Oh yeah…I’m big time….

Remember the other day when I said you can email in anytime you want with your e-bate of the week:

“Every Thursday we will do a segment of a debate you choose. It can be on sports or anything you want. Brady vs. Manning….best pre-game show….worse uniform….whatever. You can email me dp@danpatrick.com or go to the email link on the site. And don’t worry, I’ll credit you on the air. ”

Well, I threw my limited weight around and now if your email makes the air…you get a hundy dollar gift card from Radio Shack. So get them in and you will get free stuff…what a great country.


29 Responses

  1. I think a Lebron/Kobe debate is worth having, because I keep hearing how its just a given that Kobe is the more complete player. Kobe can’t average a triple double, but he can play lockdown D. Lebron’s D consists flying and blocking shots, but he can control the tempo better than any player in today’s game. So who do you choose?

  2. Lets debate the coaches who leave or are fired before their contract has been completed. Who can blame a coach for leaving a program he helped build into a winner to go elsewhere and make more money. Owners and Athletic Directors fire coaches who don’t produce a winner within a certain amount of time, normally before their contract has expired. I say take the money and make a better life for you and your family.

  3. Keith Olbermann versus Craig Kilborn. Who was funnier on sporstcenter?

  4. Hall of Fame week! Time to debate Jim Rice being skipped again (should be in, right?), Blyleven, etc.

  5. Which quarterback has the hottest babe (wives excluded of course) Romo-Simpson, Brady-Bundchen, Garcia-DeCesare, or Feely-Mitts? Don’t discount Mitts here because Feely finally proves a Philly quarterback can score at home. And which one would you choose for the two minute drill?

  6. Tell us, why did you choose XM over Sirius. As a longtime and loyal subscriber of Sirius I hope that damn merger goes through sooner rather than later. When you first left ESPN I thought satellite was the place for you even daring to say that Dan Patrick could be the Howard Stern of sports radio!

    Congrats on the XM deal!

  7. Dan,

    With all this talk of the Patriots and will they finish 19-0 and where do they rank in the pantheon of all time great NFL teams I think the debate needs to rage on. What is the greatest NFL team of all time?

  8. How about NFL Network vs. Cable?

  9. Larry – I think people should call in and debate/speculate what actually happened to Craig Kilborn, a la “Where’s Waldo?”

    That would fill my passion bucket…

  10. I see Eisen got “Passion Bucket” into his highlight call of the Pack-Hawks game tonight.

    God Bless him. I’ll take Richie over Craiggers any day. Olbermann is in a class by himself.

  11. Dan,
    I am a Dallas fan, but one thing that i have notice this season is that with the Pats 19-0 season * , Dallas haveing a outstanding year, and Bret Farve’s amazeing season. What is up the the Colts? I have felt by listening to sports radio and watching ESPN that this year they are one of the most underappreated Super Bowl champs. No one is really talking about them. Why is that?

  12. Would Phil Jackson be able to coach the Spurs’ roster to a Championship?

    His Zen can travel, but maybe his triangle offense doesn’t pack so well.

    Do we think that Gregg Popovich couldn’t have won with any of Phil’s championshp teams?

  13. http://cinematictitanic.com/wpmu/

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 reborn.

    Come join in the fun!

  14. Bob Costas.
    Rich Eisen.
    Joe Buck.

    I say go international with it.

    When Andres Cantor’s next broadcast? Can he get “cubo de la pasión” into his broadcast? Maybe right after Goooooooooooool?

    Erik Smith

  15. Gisele Bundchen or Bridget Moynihan?

  16. Dan Dierdorf or Mush-Mouth? Which would you rather listen to announce an NFL game

  17. Somebody — PLEASE kill Collinsworth and Gumble!! Or I’m going to have to puncture my eardrums!!! Why do they keep hiring these bozos? I’d rather listen to the vapid Joe “I changed my name to rhyme with Heisman” for an entire month than sit through another 10 minutes of these idiots.

  18. I think the e-bate should be who was funnier on David Letterman? Sara Michelle Gellar or Dan Patrick?

  19. This passion bucket thing is wild. Found a website. http://www.passionbucket.com

  20. ATTN : SUPERBOWLERS!!! Since the NFL won”t let me come to you to sell my football cards at their “Experience”, I am forced to have you come to me. FOR SALE: 30 YEAR OLD CARDS!!! Very Few Are Of 10-20 Years Of Age. There are only about 1,000 cards on inventory. 112 cards are priced at $20.00 each. The rest are only $10.00 each. This is no joke. Yeah, I got two Manning cards… Archie Manning!! These cards are not new , mint condition. I do consider them an excellent grade, though. I have had them in sleeves for the past 25 years, and have only decided to sell them since the game is here in AZ. I will be at the SE vacant lot at 6131 N. 27th Ave. (1/4 mile West of I-17, just North 1/2 mile of Bethany Home Rd., approx. 3/4 mile South of Glendale, intersection of Rose Ln. and 27th Ave.), which for you going to the “Experience” or game via I-17, it’s on the way, on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday Jan. 31, Feb. 1, & Feb. 2, respectively between the times of 9a.m. and 2p.m. I will be there a little later on Feb. 2, but will only be out on gameday if from 10 a.m. till noon.

  21. What changes will we see in our community as a result of the margins tax? Can we hear from businesses that had to make changes or close due to the tax?

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  23. I don’t know what it is, but Dan Patrick has got to be the most annoying guy to listen to. His head has swelled 100 times, and and someone needs to tell him that he is not funny. thats all.

  24. Dan, Feel sorry for Mclovin not just because his phillies lost but on 101 he looks like the kid at christmas dinner who never gets to eat with the adults. When will he get a real desk?

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