4 Thursday’s radio show and what’s coming up Friday…

The world according to Barkley, Thursday on the radio. The Chuckwagon never disappoints. Ray Lewis called in too. I’m always amazed at his energy. He treated the radio interview like he was getting introduced for a game. Ray talked about how tough it was to deal with the rules the NFL has to protect quarterbacks. He even jumped in on the Michael Vick topic and the court of public opinion.

As this is my last week, I talked to Dan Marino and John Elway about cleaning out their lockers. Elway never went back, someone went back and packed up his stuff. Marino said packing the locker wasn’t as tough as it was to watch his first post-career Dolphin game, that was tough. Elway commented on what Ray Lewis said about QB’s being babied…he said he’d like to let Ray stand in the pocket when 250-pound linebackers are flying at him….he said Ray might see it differently then.

Friday will be another full boat…Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Bob Costas, Ken Griffey Jr., Bob Knight….and….wait for it…Ron Burgundy.



51 Responses

  1. Dan,

    I wish for your final show (even if it was just 15 minutes) that you bring Dibble and Salsbury back. You can talk about Mickey Rivers if you want. When the three of you were together, it was like the Police in concert! I waited over 20 years for the Police to reunite. Don’t make me wait that long for you, Sean and Dibbs to get back together.

    Best of Luck and I look forward to hearing you on the radio soon.


  2. Dan I second what Rick said. Dibbs and The Leggy Model were a part of your show and it would be great to hear from them. Still I will be listening tomorrow, though a bit teary eyed.

    ESPN Radio hasn’t been the same since you made the announcement, but I wish you the best in all that you may embark upon. Hopefully I’ll be able to hear you on your next endeavor as my days go by that much faster whenever you are in my ear.

  3. Dan

    My ride to work has not been the same for the past month.

    Your work on radio surpassed anything else you have done in the business, although those other things were the foundation.

    Rush and Rome are distant second choices on the dial compared with you.

    Sure hope your next project fits my listening schedule. Until then I continue to soldier on as only we can do.

    thanks for the fun


  4. Sorry Dan, I was looking up your website but my fingers typed “danicapatrick.com” instead of “danpatrick.com”….I almost didn’t leave!

    Sorry to hear that your leaving ESPN but all good things must come to an end. I did notice the countdown clock so I’m sure we the fans will hear you again. 🙂

    As for listening to Ray Lewis, I was intimidated in my own car, for a moment there I was afraid to change the station in fear of one of my fingers breaking.

  5. I’m just glad Ray wasn’t in studio with you guys today. By the sound of it, he may have reached out and eaten Phil, he sounded so pumped up!

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s show and dreading it greatly at the same time. It’s like coming to the end of my favorite book series. You can’t wait to read that last book to find out the closure, but then you know once you flip that last page, it’s done.

    You’re moving on, so there will be a new series to “read”, but it won’t be the same as it was. No Phil, no Salisbury, no home run DINGS!, a lot of what made the show great will be left behind, but I know you’ll find new ways to make it great again. Can’t wait to hear from you again, Dan!

  6. The announcement felt like my favorite dog got hit by a car and tomorrow is gonna feel like putting Scrappy in a box and burying him in the backyard. I’ll always know he was there, but it ain’t the same.

    Please just assure me Phil’s gonna be okay. I worry about him.

  7. Dan,

    I too left a job after 18 1/2 years. I started my new job this May.
    It was a hard decision to make , but one that I am glad I made.

    My new job takes me out on the road and to some remote area’s of the midwest where it is hard to pick up and keep your show tuned in.

    I subscribed to XM radio just so I could hear your show in the afternoon!
    I will miss it.

    And I hope Any new show you might have will also be carried on XM.

    Good luck Dan, and I will be waiting to hear more info on anything you have lined up for the future.


  8. Dan,

    6′ 3″, 210 lbs. Ding! I have always campaigned that each day you are not on the air XM should credit our (the listeners) accounts. At your next gig, you ought to broadcast from your local Hooters; I hear they have great wings!

