Our buddy Barry…

    Check out Barry Bonds comments to Jim Gray on KO’s show Countdown on MSNBC. He said if the Hall of Fame accepts the 756 home run ball…that now has an asterisk thanks to the Mark Ecko and the fans that voted for it…he won’t go to the Hall…in any way.

Two questions for you:

-Do you think that the Hall of Fame should accept and display the ball now that it has an asterisk on it?

-Do you have a problem with Bonds saying that he won’t go to the Hall if the marked ball is in there?


24 Responses

  1. Yes, I think the HOF should accept the ball, the things they get are donated, so it’s sort of a beggers can’t be choosers mentality

    What did he mean? Barry, you are so vague. Will you not visit it? Will you not go for the induction ceremony? Or will you ask the HOF to not have your name on the ballot? I think this is just a smart ploy for Barry anyways. He knows he will not be a a 1st ballot, he might not get in at all so this is more of “you can’t fire me because I quit”. “you can’t reject me because I don’t want in!”

  2. Two and 1/2 hours in Dan’s show and not one comment about Barry Bonds. Wow!

    OK, the Hall of Fame should not accept the ball with the asterisk on it. Does the Hall have a jar of pills next to Mark McGwire’s bat that he set the homerun record with? Is there a jar of vaseline next to Gaylord Perry’s glove? Does the Hall have a commentary about the character of Ty Cobb? Then why Barry Bonds? The ball should stay out.

    I have no problem with Bonds’ comments. He can say what he wants. Why should be go the the Hall of Fame ceremony and be embarrassed by them? I wouldn’t go if I were him.

    Does anyone know if Commisioner Selig plans on attending?

  3. I think the Hall of Fame should accept the ball marked with an asterisk. The ball is a piece of history and has been dutifully noted as to its story and all the controversy surrounding it. The asterisk just ensures that the debate/controversy surrounding Barry’s home runs won’t get set aside due to the passage of time or politics of baseball.

    I have no problem with Barry choosing not to go to the Hall of Fame. Of course he is making a presumption that he will get into the hall of fame. That’s not been decided. While I find it hard to believe he won’t get in, I think it is a possibility that he may not. We have one very famous and very successful ballplayer who is not in the hall of fame, Pete Rose.

    We all know what Pete did that earned him the ban, he bet on baseball, which significantly called the integrity of the game into question and he lied about doing it. He showed no remorse for having done it, and generally snubbed his nose at baseball for accusing him. How does this compare to Barry Bonds?

    Well he’s been suspected of using performance enhancing drugs which directly would have padded his own results as well as the wins for his team. I certainly would call that a big question into his play and that of the Giants. He’s denied ever doing anything. And he’s arrogant and abrasive to the entire baseball community over the whole thing.

    I don’t see much difference, with only one exception. Pete’s been essentially found guilty and has admitted to his wrong doing. Barry is still only to have allegedly taken performance enhancing drugs. My gut says he is guilty and I believe the truth of his actions will be discovered some day.

    So do I really care if Barry goes to the Hall of Fame? No. Of course I also am not convinced he will get inducted to the Hall of Fame.

  4. Guess they need to change Jimmy Dugan’s line in A League of Their Own to: There’s no crying or asterisks in baseball.

  5. I’d call myself a Bonds fan. I voted for the asterisk. But I thought I was voting for flaxseed oil.

    If I were advising Bonds, I’d have him embrace the asterisk. I’d have him say how he understands the era of baseball that he’s a part of, and how the asterisk, to him, symbolizes the era.

    I’d have Bonds try to see how the mark actually helps him, by helping everyone else move on with their lives.

    I’d have him work really hard so that he doesn’t take the asterisk personally. Sure it’s going to disappoint him to have the mark on the ball he hit, but I’d have him talk about how, to him, the mark is on Baseball. It’s on a baseball. It’s not a mark on Bonds’ jersey, his 73 or whatever total he puts up.

    If he could find a way to embrace the asterisk, that could work for him. But not taking things personally is not Bonds’ strong suit. And if he’s as guilty as many of us suspect, he probably should stay away from the HOF.

    I sincerely think that Baseball deserves more of the blame than Bonds. I think the asterisk did help the fans move on and become baseball fans again. The mark is a reminder to all of us who were here. And in the museum, it can remind all of those who follow.


  6. This is EXACTLY what every true baseball fan and baseball executive wants. Instead of finding ways to taint Bonds’ records and keep him out of the Hall of Fame, Bonds is actually prohibitting himself from going! If Bonds sticks to his word, the comissioner of baseball in 2012 or whenever Bonds is eligible for the Hall just saved himself a ton of misery.

