42 My South Florida Bulls…

    Who am I kidding? I knew as much about USF going into this season as you did. Now they are the 2007 version of Rutgers in 2006. They’re now ranked #2 in the country. It just looks weird to see the rankings and see them up there. But I say, more power to them. They’re the story of the season. We will see if they can keep it going over the next few weeks of games.

Now to the pros. We have two undefeated team…Pats and Colts and two winless teams…Rams and Fins. Of these four teams, which is most likely to run the table….undefeated or winless? Make your case.



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  1. What a great “Showdown in Dallas” game that was yesterday. I am sure glad no one overhyped the game. Here’s my question, did anyone who picked Dallas actually think they would win, or were they just so happy that “America’s team” was back and were wishing/hoping/praying that Dallas would make it a game. We at least we found out that New England does suit up a punter every week. There needs to be no other proof than what happened in “Big D” yesterday that the AFC is not only a lot better than the NFC, but the NFC should really be the minor leagues to the AFC.

    No team will go undefeated this year. The Patriots have already wrapped up the East and its only week 6. The winner of the Colts-Pats game in three weeks will have a two game edge on the loser and will likely sit a game out. I can’t see the Dolphins losing all their games since they play the Jets once and the Bills twice. The Rams, on the other hand, ouch. That is a bad team. Historically bad. They have only scored mover than one touchdown once in six games. With all their injurys, 0-16 is pretty likely.

    As far as college is concerned, OSU is pretty much number one by default. There is no way they are the number one team in the nation and I am a Buckeye fan. But the buckeyes will win out and play for a national title. South Florida has a real easy schedule from here on out and will be number two. I don’t think either one could beat Florida, LSU, or Oregon if those three team brought their best game, but then again those three teams have yet to bring their best games and as such, OSU and USF will play for the championship. I would like to think that this would blow up the BCS but if Oklahoma playing for the national championship instead of USC didn’t blow it up in 2003, I don’t think anything will.

    We need an eight team playoff! All six division winners and two at large teams! Notre Dame, join a confrence! Your not that good anymore to stand alone.

    The only way we will get our deserved playoff is if we, as fans, boycott the NCAA. Stop going to games, stop watching games on T.V., boycott beer that sponser the NCAA and write letters to those beer companies explaining why you refuse to buy their product. The only way to convince the NCAA presidents that a playoff is warrented is by making them lose money.

  2. When I watch sports highlights and see the South Florida Bulls as the number 2 ranked team in the country, I can’t help but feel like I’m watching a movie like the Water Boy or The Program that takes some fictional school and makes them a prominant national player. It looks like they’re for real, but it’s still hard to take them seriously.

  3. Hard to take them seriously? It was hard to take any team seriously at one time but here are the Bulls – get used to seeing them. Have you seen their defense? And the QB just makes things happen for them.

    I agree that OSU gets the number one spot on default – they play candya$$ teams – Kent State??? Give me a break. I love it when the big guys get beat – it gets boring seeing the same teams year in year out.

    Let’s go Bulls.

  4. 59 in San Francisco.

    Running the table?
    When a team gives up, they can go 0-16. That could be the Rams. When a team is running the table, everyone is gunning for them–running the table is harder.

    I’m no ’72 Dolphins fan, but I’d like to see the Patriots go 16-0 and get bounced in the first round. But that won’t happen. They have too much talent. Why they ever cheated, I’ll never know.

    College Football
    Go USF Fighting Polls. Oh, it’s Bulls? I thought only Polls mattered in College Football. When all the votes are counted, USF won’t be in the Championship game.


  5. Colts are the team to beat. New England is good, but Colts are defending champs.

  6. I am now a Bull. Anything that might screw up the stupid BCS is awesome. Dan, I want you to talk about this on your show>>>>> Here’s the Playoff System Proposal. Take the 4 BCS bowls and put them in a bracket. This still gives the “Suits” their bowl money and then we only need to add 2 games. We already have the 4 BCS bowls and then a BCS Championship game. We only need to add 2 more games. Everyone is happy…… Suits get their money and fans get a true champion.

