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    Nice and simple, here’s my college football playoff. Eight teams, take the top eight and play it over three weeks.

#8 plays #1 in round one…#7 vs. #2 and so forth. The final four…two games on Christmas Day. The national championship game is primetime on January 1st. Think of it. Everyone’s home at XMAS and New Years Day in front of the tube.

My question to you is two-part…if you don’t like this scenario, tell me yours. Secondly, if you don’t think there should be a playoff system in college football…why?



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  1. Hey Dan,
    All teams that want a chance at a National title needs to be in a conference. If you had 12 conferences; the conference winners play each other in the 12 vs 1,
    11 vs 2 so on, then you could have a true champion except for the schools who does not want to be in a conference.

  2. First, let me state that I agree entirely with your proposal for a college football playoff. A teams hard work through the season gets you into the playoffs and will determine your seeding. The playoff itself will determine the best team.

    Let me add a bit to this though, because unfortunately bowl games are an entertainment business. They exist primarily as a business with a sporting event as its focus. With 7 playoff games, you’re going to have to convince 7 “Bowls” to join a coalition where the Round 1, 2 & 3 games rotate. The prize money will likely need to be shared somehow amongst all the teams.

    The key to making this work is for 7 of the top tier Bowls to work together to form a unified front that supports a playoff system, figures how to revenue share for the Bowls themselves and appropriately reward all the Schools that participate.

  3. Dan-
    Thank you for finally presenting this obvious fix to the BCS system. Everyone always complains, but no one ever presents a sensable solution. This is a great solution and I’ve never heard it brought up on radio before.

    The other posted responses support how realistically possible it is to transition our current bowl structure into a great championship tournament. Use the four major bowls: Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange as the first round games. But, I suggest keeping the traditional conference champions matchups for each bowl. After your #1 and #2 teams, it’s often hard to distinguish a #3 team from a #8, so I think the tradition will keep value in the traditional named bowl games. Have the parades, the trophy, the whole thing. Then the winners move on the the “playoff”. I’d suggest to the bowl committees to establish the two “final four” games in the same way they created the BCS championship game and share the revenue between the four major bowls. It’s brilliant!

  4. I’d love it.

    I know the Bowl people will need to have their palms greased to make it happen, but I think that a playoff system sure would generate enough money to go around.

    Having a playoff system might even get me to watch regular season college games.

    Who could make it happen?


  5. 8 team playoffs would be great. It makes too much sense so it will not happen

  6. Playoffs good. Eight bad. Make it the top 16, which will include at least one or two from the “lesser conferences”. This will add the Cinderella factor to the playoffs…1st round to be held at the top seeded team stadiums…then the remaining 8 can be the “rotating bowl round robin” similar to the BCS format…keeping the top 7 bowls. If we MUST have the rest of the bowls…then have bowl week at the conclusion of the regular season…this gives the top 16 the week off to prepare for the real playoffs….

  7. i think you are on to something…..if the div 1 AA could figure it out…what’s takin the div 1 A so long….

    i doubt anybody will lose any $$$ over it either….in fact i think the TV ratings would be even BETTER….because you’d be looking at a true battle for #1……

    this won’t happen of course …..because it’s LOGICAL….

  8. You have it exactly right.

    I hate the BCS the way it is now. It needs to be changed NOW, not 1, 2 or 5 years from now.

  9. I like your playoff idea. In fact, almost any playoff idea is good. If division III can have a playoff, why not the big schools? It just seems like the right thing to do.

  10. As has been mentioned above, I-AA has the ideal 16 team playoff system and it has been working for years. Each round of the playoff could still be a Bowl game, and everyone would win. Its much easier to deal with that 17th team bitching and moaning, than it is the #2 team feeling like they got shafted out of a championship.

  11. Dan,

    Your system makes sense to me; I’ve been touting this exact same format for the last 5 years. It will create the separation that is necessary from the haves and have nots.

    “OK, so you think your BCS material, then here is the standard by which you will be measured…last man standing.”

    It is the only way to solve it — on the field.

    I get so intoxicated by the formulas and algebraic logorithms for determining a national champion. It is the most wasteful use of time and money in the world. Just play it out on the field. Think you can beat Jim Thorpe in a footrace?; prove it. Think you can beat Michale Jordan one-on-one?; prove it. Think you can beat Rocky Marciano in a fight?; prove it.

