37 Trent, Travis and ‘The Boss’…

Two early questions for today’s show.

What did you think of Trent Green’s low block on Texans’ DT Travis Johnson and then Johnson’s flagged taunt of Green while Green was out on the turf?

What did you think of George Steinbrenner’s comments about Joe Torre needing to win this series to keep his job? From the Bergen Record newspaper.


8 Responses

  1. Trent’s block was questionable, but legal. I can understand Travis Johnson’s reaction directly after the incident, but I think his quotes after the game are totally deplorable. Talking about Green with a concussion and saying f*ck Trent Green?? Come on, man, show some class, wouldya? He just sounds like an idiot…I don’t think Trent Green’s block was malicious, he was just trying to do his job.

    Steinbrenner at this point is just a joke. No one is taking him seriously any more, he needs to stop trying to “motivate” his team, every comment he makes about it makes him sound even more rediculous.

  2. Based on Trent Green I believe he was trying to use his shoulder and hit his lower legs, but again it became his head and looks like he did a chop block .. I give Trent Green the benefit of the doubt for his effort as he was lunging out. I think the extra or continues statements by Travis Johnson were un called for as he should of just made a quick statement and move on.

    Joe Torre I believe deserve more credit than the harse statement that Steinbrenner said. His players I believe needed a statement sent to them based on their play over the first two games. This I believed fired up the players which I believe what Steinbrenner wanted all along.

  3. Dan,

    Please give me your thoughs to my statements to your questions.


    Jim Hahn

  4. Steinbrenner’s comments were so ridiculous; if someone told me it was from an old Seinfeld show, I would have believed it. Does he really think saying those things would make the players play any differently? If so, what have they been doing up to now…throwing the series? Joe Torre is the best man for the job and everyone seems to know that but the Boss.

  5. King George’s proclamation provokes the same response as a close up of Wayne Newton’s face…yes, there is a hint of something vaguely familiar but it just makes me feel as if I am watching desperation consume what’s left of a former icon.

    South Windsor, CT

  6. I think that Travis Johnson is just a mediocre player trying to make a name for himself and make this situation about himself. I dont think that Green’s intent was to hit Johnsons knee, it looked like he wanted to go low but I think he accidentally went lower than he had wanted to. And now Johnson wants people to feel sorry for him because he plays a contact game and his knee “never hurt like it do today”

    Steinbrenner is also trying to get attention and he just needs to keep his mouth shut and let the manager manage and the players play. There is no shame in getting beat by a team that is better than you as the Indians are better than the Yankees. And this is his cry for attention but at the same time it could be a ploy to motivate his team. We’ll see what happens.

  7. I think that Steinbrenner needs to realize that Joe Torre can motive the team, but cannot harness their talent and bend it to his will.

    I agree with Holley – Steinbrenner is not unlike a Seinfeld joke.

  8. I wonder about the validity to George’s statements as there has been a lot of talk about his mental state these last few years…if his age is catching up to him , his statements probably don’t hold too much water. It may be time for him to enjoy retirement. Love him or hate , him he has earned it and you can’t deny his rightful place in baseball history.

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