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Good one, Kobe Bryant and MLB Commish Bud Selig. It’s my turn to ask him about the Mitchell Report and your turn too. What do you want to hear from the commish? Hit me…


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  1. In 1991 Commissioner Fay Vincent noted for the record that steroids were illegal in baseball; why is this fact so often ignored?

    Your 1997 letter to Players Union Chief Don Fehr essentially begged him to open up talks for testing to weed out the steroid users. Why don’t you feature this more in your defense of charges that you sit back and allowed the proliferation of steroids to happen to bolster popularity in the sport?

    Tell us how your era would have been different if you had been a truly independent Commissioner like Judge Landis, Bart Giamatti, and Fay Vincent, versus being a former owner who was clearly an advocate for the owners?

    Follow up: Your successor should be strong and independent, or just like you…?


  2. How does he feel about his failures, as a professional and as a fan of the game? Or does he feel that he did not fail?

  3. Is Bud amazed as much as I am that his “aw shucks. I had no idea what was going on” attitude worked to help him avoid a lot of the heat for his total lack of leadership and accountability with this whole mess? Really, he and Thomas from the Knicks have become the modern day teflon dons.

  4. […] that Selig has done a good job of hiding out since the Mitchell Report was released. If you go to DP’s official blog, you can tell Dan exactly what you would like him to ask the […]

  5. First Question: Will you follow the recommendations of the Mitchell report, and if so how soon will they be implemented?

    Second Question: What penalties will you consider for active players named in the report, and how soon will we hear your decision?

  6. The steroid era coincided with the most financially lucrative period in baseball history. Attendance records were shattered. People love the long ball. Strikeouts are irrelevant in this Moneyball era.

    What incentive do the owners have to regulate steroids? Steroids have made some of them very, very wealthy men.

  7. What about the records, Hall of Fame, and the message sent to the younger generation of Baseball players in Little Leagues across the country?

  8. One question: Let’s say Clemens does comeback and pitch next year. Are you going to distance yourself from him like you did Bonds, and embarrass yourself again by being awkward and not making a definitive statement regarding the doping allegations surrounding him?

  9. Bud Selig is a whimp. Unabated, USDA Choice, 100% Prime…..a whimp.

    Now then…I want an answer to this question…from the Whimp who suddenly thinks he is off the hook. (Whimps are never off the hook):

    1. “Why don’t you call, to appear before Congress, all of those that categorically deny ever using performance enhancing drugs?” Let these “liars” put their perjured asses at criminal risk if they “lie” to the American people via the Congress?”

    2. “Why didn’t George Mitchell show some scholarship in his report and cite a bibliography worthy of a U.S. Senator that amounted to more than canceled checks and uncorroborated testimony?”

    3. “Are you enlisting the AMA to find you an HGH blood test that works to test these “Liars” once and for all to see exactly what in the hell is in their systems? I don’t care what the Players Union says….be a damn commissioner for once in your life and MANDATE something.”

    4. “Speaking of commissioners….Why haven’t you shown the same balls as Roger Goodell, and be a all-bets-are-off HANDS-ON COMMISSIONER?”

    5. “Finally Mr. Whimp Comissioner…..Are you ever going to take ANY responsibility for what the Mitchell Report says? Or are you going to be a pacifist so you can go and hang out with the owners for another year?”

    When the Whimp had a chance to be a leader, he instead was frozen in the headlights. What this sport needs is a modern-day Kennesaw Mountan Landis with unequivically NO TIES to ownership, NO TIES to the MLBPA, and total and complete allegiance to the integrity of the sport.

    Enter Roger Goodell……in the body and voice of Bob Costas.

    Yes Virginia, there is a solution. His name is Costas.

  10. what does he think of you, Dan, taking over as commish after he leaves?

  11. Does Mr. Selig concede the long term damage to the popularity of the sport when, as this season, game seven of the World Series is scheduled for November 1st? And that by having ALL World Series games at night (along with most playoff games), scores of kids (and adults), miss the bulk of the games? Also, isn’t he bothered that “The Summer Game” has its most important games often played in absurdly cold temperatures that affect the quality of play perhaps as much as performance enhancing chemicals (which he is clearly against)? Why not be clearly against having a game in Detroit where Kenny Rogers is pitching in October in 36 degree weather (as happened in 2006)? If he insists on the current level of playoffs and number of games in each, will he ever seriously push for more doubleheaders and/or going back to a 154 game schedule?