    All jokes aside, your “quality” show has been the bright spot in my afternoons while I crunch numbers. I can’t imagine the workday without you, the Showkiller, and KO. I wish you all the best and look forward to the next venture!

    South Carolina

  9. Dan,
    Continuing to thoroughly enjoy your “Farewell for Now Tour.” I’ll certainly miss the high class folks you bring to your show. Almost did the pee-pee dance yesterday when I heard that two of your guests were going to be Jerry West and John Elway. Jerry was (and always will be) my favorite bb player during my formative bb fan development years (ages 9-13). I went to school in Denver during some of the Elway era – and so joined Broncomania. We need more athletes like West and Elway, who carry themselves humbly and gracefully.
    Keep bringing it!

  10. Dan,

    I too agree with Rick. There needs to be an appearance from Dibs on the final show. Afternoons were not the same during your absence and will return to that void next week. Can’t wait until you’re back on the air – and here’s to hoping that much of what has made your show the best will be back with it (and that includes bringing Phil with you – no one can screw up the home run bell quite like the Sho’killa). Your weekly chats with Reggie, Reilly and WILBIN are unmatched anywhere in radio.

  11. Dan,
    I’ve got a full box of tissues as knowing this will be the last show on ESPN for you is going to be sad for me. You have helped make my days fly by with your shows over the last several years.

    I hope your next show is on XM so I can continue to enjoy your banter with your guests. And I hope Phil is also part of your show – you two just crack me up daily!

    I’ll never hear Troy Glaus’ name without thinking of your show the day Dibble was asked to name a MLB player who’s name ends with “Z”! Your reaction and Phil’s reaction was priceless! It’s the little things that I pick up on and remember and continue to enjoy.

    Thanks for the laughs, tears, stories and just being you!

    Orlando, FL

  12. Dan,
    I cannot even begin to put into words how much I am going to miss your show. Honest to god, about 6 years ago I used to listen to your show through static (very annoying by the way) just so I could hear your show. I spent the better part of the next 2 year calling my local radio station to pick up your show so I did not have to listen to the station 100 miles away. I spend my entire day in my truck, so the days without you on the air was always a pretty big disappointment. I cannot wait to hear where and when your new show is, as money will not be an issue if I have to pay for your show. I wish you all the best in your future endevors and I cannot wait for todays show.

  13. My “current” stop in broadcasting has found me at the same radio company for a little over 20 years, and doing the same morning show for 18 of those years. I have been listening with interest to how you have gone about the business of these last few shows (and yes, first and foremost it is a “business” as that point is driven home to me everyday in the office..LOL). Just like you have looked to Marino and Elway for advice on “change”, I have been listening to you to see how it was going to turn out for you. I can only hope that IF and WHEN the day comes that I move on, that I too can go out on my own terms. It sounds like you did….but you can never be sure in this crazy business. I knew exactly what you meant when you said that you could have stayed in the “comfortable cocoon” at ESPN. Maybe this will spark something in me, or maybe I will decide this is where I need to be…only time will tell. Wow…I guess I will now get a bill from Dr. Dan for all this therapy! But seriously, this struck a chord with me, and I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful years and wonderful shows that helped me get through many a rough day, it was something I looked forward to on the ride home everyday. Good Luck, Dan. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter will be………………

  14. From WTUE to Infinity you will always be our favorite in Dayton. Thanks for the years.

  15. DP,

    12:00 PM to 3:00 PM (Central time) will never be the same. I have been a loyal listener for many years and enjoyed your program. I appreciate the humorous approach you have taken to discuss sports.

    I applaud the way you ask the tough interview questions to people who don’t want to speak the truth or answer the questions that your audience has interest in. I really appreciate the tough questions you posed to Bud Selig (about Barry Bonds) and David Stern. I wonder if you ever wanted to “pimp slap” those knuckleheads when they disrespected you and the audience by offering dishonest and patronizing responses?

    Will you help “Phil the Showkiller” find a new gig? What is that dude going to do without you?

