Isiah vs. Marbury…

    Check out the NY Daily News site for the Stephon Marbury story. I truly couldn’t believe it when I read it. I have two questions?

-How does Isiah continue coaching Marbury after what he said? (Maybe there’s some truth to it..Steph has the dirt on Isiah.)

-The Knicks franchise, is it doing a disservice to it’s fans? Not competitive on the floor…financially irresponsible off the floor…front office in legal trouble. Should the NBA step in on this franchise?


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  1. Here’s what order of operations should be. Dolan fires Isiah, Dolan buys out Marbury, and Stern strongly urges Dolan to resign. The last one is farfetched, but the other two could happen by Friday.

  2. It was a wonderful article DP… and it’s great entertainment!

  3. I’m not even going over to that site because I heard enough just listening to the story when it broke. I’ve been the main one that is slow to stick the tags that people want to put on players…”thug”…..”spoiled”….”whiny”.. when, in some cases, they’ve wanted to improve their position just like any of us would. But what’s UP with Marbury’s, “whaaaa…if you don’t start me I’m gonna pout and storm out of the room” act? Put a stool in the corner and give him a time out, and take his binky.

    As for the rest of them, everybody must have some (stuff) on everybody else. Marbury has (stuff) on Isiah, Isiah has (stuff) on Dolan, Dolan has (stuff) on Stern….how ELSE could you explain that they all still hold their positions in the organization?

  4. Its nice seeing that other teams also can create very interesting dramas.

    Not just the lakers… Because this whole kobe situation is getting really old.

    These would be two great reality tv dramas… And since their is a writers strike and reality tv doesnt needs writers this is perfect time to start it…

  5. What a mess the Knicks are! Will they ever right themselves? Did you see this piece when it came out? It’s a pretty hilarious takedown of Isaiah and the Knicks…

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  7. I read that musical when it came out, and it’s hilarious. You should stage it on the air. You can sing, right? I think you would make a great Isiah.

  8. It’s train-wreck television….you want to look away in disgust, but just like that Girls Next Door TV show, you somehow just can’t…….

  9. I gotta think that every other franchise in the NBA is loving this. I mean, the “we can do anything we want ‘cuz we’ll never look as bad as the New York Knicks” safety net has gotta be a godsend to some of these NBA execs. Not that I have anyone in particular in mind (cough, cough, Mitch Kupchak, cough).

  10. Time to clean house. I have never liked Thomas. He as major screw up.I am amazed he has kept his job with the Knicks. Who else can lose a sexual hassassment case costing the company millions of dollars and keep their job? Maybe someone who has won lots of NBA titles for the Knicks. Not a horrible GM like Thomas. Hopefully, Marbury has saved his money because what team would want him? Marbury has “something” on Thomas? Does Thomas have “something” on Dolan? It is quite a threesome.The whole situation makes no sense.

  11. I think you should get James Dolan to play himself. I’m not sure he’s smart enough to realize that he’s being criticized. That guy seems like he couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him the C and the A.

  12. Wow. You need to get Stern on the phone.

    I do think the league should get involved. C’mon, you can take away the baggy throwback gear but let the historic franchise the Knicks continue in dysfunction year after year?


  13. The NBA is going the way of the NHL into total irrelevancy. It’s only a matter of time before their games are on channel 20394098 too.

  14. The NBA is going the way of the NHL into total irrelevancy. It’s only a matter of time before their games are on channel 20394098 too.


    Any comment, Daniel Theodore? It’s off-topic, I admit, but still interesting.

  16. Here’s one fantasy every Knicks fan along with all other NBA fans (with the exception of us Laker fans) would love to see. Isiah gets canned… Dolan contacts the Logo (who now cant play golf for sometime if ever again) and gets him to come to Gothem for a run at Kobe in a year and a half… The sex ring out and the title rings in… It almost sounds too easy doesnt it?

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