Instant replay and baseball…

    This is a tough one. I was against instant replay with the NFL when it came in. Now I’m used to it and I think it does help the game and the refs. I also think the replay time is pretty dramatic sometimes when the broadcasters embrace the debate of the pending call.

With baseball, I’m not sure. Can you do just a bit of replay? Just home runs fair or foul? Do you just do it in the playoffs or all season? I think the postseason is the best place for it, but I’m just not sure if it will work. Though I’m sure the amount of replays will be less in baseball than in football.

So tell me, do you want instant replay in baseball and if so…what’s the format?



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  1. yes, i think there should be instant replay in baseball. i don’t think you should have anyone on the field make the call (so no umps) but have someone in the booth, like maybe the statistician, be the one to make the call (they make the calls on errors and hits already).

    there should be a limit to how many times they go to replay though (like the nfl) but i think you can institute it throughout the season

  2. Dan,

    I don’t want IR for baseball, but I can accept it for fair-or-foul. It’s not like you can slow down baseball, can you?

    In other news, did you read about Tommy Haas potentially being poisoned prior to his Davis Cup semifinal match in Russia?;_ylt=Ah7HBkzNyiFNnZVMWM.KvfE5nYcB?slug=ap-haas-poisoning&prov=ap&type=lgns

    Best regards,


  3. I think instant replay really should be added to baseball. I do agree with you on the conditional part too. Just like in football coaches are not allowed to challenge penalties, a lot of things in baseball should not be “contestable/reviewable.” Among those, balls/strikes, fly outs, etc.

    When it SHOULD be used is for fair/foul calls and for whether the ball hit the yellow line or not to be a home run or just a double play (I saw a few of those called wrongly this season). And plays where the umps are not 100% sure. The newest thing umps have done is to have a “conference” when a call is debatable. If that conference cannot settle the debate, then the head ump should look at the replay to see if that will settle the issue.

    Still, the thing is that MLB umps are very, very, very good. I would say the percentage of them making wrong calls on critical plays is very, very low. Also, sometimes IR will not get the right call either. Big proof of that was during this year’s playoffs when Matt Holliday slid into home plate. Even replays couldn’t conclusively show that he DID NOT touch home plate.

  4. Instant replay will eventually seem like a good thing. Baseball fans just like to fight anything new. Stadium lighting, the DH, expansion teams, wild cards, etc…

    I think ulimately it will be even less disruptive than in football. They will use it once in a while and no one will think much of it, while leading to a fair way to assess those few balls that no one except birds and God could say if they were fair or foul.

  5. I am a baseball purist and think it should be played like its been played for the last 125 years… On the other hand with all the cameras and technology it would be stupid not to use them, even if it does change the game a little.


    And seems that replay could definitely help. Maybe they should only used it for important games like the playoffs and world series and not the whole season of meaningless 84 games.

  6. Dan,

    We need instant replay in baseball, for the following reasons:

    Fair and Foul Balls
    Homerun Balls
    Plays at the Plate

    Replay will not take up more time, as Bud Selig states. It will replace the time taken up by Managers running out onto the field and arguing with the Umpires for minutes upon minutes.

    The only trouble is, what will the penalty be for losing a challenge? It’s not like you can take away a timeout.

    Maybe the league should just allow each team three challenges per game. Or two.

  7. Baseball is always behind the curve (no pun intended). They will finally use some instant replay. Bud Selig finally joined the high tech age.

  8. Baseball is a game of failure. If you get a hit only 30% of the time….you are a superstar! The same for pitchers who win 50% of the time.

    What I think is oft-times overlooked is the fact that the umpires (in baseball) are right over 80% of the time. I don’t deny that technology could help…but at what cost? Breaking up the ebb and flow of a pitcher on the verge of a perfect game? Sooner or later…it would happen!

  9. I Agree let there be 2 Challenges per game but instruct the Crew Chief to make the call in 30 seconds or less if possible since they make split decisions every night.

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  13. haha yeah i wrote in most of the right answers ..these people are gonna be super pissed cuz we are writting on their blog. haha

  14. Yea haha. 😀 but they willnever find us HAHAHAH

  15. haha yeah 🙂 it will be super funny . haha so wanna talk about Kiwi ?

  16. i dunno.. i dont wanna be upset.. but i know if i dont talk aout it things wil get worse.. so i guess.. do you have any advice?