    Talk sports radio will never be the same. Thanks for the memories.

  16. “Dan Patrick Sings The Rap Hits” – Hey, “D.Pizzy” – sounded like Richard Cheese served as inspiration.

    Actually, it was great. Can’t wait to see what fun the future brings.

  17. Dan,

    I have been listening since you graced on locally on B&B here in Milwaukee. Thanks for making my work days go faster as an adult and my college years of SportsCenter the only thing worth turning off Tecmo Bowl for, not involving booze and/or women.

    I just wanted to let you know that it was too depressing listening today and I had to change the channel. To my surprise they had Brett Favre on and were asking him what he thought Phil Simms would do if he were in your situation. Brett said that he thought Phil would tell you to stay in sports talk radio for as long as you can because you don’t want to end up on CBS’s NFL pregame show. No one does.

    Hope to hear from you soon DP.

    Ron in Milwaukee
    6 foot 3 inches tall
    205 pounds
    Brewer’s season ticket holder….and one of those tickets is yours for any game from now until I give them up.

  18. Dan,

    My favorite sports memory growing up was watching you and Keith on Sportscenter…I remember tuning in every day to see if you guys were on. Now, I’m always sure to try and get on the road after lunch to catch the program…it always made the ride home seem a bit quicker.

    Thank you so much for everything and best of luck in your future endeavors! Take care!

    John M. from central PA

  19. Dan,

    Thank you for being you.

    Stay Classy.

    Doug- A Fellow Ohioan

  20. Hey Dan,

    Awesome job! Do not leave the radio, you are one of the best there has ever been. I laughed out loud by myself today listening to the final show. I was there when you announced Barry Bonds in spring training. Very cool


  21. Dan,

    What a pleasure it has been enjoying your show over the last several years. I was lucky enough to be in my car for a lot of your classic moments. I don’t want to make a skeptical of this post, but you know what I mean.

    Driving during the daytime has been lacking lately, and I’m glad to hear that you are getting back in the swing soon.

    I can’t wait to see what you have in store with the new show. I’m hoping you will be able to recapture the tone and tenor of the old show and bring some new energy and aspects to your new program. I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to.

    Best of luck to you from a fan and someone who has usually derived information and context from the Dan Patrick show, but has always derived enjoyment. There are plenty of people driving around in Texas who probably were wondering where that goofy grin on my face came from. It came from you and your team. Thanks, and again, good luck.

    See you on the radio.

  22. I hate to see the show go off the air. I enjoyed and laughed my way through the work afternoon. I hope someday you will have an old show with Dibbs and Salsbury and Phil. Those were the best. Your interviews were top notch and I hope you will continue to share your friends(Barkley, Reggie, Dibbs, Phil, Salsbury and of course, the man saving democracy, ole what’s his name………


  23. Dan,
    Being a 29 year old male, your 18 years at ESPN were right in my sports “wheel house” growing up. From the evening editions of Sportscenter to the Sunday night “Big Show” and finally your 1-4pm block on ESPN radio, I grew up with Dan Patrick reporting the world of sports. I’ve been listening to your radio program for just under five years, and it’s funny how yourself, Phil the Show Killer, and Dibs (when he was still there) became a part of my daily routine. My buddies and I would even sit around while having a beer and discuss the topics and humor from the show, only a few hours earlier. Best of luck to you, Dan. You are truly an icon in not only the world of sports broadcasting, but the world of sports.

    Thanks for making those 40+ hours of sitting in my office every week, go by just a little faster.

  24. i’m in a glass case of emotion. did you know san diego means a whales vigina?


  25. Dan,

    Just heard the “trip down memory lane” on the final episode. I stopped off at Burger King to pick up a chicken sandwich meal deal, and was eating my french fries while driving around, as I am oft to do at times. A fry became somewhat lodged in my throat during the montage and I experienced a choking reflex to dislodge the fry. It seems some of us did not have the success you had of refraining from being choked up in the final minutes…. In all seriousness I speak for many when I say you were a bright spot during the day. Not only entertaining, but thought provoking. I sincerely wish you the best and hope that the next endeavor brings you back to your fans and followers. Best of luck.

