36 You write the headline…

What a weekend and it’s only Sunday morning. NFL hasn’t even started yet. So what was the story of the weekend?

-College football…Illini over Wisconsin, Stanford beats USC, Florida loses to LSU, Notre Dame finally wins.

-Cubs and Phillies get swept. Rockies and D-Backs advance.

-The Bergen Record’s story about how this could be it for Joe Torre if the Yankees don’t advance.

-And we’ll see what happens Sunday. So, you write the headline from the weekend. We’ll see what it is on the radio show Monday morning.



13 Responses

  1. Joe Torre’s job is on the line. In other news, the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West

    Does this even surprise anyone any more?

    Trojans Broken: Stanford knocks up USC (will that pass FCC regulations?)

  2. Hardy-har harbaugh. stanford gets last laugh.

    ps- stanford tree arrested for dui after game

    Brian in Antwerp

  3. MLB janitors fired, too much sweeping competition

    So. Cal so bad

  4. hey dan, 6-1, 185lbs.
    for me the biggest sport story is Reggie Miller’s hat when they interviewed him on tbs for the baseball coverage. He was in attendance at the Angels game and boy did that hat look like my 5 years hat!! The hat was all straight. Street cred out the window!!! Please call him on this. Reggie “big time malibu man” miller cant spring 25 bucks for a pro hat!!!

  5. The headline should be, “Where in the world are your radio stations?” If we don’t get the live stream from some soda pop joint out in LA, we cannot listen to you? Was this really what you had in mind? I would think leaving ESPN and doing your own thing might come off as a bit more cohesive than it has been so far after 1 week. If you’re not going to get with the AM airwaves, how about XM or Sirius? We we’re all held captive in your hand for 6 -8 weeks, and BOOM…..nothing but an LA online feed?

    Not a good opening week of marketing the DP brand if you want my 2 cents.

    Hope it all comes together before some of your loyal listeners fade out and forget. I’m hoping to not be one of those that passively moves on….

  6. Breaking News Headline: “Touchdown Jesus watches Notre Dame win as the Holey Cheeseheads crown Bret Favre King of Interceptions!”

  7. I forget which matters more in college football. Is it the games or the polls? In other news, Florida is the best 2-loss team in the country.


  8. Headline: Down and Out in Beverly Hills

    – USC lost
    – UCLA lost
    – Angels Lost
    – Beckham still out
    – Daniel Theodore leaves town

  9. Stanford Upsets USC, LSU Genuflects


    Oops. Is my bias showing?

  11. My headline?

    It’s Official; Mack Brown’s a Fraud!

    Looking forward to another 5 year Stoops run.


  13. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let
    you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

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