43 Super Bowl in London?

    I saw this story today and I wasn’t that surprised. This is the natural progression of sport, trying to branch out to new markets. Unlike the NBA, the NFL hasn’t translated overseas very well. So the NFL is considering playing the Super Bowl in London someday. What is the negative here? Will old school NFL fans be upset that ‘our sport’ may play its biggest game in another country. Or do you not care. Most people can’t afford to travel to the Super Bowl. Companies get all the tickets anyway. For most fans the Super Bowl is something we watch on TV.

So, if it bothers you that this is a possibility, let me know why.



31 Responses

  1. Couldn’t care less if the Superbowl was in London. I actually think it would be a pretty cool idea to take it overseas every once and awhile.

  2. Yes, it makes complete sense to play a football game at midnight local time. Complete sense.

    Ooh, better yet, they can show it on tape delay!!

  3. Remember that little experiment called NFL Europe? Umm, yeah it folded like a Chutes and Ladders travel edition.

    How can the NFL find the motivation to move the Super Bowl, America’s grandest spectacle, overseas, but can’t find any incentive in fixing existing problems in the game e.g. the last second field goal time out debacle?

    I fear that Goodell has gone the way of the Selig with this one.


  4. I tried hard to get Super Bowl tickets when the Bowl was up in Detroit. My team, the Broncos, were in the AFC championship and were playing my wifes team, the Steelers. We live in Toledo so travel and hotel wouldn’t be a problem. 1600 dollars a seat and that was before the Championship game was played. So let London have it. The only thing it really screws is the money that the city would pull in and lets face it, outside of Detroit and New Orleans, none of the cities that host the Super Bowl need the extra money.

    Nick you got it wrong. If they played the game at 8:00 P.M. London time it would take place in New York at 3:00 P.M. Which is almost perfect for a Sunday since the Goverment won’t give us a Monday holiday.

  5. I don’t care about the tickets, but I do care about the game and I think the extra travel and the security nightmare of having the biggest game on foreign soil… could really mess with the players routine. I’d rather see two teams at their best. There are enough distractions as it is without making them take their families to another country.

  6. Rich – I find it hard to believe a network would agree to broadcast the most televised event of the year at noon on the west coast. the game has always been at about 630 EST because the networks know that will provide the most amount of money for pre-game advertising, in-game advertising and promotional value for the shows they put on afterwards. It might be perfect for you those on the East Coast (I would like it as well), but not in LA, SF or Seattle. If it was perfect for the networks, they game would already be broadcast then.

    There is just far too much money invovled for whomever has the rights to have a 3pm/12pm game. And as TBS/FOX/MLB has proven, the networks control everything when it comes to gametimes.

  7. 58 in San Francisco.

    I, for one, wouldn’t mind if the 6-hour pregame stuff began at 6 am here. And a noon game for the Super Bowl is later than I usually get up for on a Sunday to watch my Eagles play. Super Bowl in London? Cheerio!

    I do know it’s a heckuva long flight from the west coast to London, though.


  8. My kid’s toys are made in a lead mine in China, my computer tech’s mangling English in New Delhi, now they want to outsource the biggest game in American sports to the cricket capital of the world? Why don’t they stage the World Series on Jupiter while they’re at it?
    This would be like Roger Goodell grinding his Cuban cigar in the eye of Joe Fan, and team owners letting their lhasa apsos leave a token of their affection on the sofa of every mayor with a football stadium in his city. American championships should ALWAYS be played in the U.S., not in some foreign city where the game would be just a novelty on the party calendar of yawning corporate skanks.

    P.S. Glad you’re back, Dan.

  9. 12:59 p.m. 65 degrees Greater Los Angeles

    Off-topic: loved the Wayne Gretsky inteview. He seems like a lot of fun.


  10. i have two super bowls now: the two championship games. the super bowl is really starting to suck. probably why stories like this are popping up.

    i like the comment of the guy above about it being played at midnight local time. at least we could have janet jackson back on!!!

  11. No way!! The super bowl belongs in the U.S. I don’t care how long the pre game show runs or how good or bad the game is. The Super Bowl is an American event and as such should be played here. How can the NFL even consider this ? As it is they won’t let any game be played in a non-
    domed stadium here in the U.S. England isn’t exactly known for its’ balmy weather. KEEP IT HERE!!!

  12. Off subject but quick: Your old station had to be removed from my radio preset. My drive to work went from you and the Big Show, to a mediocre & unemotional yap fest. I can’t even take the last hour with SAS, it’s that horrid.

    As for as Superbowl in London, no fan’s would really create an uproar other than those whose refuse to see “America’s Game” overseas, like they won’t watch it, and I’m sure you won’t hear “I wouldn’t went but it’s in London.” The NFL is a business and they see a great opportunity to expand their fan based, good for them.

    Really though, is Wayne and the other owners around the league going to sit idle and let the biggest sports event jump the pond? Teams have been getting new stadiums every few years. Kansas City raised the travel and tourism tax to make the money needed to update Arrowhead for a hopeful Superbowl.

    The Superbowl is the biggest money maker for everyone involved from the teams playing down to the local eateries that get a million plus peolpe in their city during that week. I don’t see Goodell getting anyone to loosen their grip on that kind of cash anytime soon.

  13. dude, we can take it overseas, but there’s got to be a way better party than London, you know?

