40 So who’s your favorite now?

    Looking at the final four of the MLB playoffs. Who’s your favorite and who are you rooting for?  Those could be two different teams. The Red Sox seem to be rolling…same with the Rockies. But who are you rooting for if your team is out of the playoffs? The Rockies are a great story…same with the Indians. Cleveland fans have been waiting a long time. Not Cub-long…but a long time.

Tell me who you think will win AND which team is the best story…the team we should root for and why?

By the way, we had Cal Ripken on today and he told me what he would would ask Brett Favre about streaks. Check it out on the “interviews” page.


18 Responses

  1. Cleveland and Colorado. Cleveland because Eric Wedge is from Fort Wayne, IN (where I live) and Colorado because their players have enough class to vote Mike Coolbaugh’s wife a full playoff share!!!


  2. It is nice to see non-large market teams in the NL/ALCS. Personally, I’m pulling for the Rockies. True, I’m from Denver and a homer but this team is both fun to watch and exciting to cheer for. The players are genuinely nice people, unlike a certain ex-Giants player, that allow the fans to feel good about cheering for them. Plus, this is a real team. They are not mercenary squads like the Yankees, Red Socks, Dodgers, etc.

    Holiday for MVP
    Tulo for Rookie of the Year


  3. Who is the favorite to win it all: Redsox
    Who am I rooting for: Rockies

    The Rockies have had such an awesome run up to the playoffs that it is very exciting. Plus, they’re a bunch of cool guys. They are a team unlike the Yankees who were a group of hired guns. I’d even through the Redsox into that hired gun category. In the end though, I don’t think they’ll have the pitching to go the distance against either AL contender.

  4. I am biased. Oh, so biased.

    I am a total homer and I live in Denver.

    So, yes, cheer my Rockies. They are a class team lacking in steroid questions and other assorted scandals. They worked damned hard to do something that even many of the fans never thought they’d do: win in a *pitching duel*.

    Their payroll is modest. Their players are too.

    And I don’t believe they’re a fluke. I think they’ll fight just as hard and play just as well as they have the last month all through their playoff run. You won’t be disappointed by ennui or cockiness or general ineptitude.

    Vote Rockies.

    Thank you.

  5. I’m rooting for the Indians vs. the Diamondbacks. But the Rockies are rolling, and so are the Red Sox.

    The Red Sox will win it all. Red Sox Nation will cheer, rest of nation will yawn.

    The Red Sox have gone from lovable to overexposed in such a short period of time. I think their rivalry with the Yankees brings them so much attention that by the postseason, a lot of folks are tired of hearing about them.

    But enough with the sweeps. Let’s see both series go 6 games, at least.


  6. Cleveland and Colorado in either order. I will not pull for Boston as I am a lifelong Yankees fan… and I do think that both of the teams I mentioned have the heart and the talent. Best of luck to them both.

  7. Colorado – because I live near Asheville, NC and a BUNCH of Rockies came through here on the single A team. Boston – because I loved Yaz as a kid! I like Manny because I like to say “that’s just Manny being Manny” whenever he hits a home run. Games should be required to start at 7:30 ET. We miss Dan on the radio – like Mike, but miss Dan!


  8. Colorado. I’d love to see the Rockies play a storied franchise and create stories of their own.

  9. Go Rockies….this is a magic ride

  10. Dan your interview with Cal Ripkin, Jr. this am was great. I am rooting for Cleveland. The reason is Kenny Lofton.

  11. I’ve been a Red Sox fan since ’75 and the most memorable fall classic of my time. The team that can put that level of magic into the ’07 series? I have to vote… Rockies. I think we have the makings of a tremendous series. Should win? Red Sox. Could win? Any one of the four. But I’ll root for the Sox-Rox match-up and hope for 7 compelling chapters to a classic story.

  12. The Red Sox are the greatest team in the world! Josh Beckett is the truth.

    Regardless of what happens, the Yankees won’t win the World Series this year.

  13. Gotta go with the Indians. The longest Championship drought in the American League, and besides, the Red Sox got theirs 3 years ago so they have another 80 years to go, right?

    Oh the fun we’ll have parading down Euclid Avenue….Good times, indeed!


  14. With the Brewers FINALLY sniffing the playoffs, but not in, I’ll be pulling for the Indians.

    The Indians played a snow-out series here at Miller Park and the fans piled in and cheered for the Indians. The fans that went consider Miller Park to be Jacobs Field west.

    I feel that the Red Sox (the new EVIL EMPIRE) will end up winning it all, unfortunately. If so, all the baseball fans will say, “You still can buy a championship!”

  15. GO SOX!!!!!!

  16. The Redsox will win becuase they definitely have the best combination of pitching and hitting…not to mention they are really the only remaining team with an actual home field advantage. however, i am rooting for the rockies. They did so much just to get in to the playoffs and I think they are like the marlins were when they won their first…too many young guys to get caught up in the playoff pressure or realize what is going on.

    Go Dodgers…and Fire Grady Little

  17. Rooting for the Rockies. Since my team of choice (Brewers) has sucked for 25 years, I decided to get on the Rockies’ bandwagon when they first came into being as my 2nd favorite team. Hope they play the Indians.


  18. there are no stories… the Yanks are out.

    (maybe the Rockies’ roll is a story… but they the ROCKIES)

    damn, i sound just like that OU fan i just dissed. i hate myself.

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