XM starting Monday…

    You might have seen this already, but the show will start on XM 144 Monday morning. 10am-Noon daily…right after Tony Kornheiser. A lot of you have emailed asking about this, I hope you are able to tune in.

Now for the e-bate of the week…keep them coming. Tell me the debate you want to hear…sports or other. Make your case.



30 Responses

  1. I’d be interested to see how many of your readers believe Randy Moss is guilty or innocent

  2. Heyya Dan!

    I just noticed the lack of black kickers in the NFL. Are there any that I missed? If not, why are there no black kickers?!

    Rock on!


  3. 17 January 2008


    Happened to hear you, this morning, on the radio as you were going off on Bill Belichick, Randy Moss, and Rodney Harrison. I was going to call you, but I was so irate that I figured it would be better to just send a letter.

    So, first, I would like you to explain to me, in great detail, EXACTLY how Coach Belichick cheated, as you accused him of doing.

    Now think, before you answer Dan. Remember that the alleged tape was confiscated before halftime of the first game of the season, vs. the Jets. Enlighten us if that was how he cheated?

    Secondly, take into consideration that Commissioner Goodell never once used the word “cheating, or cheaters”. It was, entirely a media driven suggestion.

    Thirdly, explain to us a little more about the memo that was sent to the Patriots before the season started, telling them that the use of video cameras on the sidelines was not allowed.

    Explain to us if the Patriots were the ONLY team that received this memo, OR WERE ALL OF THE OTHER 31 TEAMS RECIPIENTS OF THE SAME MEMO?

    And, if they were recipients of the same memo, does that mean that they were cheating, also?

    Might I suggest that, before you go off on someone, anyone, that you take your personal likes, or dislikes, out of the equation and try using the facts, and the truth.

    There was NO cheating involved at the Jets game, and there, certainly, was no cheating in prior seasons. ALL 32 NFL teams, in one manner or another, attempted to steal signals, or gain information on their opponents.

    The difference was that one coach, Bill Belichick, had more intelligence and capability in taking that information and using it while other coaches didn’t have enough “smarts” to know what the hell to do with it, but they still tried.

    They, too, must be dirty, stinking cheaters, right Dan?

    Now, about Randy Moss, shouldn’t you wait before you get the facts before opening your prejudicial mouth, even if it was in a covert manner, before suggesting something to your listening audience something that might not be factual.

    Anyway, Dan, I have said my piece. If you are interested in telling me all your anti-Patriot stuff on a face to face basis, I will be, right here, in Phoenix, before, during, and after Super Bowl XLII.

    Mike Allen
    Founder, President Emeritus
    New England Patriots
    Fan Club Of Arizona
    (Founded, 1997)

  4. Once the Founder/President of the Arizona sanct of the New England Patriots Fan Club is after you, it’s all downhill.

  5. Thanks Dan, Now I can listen to you in the car again.

  6. My debate is Dan Patrick vs Tony Kornheiser.

  7. Given the Jason Garrett’s recent promotion to assistant head coach and raise to become highest paid assistant in the NFL, I suggest the following debate:

    Jerry Jones vs. George Steinbrenner & Sons: Which owner will preside over the bigger soap opera in 2008?

  8. Dan, no response? Kind of figured that.

  9. pleeeeeeease….come to sirius too…unless this is an exclusive xm deal , then i beg you to go to congress and push the merger thru….you can do it dan…..

  10. Dan, get over it. The Pats didn’t cheat, they’re the best team in modern NFL and Belichek the best coach. Jealousy is the highest regard for excellence. ESPN sucks.

  11. For Richard Pidirzonali: BINGO!!!!! We have BINGO!!!!!!

  12. Tommy Davis, the 49ers punter/kicker of the 1960s, was better than Ray Guy. See Statistics.

    Ray Guy.. average 42.4 in 14 seasons

    Tommy Davis: average 44.7 in 11 seasons.

  13. 6 foot, 250. Good luck on Monday Dan, can’t wait to have you on the radio during work for a couple hours again. The difference between you and a lot of the other guys is that when you’re on the radio I feel like a have a guy in the passenger seat with me talking sports. The other guys it just feels like I’m listening to the radio. Makes the day go by alot faster.

  14. I’d like to see a debate between any respected Dr. (Phil, Ruth, Suess) and anyone of the multi personalities possesed by people who use “Founder, President Emeritus” in their signature when posting to a sports blog.

