38 What would you do if you were Joe Torre?

    I know threats from George Steinbrenner are as regular as a competitive bran muffin eater, but did George have to do it now?

I got some emails today saying that Torre should resign whenever the season ends…even if they win the World Series. Other emails said Torre should just ignore The Boss and stay as long as he likes…or as long as they let him. Basically to ignore it.

What would you do?


20 Responses

  1. Just ignore The Boss. The Boss can’t kick dirt on the shoes of the umpire so he just threatens to fire someone when he wants a change in luck.

  2. Ignore the boss. Steinbrenner has been using this sort of tactic for years now. Torre can’t do anything but coach his game. If it leads to him getting fired, so be it. As soon as you start worrying about what other people are saying, it prevents you from doing your job effectively.

  3. Torre seems very non-confrontational, so I could see him resigning, but at the same time, he’s been speaking about just playing the games and not worrying about all the rest of that stuff. What I think he should and will do is just go about his business, try to win some games, and if “The Boss” is going to get rid of him, then he’s going to get rid of him. Torre is a guy who just does his job to the best of his ability, plain and simple. We’ll see if it’s still good enough for Steinbrenner.

  4. Mr. Steinbrenner always has used his own special brand of homemade pressure on his managers to help ease the pressure and refocus his team. Sometimes it seems like a well choreographed dance between owner and manager to bring about a yearned for result. It may seem like a disfunctional family,but its one that I love. Long Live The Yankees and the best Owner in Baseball.

  5. Take Steinbrenner’s money as long as he’ll pay it to him, Buy George a coaches uniform and let him sit on the bench where Don Zimmer used to. Until they let Torre pitch or hit there’s not really much else he can do…

  6. its seems like a bad marriage!! Torre (wife) gets constantly berated by George (husband) . He seems to never appreciate the job he’s done. How much longer can he take it. I cant wait to see the coverage on YSPN, oh im sorry ESPN…

  7. I personally think that this is just a bit of posturing by the yanks. Sometimes when you deal with these high profile athletes you have to approach them in a different manner to get them motivated. This is the yanks way to accomplish this.

  8. It’s not like Torre wouldn’t be able to find a job with any other organization. Or he could retire. It’s up to him, and what will make him happy.

  9. Hi Dan,
    I’m not a Yankees fan, but I do like the way George runs his team. The Yankees make a ton of money from the Native New Yorker’s, and he does give it back to them by BUYING the best players. Joe Torre has done a nice job for a long time, and there is no part of what is going on totally on Joe’s shoulders. He can’t pitch, he can’t hit, he can’t run the bases. All he can do is put George’s men in a position to do what they are paid to do. Success or failure is up to them. I believe the players will respond nicely because I think they know the magnitude of the situation. They will have a very tough time finding a man who can handle the egos, handle New York like Joe Torre has done for the past twelve years or so. The players like Joe, and since the ” Big Boss Man ” has blown his horn, maybe the players will run a little harder, make a better pitch, or be a little more patient with the bat. I like Joe Torre, and for that reason only, I hope the players respond. Joe has enough money I’m sure, and if the players don’t come thru for him, then I would tell the Boss to find another scapegoat. I’m a long time Braves fan. I know what it is like to consistantly win a division, and yet we had but one championship flag. Was that all put on Bobby Cox? No. All you need is for a team to not play well for a couple days, and a 5 or 7 game series can get away from you quickly. Fire Joe Torre, and Big Goerge will change managers like we change our underwear

  10. Hi Dan,
    Recommendation to Joe – Walk when the season is over. George continues to act like an ass. It is amazing how some folks think this behavior is motivational. Joe has been through a lot in his life and career he doesn’t need this stress. He obviously has a strong ability to focus on the game and ignore distractions like this. But, in the end, I can’t see how can possibly enjoy what he is doing.

  11. The way this press-conference is sounding…I’d say Torre says goodbye this season (because Steinbrenner lets him go).

    Take the severance pay and move on.

    How about this; Torre goes to the Brewers after they release Yost. Fans would like to see him go…and I think Melvin is on the fence with him. Maybe “one more year”.

    I’m a Cubs guy…but if Mgt can stick with Baker for so many years…no way Pinella is going anywhere soon.

