Would you want Alex Rodriguez on your baseball team?

Simple question. You know what he can do on the field and off. You know how much he will cost. Tell me why you would or would not want A-Rod on your team?


46 Responses

  1. Alex Rodriguez is going to finish his career as one of the top 5 players of all time. You would be crazy not to want him on your team. Compared to many players, his off field antics are mild. I would be very willing to put up with the antics to have his bat and glove in my lineup.

  2. no because i think his contract brings so much attention and scrutiny its bad for a clubhouse. having said that, i think he is a great player and gets an unfair shake in New York.

    Brian in France via Antwerp

  3. As we saw with Texas, unless your team has essentially no budget, you won’t be able to afford both his salary and a decent set of complementary players.

    Beyond that you’ll also have to put up with his and Scott Boras’ need to always have A-Rod as the focus – got to be a club house killer.

  4. Should clarify that as “no budget restrictions”

  5. Just want to give Boras and A-Rod a big “thanks” for overshadowing a great Red Sox World Series victory by announcing this during Game 4. Class act.

    That being said, even as a diehard Red Sox fan, I feel like I’d still want A-Rod on my team. Boston has always been full of strong personalities and has the payroll to afford him. No way I’d get rid of Mikey Lowell to take him, but maybe we could move Lugo along and put him back at SS where he belongs…

    However, if he doesn’t come here, that’s perfectly cool, as long as he’s no longer in our division, I’ll be happy.


  6. NO!!!! My favorite team is the Red Sox and they just won their second World Series. I don’t think a selfish and greedy player (and his agent) like Rodriguez has any place on a TEAM of 25.

  7. I wouldn’t, but then my team is the Red Sox and I just don’t think we need him. Especially since to get him we’d need to dump Lowell, which just doesn’t make financial sense even if Lowell does want a lot more money. He is obviously a great player, but he wouldn’t bring anything to us that we don’t already pretty much have covered.

    Plus, I think he’d be a lot better off getting out of the Boston/New York pressure cooker.

  8. Answer is simply a huge NO!!!

    The manipulation shown by both ARod and Scott Boras last night magnifies why ARod should never wear a Red Sox uniform.

    Family issues caused him to not be able to attend the game and accept the Hank Aaron award, but the announcement during the early stages of game 4 of the World Series shows a lack of respect for the entire game of baseball and shows me that ARod plays for ARod and noone else.

    Boston is not a team that has individual players who puts themselves above any of their team-mates. Yet another example of the unselfishness of the team is the decision by Wakefield to take himself out of the roster. We all know that was a difficult decision for him and God bless him for doing it for the sake of the team. ARod would have never ever made that decision.

    God bless ya Red Sox and the Nation because you really are a class act.

  9. His simple demonstration of when he announced this indicates that he’s nothing more than an attention seeking prima donna. I’d be willing to bet that if this series had gone to 6 or 7 games, we wouldn’t have heard a thing from Boras or A-Rod until the 8th inning of the deciding game.

    Why would anyone want a guy who has gone 1 or 2 for in the LCS and can’t step up in the clutch?

  10. My teams, yes I did say teams are the Cubs and the World Series Champs, neither team needs ARod because both teams have a great player at third base. Lowell, the MVP, and Ramirez who carried more than his fair share the past few seasons.

    On the series, I would like to point out how great Ortiz is for the clubhouse, every clip you see of him in the dug out he’s full of smiles, I can’t stress enough how much we need him even if it’s just for the fun he brings day in and day out!

    Let the Angels get ARod, that way we don’t have to hear about him on a daily basis and we can just visit the ballpark when he strolls into town. Kind of like we do with Vlad.

  11. The Cards will never spend the money, but yes….I would love to have him on the St. Louis roster. Hell yes he’s a prima donna, but the fact remains he’s a top-notch player. We could start him back at his native SS and move my man Eckstein over to 2nd.

    It’s the pros…..and prima donnas are NOT in short supply regardless of the sport. Anyone ever heard of Barry Bonds?

