Why aren’t the Rockies the favorites?

    I know their’s more talent on the Red Sox. I know we know all the names of the Sox’ players and about 4 of the Rockies’ players. But with the hot run the Rockies are on, why would you think that they can’t win a few more in a row?

Last year the Detroit Tigers were the favorites over the Cardinals right up until the point that the World Series started. I do think the Sox will win. I picked them before the season and I won’t switch. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Rockies’ pull off a few early wins and make this good.

That’s what I’m hoping for, not for the Sox to win or the Rockies to win. I want to see 7 games. Is there anything better than that?



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  1. Rockies are a nice, cute story.

    But very soon it will be clear that winning games in the National League is not the same as winning in the Ultra-Competitive American League.

    The true clarity of the Rockies appearance in the World Series will begin to form tonight, “…they are just glad to be there…”

    Red Sox in 5, and don’t be surprised to see a sweep.

    PS – Dan, can we get Pavoratti impressions? Hillarious!

  2. Bring it. That’s all I ask. I have no love or hate for either the Rocks or the Sox. I, like you, would just like to see 7 games. If I have to make a chioice, I am rooting for the Rockies. They are the feel good story of the year in my book. They have put together the most incredable run that I have ever seen, especially when you calculate in that it has spanned over two playoff series’. I think toe to toe, the Rocks can do it. If they can take one in Bean town and then they come home, that stadium will be absolutely “Rocking.”

    Congrats on your new digs Mr. Patrick. I loved you when you were on Sports Center, and on ESPN Radion, and now I get to listen on my way into the office.



  3. Either way, the MLB had better be glad the Red Sox made it to the World Series. I’m sorry but unless you live in Denver or Cleveland, I think with where baseball is right now, the ratings would have tanked. Boston helps baseball. You’re right. Not only do we WANT to see a game 7, Major League Baseball NEEDS a game 7.

  4. Pitching.

  5. I heard the words from my daughter… “Dad, we’re going to the World Series!” That was at 2pm MDT Tues. Then, the words at 9pm were, “Dad, sorry, but the Rockies just emailed me. We don’t have our tickets. Seemes as though I bought our tickets on a computer that somebody else at my school (UNC-Greeley) had used earlier in the day to buy tickets and they said each computer can only be used once. This sucks.”

    Sorry, Dan. I want to see a four-game sweep by Boston. And the Rockies can go O’fer the next decade. Major League Baseball needs to remember the little guys more than it needs a game seven.

  6. Because no one outside of Colorado knows who they are. I was checking my usual bookmarks today, and one of them which I won’t mention had a picture of three Red Sox players and three Rockies players. I recognized none of the Rockies players. I asked my wife, who will stare at the scoreboard and still ask the score, if she knew any of the players. She named two of three Sox and had no clue what TEAM the other three were on, let alone their names.

    I don’t think that’s an isolated incident.


    Ken Campbell

  7. Dan,

    You ask why the Rockies aren’t favorites, yet you say that you believe the Red Sox will win…


    I mean, isn’t that why they AREN’T favorites? Because nobody seems to think they are going to win?

    Dan, you’re the greatest of all time!

  8. Dan,

    I agree, few things in sports (and this is a football fan talking) are better than a world series that goes to seven game.

    Two reasons I think the Rockies are not favored are:

    1. The long layoff. I think the eight days off between the NLCS and the World Series lost them all their momentum.

    2. Whether the Red Sox players are better or not is arguable, but what isn’t arguable is that the Red Sox players are more established. We know what to expect of Ortiz, Manny, Beckett, and Schilling… we don’t know what to expect of most of the Rockies players. I’m not saying they can’t win, look at the Marlins and Diamondbacks winning it all, I’m just saying that it isn’t expected or as likely.


  9. Well said, Mark…well said.

    GO SOX!



  10. their’s ??

    should be there’s (there is)

    Come on Dan. Take a little time to edit before posting.

  11. I don’t think the Rox should be favoured. They’re an untried team from the weak league that’s had too much time on its (collective) hands recently — not unlike Rich the Editor.

    Besides, isn’t there some sports psychology thing that says the underdog is that much more motivated? Oh, how I want my Rockies to be motivated (even if I did get screwed out of tickets — it wasn’t Todd Helton that did that, it was some pesky, disorganised Monfort and his passel of minions).

    But the Sox got theirs (did I do OK, Rich?), so any way you slice it, the better story is the Rockies.

    They probably won’t win. They will put up a fight. What ever happens, I’m proud to be a Rockies fan. They gave us an amazing run the last couple of months.

    And 100% steroid rumour-free!

  12. I think the sweep proved why Boston was the favorite. At least the Rockies made a game of it.

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