  17. of course man ..i always have full of answers . lol it seems i can only help others & not myself. but that`s what friends are for right . lmao . well anyways . what i think you should do it definatley try and talk to him . and if that doesn`t work then you have a problem..but i think you derserve someone who will treat you with respect and he doesn`t do that all the time . only when i threaten to leave him then hes all oh i need you know ?

  18. yea thats my problem.. like i tAlked to him.. and it was all.. i never ment to make you feel that way, but.. no action about it.. like when i said i didnt think we were working. he jumped on the idea of doing anything to make me happy.. but until he proves it.. i mean. ive said my bit.. now he has to realize what is going on for himself. obviously he doesnt get it

  19. well obviously he doesn`t . lol ! i don`t know what to tell you i know that he is putting you in a VERY difficult positon . and i wanna tell you i know alot about love – but i don`t . i mean at times i think ya i have been thru alot of crap with guys and i definatley know some stuff but i`m not an expert . all i can tell you is go out & party do whatever . and if you meet someone then that`s not your fault you know not saying that you should wait for him. because we are young and we shudn`t be waiting for people you know. i know its tuff ..i know. but maybe u shud be putting urself out there more ? (L)

  20. but.. i want to wait. i honestly do.. waiting doesnt bug me.. but.. knowing shit all about the person who wants to be my boyfriend. and having no relationship with hi unless he is around.. kills…

  21. Yeah i know man, but you are putting yourself in a tough position too because you are putting your heart in SO much danger . And not only does that scare me but i know it scares you too . But i know that you do what you have to do you know ..but i don`t know sometimes its hard to hold onto a guy that`s not there for you . Hence, why i cheated on EK ..he was never there for me . and i was neglected .

  22. but see.. i’m neglected and i want more?? like is the whole wanting B-dog.. maybe ecause i dont get anything from my guy? i mean he says he misses me.. but like i dont want to know that all the time.. i want to know what is going on in his life you know??

  23. oh i know . because you worry about him everyday and if he doesn`t text you then your like omg is he okay . omg and stuff runs thru ur mind you know . but i know what you mean..but in my eyes you have fallen hard and only u can pick urself up unless you wanna stay fallen . cuz whats gonna happen with you two when you graduate ? long distance relationship? those are risky, but can be done .

  24. we already have one.. and he is going to school. in edmonton.. like our plan.. believe it or not from the beginning was to be together.. after.. like as soon as our dating got semi-serious… he started talking about how he would be so happy if we were together later in life.. not like marriage.. but.. dating when we are older.. sorta thing..

  25. oh well that`s is reasurring that he has the future on his mind. but i don`t know maybe this is a test of your love .?

  26. HA. a test wouldve been getting through B and that girl.. this isnt a test.. this is him being lazy because he still had me after a year of this. Now that i want a relationship and i want things to work. and he thinks he already has me

  27. make him jelous . i know it`s a dick move – but it works GREAT . like when me & C were pretty shaky i started flirting hardcore with D ..and i didn`t mean to ; but i thought maybe we wud get back together but i was in rebound mode & so was he . so it was nothing at all . i didn`t even feel a spark like i did with C ..and i was like what am i doing ? and i was like ugh and then i didn`t text C and that night he texted me and was like “i`m really feeling you lately..i wanna make this work” and BAM ..i am genious. haha

  28. i cant do that. kiwi loves me regardless of how he shows it.. and when he gets healous.. he doesnt say anything.. he keeps it in.. with him that could be bad.. but i could try just chilling with more guys and when he asks.. tell him.. like it is all innocent

  29. yeah do that . like when he texts you and asks you what you are up to like “uhumm nothing just chillin with Cody and Sean . ” or like guy names. lol and then if hes like “oh ..” be like “yeah its pretty awesome..we are just chillin and then we are gonna go to a party later on tonight so stoked! so how are you ?”
    haha i know its mean . but sometimes you gotaa give em a little wake up call .

  30. yea.. cuz like.. i dunoo.. im thinking im gonna use B tho. bc did he ever reply to that text you sent him about “what would u say if S had S with her ex?” hahah so it will work better and i can actually chill with like someone harmless.. like cody or someone.. lol.. or il be with you.. 😀

  31. haha yeah and you know what ..we shud do this saturday when im with you. :D:D:D

  32. yesserie.. bc he’ss be partying.. so ill just be like.. i’m chilin w/ B then tonight im gonna party with kristen haha.. at a christmas party.. so im only half lying

  33. haha exaclty. cause we are going to a raging party on saturday . do you feel better now ?