    Whatever happened to the good ole’ roll up your sleeves and take it outside-ism attitude we used to have in the old days? I say it is time to return to it.

    “Prove it all night” was not coined by accident. There’s a reason for it.

  12. Keep the Bowl system the way it is, just add a playoff system to it. There are currently 32 bowls lined up this year with 31 “consolation” winners. Just take six of these bowls and make them playoff bowls. Nobody wants to see the number 6 PAC team or the number 3 MAC team anyways. This year, the 4 vs. 5 game would be the Texas Bowl, 3 vs. 6 would be the Champs Sports Bowl, 2 vs. 7 would be the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, and 1 vs. 8 would be the Alamo Bowl.
    Then on New Years, we could use the current Bowl rotation to play the 4 losers against each other, Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl this year, much like 3rd place games in the Oylmpics. The next night, you could play the 4 winners in the next two bowls, the Fiesta and Orange Bowl. The following week, you could then play the Allstate BCS Championship Game in New Orleans.

  13. I like the idea of a 6-team playoff, with the top two getting byes in the first round. Mainly because there are always at least four teams that people (legitimately or not) argue should get a title chance. Throw in two extra teams as wild cards, such as a Boise from last year or Utah from 04.

    And yes there needs to be one – these kids work too damned hard to deal with the politics and posturing that comes with the BCS.

  14. Dan-

    I can’t say anything bad about your proposal. This wouldn’t make everyone happy, but it would make most college football fans happy… including me. Will it happen? I think so, it may still be a few years away but it’ll happen.


  15. this is my system…

    you pit the conference champions against each other for the playoffs. if you’re not in a conference, get in one. let the conferences police themselves

  16. Dan,
    I think the scenario you laid out is perfect for a number of reasons. Eight is plenty of teams to make this thing fair; nobody could make a legitimate argument that the #9 team deserves to play for the national title! This sounds like an efficient and entertaining way to find a true champion. Not to mention, we can see the best games of the year on holidays that are notorious for watching sports. I personally do not like the NBA and could care less about watching “Shaq vs. Kobe” on Christmas Day. In addition, I’ve never been a fan of the current format of a January 3/4/5 primetime championship game. I love the good old days of New Year’s Day football being the pinnacle of the season.
    Thanks, DP.

  17. Dan,

    I love the playoff scenario…but it brings up one problem: the kids won’t get to have their Christmas! After all, the NCAA is only concerned about the kids, Dan!

    Otherwise, solid proposal!

  18. I agree with your playoff proposal. I would just add that the current bowl games could continue and those outside of the top 8 could continue to play.

    This is very important to programs because if you do not have a bowl game you cannot practice. That practice helps the teams prepare for next year.

  19. you can even take the top 4 and do a 3 bowl playoff…..8 is fine as well , sir

  20. Hey Dan,

    I like the 8 team playoff…but Christmas Day is a tough sell. Not for the TV watcher, but for the ticket-holder who’s traveling out of town. I’m sure those putting on the game don’t want to work on Christmas either. But other than the day, I’m in favor of the 8 team playoff.

    The selection of the 8 teams is where the debate will really be interesting. I say take the champions from the 6 BCS Conference and 2 Non-BCS Conference Champions. In my mind, if you don’t win your conference then you should be able to play for the National Title. That’s my take.

  21. Sorry…If you don’t win your conference then you SHOULD NOT be able to play for the National Title.

  22. Nate –

    It’s not that simple. What about is a 1 loss mizzou beats ou in the big 12 champ? Why do they deserve it more?

    Conferences don’t play everyone in the conference. It’s impossible to determine who is the most deserving.

    Dan’s suggestion of take the top 8 is naive. How do you determine the top 8?

    I’d rather see it opened to 16 teams – just like the 1AA playoff. The team at 9 left out has more of an argument than 17. 9 could be a 2-loss big conference team with 2 large out of conference wins.

  23. Why narrow the field down to 16 when we can include 32? We are looking for the national champion and if you can’t crack the BCS top 8, then you don’t deserve to be number 1.

    Use the top 7 rated bowls including the 4 major bowls and share all money equally. Rotate the bowls so that every 7 years, each gets a chance to host. Never have 1 team play 2 weeks in a row. This gives fans ample opportunity to make travel arrangements.

    If we were to use this year as an example and assuming the favorites win:
    December 1 – 1 v 8 and 4 v 5
    December 8 – 2 v 7 and 3 v 6
    December 15 – 1 v 4
    December 22 – 2 v 3
    January 1 – National Chamionship

    Conference Chamionships can be moved up a week to facilitate the new December Madness.