    You finally get what you deserve Barry! Stay Out!

  7. I don’t like Barry Bonds. I realize that’s not a very intelligent thing for me to say, because I also don’t know Barry Bonds. In fact, my entire frame of reference regarding Barry has been shaped by what I’ve heard and read from the mainstream media, and the picture the media has painted has never been complimentary, to say the very least. That said, my opinion is that both Mr. Bonds and his infamous #756 home run ball belong in Cooperstown. Unless and until it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Barry broke the rules of Major League Baseball, his accomplishments “between the lines” have earned him a spot in the hall of fame, regardless of what any of us think of Barry as a person.

  8. What’s up with Barry saying there’s no asterisks in baseball? What about Roger Maris’ HR record?

  9. Dan, your idea about the *baseball rotating like a globe was brilliant.

    And hilarious.

  10. The asterisk in the HOF, Barry not? It sounds like a perfect world to me. Barry, I hope you live up to your word.

  11. They can put the ball and his differing head and foot measurements in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum next to the evolultion of man exhibit.

  12. If Barry doesn’t go to the HOF in person for his day of honor , it will be an admission of guilt in my eyes.

  13. So, let me get this straight… with all the suspicions, the scandals, the presumed guilt… Barry Bonds has now successfully found a way to ban himself from the Hall-of-Fame? Hilarious.

    Barry Bonds said to Jim Gray “There are no asterisks in the hall of fame”.

    Yes, Barry there is precedence for asterisks being allowed in the Hall-of-Fame. Look at every computer keyboard they have there… Shift-8 is the asterisk.

    Okay, I’m a nice guy… let’s come up with a compromise. Let’s not put the ball with the asterisk in the hall-of-fame and in exchange we’ll tattoo an asterisk on Barry himself and include that on the Hall-of-Fame bust. Does that work for everyone?

    I’m not for once saying that Barry doesn’t belong in the hall of fame. I mean he is one of the most talented baseball players I’ve ever seen and clearly the cream rises to the top in professional sports. Uh… did I just use the “cream” and the “clear” in the same sentence?

  14. One questions for you:

    Wasn’t the 756 ball auctioned* off?

    *An auction is the process of buying and selling things by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder.

  15. It would be too neat and pretty a package for Bonds to refuse induction, wouldn’t it? Nobody would have to bellyache over how to explain him, and he could go on not explaining himself in newly self-righteous fashion.

    Works for me.

  16. It would only seem fitting for him to have his career end in an act of arrogance.

  17. I think Barry should be OK with it as long as he can put an asterisk next to the other asterisk, which would protect him from future situations that he may or may not want to back out of.

  18. I don’t think the Hall or baseball should have any part of asterisks.

    It took so long to remove Roger Maris’ rediculous asterisk.

    In my opinion until MLB or someone proves Barry did something that ends his reign as “gulp” Home Run King then let the ball stand clean and Barry Bonds head to the Hall.

    While Nero fiddled Rome burned and while baseball juiced Bud and the gang watched the balls fly.

  19. Take the ball! Who knew it would be that easy to keep Barry out of the hall?

  20. When my son gets a litlle older and I take him back to the “old country” of Ohio, and we go to the HOF, Bonds’ homerun ball will get a passing conversation (if it is there) like many chapters in history.

    It is really up to the HOF how they approach this chapter of baseball history like the Pete Rose question. And with that said, it is up to us responsible adults who raise our kids the best we can to interpret this chapter. I applaude all who have an opinion on this subject. It shows baseball is alive and well.

  21. Hey Shamrock, the baseball HOF is in Cooperstown, NY. The football HOF is in Canton, Ohio.

  22. Who says he’s even a hall of famer. What a waste of time he is. I hope NO team picks him up and sends him off to retirement.

  23. Did Barry use use roids or HGH, of course. Look at his body. He went from a whippet to the incredible hulk. But, I kind of agree with him. Put an asterisk on that ball and screw the hall of fame. What interests me most is the baseball writers 5 years after Barry retires. Will the same guys who hammered him over drugs vote him in the HOF? I keep hearing Barry was a hall of famer prior to this drug stuff. Well, Pete Rose was a hall of famer prior to the gambling madness, too.

  24. Barry knows he probably won’t be in the Hall of Fame, or at least the mudslinging that will come up when he’s eligible will open the issue all over again, which is humiliating.

    So he does the thing we all did as kids when you couldn’t get in that treehouse club, “well….I don’t wanna play with you guys ANYWAY, hmph!”

    Guess I don’t blame him. Dan, what are you going to say in your speech when they asterisk your “Hall Of Fame” tie??

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