  34. no.. but maybe this will help. so i will just hold tight until saturday and see what happens

  35. kaii well you know i`m gonna be there to help you. and you can even be like “omg this hott guy hit on me..omg he was so fucking hot” and send it to kyle and when he gets all weird be like “shit i meant to send that to chrissy”
    but that might be too obvious. haha

  36. haha. i do that sometimes.. haha illbe like chris, you will never believe what brando asked me.. he’s like “S wanna have sex?” then ill send it to both of them 😀 is that bitchy

  37. hahaha no it`s not bitchy at all. i used to do that to tyler all the time and he got so mad. but then wud make him try harder to impress me. haha

  38. Kiwi doesnt have to impress me. just being him fasinates me. i just want him to be the same he was.. when we were dating.. or even when i dated B.. he tried so hard

  39. well see it works. keep doing it , guys are so olivious though . it might take a while. Lol.

  40. i dunno. over the summer me and rob were gonna chill and i was gonna go out seadooing with him.. like 3 days before chump.. and i told kiwi and he threw a fit.. he was like.. FUCK I AM JEALOUS OKAY!! and then when we were at chump he’s like “how was the lake..” i never told him i didnt go :D. and when i just said “good” he was like “so you jsut swam?” i was like “mhmm” but i gotlots of attention that weekend so woop

  41. haha nice nice . well you know robbie did like you ALOT . imgaine if you wudda dated him different the world would be ..haha

  42. haha.. how bad i would feel because i promised not to date anyone after B.. :S thats why i cant tel kiwi

  43. haii love

  44. Heyy dudes. <33

  45. heyy dudesss .

  46. my computer is being gay

  47. hey gangstars

  48. i don`t know how to do this thing. what do i do i do it dudes. i don`t understand. Lol.

  49. haha copy me/.. lol.. i get it.. im just wasting time cuz im cool like that

  50. haha i understand now . so what`s new .. this note thing is kinda dry dudes . Lol

  51. i agree.. oh my kristen.. i cannot stop thinking about what he said.. kay.. like. He promised he wouldn say it unless he could do something about it… 😀

  52. Well he better damn right do something about it then .

  53. thats cool that i am left out

  54. kyle said i love you again.. but it was like so random/ and the last time he did.. we were dating…

  55. oh i see. well can u copy and paste ur number 1? lmao.
    but anywyas ..hmm thats good of kyle..

  56. oh wow thats kinda weird

  57. yea well.. u wanted to know.. haha.. i knew you prolly were gonna be like :S but whatever..

  58. whaaaa? i dont think its wierd.

  59. well i think it is because ur not datin but thats just me

  60. well… sorta.. i dunno.. honestly we would be if we ever saw eachother but my mom is a dick so this is what im stuck with

  61. i understand.

  62. ic i feel for ya sabomathoba

  63. well Colton says he loves me & we’re not that wierd cody ? lol.

  64. yeah.. haha… whats wrong with that?? you can love someone and not date you loser

  65. Well i do .

  66. i dunno if u love someone then why cant you go out????

  67. kay.. since i went to chump, we hadnt seen eachother for 11 months. by the end of this month, it will be 5 again.. that is why. WE NEVER see eachother it isnt exactyl easy when u dont even get to like be boyfriend and girlfriend

  68. Cuz he`s a pussy & izn`t asking me. i dunno why we arent dating him. whydont u fucking ashim cody

  69. *whydont you fucking askhimCody .

  70. haha.. yea.. u two do make me wonder.. it is pretty weird

  71. well if u never see each other then how can you love each other???

    and i guess he is a pussy
    i dunno
    i thinkits just weird

  72. i think its pissing me off cuz he isnt asking meout .
    i dont know what to do anymore.
    it bugs me SO MUCH .
    and Cody , itdoesnt matter howmuch u seesomeone ,
    love is love.

  73. WTF cody… dude why are you so cinical. like good god. why can you not just be like kristen and assume we are getting married. it is the fact that we are still tight that we love eachother. that we havent seen eachother in foreveer. and are still closer than me and my parents are

  74. well then why dont you just ask him out then?? i know that sounds weird but then u will know for sure

    and i think if u havent seen eachother for that long that its weird

    but that just me and i am dumb old cody

  75. that`s what i say .
    love is love.
    doesnt matter how itcomes.