  24. Eric,

    I’m confused by your first comment about Mizzou vs. Oklahoma. If the a one loss Mizzou team beats an undefeated OU team in the Big 12 Title game, then Mizzou is more deserving to be in the 8 team playoff. That seems like a simple solution. Maybe I’m misunderstanding your arguement…but the winner moves on.

    The second comment can be solved by having a Conference Title game or a one game playoff if teams are tied and there is no tie-breaker (head-to-head for instance).

    The reason my suggestion works is because it takes the arguement out of the discussion. Point blank: if you don’t win your conference, then you can not complete for the national title. I don’t care how unlucky the “one loss team” was. It make every game important…especially conference games.

    I’ll tell you another reason why my idea is the best. There will be better out-of-conference games. No more Ohio St vs. Akron. The gimme games are worthless…everyone will want to play top teams early so their team can prepare for the Conference schedule. And of course, I love the two cinderella’s every year. A team like Hawaii or BYU or Utah or Boise St. So far, the non-BCS schools are undeated in BCS bowls. The only discussion will be who gets in out of the non-BCS conferences.

  25. I happen to be anti-playoff. The majority seems to be under the impression that a playoff will determine the “best” team. A tournament does not. It determines which team is playing well during the tournament, otherwise all No. 1 seeds would make the final four. NCState (83) and Villanova (84) were not the “best” teams, they just got hot at the right time.

    Eight is unrealistic because if you take the top eight, you take non-division winners Georgia and Kansas over a conference champ. If you take conference champs, there have been years where the Big East or ACC winner was 7-4, and Tennessee could win the SEC at 9-3. The only method that makes sense is 16 and play in December. Get down to 4 and play January 1 and the championship one week later.

    Still, I am anti-playoff because there are too few games played and bias of the voters plays a role. With 12 games you cannot lose twice and be the “best team.” Yet LSU is ranked ahead of one loss Kansas in one poll. In college basketball, you have a better sense of who is good because they play 35 games. We may debate whether an 11 loss team gets into March Madness, but there’s no expectation that they’ll win it all. In an 8 team football tournament, you only have to win 3 games, so who gets in matters more.

    Another reason I’m anti-playoff is society’s compulsion to crown a “true” champion. You play the game to win, but you also play for your future, because you love the game, and to make money for your university. Bowl games pay for numerous other sports that are not revenue producers. Bowl games are needed because of Title IX. And what is wrong with going 7-5 and getting to go to Hawaii or Florida for a bowl game? A winning season should be considered a successful season. The standard for success should not be that you have to go 11-1 and make the playoff. Institute a playoff, and the guys at Arizona State who are experiencing their first winning season in years go nowhere.

    The polls are imperfect, the conferences and schedules unequal, and all of it makes for great debate and a meaningful regular season. Keep it and live with it.

  26. Dan,

    I’m getting sick of even talking about an NCAA Football playoff. There is no way anyone can be of sane mind and defend the current system. Unfortunately, the reason this continues to get dragged out is b/c all of the traditionally strong conferences and programs do not want to risk losing their stature, which is what could happen in a playoff scenario. Think about it, all it takes is an Ohio State or a Michigan getting whacked by Boise State or Hawaii a couple or three years in a row and suddenly, nobody thinks much of the Big 10. Until we can figure out how to get the big conferences out of the decision making process, I’m not sure the playoff system will ever take hold…even though it makes perfect sense. The playoff system levels the playing field and that scares the hell out of some people in college football.

  27. right on bro

  28. Dan:

    I agree with 8 and using the BCS rankings to seed the playoff. If you’re the 9th or 10th team, you don’t have an argument. Take the four major bowls and rotate the playoffs among them. This brings additional meaning to each bowl and allows each to hold the championship game every four years.


  29. Dan-nice try, but your thinking is one dimensional. You are proposing a clean package to get a national champion, however, with only 7 games you don’t generate the income of all the bowl games…unless you intend to keep all the bowl games except the current BCS Bowls…then you may be on to something. Everyone who is acustom to going to a non-BCS bowl would still get their game, and the 7 game top 8 playoff surely would generate more income than the current 5 bowl games.

    So what is the hang up?