  12. You need to remember that Barry and A-Rod, combined, have as many World Series rings as I do.

  13. It depends…….

    Do you want to afford him for 10 years? Do you have enough other talent around him to make the investment payoff? I mean IF (a very big IF) Kansas City were to bid for him and get him, they don’t have enough other talent for A-Rod to help get them a World Series ring. But other teams will.

    If you’re a fan, I’m guessing most would want him. He’d could be a good fit to the Cubs. Now that the cubs are changing hands, they may have significantly more incentive to manage them to win, instead of milking the revenue stream.

  14. I am a Cubs fan first, and then a Yankees fan. Yet, I don;t want A-Rod near the Northside next season. First of all, I don’t want this insane contract that he thinks he is going to get holding down our team for the next 8-10 years. Second, I like our left side of the infield, with Aramis Ramirez ($14 Million per year) and Ryan Theriot (league minimum?). Third, within two years, his best friend and second father (according to him), Lou Piniella, won’t be here as the manager, so he will probably opt-out of this contract too! Stay out A-Rod, the Cubs don’t want you!

  15. It amazes me that after all the negativity and bad press he received in the seven years since he signed his first record-setting and ridiculous contract, A-Rod wants to opt out and sign another one. His best chance to win a World Series is in a Yankee uniform because they are the only team that can afford him and pay 24 other championship caliber players. But, he will now go sign with the Angels, Cubs, or Giants. I predict it will be the Cubs – he will be able to hit about 75 homers a year there and his perennial folding in the bright lights of October will make him fit right in.

  16. No! The world series proved it is a team sport and one great player will not win you the championship. Ask Kobe. Why spend most of your salary on one player? His agent is killing the game.

  17. The southside of Chicago would gladly take him.

  18. There’s no Moneyball way he’s worth the money (in wins), is there? But (cost aside) who wouldn’t want that bat in their lineup?

    I’d want him to play 3rd base on my team (the Phillies). Can he pitch every 5th day, too?


  19. A big NO, he’s like a cancer. What has he won before? I’m a diehard Red Sox fan and i’d rather have jeter than Arod…that’s saying something

  20. As a Chicago Cubs fan, I have to weigh the pros and cons like everything else in life. With A-Rod, I get 40+ Hr’s, an over .300 BA, and a ~$35,000,000 salary. Can that money be better spent signing another marque starting pitcher and another good arm in the bullpen…. I can’t answer that for sure until fall of ’08, but I do know he would be fun to watch during the summer months at Wrigley.

  21. Dan,

    as a Florida Gator basketball fan I’ve seen first hand what players who want championships can do. Sports is still a team effort and while Alex Rodriguez is a superb talent (in the regular season!) he has way too much in the way of personal baggage and that detracts from the goal of team play!

    I don’t care if you pay him a billion dollars, he can earn anything the market is willing to pay him. But If he can’t help foster a team atmosphere I don’t want him on my team unless he can get me a champsionship all by himself.

  22. I am a Red Sox fan and there is no way I want A-Rod. He is just not a good fit for the Red Sox. We do better with less heralded players. I would honestly rather re-sign Mike Lowell. His personality is a better fit. Sure A-Rod is a great player just for some other team. I would hate it is the Red Sox even spoke to him.

  23. No, thank you.

    Despite the drubbing, I like my Rockies just the way they are: sweet, hometown kinda guys with minimal fuss and drama. It’s the Anti-ARod team and it’s part of what makes them endearing.

    (trust me, I realise baseball teams don’t necessarily have “endearing” on the top of their list of personal attributes, but it beats all hell out of some of the alternatives.)

  24. You bet I would. He brings the two T’s – talent and ticket sales. I’m not a Yankee or a Sox fan so I have no dog in this fight and I think he got mistreated in NY. Even with his downside, he’s a great baseball player (maybe the best ever) that deseves the chance the go play for a team who will appreciate him.

  25. No I would pass on A-Rod..He messes up the vibe in the clubhouse. He can take his deep pockets somewhere else and stink up the postseason.

