This is what I’m calling Michael Vick’s old house. I read a great piece in USA Today about the open house they had there over the weekend. Who is touring this house? It’s weird, the culture of celebrity. Why would someone want to see where all these awful acts happened? I guess there’s a morbid curiousity combined with the celeb angle, but when I seen an old couple taking pictures in Vick’s old bathroom…I don’t know whether to laugh or not.

Vick is going to be sentenced any minute and when he does, I want your take…too harsh, too light or just right.



22 Responses

  1. Looks like the answer is 23 months… works for me. More than even the prosecutor asked for, I think, but I’m glad they took a firm stance.

  2. Sounds about right. I’m curious to know if he’ll actually have to serve all of it.

  3. 23 Months…wow…2 years.

    I am not as familiar with the details of the case, but 23 months seems like large amount.

    He will have a lot of time to think about whether he should have been straight with the authorities from the start.

    Quite an example set.

  4. Based on the law 23 months seems about right; slightly above average for this crime.

    One other thought though – has anyone paid a bigger, total price for a crime of this size. Absolutely haineous, to be sure, but when you factor in 23 months PLUS the $100M or so that he’s lost commercially, it seems pretty step when compared to other celebrity crimes.

    Just a thought….

  5. You have to think with 23 months, that takes him until November of 2009. That will be the third football season he will have missed. Does any team try to pick him up after three years of not playing? He’d only be 30 by training camp.
    They’d have to decide first off if he could play and secondly, what backlash, if any, would they get from fans for signing him. I mean, you have to figure after the season, not many people are gonna be thinking about him. It wont be a sotry again till he gets out and by then, people may forgive.

    Personally, I think he should have got at least 3 years but 23 months is better than what it could have been.

  6. NFL owners, for the most part, don’t care about the past when it comes to a player they believe will help them win. Vick’s talent, age and promises to keep his nose clean will get him another job. The league has a huge shortage of quarterbacks, teams like Miami, San Francisco, Baltimore, Carolina, ect will all have a hard look in two years.

    The real question is, Vick needs someone to protect him from making bad life choices. Who will do that for him in jail? It’s not the right place to make new best friends!

  7. 23 months in jail? Does that mean Vick won’t be elected to the NFL hall of fame? I thought the media inducted him years ago. The hype regarding his questionable QB ability was over the top.

  8. 23 months in jail? Will Vick be kicked out the NFL hall of fame? Oh, excuse me, I thought the media put Vick in the hall of fame years ago. The most overrated QB in history that the media couldn’t hype enough is behind bars now. When will Barbara Walters do a jailhouse interview with Vick? I will make sure to miss it.

  9. If you look at those teams you mentioned though Dennis: Miami, San Francisco, Baltimore, Carolina.. First off Carolina doesnt need a quarterback. Delhome has the injury but should bounce back next year. Secondly, their will be 2 drafts before he gets out and a third before he joins up at spring training. Then add in the fact that he still may be suspended from playing for another year or more.

    Why take a chance on a 31 year old quarterback who hasnt played in 3-5 seasons and who will obviously cause friction among your fans?

    I bet Mark Cuban and his new football league would take a chance on him though.

  10. It suits the situation, given the other two defendants received 18 months and Vick provided the finance and property for the crime. I was disturbed by the mental image described over the radio of Vick appearing in the court in black and white prison uniform, in the south, sentenced by a white judge. Perhaps that is white guilt, but I think it was humiliating and unnessacery. Before crying excessive punishment of Vick, we need to remember that he denied involvement on camera several times, to Arthur Blank, to NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell and to federal prosecutors. He also damaged any hope for lighter sentencing with the positive marijuana test. His behavior was consistent from beginning to end that he cannot tell the truth and is not cooperative unless made to be. I think it’s quite possible he may not have done prison time if he were cooperative from the start, acknowledged his egregious act and maybe he could have saved his career. Sure, he will get an opportunity in the future with another team, but the promise of what he could have been will never be known.

  11. On second thought, after watching the game tonight and seeing all the empty seats in the second half in Atlanta. Vick will be back in Atlanta in 2009, because he puts bodies in the seats. Besides Tony’s right, Carolina can always have Testraverty, that forever young son of the NFL. And Redmond was out of football 3 years, until tonight and Colllins threw more passes in Sundays game than he had since 1999. Nothing will change in 2 years, maybe another Romo will show up, but that leaves 20 other teams, give or take a few!

  12. I think Vick’s sentence fits the crime and Vick’s behavior after his indictment. His cruelty at that scale deserves a stern sentence.

    To those who might say that Vick’s cruel behavior was “only towards dogs,” I reply:

    1) The law is clear on the illegality of dog fighting and animal abuse; and

    2) There is a clear, documented connection between violence towards animals and violence towards humans.

    This is serious stuff. The punishment fits the crime. The question is whether Vick serves his time, learns his lesson, and builds something positive on this for the rest of his life. Football is secondary.

  13. All I could think was sad.

    Sad that you have a bunch of hangers-on that can’t get out and earn a real living, and you let them talk you into some bootleg, backdoor, illegal enterprise. Then lied about it.

    With a jury, his involvement would have been questionable because he was seldom there and the “witnesses” had priors, but he chose to waive his rights in that regard.

    So he gets what he gets. I hope every athlete with a bunch of aimless leeches hanging around gets this message. Especially Vick. I’m sure he’ll get at least a tryout when he comes back. This will have all become water under the bridge by then.

    But he’ll NEVER again be the “Michael Vick” superstar that he was. Ever.

  14. ray lewis was been charged with the connection of two dead bodies lying in the streets of atlanta. low and behold the next year i believe he was super bowl mvp without a day in jail. i wonder if one of those bodies was white would more value would had been placed on it. would ray lewis be look on with such disgust? to change your plea in the middle of a trial and then get on prosecutor side, some lying had to take place at some point in time.
    if you own a dog, best keep it out of my yard and a number other people yards that i know.

  15. Jerome, you are a moron for the last line in your comment.

  16. i know, but the situation just pisses me off

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