Torre in LA…

    I want to first hear from Dodger fans, do you think that the addition of Joe Torre will get you to the promised land in the next few years. Or, do you think the Dodgers need much more than just Joe. Lots of holes to Phil?

Secondly, for all fans….how important in the manager? Some say that you need a huge payroll to make the postseason, well…look at the Rockies…look at Arizona.  In baseball, how important is the manager? Does it all come down to player performance or is there something to be said for how a manager runs a clubhouse?



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  1. I am a dodger season ticket holder and went to 62 games last year and a couple in san diego and about the same the year before….

    I think we are missing the boat here. The question is not if Torre will make the dodgers better. Its how much better are the dodgers going to be without Grady Little no matter who is managing… The answer is a lot better.

    Let me tell you. The MANAGER is very important. Watching grady little for the last 2 years is a great example. I cant tell you how many times my friends and I were perplexed at the decisions Grady Little would make… At first I thought, he knows what hes doing. But after daily questionable managerial decisions, you come to realize hes just an idiot. He did sooo many things that were strange at first and seemed absolutely stupid later. Even announcers were puzzled about his decisions at times…

    I have no Idea how he did so well in the Atlanta organization. Doesn’t make sense.

    So to answer your question about managers. A good team doesnt need a good manager to win… They just need an average manager not to screw things up and let the players play. And they will win. As such the case is for the dodgers. They are a good team that just needs a couple of components and decent manager and everything will work out. Torre fits that bill.

    Look for Torre to add 15 to 20 games in the win colom…

    If Jim Tracey was still the coach of the dodgers last year even he could of taken the dodgers to the playoffs and probably would have won series or two.. And hes just and average everyday coach.. Nothing special…

    PS… Forget all this A-rod stuff… Hes too expensive and Cabrera and possible Beltre is being dangled… Better to get one of those guys and get some bullpen and starting pitching help.

  2. I think the manager may be the most important position player in baseball. The cliche of baseball being a game of strategy and skill (possibly over athletic ability) seems to hold true, and you need a Grand Master to put that chess game on the board.

    I have long hated the Yankees for reasons of domination, arrogance, payroll, prima donnas and dynasty, but I have always loved Joe Torre.

    Now, out of respect for my late mother, I really should hate the Dodgers. They broke her heart when she was a kid by leaving for the left coast. Mostly I just don’t care enough about the Dodgers to hate them.

    p.s. — Yes, (my beloved) Rockies and the D’Backs both made it to post season on a modest payroll, but I’m beginning to think there’s something to the rumour that the NL was not only the weaker league this season, but perhaps just plain weak.

    Pains me to say it.

  3. Besides the better decisionmaking during the games that Torre will bring, he brings an air of identity to the Dodger organization that has been lost since Fox had owned the franchise. The McCourts are trying to bring that back and I give them some credit for bringing in someone who has proven himself to be able to deal with large egos get them to work together. He knows how to deal with younger players and incorporate them into the line up with veterans as evidenced w/ Cano, Cabrera, Wang. He has the respect of everyone around him and at this point right now, the Dodger clubhouse needs a strong figure to bring stability to a team is still trying to find itself.

  4. The face of the Dodgers has been Tommy Lasorda and Vin Scully. Now Joe Torre. None of them can hit or pitch for the Dodgers. If having a rock star manager gives the McCourt’s confidence to open the check book and bring in good pitching then Torre will have had an impact. If not, at least Torre saves us from Charlie Steiner being the next face of the Dodgers.

  5. Dodger Fan Here –
    In this instance the manager is important because of who he is, Joe Torre. A Grady Little, Jim Tracy, or anyone short of a Tommy Lasorda wouldn’t be able to bring the necessary big names to town. I don’t mean a replica of the Yankee$, but a couple core veterans that can help develop the young guys like Loney, Martin, Ethier et al. The addtion of one or two good and HEALTHY pitchers and the NL West is a different story. Now whether or not the NL can compete with the AL, that’s a different story entirely. I was just talking with a co-worker today and we were reflecting on the fact that it has been 20 years since the Dodgers have won it all. Far too long for a Dodger fan like myself to endure.

    P.S. What is the deal with Torrey taking Steve Garvey’s jersey?

  6. I think Dan Patrick is cool because he’s smoking a cigar on his blog. Way cool…

  7. Joe Torre is the most overrated manager in baseball. He reminds me of Phil Jackson, a manager of personalities, which worked well in New York, but as a game-time manager, he’s weak.

    In the National league, the manager plays a more prominent role, in large part due to the pitcher hitting. There is more manufacturing of runs, more double switches (which aren’t done in the AL), and the time when pitchers are yanked is a much larger decision.

    Before Torre arrived with the Yanks, he never won more than 90 games, had one first place finish in 15 seasons, and 4 sixth place finishes. Overall, he was a sub 500 manager.

    As stated before, Torre brings a face that players (i.e. free agents) want to play for. THAT is where his biggest advantage is. As a gametime manager, give me Jim Leyland any day.

  8. The LA Dodgers AKA Yankees West.

  9. Will Joe Torre win a world series with the Dodgers? Now, no one can actually know for sure because who knows how good the Diamondbacks will get or who knows how the dynamic of the Rockies success/failure will continue to play out. There are too many variables to explore with predictability. But, this much is certain– Joe torre will bring professionalism and confidence to the players. That is a priceless possession.

  10. Good for Torre, Good for the Dodgers.


  11. Joe Torre seems like a decent fellow. But I have always thought baseball managers are way overrated. Players win and lose games, period. Torre’s record prior to managing the Yankees was not great. He got great players with a huge budget with the Yankees and they won. This isn’t rocket science.

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