Sportsman of the year….

You know that Brett Favre got the award. As happens every year, the second-guessing starts early. So I will let you give me your pick, but you have to make your case. Don’t just say…’not Favre’, let me know your pick. I will use these on the air.



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  1. Favre was a fine choice. Talk about something else. There’s a LOT of interesting stuff happening in the sporting world right now!

  2. Hey Dan

    I’m a Lions fan (one of the few left) and I actually don’t have a problem with Favre getting the award. That Packers team doesn’t go anywhere this year without him.

    I think Tiger and Federer once again dominated their fields.

    I used to watch a lot of NBA games as a teenager and have completely lost interest the last 10 years, but I will keep the channel on if I come across Steve Nash or Gilbert Areanas, really fun to see those guys play.

  3. Favre deserves the award.

  4. I agree that Farve deserves it with his record breaking year and the fact that hes having his best year ever right now.

    I do find funny though that while the records he’s broken are impressive, I dont think many fans would know off the top of their head who held the record before and with how many.

    I find this funny because if you compare it to another record broken this year, a lot more people would know who held the record for most career home runs and with how many. Its sad to see that a record like that finally being broken cant be celebrated like it should be.

    I’m not saying Barry Bonds should be sportsman of the year but does anyone else think its sad that because of what hes suspected of doing and the tainting of the sport has tarnished such a feat?

    I bet if Ken Griffey Jr. had broken that record he’d have been sportsman of the year and I bet A-Rod will be when he breaks it sometime around 2015.

  5. I think Barry Bonds is the Sportsman of the Year hands down, in a complex way. He has been the most talked about athlete by far. Baseball fans who claimed to hate him, would boo when he came to bat, but as soon as the ball left his bat, and eventually went out of the park, the stood and cheered. Folks didn’t want him to break Hank Aaron’s record, but they checked sportscenter and the box scores to see if he had. And then once he was officially indicted, you didn’t hear people totally against or for Barry, which I found odd. So while SI may want their Sportsman of the Year to have some redeeming qualities the way Favre does, I think that this year, given all the controversies that we’ve had in the major sports, that it should be capped off with Mr. Controversy himself, Barry Bonds.

  6. I think Barry Bonds is the “Something” of the Year…but using his name and Sportsman in the same sentence requires the word “NOT”!

    Being a hardcore Vikings fan, I think Adrian Peterson deserves some consideration here…leading the league in rushing in his rookie season despite being a part-time starter and missing a couple of games is very impressive. But having an Adrian Peterson on the Bears roster will make things confusing.

    What the hell, Brett Favre is too tough to dispute…I just can’t think of another pro who has had the positive sports imipact this year.

  7. Tony Romo

    Why Romo? Because earlier this year he went to his first Pro Bowl, but before that everyone was wondering if he would be able to take another snap in the NFL. He answered all doubters and then some! He’s got Americas team back on top, dating all the “Hollywood Hotties”, making everyone besides the Pats, Colts, and Packers wish that he was the QB of their team. (I know I wish he was on da Bears.) The final reason, he’d sell the magazine to not only the true sports fans, but you put his picture on the stands in the local grocer and the soccer moms would be more apt to pick it up and have the excuse that it’s for their husband.
    There you go.

  8. Bill Belichick! for no reason except it would be fun with him at the podium.

    “how do you feel bill?”
    “i don’t want to talk about it” “but brett favre, romo, tiger, federer (etc) had good years, we just did a little bit more then them at the end and came out on top”

  9. Roger Federer is the 2007 Sportsman of the Year.

    Yes, Roger Federer. A tennis player – no, perhaps the best tennis player ever – is the 2007 Sportsman of the Year.

    Take a look at his 2007 accomplishments (Source:

    * Federer eclipsed Jimmy Connors’ almost 30-year record (160) for most consecutive weeks as World No.1

    * At the 2007 US Open, Federer became first player in history to reach all four Grand Slam finals in back-to-back years.

    * Feder won three of the four 2007 Grand Slam events.

    * If that wasn’t enough, in 2007 Federer became the fourth player to finish No. 1 at least four straight years.

    I realize tennis isn’t going to win over NFL fans, and I have great respect for Favre’s 2007 (exlcuding his performance against Dallas…vintage Bad Decision Brett). However, when you look at the 2007 sports year, it’s hard to come up with another athlete who dominated his or her sport like Roger Federer.

  10. Hey Dan,

    I looked up the SI SOTY on Google and found that it started in 1954 and it basically goes to “the athlete or team whose performance that year most embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement.”