  76. alright

  77. well we talked about dating. and when we know we will be able to see eachother at least like once a month. then we will for sure. like we act like we are dating like he said. and it isnt weird at all.. actually. at all.. and you are dumb old cody

  78. You know what Toady ?
    i would askhimout .
    But then he wud be like “Now isnt the timeKristen ”
    im hate talking about this cuz i get so
    I’mgiving him tillXmas.
    then imfucking gone .

  79. dont say that love. becase there is probably a huge reason he isnt telling you in his head that is keeping him from asking you. and i know its hard to understand. but u need to get that out of him.,. otherwise it is gonna pis you off..

  80. i always ask him.
    & he`s like ” i needmy truck”
    and i know theres more to it than that .
    im giving him more than enuff time .
    so im getting mad .
    and i dont care .
    if he doesnt ask me by xmas.
    im gone .
    i cant do this anymore.

  81. good job k-risten

  82. no its pissing me off.
    hes being a pansy .
    and thats not my fault.
    if he wants me im right here.
    but im not staying around for much longer .
    cuz its stupid.
    and its makingme mad..

  83. NO NOT GOOD JOB. i kno the truck thing is lame. but you cant just let him do that. u need to tell him that it doesnt make sense to you. like u see eahcother every day. how is a truck gonna fix things.. it isnt. u need to tell him that

  84. yeah when do i tell him.
    it`s so frustrating .
    i know the truck thing isnt an issue. and i dont know whats stopping him.
    it buggs me.

  85. does he know it bugs you? or are you like me and just say.. oh well if you arent okay with it then it’s okay.. when really it’s not./

  86. yeah that`s exactly what i`m like.
    i never show emotion .
    i used to .
    but not since summer06 .
    i dont like showing emotion anymore.

  87. there is ur problem right there. u need to tell him it bugs you. you have to otherwise he can keep u waiting,

  88. i dont know what to say right now

  89. be helpful not cinical

  90. i loose sleep over this .

  91. well u shouldnt
    how else r u going to grow lol

  92. haha im done growing u tard .
    im a robot.
    robot’s dont grow. lol

  93. u need to tell him. because u arent going to sleep until you feel better.. about it

  94. i know u are right there.
    but he`s just gonna tell me that truck thing.
    and then im still not gonnna sleep . Lol

  95. yeye.

  96. hey

  97. okay you need to tell him. and dont take, im waiting for my trucck as an answer. You need to say ” i cannot handle not being with you, the point of a having a boyrfirned is tog et to know eachother, and yea, haing dates is good too,which we need ur truck for. but we dont need it to be together. and we are alot. and i hate being the girl who puts out, for a guy who just keeps her waiting and only he knows why.. ” you need to make sure he knows u hate it

  98. that`s a gooder. too bad he prolly isnt comming to school today . Lol but whatever.. i dont know. does he ever ask you abuot me ,.

  99. i saw him.. he does but only really when there is a problem. do you want me to talk to him.. because i will. and i can put it in a perspective with me and kyle, so he can see that i know exactly what u are feeling.. eeven tho im a little more okay with waiting just ebcase i agree with him. but i can make it more about you 2

  100. kaii well i dont know just like text him maybe and be like “so how are things going?” and he’ll be like good and then u can be like “yeah im waiting kinda like kristen”
    lol no thats mean i dont know.
    do u think he wud be mad if i got u to fight my battle for me?

  101. not saying i want u to to that ; but if u txt him he might think that..maybee . lol?

  102. no i’ll be like can i talk to you about something? then be like
    S- Kristen loves you like crazy, but there is something on her mind, and she really doesnt knowhhow to explain it to you.