  26. I can’t say that I would be interested in such an expensive and self centered investment. As a Devil Rays fan I have a farm league mentality. My interests focus more on brains than brawn. Being that baseball, in its most primitive state, has little fundamental yet to be learned after high school ball, the “brain” is represented by comradery and professionalism both on and off the field. Botom line, A-Rod doesn’t have that.

    I’ll stick with my Carlos Penas and Carl Crawfords, unsung heroes of the game, thanks.

  27. As a lifelong Twins fan who is saying goodbye to the last holdover from the 2000 team (T. Hunter), I would have to pass on A-Rod. Nothing against him as the superstar player he is…I believe the disparity between his compensation and the average MLB professional is too large. Whether his is too high or the average too low is a matter for economists…but this difference in compensation is the disruptive influence that infects entire teams. No amount of personality can combat that. Give me the 2007 Rockies or the 2001 Twins.

  28. A-Rod needs to take a page from Roberto Clemente’s book: grateful for what he had and generous to a fault – quite literally.

    I would have to say “no thanks” to A-Rod. My beloved Pirates had to deal with Barry Bonds. That was enough.

  29. He is a disgrace to the game of baseball, but some owner will pay him an absurd amount of money to hit home runs. A-Rod might be up there with Rafael Palmiero.

  30. I am a huge Yankee fan…however I can say I have always been a fan of Alex because of his great talent. I have certainly paid the price for that loyalty. Just like the Mariners fans and the Rangers fans..He is in it only for the money…he is a corporation and a lying one at that. we got what we asked for, a gunslinger. I hope the Yankees are honest and will not at any cost take him back.

  31. I laugh when I hear this question because if any baseball fan is honest with themselves we would all love to have him on our team.


  32. Yes, I would love him here in Milwaukee!!!

    The media here is mild to the players and the fans would love him like they do the Packers.

    Our owner has a bunch of cash in his pocket from this last season and the Brewers need a guy to push them over the top. I can “wish”, knowing this will never happen.

    The Red Sox did one thing with their second championship in the last four years:

    They proved that you CAN STILL BUY A CHAMPIONSHIP!

  33. As a Rockies fan I would most definitely NOT want A-Rod on the team. All we’ve heard over the past 45 days is about how nobody cares who gets the credit. The players are playing for each other and not for themselves – that is why the Rockies are such a great story. With A-Rod in the fold, he would destroy that chemistry because he has always been a ME guy. The fact he announced his opt-out during the World Series proves A-Rod is only about A-Rod. No Thanks!!!

  34. I want nothing to do with A-Rod. Being a crazed Red Sox fan, I am one believes in curses and how they can haunt a franchise for decades (see Cubs). That being said, I believe in the Curse of A-Rod. Wherever he goes, they lose, and when he leaves they get better (Hopefully this doesn’t happen with the Yanks). Whether it be his effect on the clubhouse, the media attention or his dramatic effect on the teams payroll, the man is just bad news. Yes he will put up monster numbers, but baseball is not only about numbers. Chemistry, intangibles, pitching (amoung others) win championships. Arod has none of the above. Lets hope he resigns (somehow) with the Yanks…

  35. No, I don’t want A-Rod or Bonds.
    While you’re at it, send Kobe and T.O. to the same place they land.

  36. Dear Dan,
    When the Mariners spent such a long time signing Alex Rodriguez back in the day as he and an uncle kept them hanging and haggling, it was the sign that this would be a lingering and festering problem.
    And even in 1995, it wasn’t Alex that sparked much Mariners offense, nor in ’97, etc. Lots to like about him but memory persists. Cynde C.

  37. A-rod on my team… i just heard that my team (The Mets) are intrested in paying 30 mil a year for him… im a huge sports fan.. HUGE… if a-rod ends up on the mets.. that ight be enough to push me to be a yankees fan

  38. No. Had him in Seattle. He left and the next season we won 116 games, 57 of them on the road.

    Any team would be better off picking up a couple of 2 / 3 starters than with A-Rod.

