So did you stay up late on Thursday night…

    I did and I’m proud. Yeah I know, all of you West Coasters are calling us soft, but you get to see the end of the BC-Va.Tech game and game two of the World Series and make it to work well rested.

First off. BC had no business winning that game right up until the point that the actually won it. For three-plus quarters the Hokie D pressured QB Matt Ryan and made him look very unHeismanworthy….is that a word? But Ryan and the Eagles did win and Ryan got his Heisman highlight. Flutie had his…Desmond Howard had his. Ryan made it easy for the voters to vote for him with that last pass (Plus i loved how he flattened Coach Jags and then left a little something on the sidelines after that last touchdown). Now if the Eagles can keep it going, it should make for a fun November in BCS-land.

Now to the World Series. Schill looked more like Schill 04′ than Schill 07′ and the pen just closed the door. It would have been nice for the Rockies to get a split and make this more juicy, but they still have a few home games left. Again, don’t say….they have no chance….that means you didn’t watch the ALCS.

Good time on the radio show down at WTEM in DC. Former Georgetown coach John Thompson works here and he’s still intimidating.



7 Responses

  1. I stayed up and watched the Series. I flipped over to watch Ryan get demolished on every series so I just chose to stick with the Series and the Sox. When they announced that BC beat VaTech I was sadly dissappointed. I still don’t know how they pulled it off. I can just say that I feel bad for VaTech’s defense, they completely dominated and the O couldn’t put any points on the board for them.

    On the Sox and Schill, it was very impressive. I was even more enthused about Okijima’s performance, he was top-notch and made the Dice-K pick up make even more sense. I wish Dice would split his salary with Oki ’cause he deserves more than 2mil over 2 years! And how ’bout Lowell coming up big! All-in-all it was a fantastic night!

  2. Did Craig James yell “oh no” when Ryan threw the winning TD ? “Oh yes” !

  3. I do not understand why John Thompson never bothered to become a head coach in the NBA. He is 6″10, he IS intimidating, he has an amazing basketball IQ, and he’s coached countless NBA stars. I mean can you imagine Robert Horry throwing a towel at John Thompson? Can you imagine a player getting in his face?

  4. I’m a New England guy, so I definitely stayed up late…mainly watched the great Game 2, though I flipped occasionally to the College Football, to wince at BC. Imagine my surprise when I flipped back ten minutes later and saw that BC had won. Whuzza — ??

    The Sox are looking great!

  5. I stayed up, and unfortunately stuck with the baseball game.

  6. That Boston College game was awesome! Matt Ryan looked like Favre, Elway, Manning, or Brady when he was managing that winning drive.

  7. i was flipping back and forth for awhile and gave up on BC when it was 10-0 and matt ryan threw an INT. i was shocked when fox was going through their “good to be in boston stint” and was laughing to myself when they said BC was ranked #2, i was thinking in my mind “not for long” and then they posted the score and i was like, “WHAT?!?!?!”

    at least i didn’t go to BC, i would feel shameful then for losing hope, nope, Northeastern Grad here

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