    C- coltons answer (hopefully ok)

    S- The whole dating thing. we al know you are waitingfor your truck but. it is kinda getting to the point where kristen is gettting judged by people because she is putting out, but she doesnt have a relationship[.. and she knows you two are close, but. she even feels like she really doesnt have a relationship, because she doesnt. ands she knows you love her. but. it is really bugging her. and everytime she brings it up, you bring up the truck. and she’s confused because she thinks you two see eachotehr ALOT. maybe not as many like dates. but u still see eachother and u are saying that u dont want to date until you see eachother..a nd she is so confused.a nd i think there is more. you may just not be comfortable with. but.. if that is the case. you need to tell her pronto. becaus e she is really hurting about this. but she doesnt want to push you and liose you.. but..u are pushing her away in a way,

  103. oo thats good . yeah be like “you are pushing her in a way and when people ask her about it and she tells them that u are waiting for ur truck they say they dont understand . and i think she understands in a way ..but i dont know. theres alot of pressure on her right now. and everyone is putting her on the spot. and its hard to love someone who isnt honest to her. she loves you . even i can see that . but i know it hurts her because she doesnt know the real reason . and i dont know. it bugs her alot i think you need to talk to her because pressure is getting the best of her. and she doesnt wanna ask u because she is scared .
    u know what`s happened to her before. and she is scared of rejeciton. which is normal. but if u dont wanna hurt her u need to talk to her.” add something like that. lmao

  104. okay.. i might have to talk to him on the phone haha/.. this is gonna be quite the convo on my part.

  105. haha yeah well do whatever u have to do. doesnt matter to me u can even talk to him at lunch or whatever . i hope he doesnt get mad. =(
    add in that the reason i have told him is cuz im scared, lol cuz i am . thats why i just try & brush it off .

  106. i know.. an di’ll add in. that u dont want him to feel pressured more. but that i can put myself in her postition (you) and i know it is easier to say she understands and agrees than create a fight and lose him. so u say u understand to make him happy

  107. that`s true . cuz the last time i showed emotion to a guy ..i lost him..lost him longtime. and i regret it huge . if i wudnt have cried infront of travis and showed it didnt bug me maybe he wud’ve missed me a little more. and maybe wanted me back a little more. but i dont know sometimes when he says “i love you” i wonder fif he actually does.

  108. of course he does. guys just.. dont know how to act soemtimes. they are pretty gay

  109. Sometimes i wanna say . i dont believe you . i do belive him but i dont know its hard to believe it sometimes u know.

  110. guys are bigtime gay ..well thanks for the advice. im feel a little less sicker. lol

  111. haha.. i remember that feeling. it was like. u were sorta dirty because u were so confused. but u couldnt let go?

  112. yeah well i feel sick when something bugs me . i have anxiety problems. lol i thought i was gonna puke last night and i didnt know if it was just from like actually being sick or my anxiety. lol i actually am gonna have alsers when i am older..hey man i prolly have them now. lol i worry so much its ridiulous. i dont know how to stop worrying all the time. how do i stop dude.?

  113. honestly.. i can’t help you. this little bean has had yrs of ignoring the shitty. and only focusing on good. thats how i put up with my parents haha.. i just ignore them. but u cant ignore colton. and i have learned to put up with kyle with the hope that his “we will be together one day” will follow through and i get to be fully happe one day. like im happy now. but i could be happier with im.. so.. yea. it is something you have to work at t get

  114. yeah u are right. but me i ALWAYS worry and i don`t know . the way i got thru gr.10 honestly was becasuse i was like oh i will date these guys to piss t-rad off . you know and i thought me & him wud be back together by now. that was like my master plan. thats how i dealed with all that shit . and then when i found out when he was dating L-rad. i was like omg are u kidding. and it was a huge shock to me. i wont ignore colton. i will ignore the people who dont matter so i can get on with me life. ppl that dont matter like t-rad. i fucking hate him. ive never gone from loving someone one day to hating them so much the next alot of emotions in that day. lol but i dont know. i used to cry to deal with shit but that makes me feel weak when i cry now. so i dont like doing it .

  115. sometimes u need to tho.. like.. because even i just cant ignore the shit that goes on… but the little things.. u have to soemtimes signore… otherwise u are gonna be a buig ball of stress

  116. haha i am a ball of stress . but whatver i will deal with it soon. lol

  117. how?

  118. i dont knoe. i usually work out.
    i dont know i think i need a nice sleep then i shud feel betta.=)

  119. yea well. sleeping doesnt work if you cant sleeop.. haha
    working out works for me.. haha.. but i also.. have alot more excersise than u in a that al;so might be the reason i can handle stuff ebtter.. like u still do lots.. but .. soemtimes.. it isnt enough you know.. like i even go for more runs in a week than all my shit together

  120. i have bball 3 times a week. i get exercise. lol…

  121. i hate running outside when its cold tho. lol i like going for runs in the fall. when its like warm & cold.

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