    Favre is perfect of course and that image of him in the long coat is heroic…like a war hero.

    I am going to throw out Henry Aaron. His congratulatory speech at the Barry Bonds game after a week or two of wondering how The Hammer would respond surely embodied the spirit of sportsmanship…and the moment and night were just as much about Aaron’s achievements as anyone’s elses.

    Long Live The King.

  11. Federer could have been a good choice too. It sure would have helped tennis out some.

  12. Check out this video, it explains alot!

  13. Federer should be the sportsman of the year. But nobody gives a rip about tennis. Favre? He isn’t even the best QB in the NFC (see Romo). Is it a lifetime achievement award? Actually, Favre should retire after this season. Then we don’t have to hear anymore “Favre is having fun out there” gagging stories. Favre has had a long, great career. Hopefully, he saved his money. Time to move back to Mississippi and play golf.

  14. There are probably four or five QBs in the NFL that I would’ve chosen over Favre. Favre’s a safe, pansy pick. No guts.

    I agree with the guy above: Roger Federer. It really wasn’t until this year that the tennis and casual fans really noticed what he’s doing to the record books, competition and tennis in general. No one’s close, kind of like Tiger in golf. He’s a great interview, nice guy. If he were from Peoria or Kansas City, he’d probably get more play from American media.

    Hell, let’s go with Romo, Manning, Brady, Moss. Josh Beckett. Sidney Crosby. The guy in Buffalo that was paralyzed earlier in the year. Tony Dungy. Tomlinson.

  15. He didnt get the cover for being the best in the game right now. He got as an overall sportsman. Its his story this year making him sportsman of the year. He plays for the love of the game. He is passionate enough to come back year after year and keep playing. It’s a story because he was supposed to be retired right now and instead, his team is leading their division and looking for a first roudn bye. On top of that, add what he does outside of football for charity and you have to give it to him.

    I like watching Romo too but please. Farves story is far better this year than any others except maybe Federer.

  16. Tony Dungy.

  17. Two of the greatest sporting performances of all-time have taken place in 2007 – – albeit from non-cheaters – – making it more noteworthy than Bonds. Bonds has no place in this conversation.

    I’m speaking of Alex Rodriguez who put up argueably the 3rd finest season at the plate that we have ever witnessed in the past 50-75 years from a hitting perspective. I won’t bore you with the stats, but there only two others ever who were even in the same power numbers conversation since the end of the ded ball era.

    The other worthy candidate is Tom Brady. He will finish with over 50 TD’s, less than 10 INT’s, and a new standard for QB Rating that will eclipse Manning’s and will lead his team to the second statistical team pinnacle of all-time. A perfect season. While shattering individual marks doing so.

    Where Brady has the inherent advantage is that his team will win a title while he wins the individual performance title of NFL history.

    My apologies go out to the modern era version of football’s Lou Gehrig….Brett Favre. Old crusty and silver haired Brett has been pretty damn good this year. But pardon me if he takes the front seat over the two best performances the Academy of Farts and Sportsmen has ever witnessed on the HDTV silver screen.

    Brady by a babe. A-Rod finishes second, but is a close 1-A.

    Dan, you can call me anytime for help. Love ya ‘bro.

  18. I, personally, am sick of Brett Farve. That Monday night game against Denver pushed me pass this mark. It was absolutely disgusting the way the Monday night crew salivated over him. It was like three Maddens were in the both. Then we had to live through Tony K. eulogy and then Mrs. gave her eulogy of Brett. And then of course he won the game in overtime.

    It seems like all you have to do to get a lifetime pass is break the consecutive game streak. Cal Ripken did it and is probably one of the most overrated shortstops of all time. Brett Farve did it and while he deserves alot of the accolades, he has single handedly ruined his teams season many times.

    I think any of these four should be sportsman of the year:
    Tony Dungy for becoming the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl.
    Roger Federer for becoming the greatest tennis player ever.
    Tony Romo for going from goat to savior in one calender year.
    Tom Brady for posting a 9:1 touchdown to interception ratio.

  19. Tony Dungy

    …overcame adversity both personally, and a defense that had been shredded and embarassed on national tv just a few weeks prior.

    …was purported to be “too nice” to ever win a meaningful game.

    …courage, strength, and milestone for the nation.

  20. The key word is “year”. He probably deserves a Lifetime Achievment award. But I don’t think he’s THIS year’s greatest sportsman. Give it to Tiger. He dominates his sports like no one since Jordan.

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