  7. The season will play out as it usually does and the best teams will play for the championship. Are you telling me that S. Florida is better than OKL.???? PLEEESE!

    Barring injuries, I see nobody stopping New England now. They’ve completely steamrolled everyone so far. REMEMBER….they’ve only gone six weeks of sixteen

    Miami is gaining strength to go winless. If Ronnie Brown gets hurt, their shot goes way up. Nice hire for a head coach too. His pedigree is a pile of losing seasons in Indiana and then being a coordinator who had to fill a offensive scheme with LaDainian Tomlinson.

    How strange would it be for all the ’72 Dolphins having to lose their crown to the hated Patriots while their own team goes 0-16??

  8. the only thing i knew going into the season about USF was that they used to have Bobby Pascal as a BASKETBALL coach.

    and i think the Saints have a better shot at running out than the Pats or the Colts just because of the schedule. (ie, theirs are hard)

    i think Ronnie Brown and Stephen Jackson are both good enough to win at least one game by themselves. (like Peterson did this week)

    it would be cool, though, if bob in MIL was right in his last sentence.

    (and i hate opinions like that of occsooner: he must not remember what REAL/big teams can do like his did against LSU a few years ago)

  9. The Fins have a better chance of running the table, as both the Pats and the Fins must deal with the STEELERS.

  10. You people that think the Dolphins will go winless have not seen any of their games. They have been competative through three quaters in all of their games. They have lost two games by field goals on the last play of the game, trail the Raiders by 4 after three, trailed the Cowboys by 7 after three, and trailed the Browns by 3 after three quaters. They only lost to the Jets at New York by 3. They will win a game with the Jets at Miami, and home and home with the Bills left on their schedule.

  11. Dan,
    I think it is a better chance of the Fins going winless than anything else. Think about it, if the Browns can put of 51 points then there must be some God that will make the pats lose. The Pats are great but each week the pressure builds up and as we all know in sports anything can happen and that is why the Pats will end up losing to a team that no one expected them to lose to. Dare I say it…..GO BROWNS!!!

  12. The Patriots go undefeated this year – not because they’re the best team, but because they’re the angriest. For the last several years this team has made up reasons to motivate them. They say things like “nobody believed in us, but we believed in us”…even though they have been favored in nearly every game for the last 5 years.

    However, this year is different. The coach and the players who remain from the Super Bowl teams of the recent past TRULY have something to prove. There are a lot of people – people who matter – that think their victories are tainted because of the videotaping scandal. This year, they are going to go out of their way to make sure nobody can say that after 2007. They’ll run the table because they’re the best team in 20 years…because they’re angrier than any team in the league…and they won’t rest their starters in Week 16 & 17 like the Colts.

    On the other hand, I don’t think any pro team can go winless…even if it wants to. There are too many people in a pro locker room that have too much pride to let their team lose every game. Players also know that they have a greater risk of injury if they go through the motions half speed than if they give 100%. The Rams are bad, but they’re not horrible. They only had thre Week 1 starters on the field last week. They’ll get healthy and win a few down the stretch. There are also enough leaders on that team who will keep them motivated to win at least one game. The same can be said for the Dolphins (Jason Taylor comes to mind).

    Here’s hoping USF runs the table. It’s nice to see a couple of guys with Iowa ties (head coach Jim Leavitt and assistant head coach Dan McCarney) finding success in Florida. Go Bulls!

  13. being here in the east, and a former resident of fla, i have known a little about usf. if i recall correctly, i think leroy selmon was tied to the program until a few years ago (as school a.d. as i recall but had to resign due to unspecified health reasons.. ( i checked wikopedia the national enquirer of the internet and it confirms he was a.d. 2001-2004). anyways, when miami, va tech and bc left the big east several years ago, people said that usf could become what miami had been.. personally i didn t believe it… but i was wrong…
    regarding the nfl, would love to see the rams go 0-16, being a bucs fan… nothing would be better than to get my bucs removed as last team to go winless.

  14. Colts are the best. GO COLTS !

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