  12. Who is going to fire Selig for his mental lapses? The other owners? This is a monopoly and they can do as they please. They don’t give a rat’s a** about the fans. Well, they will if the fans stop forking over the dough. Remember when the players struck and the World Series wasn’t played? That was when I gave up on this sport. I have looked in at time to time during the World Series and I was amazed at how simply “lifting weights” had turned most of these guys into Mr. Olympia. They fired Faye Vincent so they could get rid of any dissenting voices. There is not even a nuthead owner like Charles O. Finley to cause a stir. Don’t expect much out of this “drug scandal”. Find something better to do.

  13. Dan,

    Excellent interview with the Whimp. I love your fire Dan. You were passionate and didn’t back down, and you asked the questions I wanted asked. I think Selig has no backbone and can always count on his “out card” of deferring to the writers, the doctors, the player’s union, the good Senator….he can even out his way to the history books for greenies as far back as the 1950’s.

    I’m afraid we’re stuck with the one we’re with. Kennesaw would have thrown these bastards out. Kennesaw looked like he was losing sleep over his problems back in the 1920’s. Kennesaw didn’t even comb his white hair. He looked like he just came in from a muzzle-loading session in the backwoods were he just whipped the largest wild boar he could find. Now that is a man’s commissioner. Goodell is the millenium edition of Kennesaw Mountain Man Landis.

    The Whimp effectively washed his hands of the matter during your interview, Dan. But I give you major props for pressing the Whimp as hard as you could.

    In the words of Denny Green…”They are who we thought they were…” We know who Bud Selig is. And he is who we thought he was. To the bone.

    New ties, sweaters, and sport coats, a new wardrobe……good freaking grief. I’ll take the G. Bartlett back anytime compared to this ferret.

    Homework assignment for this audience: Everyone needs to find a picture of Kennesaw Mountain Landis (Charles Conlon’s vintage photographs are a good place to start) and look into that dude’s eyeballs. THAT, my friends, is the kind of commissioner we need to preside over this game to take it back. THAT is a man of integrity, honor, justice, and courage. THAT is a man who would have nothing to do with this horse—- that is going on in todays game.

  14. The baseball players union controls the game. They can veto nearly everything the owners and Selig want to do. I think we have reached the point that we should just enjoy the game. Forget the records and the hall of fame which are both tainted. Without a true test for HGH, the game is flawed. In 10 or 20 years, when players who took steroids and HGH suffer premature deaths, I don’t want to hear the players association blaming any group but themselves. I hope it was worth it.

  15. This reply is to Dave in Indy. Looking in someone’s eyes won’t tell you what kind of person they are. Kennesaw Mountain Landis was a man of conviction. He was a lawyer and a Federal Judge known to not take a bribe. But he was no “mountain man” as Dave seems to imply. He was tough and severe once sentencing a 74 year old bank robber to 10 years. The man’s reply “but Judge I’ll be dead by then”. Landis’s reply was “Yup” (that’s a paraphrase). But Judge Landis was also a racist. When Branch Rickey wanted to bring up Jackie Robinson the Judge is known to have said “Over my dead body”. So it didn’t happen until 1945, after Landis was dead. What I am saying is while Landis may have had some characteristics needed in today’s situation, he also had some glaring faults. Dave, you suggested we do some homework. I don’t have to as Judge Landis was my great grandfather. I don’t need to find a picture of him as I have one in my home.

    Sam in Tucson

  16. Thanks Sam!

  17. You mentioned an article by someone that said wouldn’t it be nice if Tiger Woods would step up for African Americans. Tiger Woods leads every day”by example”. He did the right thing by not making a big thing out of nothing. The young lady at the Golf Channel may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she’s not a racist. She got suspended for two weeks-that’s good. When I said a bad word when I was a kid, my mother washed my mouth out with soap. She got her equivalent of that I think.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if some important African American stood up and told the race peddler Al Sharpton to shut the hell up-I think Jackie Robinson might like that-what he did will stand forever. What that young lady did will be forgotten as soon as the media gets tired of it.

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