  26. dan,
    thanks for all the memories over the past years, what a run you have had. i feel as if you are a brother to me and we talk sports every day. i will miss you dearly and will be looking forward to whatever you do in the future. the tears were flowing as you signed off the air today and i did not get much work done these past 3 days. thanks again dan.

    donald fallen

  27. Dan—Oh well; I always thought that you were talking directly to me and for that, thanks! Today I strapped a black bow on my office door and left work ealry so I could go home and listen to your last hour in “peace”. One of my employees emailed me and gave me sympathy for my loss. They had no idea what the loss was or whom it might be.

    For the past 6 years you have traveled the country with me and for that, I thank you.
    Needless to see chapters open and close. To me you were not about sports, you were about life. The friendships with Chuck and Reggie are priceless and one can not express the meaning of laughter and how it feels the soul!
    Be You No Matter What You Do!


  28. DP;

    Great job today! I almost cried even if you didn’t! Loved when you sang the rap songs! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    George fm York, PA

  29. dan,i relly have enjoyed listening to you over the years,you are the “golden boy”,as tony k used to refer to you as.i hope i will be able to hear you on the radio again soon,unless you are planning a “howard stern” and going to satellite radio.good luck dan,and thanks for the hours of entertainment ,you and phil and dibbs provided.
    steve in lexington

  30. Thanks Dan for making me laugh a little every afternoon with you and Phil. Will be looking foward to your next venture.


  31. Dan you will be missed. Monday morning is going to blow. I will never forget the time in Dallas when you said I was right about the Jets making the playoffs (and they did). I will forever be proud to be a Dan Patrick Peep!
    Jamie Gesualdi

  32. Dan,

    Best of luck! I will miss the show. Curious-who got custody of Phil? Will ESPN take you to court for child support?

  33. Hi Dan, I have so enjoy your work over the years at ESPN tv and radio over years. Sorry to see you leave ESPN, but on to bigger and and better things. You and KO were the best pair ever!!. You and Keith, made me laugh and think seriously about many things in this big wide world of Sports and other things. I hope when ever your next show is I hope we can get on the Internet, so even a small fry like me can keep in touch with your wit humor and smart. Being in in a wheelchair, often confinded to the house on days at a time, you often made those days go that much easier and faster. Good luck and keep the good work you do.

  34. Dan, hard to believe I have been a listener of yours for a very long time. It started back when you came on Bob and Brian from near the start to the very sad end. I have been listening to your espn show everyday for the past three years. I hate to say it but the guys that have been filling your spot just cant keep me tuned in. It was great when you talked to Reggie, Charles, Riles and best of all Keith, even though I really dont follow his politics, it was so awesome listening to your guys’ chemistry together. (I even started to watch Countdown)

    Gooood Luck. Hope to hear you soon.

    Mike In Milwaukee


  36. Dan,

    I will miss listening to your show every week. It brought me joy to hear your comments. I especially appreciated your diplomatic approach to the topics of the day. your my favorite sportsanchor and radio broadcaster your one of a kind. Thank You and Best of Luck.

    Ron in Oregon
    6 foot 1 inches tall
    188 pounds (Ding !)

  37. Dan –

    I am sitting here with my 4 year old son enjoying the new site and watching the videos. I can’t wait for the new show. I’ve been with you from the start. My 4 year old Alex has only one question about the tie video …. he wants to know if you are going to take all those ties out so you can put your golf clubs in there???

    I will be counting down the days until the new show.

    Tommy in Iowa City

  38. Saturday, August 18, 2007, 12:05 p.m. CST


    I always loved Sports Center when you were on, but it wasn’t until I got my new vehicle in 2004 that I had XM and heard you on radio for the first time. I think radio is truly a great venue for you. I always considered you one of the most intelligent, cogent, concise, and thought-provoking interviewers I had ever heard. I was extremely sad to hear you were leaving ESPN, but I knew something else had to be in the works, as you are far too talented to just hang out and veg. on the couch.

