Ok, time for the Halloween cliches….

    Yeah, my daughter once dressed up a ham and cheese sandwich for Halloween. I’m sure you can top that, but that’s the one that stands out to me.

Remember the rich family in the neighborhood that gave out the full size candy bars? Man, did we go back there two and three times a night. You had to space it out though to confuse the family giving out the goods.

Three questions:

-Best and worst Halloween costume you’ve ever seen?

-Scariest things in sports…players…teams…uniforms…stadiums…your call.

-Athlete you would dress up as for one day…with all the benefits.



13 Responses

  1. Athelete I would dress up as? Is it even a question? GQ…Gisele… throwing to Randy Moss? Gotta be Tom Brady!

  2. Dress up for a day and all the benefits??? That is EZ…Alex Rodriguez! I’d pay off my mortgage, set up my daughter’s college fund, and remodel my kitchen. My cars are paid off, so maybe I’d buy a Land Rover!

  3. One year I was a University of Utah coed (I’m a BYU fan); put a couple pillows in a big sweatshirt to make me look really beefy.

  4. Scariest uniform I’ve ever seen has to be the Philadelphia Eagles’ throw backs they wore this year vs. the Lions.

  5. Halloween? “I got a rock!”

    Scariest uni? Oregon Ducks.

    Athlete for one day? Missed it by a day. Kobe on opening day, I mean payday. Common, 17 mil!?!?

  6. Best Costume: God, complete with a plywood heaven around his ankles, clouds and angels thereon. And his buddies dressed as Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

    Is the field in Philly any better? That was always scary.

    Well, you know how we girls like to go all slutty and let our wild sides out on Halloween. I’d probably go Kourni. Kova.

    (nice call-back, huh?)

  7. Best Costume: A One night Stand, Card board box with slots for drawers, ashtray with cigarettes on top shelf, condoms, lamp shade with light. Pretty Creative

    Scariest Player: The obvious Sam Cassell… Nuff Said

    Athlete to dress up with benefits: Chuck Liddell

  8. The best costume ever is “the shower” costume from Karate Kid.

  9. Custome? I would have to go with a custome i saw a few years back after the whole Mike Piazza/Roger Clemens bean ball incident. The guy dressed up with a full mets uniforms then wrapped up a baseball around his head. It was pretty innovative

    Scarriest thing in sport?? has to be Ozzie Guillen when he is mad…

    athlete with all the benefits??? I would go for Brett Frave

  10. Athlete to dress up as for one day: Greg Maddux during his dominance in the MLB (winning Cy Youngs and Gold Gloves) or Brett Favre….he loves the game so much. I admire them both.

    Scariest Team: The original Bad Boys of the NBA the Detroit Pistons (Laimbeer,MaHorn,and crew) although IsiahThomas is pretty scary now days….I just don’t get him anymore.

  11. Scariest Uni – Syracuse all-orange or the 70’s Chicago White Sox with the culottes.

    I think I would go Tom Brady or Matt Leinart – the combo of top-tier chicks and cool facial hair is tough to beat.

  12. i went this year as part of the “Patriots Sideline Surveillance Team. Defensive Specialist”

    scariest memory from a ball park. being 6 and walking into a fenway park mens room when it was just a long troft along the wall. i waited for a stall. just as scary. i guess even then i was self conscious with my fly down

    athlete? babe ruth woudlnt be bad back in the day. he was the king. now a days though, tony romo doesnt seem too bad. 31 million guaranteed. best team in the NFC. dating beautiful woman. lap dances from britney. Well, that last one doesnt sound as hot as it might of in 1999.

  13. Graet ideas

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