  30. I would love to see a playoff system. The only problem is, my team is from one of the “lesser” conferences, which would mean that a top 8 team system would not work. We would still never get a chance. Hawaii barely got a chance this year even though they ran the table. I don’t care if there are 4 teams from the SEC in the playoffs each year, as long as my BYU Cougars get a shot at them. 16 teams would be enough. Might be hard to structure, but that would be the only way the smaller conference teams get a shot to put at least one team in there each season and cause some chaos. Would be great to see.

  31. Dear Dan,
    To your second point first… YES, there should be a playoff system for NCAA college football! Why? Because of the 32 bowl games played, only a few provide entertainment for the rest of the public outside the teams’ fan base. Last year’s Boise State vs. Oklahoma for example — BUT, that is the exception to the rule! Most are dull affairs that only the homers could love. Having playoff games that meant something for the winners would increase viewer interest and excitement as the winners advanced towards a championship game!
    Now, to your first point… Your eight team playoff scenario would be a welcome beginning to a more expanded playoff. Here’s the problem. Selecting the eight teams will still come down to a beauty contest with voters determining the eight teams. But while not perfect, it would be a vast improvement over the BCS! The challenge is to incorporate some of the existing bowls into sites for regional playoffs and reducing the current 12 game season by one or two games to allow for the playoffs. After all these athletes are students attending school attempting to pass classes and graduate — their capacity to entertain us has limits.

  32. Dan, consider this:
    No national champion should have two losses. Set up a double elimination bracket playoff. Put the undefeated teams in the winners bracket, and the teams with one loss in the losers bracket, seed all by rank. When a team has two losses they are eliminated. This year there are only three teams left: Hawaii, Ohio State, and Kansas. KU and OSU would play and the winner would play Hawaii. If the winner of a KU/OSU game beats Hawaii then they would play again, and the winner would be the National Champ. I have observed over the last several seasons that there is usually about 6 or seven teams at the end of the season with 1 or no losses. This year is unusual that there are only three teams left. The need for an extended season would only impact a few schools and the bowls could be utilized as they stand right now. Fan interest would be stimulated, and most fans would agree that this system is fair.

  33. Why doesn’t the SEC just pull out and try to get others to follow…whoever follows their lead, we set up a playoff with and crown a TRUE NATIONAL CHAMPION

  34. i love the idea of a playoff

  35. I totally agree with a playoff scenario! We have to understand that there will always be teams, fans and players upset with the outcome and selection process, but the idea is to determine a champion. And, yes, all of the current non-BCS bowls should still be played outside of the playoffs.
    You can take any number of teams into a playoff, but let’s not take it too far. The top two (voted) teams gives us a champion, but may leave a better #3 or #4 out. The top 4 teams would then seem a better option, but, as we know, a well-qualified and deserving sleeper could be lurking at the 5 or 6 poll position. I believe 16 teams would be overkill. As far as #9, 10 and so on – sorry, but you didn’t have a chance in the old system either. Please stop crying, you will still have a non-playoff bowl bid.
    My logical vote would be for the 8-team scenario using the current BCS Bowls. For example:
    Round 1 (all primetime games)
    Dec 26 – Orange Bowl – 1 vs 8
    Dec 27 – Rose Bowl – 4 vs 5
    Dec 28 – Sugar Bowl – 2 vs 7
    Dec 29 – Fiesta Bowl – 3 vs 6
    Round 2
    Jan 2 – Orange Bowl Semi-Final – 1/8 winner vs 4/5 winner
    Jan 3 – Sugar Bowl Semi-Final – 2/7 winner vs 3/6 winner
    National Championship
    Jan 10 – Orange Bowl National Championship Game

    In this scenario, the Orange Bowl was the rotational holder for the championship game. The 1-seed begins there and keeps the “home field advantage” there for being voted as #1. This may help with costs by keeping the team there without a lot of extra team travel expense. The same is true of the Sugar Bowl by hosting the 2-seed for the first two games (possibly).
    The Championship game and total format would rotate each year so that each bowl would have an equal share of revenue over each four year term.
    Again, I understand that there would still be a lot of crying and complaining in this scenario, but no scenario will ever make everyone happy. I would love this setup. Can you imagine the opportunity to watch 7 games of top-ranked teams battling for a national championship? Especially the 4 games between Christmas and New Years when we’re all bored, stuffed from over-eating, and stressed about the money we spent over the previous month.
    Give us football! No…. give us GREAT FOOTBALL!!!

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