    Good luck with the new venture. I can’t wait to see what it is. Regardless, I will be listening (watching).


    Buddy Gaudet
    New Orleans, LA

  39. Thank You

  40. Dan:

    I have NEVER felt compelled to write a media personality or any celebrity before (unless you count the girl I dated and recently saw on the shopping channel-I was channel surfing OK?)

    Just want to say, Loved your show and your style. I feel like I know Reggie Miller and Mark Jackson! Sheesh!

  41. Dan,

    Thanks for listening to that creative Voice within you.

    It is why we listen.


  42. Dan,

    Your show was always a bright spot in my day. There will forever be a gaping three hour hole in my life. I can try to fill it with many things, like women, drugs, and alcohol, but they can never fill the hole left by your absence.

    In all seriousness, I wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors and I hope to hear you on the airwaves again sometime.

  43. Hi Dan –

    Congratulations on a terrific career with ESPN. I am sorry to see you go, but excited to see what is on the horizon for you. I have been a big fan for a long time. In fact, your show made me want to do more with my radio career than just “spin the hits.”

    Now I host my own morning show in Raleigh, NC. I’d love to have you on as a guest sometime to talk about ESPN and what comes next. Please shoot me an email sometime.

    Thanks for the laughs and memories,
    Demetri Ravanos
    96 Rock
    Raleigh, NC

  44. Hi Dan,

    I usually never leave messages like this for anyone in the media, but I just have to say how much I have enjoyed listening to your show everyday while I’m at work, especially the Big Show hour with KO. I felt that your brought a different perspective to sports talk that is much different that anything else out there. I enjoyed the interviews; you know how to ask the tough questions. I can’t wait to see what you do next-hopefully you won’t be on XM because I can’t afford that-but I’m a loyal listener and wish you the best of luck!

    Stacey in Phoenix

  45. Dan thank you for everything/ You are one of a kind. A few years ago me and you had a private email conversation while you were on the air discussion Darius Rucker and his lack of street cred in the black community. No one I believe in the radio world would have taken the time to email me back and forth while on the air to discuss the topic. I hope on your new show we can have the same dialouge about others topics including subjects regarding my community as well as others

  46. Hey what’s up Dan, when are you going to announce which TV station your show will be simulcasted on and when will you announce the list of affiliates around the country. Are you talking with any TV or radio stations in Baltimore? If there was a TNT vs. ESPN NBA All-Stars Competition during the all-star break, would you be willing to represent ESPN? Are you willing to talk to David Stern, and the bosses at ESPN and TNT to do something like that? Is it true Mike Irvin is going to have his own show from Content Factory or cohost with you? Please reply! Thanks!!!

  47. Did you ever dream of being a sportscaster when you were young? What advice would you give to young people who dream of becoming sportscasters? I, myself am 14 yrs. old and would love to get in to sportscasting. I started a blog but it seems like no one reads it or gives a hoot. So, what should I do to get my name out. Thanks! Please shoot me an email, you should have all the time in the world between now and September 9th LOL!

  48. Dan,
    As a 27 year old I have known my entire life of sports to revolve around Dan Patrick, starting off with sportscenters and then to the radio. It has been a lifetime of watching and listening to what your opinion has been. The tough questions the interviews that only someone with your credibility could get, these are the things that i will remember and you made me a sports fan and not a homer! I recently moved far and away from my home…Starting over was tough but i had my 3 hours of dp every afternoon to help, I appreciate your willingness to step outside the box when asking the tough questions. I just want to say thank you for putting yourself out there for the world to enjoy and i wish you the very best! because that is what you are….thank you

  49. Dan, I can’t believe its over. I missed you from the start. Really don’t know what happened. I wish you all the luck. I’ll miss most is your time with reggie. I could go on and on. It wont bring back on the air at 10am on my sirius.
    I just hope they dont put steven a smith in your spot. I almost hung myself that week. devoted fan, miss you man

  50. oh yeah!!!
    6’5″ 330


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