  15. Hot Damn Dan…XM 144 woohoo!

  16. Dan:

    No “passion bucket” on Letterman? I’m not angry with you, Dan, just very, very disappointed.

    Very Jackie Smith-esque, actually. How do you drop that one?

  17. Hey DP,

    When are you going to start posting the daily show as a podcast on iTunes?
    For those of us who work and can’t listen to the show live, it’s a great way to still listen to the show every day.

    Make it happen.

  18. Agree with Chris we need an archive!

  19. Chris and Jim,

    I download Dan daily from KLAC’s web site. They post the whole show, not just the interviews. So you get to hear Paul and Seton, too.


    There’s a file for each hour.

    Best regards,

    Erik Smith

  20. Rick Majerus doesn’t know what the 1st amendment is all about. Per the 1st amendment, the GOVERNMENT is not allowed to stop free speech. A church is not the government. A business is not the government. That is why when someone makes a statement that their employer doesn’t like the employer has every right to object and take action against the employee. That is NOT a violation of 1st amendment rights.

  21. Dan … can you tell us more about the TO interview from yesterday?

  22. E-bate question: Does celebrity dating affect atheletic performance? If so how and in what way?

  23. I’ve been pretty busy lately and sadly haven’t been able to read up on the blog till now, but I have to respond to this Mike Allen.

    First off, you tell Dan Patrick, a proven broadcaster with years of experience and great credibility, that he needs to put his personal ideals aside when talking about the “facts” yet you sir are one of the very biased Patriot fans who refuse to step in to reality and realize that they did cheat.

    If it wasn’t cheating, why get fined the largest fine in the history of the league? You know, as do all these readers, that if the Jets had been caught instead of the Patriots, you would call them cheaters. You can try to argue that you wouldn’t, but please, don’t try and lie about it.

    When you talk about Belichick being the “genius” so many call him and say that is just smarter than the rest of the league, you are also being biased. Does a genius take Cleveland to a 36-44 record including a 5-11 record his last season? Or does a genius take 2 different teams to the Super Bowl and 4 different teams to the playoffs such as Bill Parcells?

    Without Tom Brady at quarterback, Belichick would be nothing but another coach who jumps on the coaching carousel every few years.

    Heres a perfect comparison when it comes to the Patriots biased. Sports fans will say that they think without a doubt that Barry Bonds is a cheater, that he does roids and is cheating the game yet he has never once tested positive or been fined or suspended. Yet, the Pats were fined and even apologized admitting their own guilt yet you will say they didnt.

    Most of the Pat’s fans that I know are far smarter than you and your Arizone group it seems. The fans I know still argue some of your points that all teams probably do it, but they take responsibility for getting caught.

    They got caught and they admitted to it and moved on. So should you. Any smart person will realize that just because they got caught early in the season, doesn’t mean the world thinks they cheated to get to the Super Bowl. They put it behind them, went out and won every game they needed too. Again, smart fans will not look to put an asterick on the books because they know the cheating didnt last.

    And as for your second post, please. Like Dan would take time out of his schedule to debate someone who doesnt take his own advice of looking at the facts. Why would he debate someone who is obviously just a fanatic who cant accept the truth?

    New Hampshire

  24. Mike Allen, no response? Kind of figured that.

  25. So I have to pay to get ESPN, now if I want to hear you I have to pay some more. Thanks for making the sports world all about money . . . on and off the field!!!!!!

  26. Why to keep up the blog Dan. So you go big time and forget about your boys over at wordpress. I see how you are.

  27. http://couragetowinstevensuther.blogspot.com/2009/02/do-you-remember-where-you-were-and-how.html
    Courage To Win Steven Sutherland
    Classic Baseball Book
    Grab a hotdog and crackerjack and get a copy of Courage To Win today!
    Thanks Dan!

  28. Dan

    I dont think the names of failed steroid tests should be revealed, there is a witch hunt in pro sports that might just surprise everyone if revealed. I am referring to all sports not just baseball.
    The sports writers that vote for the hall of fame should be questioned on this and those that have a bias should be replaced.
    Also on the subject of pro athletes and the court system, let the courts provide punishment, its up to owners and fans to say “enough is enough” we no not want criminals playing pro sports. If the league wont hire criminals, they cant play in the nfl. Otherwise they will continue to be glorified for their stunts.


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  30. cty thiet ke web…

    […]XM starting Monday… « Dan Patrick Online Blog[…]…

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