  14. I understand football is a business and the Super Bowl is it’s money maker. However, do we really want to have America’s game in the country that tried to stop us from being who we are today? Besides that, what are they going to have on the menu…Tea and Crumpets…give me a break!!!

  15. 6’0″ 190……….

    Off topic again,

    We need more stations that catch you Dan. I have been without some “live” Dan in too long.

    On topic,

    IF (and I hope they never do) the NFL ever sends the Superbowl to another country we could just call them what they would be…….(in the nicest terms) ladies of the night. I know it is a business but you can’t alienate your base consumer like that. Most of the tickets are gobbled up by companies, but there are some lucky fans/season ticket holders that DO get to go to the game. I myself will always be stuck to the tube, but that is neither here nor there.

    Keep it in the states AND the stadiums we know and love.


  16. This is the Super Bowl. It is the biggest game in the last sport that is truley American. All of our other sports have been taken over by foreign nationals, the NBA by Europeans and a smattering of others and the MLB by Dominicans and other hispanic nationalities. If we want to watch the English Premier League Finals we go to England, they would never consider taking that away from their supporters. Not to mention the economic windfall they would be stealing from the lucky city that hosts the game.

  17. Super Bowl in London? If the logistics can be worked out I think its a great idea. Remember that London is 5 hours ahead of us. So what time do we play the game? (2 PM local?)

    On a different note. I like the idea of anything that will help translate the American culture to the international community. Historically sports has been a good vehicle to build bridges socially.

  18. Robert – October 17, 2007 6:20 a.m. : I agree with you. Anything to help give America positive exposure.

  19. How about a trade? We can export the biggest US sporting event to which ever European/Asian countries that bids the highest, to be played in front of a crowd that doesn’t give a crap about it, and the World Cup of Soccer could be played here in the US to a local audience that doesn’t give a crap about it. Gee, sounds like a win-win to me.

    And Robert–you are for anything that helps translate the American culture to international communities? Dude, there’s a fricking Starbucks 50 feet from Windsor Castle! I guess you won’t be happy until there’s a Victoria’s Secret store at the Vatican. Frankly, I’d be happy with a little less exportation of our “culture”. I’m sure the Iraqis feel the same way…

    NYSteve–totally agree about the demise of ES** without Daniel. The only thing they got now is Mike and Mike and their schtick is wearing mighty thin…

  20. FD Watson – understand your point about American football vrs World Cup Soccer, that has validity. However Starbucks marketing is an American adaptation of a Eurpoean and South American idea, the local coffe shop. So maybe some ideas can be translated by social culture. America is much more than what is happening in Iraq.

  21. Off-topic: complaining about the Cleveland Indian logo. I understand this is about racism, but why is this an issue now and was not at spring training?


  22. Dan, Just think if they pay the players in pounds it would be like double the winnings. The other thing that might not translate is the time. They are five hours earlier than EST. I know that the NFL can move just about everything but the sun? Start the game at midnight London time for a early evening start on the East Coast, that’s the ticket. By the way, it would be great if you could listen to your entire show at a time other than 9-12 EDT, that work thing gets in the way. have a great evening. PAP

  23. OK , so play the Super Bowl in Aloha Stadium. Why not? Still in the good ole USA.


  24. i think the superbowl should be played at razor blade stadium (gillette) or heinz field, or lambeau…just anywhere cold and outside. that would be a fun super bowl to watch (at home)

  25. I think before the NFL considers the Super Bowl in London, they should consider getting a good game because lets face it, it’s why we watch in the first place. Since 200 there have only been 3 games that have been close – 02 NE-STL 04 NE-CAR 05 NE-PHL. last year was good only because I pull for the colts and anytime they play and win it’s great. But for the fan who doesn’t like the colts I can see that the games really kind of suck.

    Dan please make an effort to say the time… by the way your the best show on the internet and in OC

  26. 1) They might try to send soccer players here in exchange. *brrrrrrrr*

    2) Wouldn’t this constitute a parole violation for many players?

  27. England’s national passion is soccer which they invented and called it football because you can only use you feet. All the other “footballs” derive from the beautiful game (soccer in U.S.). As North Americans call it, soccer is bigger over there than the Super Bowl or American Football in general is in the U.S, the sport is more than just a sport, its a religion, its taken extremely seriously. A Super Bowl in London could draw North Americans living over there with everyone else watching from their TVs in the United States. If N. American Rugby Football (simply called football in the U.S.) wants to gain more fans around the world they also need to embrase the British game of football(soccer in the U.S.) Bashing a sport will get you nowhere, everyone will end up looking down on North American Rugby Football and maybe hating the U.S. in general . If we apreciate each others we will have a win-win situation.

  28. The Super Bowl in London would be a terrible idea if for no
    other reason than field conditions. In the US the NFL always
    wants the super bowl in good weather sites, so rainy London wouldn’t be too good with rain falling and muddy field conditions.

  29. The Super Bowl belongs in the USA.

  30. I think having the Super Bowl in London is a great idea.

    Other great ideas:

    Osama Bin Laden For President.

    Playing the US Open at St. Andrews.

    Replacing turkey as the standard Thanksgiving meal with delicious escargot.

    Honoring our country’s history by replacing the stars on the flag with the Union Jack.

    Casting Hugh Grant in a Cowboy Movie.

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