    Take care folks.

    And HOW ABOUT ‘DEM BEARS!!!!!!!

  12. Steinbrenner is who we thought he was, so crown him! Torre did not go into this job blind. How many times can you bring back Yogi Berra & Billy Martin before you start to see a pattern?. Steinbrenner would be foolish to fire Torre because he is able to manage the superstars (Phil Jackson could not do better with this group because Tex knows the Triangle) but Steinbrenner wants the World Series at any price. Doesn’t everybody want their hometown team to win it all? If you lived in Phoenix like I do, wouldn’t you kill for a football owner like that? (If going to the NBA Finals twice, with an owner who is professional and expects his players to act the same way, and you lose both times in the history of the franchise, can you live with yourself and your team(s))? What way would you rather have it?
    On a side note, how long will it take for the country to be offended by the Cleveland “Indians” (not Native Americans) and start calling for the changing of the name of the team?
    God was smiling down on America’s Team Monday night but it wasn’t through the roof of Texas Stadium. How many lives does Dallas have left? Just invite a player from the team to the Dan Patrick Show this week and New England will light ’em up Sunday! 🙂 Speaking of which, no more interviews with the D-Backs until after we win the World Series!
    How many athletes will blame Victor Conte and BALCO for the most Olympic medals taken away or for how many records will be blemished in all sports because of “the cream” and “the clear”? These athletes DO NOT have a mind of their own! It is my fault and the fault of every other sports fan that wants an athlete to succeed and be at the top of their sport! I don’t know what it’s like to be in the spotlight and have everybody wanting me “to take it all” and not let them down, but most of these athletes acquainted with BALCO have the grounded friends and family to ensure they walk the straight line. If you were a basketball player from Cabrini Greens and trying to get out, would we think it was O.K. for him to do anything to get out?

  13. Dan~
    It’s fabulous to have you back! As always I love the show! Hopefully you’ll have an “insider” outlet for those of us on the west coast who work late and have to fall asleep to your show. Not because you’re boring of course, just cause listening at my leisure would be great.
    Anyway, on to the question … Yeah do it now! I hope they fire Torre, and Seattle backs out of their obligations (for a price of course) and make Joe the highest payed manager in Major League Baseball. I would love to have Joe Torre as the Mariner Skipper.

  14. Geez people Joe has a contract to work for the yankees, why would he resign and pass on the dough…it’s not like he’s some flaky corvette buying middle aged internet wantabe 😉

    More problematic for the Yanks and Torre is if King George sticks to his traditional script and reassigns Joe to “other duties” thus allowing us to sharpen the proverbial sword while Damocles fills out the lineup card.

    South Windsor, CT

  15. Just keep managiing the best he can. Ignore Steinbrenner until he fires you. Only way to deal with that kind of guy. IF you let his words rattle you then he owns you. Make sure that, by your actions Joe, that George understands your an employee not property. Stay classey even under pressure. GO JOE!

  16. I think that Joe has proven his worth more than enough with the Yankees. He has lasted at least over 10 years with “King George” that should be listed as the 8th wonder of the world.
    I would say now that if he left the Yankees, he has every right to do so. Some people complain that he would od not won as many rings if he managed any other team. I would tell them that just look at the job he did in Atlanta in 1982.
    I would say either take a year off and look at the right opportunity down the road, say St Louis again as they look to be making changes themselves? Maybe La Russa in NY?

  17. Torre should ignore the threat and bet on the chance that Steinbrenner, who is reportedly in poor health, will not be around much longer. Maybe Steinbrenner will die before he can fire Torre.

  18. Go to manage St. Louis where he played before.


  19. i like fran man… trade places with LaRussa.

    although i’m a Yankee fan and would keep him (and Posada, and Rivera, etc.) not A-Rod. (i would sign pitchers with that 30 mil)

  20. This is obviously being written after Joe Torre turned down the Yankees’ offer. I was listening to an audio clip of Hank Steinbrenner’s. When asked about his choices for a new manager he said “this ain’t that hard.” I hope to God Hank studies harder searching for a new manager than he did studying grammer in elementary school. He sounded like Jim Dolan. Another classic example that money can’t buy brains or class.

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