  39. I don’t want him. After 2 years, the team will be too hamstrung by his bloated salary to be able to field a competitive team. After another 2 years, A-Rod will be unhappy with his team’s losing ways, and want to be traded. A few years later, he will opt out of his contract and go somewhere else for more money and start the whole vicious cycle all over again.

  40. I think it definitely depends on the team and where they are. I think he got screwed with the yankees because their were already big names on the team and they already had big expectations. He was never a problem in seattle or texas. if he went to the dodgers or angels i think he could do a lot. big media towns but not as critical as new york or here in boston. hed be around good players and not as much pressure. put him in anaheim and they could be unstoppable.

    I think he would help the sox but you know us, we are sentimental. we all love lowell now.

  41. To the guy who rants about the Red Sox buying the series. Did you watch the same series we all did? Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, and throw in a couple great home grown pitchers. Lowell, Wakefield and a good list of others didn’t sign a huge contract. Yes Dice-K cost a lot but he was not a big factor inthe stretch and if you are in the same division as the yankees, you have to compete for talent or pull up a chair in the cellar. I think that you need to take your jealousy and frustration out on the team that deserves it, in Milwaukee. Most true Sox fans, if you saw the parade, don’t want or need Arod. I’d rather give a bonus to Beckett and some of the other guys who deserve it. The guy who called it a curse was right. I have been calling it that for years. Having Arod is what finally broke the curse for the Sox. Arod can take his sideshow elsewhere. There are enough distractions with all of the recliner/managers in the Nation.

  42. I’m not a Yankee fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I don’t get it. If A-rod didn’t have the year he had, the Yankees finish at best 3rd behind Boston and Toronto. They miss the playoffs and we’re having a completely different conversation.

    Would I like A-rod on my team, hell yes! He’s getting better as he gets older and the right manager can make it work. The problem isn’t what A-rod is making, more power to him if he gets more. The problem is the overpaid players that have one good year, get the money and bust! Every team has them. Maybe NFL deals should be introduced to the MLB execs. Players like Rodrigez would probably make more and a lot of guys would be gone.

  43. No,
    As a DIEHARD DODGER FAN, I don’t want this selfish, money hungry idiot on my team. We don’t need more bloated contracts (Pierre and Schmidt=nightmare). I would rather see a rookie try hard to win a job than an arrogant non playoff performer. Love your show Dan.

  44. I’m a Red Sox fan right in the middle of Boston, and I don’t want the guy here at all. I forget where it was, but there was a recent poll for Boston fans and 95% of the people asked said they didn’t want him here.

    1) Yankee guy at Fenway. No. That’s just against nature. ‘Nuff said.

    2) Even if he’s a good player, based on everything I’ve seen of him, I have to think he’s in it primarily for the money. He’ll get his ass kicked if he keeps trying to get more, more, more, more.

    3) Our players get love and attention because they’re part of the family and culture here. A-Rod isn’t part of that. There’s too much history, and everyone hates his guts. Considering the amazing relationship between the Red Sox and Bostonians, you just can’t drive a wrench like that in there because the guy has good statistics.

    However, if he DID come to Fenway, at least he’d be close enough to throw things at.

    Just kidding.

    Sort of.

  45. A-Rod is a very good player. Hopefully he will eventually break cheating Barry Bonds record. Barry Bonds should of been suspended by the league before he broke the home run player. I would love to have A-Rod if a team could pay him at most 20 million, no more. It has been a proven fact that winning teams win with pitching & defense. Look at the Red Sox or any other team that has won a championship. marlins are a good exanple. Done it twice. So I don’t think so! A-Rod is really bad for baseball.

  46. Nope.

    Mainly because he lacks humility, respect and loyalty:

    “According to The Globe, the source said Rodriguez would love to play for the Sox because he thinks they can win multiple championships.”

    It’s not about what he could do for the Red Sox. It’s all about (what the Red Sox can do for) him.

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