with their pitching would make it deep in the playoffs, but what I have seen so far is not what was expected.

    Seems things started rolling with Lou pulling Z early, but really the offense just didn’t get anything done against Webb (of course he is a great pitcher).

    Then last night…I wish someone would have went out and talked to Lilly after the home run and he smashed his glove into the mound. He really seemed to lose control after that.

    So…now the Cubs are 0-2 and maybe, just maybe Lou will get his game 4.

    I sure hope so.

    99 years….. and counting

    Go Cubs Go!

  8. The defining moment in the Colorado-Philadelphia series for me was this sequence (with the Phillies leading 3-2) in the top of the 4th inning. Charlie Manuel first “plays not to lose,” and then Clint Hurdle plays to win.

    – Kyle Kendrick gives off a leadoff double but gets 2 outs without the runner advancing.

    – Facing the #8 hitter Yorvit Torrealba with the pitcher on deck, Kendrick is coached to *pitch around* Torrealba, ultimately intentionally walking him after running the count to 3-1.

    – Hurdle pinch hits for the pitcher, and the Rockies get an admittedly lucky squib infield single to 3rd that loads the bases to bring up Matsui, who hits the game-changing grand slam.

    First, the credit goes to Clint Hurdle playing to win. He is willing to pinch hit in the 4th inning and hand the game over to his lengthened bullpen (he now can use one of his usual starters in long relief). His plan is to take the chance to put up some runs. It worked. It wasn’t just a good gamble, it was playing to win.

    Now, the blame for Manuel. If Manuel had been playing to win (instead of not to lose) he would *challenge* Torrealba. I don’t care if Torrealba has been hitting Albert Pujols. He’s the #8 hitter for a reason. He makes outs. Your rookie pitcher has just successfully pitched out of a mini-jam by not allowing a leadoff runner on 2nd to advance to 3rd.

    Playing to win would be trying to get the #8 hitter Torrealba out and starting off the next inning with the pitcher’s spot leading off (always the worst offensive starting point in the NL). Instead, Manuel was worried about giving up the tying run in the top of the 4th inning. That’s just chicken. That shows no confidence in the Phillies’ powerful offense. That was playing “not to lose.”

    The Rockies deserve the credit. The Phillies need to play to win. Hopefully, they’ve learned how by watching their opponent.


  9. I was stunned to see LeBron rockin the Yanks cap. I mean, the fans of Cleveland had to be PISSED to see their “savior” rooting for the Evil Empire in their HOME PARK. Wow. That’s another stomach punch to loyal, long-suffering fans. OUCH.

    A road name idea: John Cocktoston

  10. Re: Lebron wearing a Yankees hat.

    Honestly, I don’t care. People can be a fan of whatever team they want. Fandom is fandom. That being said… it’s a horrible marketing and PR move. I’m not saying pretend to be something you’re not (he shouldn’t have worn a Indians hat either), just that… he’s a basketball player… it’s not like he *HAS* to wear any hat at all.

    Re: Needing an alias.

    First name: An actual city name.
    Last name: An actual last name of a famous dead celebrity.

    So, if you ever see someone registered in a hotel as “Yakima McQueen”, come look me up.

    Just be careful… “Peoria Monroe” sounds kinda girlie.

  11. Dan Hat Trick

  12. Arizona Diamondbacks 90-72
    Colorado Rockies 90-73*
    San Diego Padres 89-74*
    Philadelphia Phillies 89-73

    Chicago Cubs 85-77 (in the NL Central for
    crying out loud)

    Did anyone who does not either live in Chicago or work for ESPN really expect the Cubs to get past the 1st round?

  13. Alias?

    Richard Beer after all you are in LA.

  14. Most of Cleveland is really upset about LeBron. They nearly sent me home from work without pay for saying I did not care…

    LeBron has been the focus of Cleveland since he was in middle school. The fact that he is rooting “against” Cleveland has to sting the natives. He said he has been a Yankee fan all his life; but, he probably should have stayed home, or at least left the hat there.

  15. Road alias suggestion:

    How about “Daniel Theodore,” courtesy of Reggie Miller?

    Or you could do the porn name thing: first name childhood pet, last name, the street you grew up on.

    Derek Jeter as Johnny Drama?!?!? What an insult to Kevin Dillon!!!

    Have a good weekend and a safe trip home!

  16. Nicknames?
    How bout Ron Mexico? He won’t be using it for a while.

    You can go as Alex Rodriguez after he slips into obscurity after another horrible playoff series.

    Or one of the following:
    Hootie McBoobity….
    Van Ella Wafer….
    Jim Rome….
    Dannika Patrick….
    Master Baden….

  17. Billy Sol Hurock

    Big Jim McBobb

  18. Not a Cleveland fan, not a Yankees fan, not a LeBron fan, so I don’t have a problem with LeBron wearing a Yankees hat, other than the obvious: it’s a frickin’ Yankees hat.

    Baron Saturday is all kinda fun and cool as an alias, and meets that weird sort of comic book bent so many seem to take.

    Love Chris in Dayton’s Raymond Dio — clever.

    And, of course: Ron…

  19. And by the way?

    I’m a Rockies fan.

    I wish all you Phillies fans well. Stay away from the medicine cabinet, K?

  20. Oooooh….Alias…

    Dan…you can NEVER go wrong mixing classic cartoon names. Especially Hanna-Barbera ones.

    Magilla Rubble

    Ricochet Flintstone

    Squiddly Gator

    Fleegle Quest

    Snorky Jetson

    Elroy Dastardly

    Oh I and the list could go on….

  21. Do you have a problem with Lebron James wearing a Yankees hat to the Indians-Yanks playoff game last night?

    Not really, it is a little surprising, but he has a right to root for who he wants to.

    -If you’re a Cubs or Phillies fan…how’s your morale right now?

    Cubs – Yes… Lou screwed them. Was ther a goat around on opening night of the series, especially around the 84th pitch.

    Phillies.. No, they were as lucky as the Rockies to get in. Someone had to lose. Besides, the Philly Fans Suck!

    -I’m looking for an alias while on the road…give me your thoughts. Check out the Village Voice story on this topic.

    I think ‘Ron Mexico’ will be available since Michael Vick will not be around for a while.

  22. Another alias for you:

    Richard “Dick” B. Akin

    Chester Larue

    JR Ewing

  23. More names:

    Darius Patrick

    Willy Clinton

    Seymour Butts

  24. Road Alias suggestion – – How Phil Connors ? Using the name of a weatherman living the same day over and over again seems appropriate when traveling on the road.

    Good luck. Just don’t use K.O.’s name if you want a room or decent service.

    M.L. Bear

  25. LeBron: I’m a Yankee fan… and an LSU hater in Louisiana. No problem whatsoever…

    Cubs? Phillies? Once again, I’m a Yankee fan so I have my own problems right now…

    Alias: Alias (pronounced Eli-ous) O’Brien

  26. Fee Waybill

  27. danny burgandy

  28. Dan, you can use the same answer to the 1st and last question – Jebron Lame

  29. you can use my name … chicks dig it.

  30. Richard Shaker

    AFter all it’s what you do 4-5 times a day!!

    I saw this on a fraternity paddle.

    Does anyone have those great ones from the National Lampoon College Edition credits section?

    Someone stole my copy WAH !


  31. Your alias should be Mitch Hennesy. Its the name of Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the “Long Kiss Goodnight”. Sam said it was his favorite character. Nothing is as classy as Hennesy. Keep it like that.

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